Ronald Reagan On Socialized Medicine

This piece of history from the great Ronald Reagan needs little set up, or commentary. As always, Reagan says it well. His very first words say so much, and looking through the prism of history were 100 percent correct. The rest is rather chilling.

This speech was done in 1961 and was part of a Coffee Cup Campaign against socialized medicine, a scheme the democrats were floating around at the time. This of course stands as proof that you can never turn your back on a democrat, because they are always scheming, always planing their insanity.

Ronald Reagan was a private citizen at the time this was recorded. And of course this socialist scheme was defeated.

Say, isn’t there a certain western Governor who is about to become a private citizen in about a week?

Wonder what she will have to say on this?

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One response to “Ronald Reagan On Socialized Medicine

  1. Cheri Vaughan

    This is fantastic. He could have been saying this to us today about our ‘new health care reform’ that the government wants to put on us. Well, he is saying this today. He is standing with us to defeat this health care bill, only he is doing it from a heavenly perspective. This issue isn’t old. It has been brought to the American people before. It is called something different now, but it is still the same thing. Thank you, Ronald Reagan. You are truely an angel!

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