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Allen West Talks About Obama’s IRS Attacking Tea Party, Conservative Americans


By Gary P Jackson

A powerful interview with Allen West, in which he describes Obama’s IRS as “Orwellian.” A lot of evil going on.

Video courtesy SarahNet

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Allen West at CPAC2013: Deeds, not Words, Will Paint the Country Red

Allen West

By Gary P Jackson

Allen West kicks off CPAC2013 with a fiery speech. A must see speech.

Video courtesy SarahNET.


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Welcome Isabel Matos!

Isabel Matos

By Gary P Jackson

Our readers have been enjoying Isabel Matos’ commentary for some time now, and today I’m very pleased to officially welcome her to our A Time For Choosing family of authors. Isabel joins Contributing Editors Stacy Drake and Whitney Pitcher, and author C. A. Bamford [along with yours truly] as we move forward in our goal to advance Common Sense Conservatism.

Isabel is of Cuban descent and lives in South Florida. She’s been very active politically, recently helping with both the West and Harrington campaigns. She’s a proud supporter of Sarah Palin as well.

She also formed a group called GOP Are You Listening [GOPAYL] and actively works to be a thorn in the feckless GOP “leadership’s” side. And we love her for it!

Now isn’t the time to hold back!

Isabel brings a fresh and different perspective to things. Our readers have already praised her take no prisoners style, and I’m sure will enjoy seeing her work here on a regular basis.

So join our team in officially welcoming Isabel to the party!


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Video: Dana Perino and Congressman Allen West discuss The Obama Money Pit


By Gary P Jackson

Over the weekend Dana Perino sat in for Mike Huckabee. [making the show actually watchable and substantive] One of the discussions Dana had was with Congressman Allen West over fiscal policy,

West shows why it’s such a great loss to the nation that he won’t be returning to Congress in January.

Video courtesy SarahNET.


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Vogue editor André Leon Talley: Allen West’s ‘Coon Minstrely Theatre’ an ‘embarrassment to blacks’ UPDATED

Comrade André Leon Talley, a vile, hate-filled democrat crapweasel

By Gary P Jackson

Remember now, it’s Republicans who are the racists ….

André Leon Talley is an editor at Vogue and misspells “embarrassment.” And yet Allen West is the embarrassment? I guess this moron spent all of his money renewing his KKK membership and can’t afford spell check.

From Twitchy:


André Leon Talley is the former American editor-at-large for Vogue magazine and a current contributing editor. When we last checked in with Talley, he was calling for progressives to boycott a Clint Eastwood film. Today he slithered further into the progressive gutter and joined the other foul-mouthed libs who attacked Rep. Allen West in racial terms when he conceded his House race.

More here.

I don’t know why we expect these evil bastard democrats to act any differently than they do. This is the party of the KKK, Jim Crow, voter intimidation, Margaret Sanger, and institutionalized segregation. I’m beyond fed up with these totalitarian Neo-Nazi weasels who viciously attack anyone who they disagree with, especially women and minorities.

We’ve all seen how democrats treat blacks who “wonder off the plantation” and have the audacity to think for themselves. How dare these black men get “uppity” and defy their masters!

Lt Col Allen West has more integrity and honor in his little finger than every democrat that ever breathed …. combined.

Liberalism is not compatible with civilized society, and it’s time were eradicate this cancer on all of humanity once and for all.

H/T: SarahNet.


It seems that besides being a jackass and a racist, André Leon Talley is also a coward. He has since deleted his hate-filled tweets. Of course, being a democrat, he ain’t all that intelligent. Embedded tweets are forever!


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Video: Allan West Concedes: “Leaders Don’t Need a Title”

By Gary P Jackson

Seeing there was no clear victory in sight, and not wanting to waste supporters’ hard earned dollars pursuing further legal action, Lt Col Allan West conceded the election this morning.

Here he appears on Fox and Friends echoing Sarah Palin, saying he doesn’t need a title to be effective:

Ed Morrissey reports West sent out an e-mail to his supporters that read, in part:

For two weeks since Election Day, we have been working to ensure every vote is counted accurately and fairly. We have made progress towards that goal, thanks to the dedication of our supporters and their unrelenting efforts to protect the integrity of the democratic process. While many questions remain unanswered, today I am announcing that I will take no further action to contest the outcome of this election.

While there are certainly still inaccuracies in the results, and the actions of the St. Lucie County and Palm Beach County Supervisors of Elections rightly raise questions in my mind and for many voters, after much analysis and this past weekend’s recount in St. Lucie County, our legal team does not believe there are enough over-counted, undercounted or fraudulent votes to change the outcome of the election.

While a contest of the election results might have changed the vote totals, we do not have evidence that the outcome would change. Given the extremely high evidentiary hurdles involved in a successful challenge, I will not ask my generous supporters to help fund a drawn-out, expensive legal effort with little chance of success. Therefore, we will not contest the certification or challenge the seating of Congressman-elect Murphy.

[ ... ]

Only God knows what is in store for each of us. I have dedicated my life to serving this nation, and the results of this election will not change my purpose. Just as I did in the deserts of Iraq and Afghanistan, just as I did on Capitol Hill, I will continue to fight for our Republic.


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Allen West Talks to Greta and Mark Levin About Florida Recount Efforts Plus How You Can Help

By Gary P Jackson

More from Congressman Allen West on his ongoing attempts to stop the democrats from stealing the election in his district.

Here’s West talking with Greta:

Here’s a more substantial interview with Mark Levin. West notes we are on our way to being just like Zimbabwe, and notes communist groups like CREDO, came to Florida to get involved.

Videos courtesy SarahNet.

From Congressman West’s website:


If you’d like to support Allen in his effort to protect every vote, please make checks payable to:

Allen West For Congress, Recount Fund

and mail to:

PO Box 1108, Stuart, FL 34994

The West for Congress—Recount Fund is separate from the election effort of 2012.

Donors can donate $2,500 per person and $5,000 per PAC.

Any contribution to the recount fund does NOT go against your 2012 or 2014 federal campaign limits.

Online contributions are for the campaign account, not the recount fund.


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Photo: Boxes of Uncounted Military Ballots in Allen West’s Florida District

A hero votes. These brave men and women put their lives on the line for all of us, and yet the democrat party consistently works to disenfranchise their vote. It’s an unforgivable evil

By Gary P Jackson

As you know, the democrat party is working feverishly to steal the election in Florida. Specifically Allen West’s seat. It just doesn’t do for a powerful black Conservative to have a voice in Washington. He might convince those enslaved by the democrat party to join him!

Tanya Grimsley tweeted a photo of military ballots just sitting in boxes, that have never been counted. We know the military votes heavily Republican, which explains why the Florida democrats don’t want them counted.

This is disturbing, and we’re hearing reports from all over the country that military ballots haven’t been counted. This is a problem every election season, but this time it’s to the point of criminality.


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Allen West Talks to Sean Hannity About the Ongoing Recount Issues in His District

By Gary P Jackson

It’s obvious there are some serious irregularities in the entire 2012 election, but nowhere is vote fraud more evident than in Allen West’s district. Shade of Florida circa 2000, the election board is pulling all kinds of tricks to keep from counting all the votes.

Here Lt Col West talks to Sean Hannity:

Video courtesy SarahNet.

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American Hero Allen West Refuses to Concede Election “Our Race is Far From Decided”

By Gary P Jackson

From Allen West’s campaign via Facebook:

This race is far from decided and there is no rush to declare an outcome. Ensuring a fair and accurate counting of all ballots is of the utmost importance.

There are still tens of thousands of absentee ballots to be counted in Palm Beach County and potential provisional ballots across the district.

Late last night Congressman West maintained a district-wide lead of nearly 2000 votes until the St. Lucie County Supervisor of Elections “recounted” thousands of early ballots.

Following that “recount” Congressman West trailed by 2,400 votes.

In addition, there were numerous other disturbing irregularities reported at polls across St. Lucie County including the doors to polling places being locked when the polls closed, in direct violation of Florida law, thereby preventing the public from witnessing the procedures used to tabulate results.

The St. Lucie County Supervisor of Elections office clearly ignored proper rules and procedures, and the scene at the Supervisor’s office last night could only be described as complete chaos.

Given the hostility and demonstrated incompetence of the St. Lucie County Supervisor of Elections, we believe it is critical that a full hand recount of the ballots take place in St. Lucie County.

We will continue to fight to ensure every vote is counted properly and fairly, and accordingly will pursue all legal means necessary.

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