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What in the Heck is Wrong With the “D” Word? JUST Get Over It Already. It’s Exasperating. Readers, Chime In!

Ted Cruz

By Isabel Matos

With all due respect to those who are sincerely attempting to solve the border crisis all the way from Washington, I am not sure why 1)  the “D” word hasn’t been mentioned in the discussion below, and 2) Why there is a stigma of the “D” word, deportation, in the first place!~ I’m incredibly curious about what you have to say about Ted Cruz’s solution to the border crisis.  He has introduced a bill to stop the President from further granting Amnesty which he says is the root cause of the problem. It is called a controversial measure.  I asked David Dankberg who provided the video below what his opinion was; he said it was better than John Boehner’s lawsuit because it can at least be put into effect right away.

Please listen to the  and give us your feedback.  Maybe we can write a collective letter in response to the measure and send it directly or openly to the Senator who seems to be a fair thinker in my estimation.  I’m not that thrilled with  this.

For more on Cruz’s solution to the crisis read here.

I will post it again until it sinks in. It doesn’t matter how  exploited, abused or disease ridden these children are, they need to be sent back to their parents. It can be done. Like the VA problem, there is a cultural issue attached to this. There is no will to do it. DC has to get over the hang-up of the “D” word. That’s right. All the touchy-feely talk must stop. Sarah explained it best in her timeline a month ago, and I adhere to her solution so far above all others; but I do not want to hear what else they are suffering not because I don’t care, but because it shouldn’t be happening in the first place if our LAWMAKERS WERE DOING THEIR JOBS! This clip is about the rationale behind NOT deporting which is the problem for me.

Laura Ingraham has a list of fantastic solutions to the problem See next article.


NEW YORK – The infamous Mexican “Death Train” – also called “La Bestia” ["The Beast'] – on which tens of thousands of illegal alien children from Central America are traveling through Mexico to the United States – is being targeted by criminal complaints from Mexican authorities for allegedly violating the civil rights of passengers.

Article Update with Tweets for Emphasis


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Gov. Palin -Livestream from Western Conservative Summit Today

Gov. Sarah Palin  will be speaking at the Western  Conservative Summit in Denver today.  Here’s a live stream of the event:


Following is a portion of today’s program which shows Gov. Palin will be speaking at approximately 1:15 p.m. local time.

1:15 pm
Convening of Summit Session B
Sarah Palin
“Seize the Day”
Complete program details are here.

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Hispanic McCain/Bush Apologist on Impeachment: Sarah Palin is Irrelevant



By Isabel Matos

She is an UNAPOLOGETIC RINO Pundit with a clear liberal social agenda. She has no qualms tweeting to and about Jeb Bush, Donna Brazil or Charlie Rangel. Ana Navarro made headlines on Sunday for refusing to validate Sarah Palin’s strategy for the Impeachment of Obama by insinuating she was irrelevant. After all, these are the acts of love Jeb talked about, which Rove urges GOP to work with the Obama administration on. Right. Having come in search of freedom in 1980, Ana’s sense of success might be one of a nouveau riche mentality: she has “arrived” and feels on top of the world because she has the power to give opinions on behalf of powerful people who have employed her.  But if that is the case, it’s an illusion. Whatever definition she may have, she has not made the connection that badmouthing conservatives and repeating talking points to advance the progressive agenda of the GOP is not only wrong for the party, but hurts our country as well. I have not seen anyone tweet so brazenly such skewed viewpoints and opinions. She is dense to say the least, and too well-protected to even care about what the core of the problem of the party is.  We should not single her out.  No. Life is Good! She’s on top of the world. What’s a little name dropping and bragging about shooting (skeet) outings with other entrenched establishment tools like herself? I agree with her on one issue: The Embargo. But that is not our concern. Being “Hispanic” in her case, like it was in Marco Rubio’s, is the kiss of death for the ill-conceived agenda of amnesty. I’m Hispanic and do not find it helpful or useful when Rinos use Hispanics to pander for votes. It is futile. It never worked for us and has always helped the left.

Ana is living the life and basking in the attention she is getting, even if she thinks it’s positive. Her tweets criticizing Ted Cruz, Chris McDaniel and the Tea Party after the Mississippi Primary are not only shocking but mean-spirited. See here.paul and ana It has been shown that two-thirds of Republicans said impeachment would be justified and more Republicans think Obama should be impeached than approve of the party’s handling of immigration. So what were Ana’s comments about Sarah Palin’s call for Impeachment?  July 15, 2014 As Tony Lee reports that in her response During ABC This Week she said:

“nobody of responsibility, nobody in leadership, nobody of relevance has talked about impeachment.”

Let’s see what Sarah Palin said. She called for Obama’s impeachment in a Breitbart News op-ed last week.

“It’s time to impeach; and on behalf of American workers and legal immigrants of all backgrounds, we should vehemently oppose any politician on the left or right who would hesitate in voting for articles of impeachment,” she wrote. “The many impeachable offenses of Barack Obama can no longer be ignored. If after all this he’s not impeachable, then no one is.” Palin said Obama’s lawlessness hurts American workers–native-born and legal immigrants–of all races and backgrounds: The federal government is trillions of dollars in debt; many cities are on the verge of insolvency; our overrun healthcare system, police forces, social services, schools, and our unsustainably generous welfare-state programs are stretched to the max. We average Americans know that. So why has this issue been allowed to be turned upside down with our “leader” creating such unsafe conditions while at the same time obstructing any economic recovery by creating more dependents than he allows producers? His friendly wealthy bipartisan elite, who want cheap foreign labor and can afford for themselves the best “border security” money can buy in their own exclusive communities, do not care that Obama tapped us out.   Read more in Gary’s article:

Palin later wrote:

The Founders wanted impeachment to be “the ultimate check on an out-of-control executive branch.” “The Constitution provides the remedy for a president who commits ‘high crimes and misdemeanors.’ It’s impeachment,” she wrote. “To be clear, ‘high crimes and misdemeanors’ are not necessarily ordinary criminal offenses. Our Framers used the term to signify a dereliction of duty, and the first duty of the president is to enforce our laws and preserve, protect, and defend our Constitution.” Sarah said impeachment “is serious, not to be used for petty partisan purposes; and it is imperative that it becomes a matter of legitimate discussion before the American people lose all trust in our federal government”: Impeachment requires moral courage to advance what is right, and it requires political will. A complacent or disheartened electorate may silently endure these abuses from the administration, the permanent political class is only too happy to maintain the status quo, and the mainstream media is not a fair watchdog. So, the nation’s last line of defense is for We the People to rise up and say, “enough is enough.” Obama’s lawless encouragement of illegal immigration should be the tipping point for that political will because it impacts all Americans – native-born and legal immigrants of all backgrounds who followed the rules and now watch rewards go to rule breakers while they’re forced to compete for limited jobs and resources. It’s the tipping point because the forgotten working class is hurt most by this lawlessness; and these good Americans deserve the strongest, most effective tool to defend the livelihoods they’ve so honorably built!

This was posted on August 2013: Ana worked for John McCain (R-AZ) and failed GOP presidential candidate Jon Huntsman. She was becoming the “Republican” the mainstream media loved to have on for her attacks against conservatives:

During Huntsman’s disastrous 2012 Republican presidential campaign she and her campaign spent more time bashing conservatives than Democrats. After the campaign, Huntsman co-founded “No Labels.” And the mainstream press found plenty of uses for Navarro to help them push and validate their anti-conservative biases. Navarro figured out–like Steve Schmidt, David Frum and Nicole Wallace before her–that the more she trashes conservatives, the more pats on the head and airtime she receives from the mainstream press. 

Also posted on August 2013, Michelle McCormick pointed out that Navarro was making a name for herself by following in the footsteps of other Rinos who dissed Republicans to seek Media attention. She pointed out that:

Navarro was compiling a record of dismissing conservatives that threaten her establishment –like Cruz and Sarah Palin who shes trashed and mocked, accusing her of not being able to appeal to Hispanics. (Palin polled better among Hispanics than Rubio, according to a national poll conducted by Public Policy Polling. And Rubio’s numbers have further plummeted since he became the face of comprehensive immigration reform in the Senate.)

We are expected to believe that JEB BUSH has the answers and Sarah Palin is wrong. He could not care any less about the country or this party as he has not chimed in on any of the major issues pressing us like she has. His views will never translate to votes, yet that is where this Republican party is steering us… to Jeb 2016.  As far as Hispanics are concerned they have left the part in droves since Bush 41 in 1988.  Ana does not defend impeachment. She dismisses Sarah’s valid points and insists on Jeb Bush’s ill-conceived views on immigration reform which we know don’t work.

Continue reading


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Press Conference: We Found A Lot! This Is Much Bigger Than MS

By Isabel Matos

One of the things I admire most about Senator Chris McDaniel is that he is keeping the fire burning. His updates not only help us keep our spirits high they restore confidence in our elected officials. He is still a state senator and he could have chosen the path of less resistance but he is fighting for the integrity of the process. It’s not as easy as he has made it look. There has been a lot of pressure for him to not pursue this but he remains focused but he is staying close to supporters who are following this with great interest and is keeping his word. We cannot ask for more but he still needs support for his legal defense.  The challenge will be filed within 10 days.

Video by David: McDaniel addresses national and local media on the current status of the Mississippi Senate primary run-off.  The campaign is represented by Mississippi Senator Michael Watson and McDaniel lead attorney, Mitch Tyner.

(My transcribed notes) Mississippi Senator Michael Watson: We cannot challenge the election yet without a FULL examination of election materials

  • Chris has gone to all 82 counties in Mississippi to look at the process to base the challenge on evidence found.
  • They have combed through roughly 400, 000 votes from June 24th and
  • They have combed through another 100,000 votes from June 3rd. They were given 12 days to do it but it can’t be rightfully done when the Secretary of State stands in your way.
  • They’ve had to go to courts to ask for relief.
  • Yesterday was a huge win in Jackson county but they still having a 12 – day window. The judge said there was no thanks needed, he was just following the law.

Senator Watson said that THIS IS MUCH BIGGER THAN CHRIS MCDANIEL. Accusations of illegality are disappointing and they do have deal with those before proceeding with legal action.

  • Issue of Race-Baiting
  • Not being granted access to the poll books. Must find funds to do so. The process is set up to be uncovered.


Attorney Mitch Tyner: Hurdles have been placed in front of the team – the Media should be aware how unfair that is. That’s wrong and they have gone to the Supreme Court to Rule to say “The candidate has an unfettered right to see all the materials of that race. This affects every voter of Mississippi. This is bigger than Mississippi.” Tens of thousands of pages have been produced. Thanks to almost sixteen clerks who opened their ballot boxes and gave them unfettered access to the poll books.

Tyner thanked clerks who made sure there was a deputy there and they were able to open ballot boxes with unfettered access. He went on to the:

Million Dollar Question: What did we Find? 

    • Votes are being bought
    • Ballot boxes have been stuffed
    • False Affidavit ballots
    • Invalid Affidavit Ballots
    • Invalid Absentee Ballots

He said he has heard this all his life and they are committed to finding it rooting it out and stopping it. Thank goodness Senator Michael Watson has seen this up close and can do something about in the next legislative session.  He said that the third lawyer, Steve Thorton who wasn’t present, was currently reviewing material, but of the four motions that had been heard, Michael Watson was on the side of right after making the arguments on all  four of them. In every single case, the judge said yes, you’re entitled to review the materials, all but one.

They are waiting for the Supreme Court to rule against the only one who imposed a cost on the candidate. The issue we want to make sure is that it doesn’t matter how much money you have, you still get to look at the poll votes.

“That’s the issue that we want to make sure that the Supreme Court rules on: that it doesn’t matter how much money you have, you still get to look at the poll books,” Tyner said.

Categories of information they encountered:

    • Crossover votes
    • Illegal Votes
    • Absentee Problems
    • Votes that were cast into the boxes to see how many people signed in to the votes cast

Problem after problem was found. They will put it into a packet and give the media, the U.S. Attorney, the FEC and the Mississippi Attorney General.

When the campaign files its challenge, it will publish all the evidence for the public to see. “We’re going to put it all together in a complete package,” Tyner said. “I was really hoping we’d have it today. Monday, a week ago, I was sure we would. But I wasn’t sure we were going to run into this many problems. We’re going to get that together and at the same time we file a challenge, we’re going to give you a complete copy of it.”

He praised Chris for not throwing in the towel. Chris said “I want to root out the problems. I want integrity in the Process. If it root outs my political career so be it.” Pete Perry was called out during the Q & A that followed (27:00)

~Q & A~

Chris and Michael watson

Chris McDaniel and Senator Micahel Watson


“Truth and Justice Tour”

Chris McDaniel keeping the fire burning as he waits 10 days to file legal action … We are happy to announce that beginning Thursday, July 17, Chris will embark on his “Truth and Justice Tour” of Mississippi. 

The first three stops are in DeSoto County, Tupelo, and Jackson, and we will be sure to update you with details on more events as soon they’re finalized. Please share this post with your friends, and we’ll look forward to seeing you soon! 

DeSoto County

Thursday July 17, 2014 @ 6:30 PM 
Sweet Pea’s Table
8948 Midsouth Drive 
Olive Branch, MS 38654


Friday July 18, 2014 @ 6:30 PM 
Summit Center 
852 N Gloster Street. 
Tupelo, MS 38804

Jackson Metro

Saturday July 19, 2014 @ 4:00 PM 
Holiday Inn – Trustmark Park 
110 Bass Pro Drive
Pearl, MS 39208


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Karl Rove Lied! His PAC DID Fund Racist Cochran Ads in Mississippi


By Gary P Jackson

Karl Rove’s group, American Crossroads claimed it wouldn’t get involved in the June 24 run-off election between Chris McDaniel and Thad Cochran. Crossroads spokesman Paul Lindsay told the Washington Post:

Other than Alaska, we have completed our work on Senate primaries this cycle and are now focused on general elections. With the Chamber, the NRSC, and a local super PAC already backing Cochran, this is not our fight

However, Jeffrey Lord at the American Spectator tells a different story:

Just out is the quarterly FEC filing from Mississippi Conservatives. And what does it show?

According to the FEC, on June 20 — that would be four days before the June 24 runoff — the controversial Cochran-supporting group Mississippi Conservatives received a $50,000 donation from… American Crossroads.

Something, as they say, seems amiss.

Amiss indeed!

Florida Jayhawk posted the FEC filing showing that American Crossroads gave $50,000 to fund Cochran’s racist attacks on Chris McDaniel:

You’ll note Crossroads has given $210,000 in total, so far.

The lies, the fraud, and the corruption surrounding the Mississippi election keep getting bigger and bigger. The entire Republican Party should be ashamed of itself. Karl Rove and his group are despicable people for backing a racist piece of human debris like Cochran, but are even worse for lying about it.

I hope all of us are learning our lessons about the Republican Party, and the so-called “leaders” of the party. These are NOT good people. These are NOT honest people.

As a Conservative it’s frustrating to know that not only must we defeat the radical left, but we must also defeat what we once considered our own party!


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Sarah Palin: Slaying Salmon

By Sarah Palin

Home from commercial fishing grounds in Bristol Bay, and here’s Piper helping slay salmon to market!

Piper Slaying Salmon

A good season for wild reds on the Nushagak, Piper hopes to make enough to cover, maybe, a cell phone bill. Do you agree, as I’ve said before, we need more girls holding up fish in pics instead of holding up iPhones in selfies?!

Holding Fish

It’s always wonderful reconnecting with our roots in Bristol Bay. We are very blessed to have five generations of family learning, living, loving together here in Alaska. Todd’s grandmother, a beautiful Yupik Eskimo elder who still speaks Yupik, masters the skillful artistry of the Native culture, crafting intricately woven grass baskets and works using wood, fur, skins, plants, porcupine needles and anything else traditionally gathered. Our matriarch cooks traditional subsistence fare that she’s helped harvest for nearly all her 94 years up North.

5 Generations of Palins

The stories this humble pioneer has lived illustrate what a genuine conservationist is: respecting God-given resources for man’s responsible use; honoring the Creator of it all and protecting the environment so our hunting, fishing, mining for minerals, drilling for energy, viewing our wildlife… all can be enjoyed and responsibly exploited for every generation to come. Native elders are so often the ones to learn “environmentalism” from; they’ve lived off the land and carved their lives out of the wilderness and on the waters. They honor the purpose of natural resources. Any day of the week I’d trust Lena’s commitment to protecting opportunities to develop the earth’s energy and food supplies over any New York City “Occupying” yuppie who radically screeches his misguided doctrine from within his concrete jungle. (It’s because a Bristol Bay wild salmon stew and blueberry pie harvested ourselves nourishes the commonsense gene so much more than the foo-foo chi-chi $8.00 frothy latte he sips while skipping in and out of stale air conditioned boxes… in my opinion!)

Lena’s a true American role model, we’re so thankful to have our kind, wise, gorgeous “G.G.” in our lives. May Lena’s passionate love of God, family and country continue to influence Alaskans. She makes the world a better place.


I snapped the moose photo last night (followed by a fun video I shot; maybe I’ll post it later). It was taken at 11pm, but still light in the Land of the Midnight Sun, of course. Trig got out of bed to watch out the living room for Todd to land his float plane in the front yard (i.e. the lake!) returning from Bristol Bay. And then three NEW FRIENDS sauntered by to meet Trig! The ungulates proceeded to chomp down dinner in my garden. Moose = my convenient excuse as to why my garden is no Pepperidge Farm!


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Immigration… From an Immigrants Perspective

Gary P Jackson:

A MUST read from Marion Algier [Ask Marion]

Originally posted on askmarion:

America has been on the edge for a long time and she is now teetering as far forward over the edge as a country possibly can before it falls over the cliff and is no longer recognizable. We either wake-up immediately and get-involved or there will be no America, at least not as you and I knew her, for your children and grandchildren… nor anything to take care of you from the benefits you already paid for!

By Marion Algier – Ask Marion

The question is… which America do you want to live in:


The one above or the one below… (photos taken approximately the dame day) and it has nothing to do with race, color or religion, at least not to the average Americans I know. It has to do with the law, sovereignty and becoming part of a melting pot and all that goes with it.

Horror at the Border

But that…

View original 1,464 more words

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Back From Alaska’s Bristol Bay Governor Sarah Palin Makes Powerful Endorsements in Georgia Primaries

By Gary P Jackson

Governor Sarah Palin has some new endorsements for next Tuesday’s election in Georgia:

Just back from a beautiful weekend in Alaska’s Bristol Bay – nothing like some clean fresh air to reinvigorate us for the fight ahead this fall. Today, we’re announcing support for two solid constitutional conservatives from the great state of Georgia. Having many friends in Georgia, we know like us your summers are filled with fishing, family, and fresh air without much room for politics. However, with so much at risk in this year’s elections, please take time to check out these great conservatives and encourage your family, friends, camping buddies, neighbors, etc. to get out and vote for them next Tuesday, July 22nd.

Dr Bob Johnson


Dr. Bob Johnson is one doctor we need in the House! Americans are tired of career politicians who make empty promises during campaigns, only to get to Washington to advance their own careers. Dr. Bob is in this campaign with a servant’s heart. As a 26-year Army veteran, a Christian medical missionary, and a surgeon, his life’s work has centered on serving country and neighbors. We need more like him in office. Dr. Bob is a conservative who will work to repeal Obamacare and balance the budget, and he has signed the pledge to self-limit the time he’ll spend in Washington. His campaign is propelled by the good Georgia grassroots. Let’s send Dr. Bob to the House on July 22nd!

Barry Loudermilk


Barry Loudermilk has a proven record of conservatism in the Georgia General Assembly, one that I hope he can bring to the weak-kneed in the halls of Congress. Barry is an Air Force veteran, small business owner, father, grandfather, and husband who met his beautiful wife in the great state of Alaska many summers ago. Barry will take his strong work ethic, life experiences, and conservative principles to Washington where he will join the fight to restore our great nation and use the Constitution as his guide. Please join me in supporting Barry Loudermilk for U.S. Congress on July 22nd.

~ Sarah Palin


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Donald Trump: More and More People Agree with Sarah Palin, Impeach Obama!

Sarah Palin with Donald Trump in NYC

By Gary P Jackson

Donald Trump appeared on Fox and Friends Monday [for his weekly segment] and the gang discuss ABC’s dishonest editing of Eric Holder’s interview, making sure to allow his idiotic statement about Governor Sarah Palin, but omitting any coverage of the IRS scandal.

Among other tings, Trump rightly notes that more and more people are agreeing with Governor Palin. It’s time to impeach Obama. Trump notes this is far worse than Watergate, but none of the corrupt media is covering it.

Video courtesy SarahNet

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Alert: McDaniel Finds 8,300 Questionable Ballots, Plans Wednesday News Conference


The corrupt face of the Republican Party establishment

By Gary P Jackson

A lot has been going on in the disputed Mississippi election. Besides more allegations of illegal PACs, the NRSC paying black churches to push racist ads, vote buying, destruction of ballots and evidence of wrong doing, and so on, the McDaniel campaign has found 8300 questionable ballots. Thad Cochran “defeated” Chris McDaniel by only 6800 votes. Should these illegal votes be thrown out, there should be no question that the election will be over-turned, or a new election ordered.

From Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit:

Last Thursday True the Vote, the nation’s largest voter integrity organization, filed a lawsuit against the Mississippi Republican Party for destruction of absentee ballot documents, double voting and discarded legal votes found statewide.

Now this…
State Sen. Chris McDaniel says he has found 8,300 questionable ballots and will hold a press conference on Wednesday.
The Daily Journal reported, via Lucianne:

State Sen. Chris McDaniel, still refusing to give up his challenge to incumbent U.S. Sen. Thad Cochran, said Friday via e-mail his campaign had found 8,300 questionable ballots across the state from the June 24 Republican primary runoff.

He said many of those “were unquestionably cast by voters ineligible to participate in the June 24th runoff election” that McDaniel lost to Cochran

McDaniel promised a Wednesday news conference “to discuss the evidence we have documented and our next steps.

McDaniel has said before he intends to file a legal challenge to the June 24 election where Cochran defeated him by 194,932 votes to 187,265 votes.

This past week the McDaniel campaign sent supporters into each county to look for possible voter irregularities. The Cochran campaign, which has had representatives in each courthouse to observe the actions of the McDaniel campaign, has said only a few hundred irregularities were found.

We have now moved into the third week of Chris McDaniel continuing to assert that a monstrous fraud was committed yet he has supplied zero evidence for these allegations,” said Cochran campaign spokesman Jordan Russell. “It is extraordinarily irresponsible for an elected official to make such claims without providing proof.

The McDaniel campaign and supporters have alleged instances of fraud, vote-buying and of people who voted in the June 3 Democratic primary ineligibly voting in the Republican runoff.

Read more here.

Cochran’s stooge Jordan Russell is whining about proof. Looks like he’s about to be overwhelmed with it! Let us all pray that good finally triumphs over evil in Mississippi.

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