Barack Obama’s Alaska Mafia Is On The Run And Angry The Spotlight Is On Them UPDATED


****Here’s the video Jeanne Devon, one of Barack Obama’s hand picked Alaska thug bloggers tried to have banned:

The past week has been truly incredible and truly busy. So busy in fact, this is the first time I have stopped long enough to actually write about how incredible things have been and what has been going on.

Most know that our group has been writing about the democrat/communist party operatives in Alaska, their attempts at destroying Sarah Palin by continually filing bogus ethics complaints, and then illegally publicizing them.

If you don’t know, it’s illegal to disclose any information about an ongoing ethics investigation. Oddly enough, under the law, if you do this to a legislator, the complaint is thrown out and not considered. For some reason, even though it is still illegal, there is no punishment, and the complaint still stands if you do it to the Governor. How convenient.

Anyway, even though this stuff has been out there, and anyone who cares knows the names of Jeanne Devon, Linda Kellen Biegel, Shannyn Moore, Amanda Coyne, Sondra Tompkins, and Zane Henning just to name a few, no one was prepared for what has happened.

Naked Emperor News, a website that does video journalism, turned all of these Alaskan democrat/communist’s little world upside down when they released a great video, with all of the players in their own words together.

Again, we all know that Barack Obama has great ties to all of this. Obama’s then campaign chief of staff, now White House advisor, Pete Rouse, is an Alaskan. He is also great friends with former Alaska State Senator Kim Elton. I’ll get to the reason why he’s a former Senator in a second. But those two go way back having worked together on a former Alaska Lt Governor’s staff. Rouse still votes absentee in Alaska.

Everyone has heard of “Troopergate” the phony investigation, really a witch hunt, cooked up by the Alaska democrat/communist party with the help of Barack Obama. At the time CNN and others reported that Obama had been in talks with the troopers union over this. But no one seemed to care enough to stay on that story. Too busy dealing with thrills up their legs I guess.

What happened next was a conspiracy to try and harm Sarah Palin. Their hope was impeachment.

Of course, they failed, but just days before the November presidential election, Senator Kim Elton, who was ramrodding this deal, promised that Sarah Palin was going down. In the end, Sarah Palin was cleared from any wrong doing after the state personnel board reviewed the bogus Branchflower report cooked up by Steven Branchflower and Kim Elton. They slammed Branchflower’s investigation and declared Palin completely innocent.

But, the damage was done, and in pure Chicago pay-for-play thug politics, Barack Obama, upon taking office, gave Kim Elton a make work job in the Department of Interior. You can read more here.

The Naked Emperor News covers all of this, as well as the deliberate and coordinated attacks on Sarah Palin by the Alaskan democrat/communist bloggers and those filing the complaints. They even dug up audio of a radio interview where a bunch of them called in to talk about it. Of course, the bloggers still claim no collusion.

Now just like cockroaches scatter when you turn the lights on, these losers have went into panic mode. Jeanne Devon who is shown on the video several times, has, along with others, been trying as hard as possible to ban this video. She has been going after it on You Tube and elsewhere. She claims “copyright violations.”

Yeah, OK.

This is where the efforts of a dedicated group of patriots come in. They’ve all worked endlessly to make this video go viral. This video is now everywhere including international websites. I want to give a big shout out to Bob Parks who writes for the Canada Free Press and was kind enough to host the video as well as give Jeanne Devon a bit of schooling on copyright law. You can see the video here.

Now for those that don’t know, Jeanne Devon, a shopkeeper in Anchorage, is the type of person we usually describe with a word that starts with chicken but has a few more letters to it. Rather than blog out in the open,, she cries for people like Sarah Palin to be “open and transparent”, while she uses an alias. Devon, who writes for her own hate website, Mudflats, as well as the vile Huffington Post as AKMuckraker, is such a nasty woman that a Democrat legislator Mike Doogan, had enough of her and outed her to the world!

So she is going stark raving mad at this point, as is her partner in crime Linda Kellen Biegel.

So it came as no surprise this weekend when CNN employee Dennis Zaki came out with the wild story that Sarah Palin was divorcing Todd and moving to Montana. Of course, this was an out and out lie, but certainly what one expects anytime a democrat/communist opens it’s mouth, especially when they are talking about Sarah Palin!

This was an obvious, deliberate, and coordinated effort to “punish” Sarah Palin because American patriots have had enough of these vile and hateful members of the Alaska Mafia and have started fighting back.. The divorce lie was payback because the light has been shone on these losers.

Well, this started a chain reaction none of the Alaska Mafia wanted to see, I can promise you!

First to weigh in was super blogger and author Pamela Geller (Atlas Shrugs) who decided to turn the table on Barack Obama. Kind of a sorta Chicago deal. You pull out a knife, we’ll pull out an Abrams tank!

Of course, as always, Sarah herself put this stupidity to bed with this fantastic quote:

“Divorce Todd? Have you SEEN Todd? I may be just a renegade hockey mom, but I’m not blind!” __Sarah Palin

But the conservative bloggers weren’t done. You see everyone knows that Dennis Zaki a stringer for CNN is a known and provable liar. But where was this really coming from?

Well Zaki’s source is another one of the democrat/communist bloggers who is tied into Barack Obama’s Alaska Mafia. This loser, who writes as Gryphen, has a blog called the Immoral Minority. Perfect name for a democrat/communist blog, don’t ya think?

Anyway, journalist Robert Stacy McCain was the recipient of some interesting information.

Gryphen is actually Jesse Griffin, a divorced 48 year old part time kindergarten teacher at Trailside Elementary in Anchorage. My first question is what sort of 48 year old man works part time at a kindergarten? Jesse Griffin’s only other effort seems to be spending time with his pal CNN employee Dennis Zaki making up insane stories about Sarah Palin!

You see, Jesse Griffin, who started the lie about Sarah getting divorced, is also the one who started the lie that Sarah’s youngest child, Trig, was actually Bristol’s.

Griffin is also the one behind the lie that Sarah Palin was under indictment by the FBI, which is why she was stepping down. This of course prompted the FBI to do something it rarely does, and publicly announce that, no, Sarah Palin wasn’t under any sort of investigation of any kind.

Griffin’s Immoral Minority is aligned with the other Alaska democrat/communist blogs that kept saying there was a big “iceberg” coming for Sarah Palin, and of course, all of these hate bloggers, especially Shannyn Moore and Jeanne Devon, who write for the Huffington Post, trumpeted this bogus FBI story as the iceberg.

You can read more of Robert Stacy McCain’s report on Jesse Griffin here.

McCain dug up some incredibly disturbing quotes from Jesse Griffin. Very vile and very troubling. If I had kids over at Trailside Elementary, I’d be concerned, especially if they were in kindergarten. This cat is certifiable!

The folks over at Flopping Aces have some interesting things to say as well.

Sarah Palin’s attorney is now involved in this deal.

OK, but you ask why bring Barack Obama into all of this, isn’t he self destructing well enough with any help? Well, yes he is. But the ties are so deep to this it just makes me mad. They wanted to impeach Richard Nixon for a lot less.

Barack Obama has ties to Alaskan’s For Truth as well as the Wasilla Project and Mythbusters. And with his man Pete Rouse’s lifelong ties to Alaska, it’s just not much of a leap to understand this deliberate and coordinated effort to destroy Sarah Palin all leads to an office somewhere at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C.

Case in point. Remember a week or so ago when it was illegally leaked that Sarah Palin’s Alaska Trust Fund, her legal defense fund was itself illegal?

This is typical for the Alaska Mafia. They have filed over 20 bogus ethics complains, cost the state of Alaska at minimum $2 million tax payer dollars, basically stealing $2 mil, as well as cost Sarah herself over a half million personally. So what did they do? They filed an idiotic ethics complaint saying, basically, she didn’t have a right to raise money to defend herself!

Now this complaint has not been resolved. It’s still under “investigation.” Cue up the possible Obama plant. I say possible, because I honestly can’t say for sure. But bear with me on this. I promise not to disappoint.

You see, the guy who leaked the information claiming Sarah Palin was “guilty” was the so-called “independent investigator” hired by the state to investigate Sarah Palin!

How convenient!

This “independent investigator,” Thomas Daniel, has a day job, of course. Thomas Daniel works for Perkins-Coie. Perkins-Coie is the law firm Barack Obama uses to represent him.

Oh my.

Obama has spent almost $700,000 with the law firm this year as they, among other things, represent Obama in those dozens of law suits out there challenging his eligibility to be President.

Josh Painter put a great piece together on this that you can read here.

Also it’s reported that Perkin-Coie is the go to law firm for the democrat/communist party when they want to steal elections and manufacture votes.

Ahh, the circle of life.

So let me think….

The “independent investigator,” Thomas Daniel, knowingly committed a crime and leaked a story, a lie actually, to a reporter. And this “independent investigator,” Thomas Daniel; just happens to work at the same law firm the represents Barack Obama. What could possibly be wrong here?

Look, the democrat/communists want to destroy Sarah Palin. Heck, even some of the good old boy Republican losers want to stop her. The fear from both groups is palpable.

Sarah Palin is a true American patriot. This is a woman that has taken on corruption and stopped it cold. And frankly, she didn’t care that a lot of those who were corrupt were life time establishment Republicans. In fact, it seemed to delight her.

Sarah Palin strikes fear in all of the NYC/DC Beltway hacks. They know when she gets going she will destroy their little gravy train, their little fiefdoms. Sarah Palin represents anything but business as usual in politics.

Now for the democrat/communists, she is particularly dangerous. As Barack Obama and his Congress try to pass insane tax schemes like cap and tax, and destroy all freedom and liberty with this massive health care gambit, which is nothing less than and end run around the Constitution, a total usurpation, really, Sarah Palin stands there saying: “No!”

No one can draw a crowd like Sarah Palin, and unlike Mr Hopey Changey, when Sarah Palin speaks, she captivates the crowd with substance. Sarah talks about things that matter to Americans. But Sarah also talks about something else, the American Spirit.

Unlike Barack Obama and all of the democrat/communists who constantly run America down, Sarah Palin constantly speaks to America’s greatness. To Barack Obama, America’s greatest days have come and gone. But to Sarah Palin, America is that “shining city on a hill” that our great Ronald Reagan always spoke of.

Obama and the democrat/communists never miss a chance to disrespect our fine military. Sarah Palin never misses a chance to praise our wonderful service men and women, and remind Americans that the military has been fighting and dying for the them, and their liberty and freedom, for over two centuries. In fact, our brave troops volunteer to do this. They put their lives on the line for us daily. Sarah Palin’s son is serving, as well.

Basically, Sarah Palin represents real hope, and real change. She is a street fighter. A savvy woman who gets things done, a concept foreign in DC.

So, the enemy must destroy her!

Who is the enemy?

Well, it’s Barack Obama, and the democrat/communist party, for sure. They are destroying America, and usurping the Constitution, but they aren’t the only problem. They are also a lot of Republicans who have gotten fat and lazy in DC, and are not working for their employers, the American people.

So what can you do?

Well, I can state the obvious, which is to get behind Sarah Palin 100 percent!

Support Sarah through SarahPAC and the Alaska Trust Fund. You can also stand up and say, “No more!” every time some nut job makes up lies about her, or attacks her in any way.

But there is a lot more to it. You must get off the couch and get into the game. You must stand up to Barack Obama and the rest of the democrat/communists. You need to educate yourselves on all of the issues and speak up. Stop being comfortable, start being active. Your very liberty and freedom is at stake.

Go to tea parties, attend these townhalls that the politicians are setting up. Scream at them and tell them to get right, or else!

Grab all of your friends, especially those who say “I don’t do politics.” It’s up to you to make them understand that if they want liberty and freedom, they sure as hell better start “doing politics!”

Get out and support conservative candidates nationwide. 2010 counts, and will be the most important election in a century. If we can’t take Congress back with a solid conservative majority, and stop the march toward full absolute communist rule, we will no longer be a free nation, and liberty will be but a fleeting dream.

Sarah Palin is a true transformative figure in America, and a great lady, but even she can’t do this alone!


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52 responses to “Barack Obama’s Alaska Mafia Is On The Run And Angry The Spotlight Is On Them UPDATED

  1. JP

    Wow, this is pure insanity.

  2. Joy

    Good, well-researched (alternative) article. Now, there’s Sarah Palin in a new light… Honestly, Im getting tired of the junk they write about her…

  3. Doug Klinker

    We’re doing what we can in Las Vegas to see that the nation is rid of Harry Reid in 2010. His numbers are tanking as well.

    Unfortunately he will probably still linger in the wings as Obama’s newly created ‘puppetmaster’ Czar or the like.

    If Sarah Palin does decide to run in 2012 there are many here who will support her whether it is on the Republican ticket or a badly needed alternative.

    Obama’s policies have woken up an otherwise apathetic America and they will once again speak out for ‘change’ in 2010. Just not the one Chicago brought to Washington.

  4. RC

    Our first LADY PRESIDENT in 2012. Love Sara and she is what we need. This is why the left wants to kill her POLITICAlLY.
    The moment that she 1st appeared, the democrats were in HIGH ALERT/FEAR mode.

  5. Robert

    This is a great and well thought out article. It’s shows Obamas true colors and motives. And to think i was ready to give this man a chance. He clearly is just as dirty as the rest of them. As far as ethics go,he clearly has none and has no right FASELY attacking Sarah Palin or anyone else. He has made being a democrat a joke and liability. We should all be pro-active in our government and our first order of business should be to get him out of office as quickly as possible before he plunges us into hell and chaos. If he wants to impress me,he needs to kill Bin Laden(as he publicly promised the american people)and show us he’s a man of his word.Until then,he’s nothing more than another lying politician saying whatever it takes to get in office. Shame on him,God hates ugly.

  6. I can not view the video. Obama’s mafia must have control of my computer.

    Ed, I just viewed it. The video is hosted on a Canadian website by a conservative newspaper that doesn’t think very highly of Barack Obama. They were kind enough to actually read US copyright law and understand the Obots don’t have a leg to stand on. Try it again.

  7. jon

    What do you want from a community organizer ? Stop blaming Bush / Chenny democrat’s have been in charge in Washington since 2006 Cash for clunkers has put us 3 billion farther i n the whole how’s that helping ?

  8. Harold Roark

    when do we get to a point of “enough is enough” america?
    when do “we the people” take back our country?
    let us start by firing all political affiliated idiots
    lock up all judges, lawyers, and law makers
    freeze all banks, bankers, and wall street
    one warning for all CEO’s
    H O W
    place the military in charge of protection of our country
    totally empty america of ALL illegals
    appoint federal and state representatives who have primary qualifications:
    1.common sense terms, set salary (no more, no less) party, American Party, dem/rep fire and send home with no pay due. criminal offense
    5.proven belief in God connection with anything, anyone involved in illegal activities of crime, cooruption, and etc. connection with any foriegn countries politics
    8. born in the U.S.A.
    9.WARNING, bribes, kickbacks, favors, deals= LIFE IN JAIL
    10. as voted in by americans with no criminal offense(s)
    1. Born in America
    2. No criminal offense(s) or affiliation
    3. Proven belief in God
    4. No activist affiliation
    5. Set salary
    6. Eliminate all laws after the declaration of independence was wrtten and start over keeping all additional law meeting :
    a. common sense
    b. justice for all from president down to the working class
    c. all laws right or wrong with no loop holes for ANYONE
    d. no criminal record or affiliation for the people and not politicians
    f.set laws for an “eye for an eye”
    g.all laws to set the punishment to fit the crime
    h.must be born in the U.S. to own property, can rent/lease if American citizen

    i could go on and on with taking back America

  9. LuvPalin

    Obviously Palin is a genuine threat to the Obama administration, for why would they go to such lengths? I, along with Obama and his henchmen know she is a credible threat because she is smart and people love her. Look at the approval ratings when McCain announced he chose her to run w/him. Obama was threatened then and still is and is trying to smear her and her family. Just shows you what kind of person we have in the White House. I hope she decides to run for President against this so called “superstar” of a President.

    PALIN 2012

  10. I can’t say I told you so. But, all who voted for Obama “give him a chance” Scared the hell out of me. You fell for the MSM propaganda. He/MSM slam dunked Sarah Palin from day1. She was a major threat. They got couric,williams,gibson to nail her coffin. That Hollywood crowd really were the cutting edge of new politics. Why research anything when your favorite celebrity can sway your opinion. We have become lazy and ill informed. The obama thugs have taken over. You are brain washed by a smooth talking con man. He was trained by the best, Harvard and Chicago thugs. A strange combination. Affirmative action at its best.

  11. Michael Wheat

    I think Mr Obama and his constituents are afraid of Sarah Palin. They should be.

  12. Michael Wheat

    She will give them a run for their money in 2012. Get ready folks.

  13. NOBAMA2012


  14. Gem

    Man this is LONG! This article makes some great points and Im sure its well researched and all… However, its missing a vital component.. The fact that Sarah Palin comes across as kind of an airhead, and a bit uneducated or ill-informed.. far too much to be taken seriously as a Govenor, or well, ex-Govenor much less President or even Vice President (and thats saying alot.)

    Im ready for this county to get some “git’right” as we say here, and stop with the High School style blasting. It makes us look like a bunch of idiots. And after 8 years of the embarassment left by the Bush administation, we really can’t afford that… litterally.

    • Gary P

      I love people who try the “concern post”, especially the ones who think Sarah Palin is an airhead. It shows more about the commenters than Palin.

      Lets see. This “airhead” worked her way through college. No affirmative action quotas, and really, no money. But she found a way to “git it done.”

      When Palin looked around her city, she saw things she didn’t like, and got involved. First in the PTA, like many Americans do. She was so effective that a member of the city council begged her to run for office, and she did.

      As a city council member in Wasilla, she was the real leader, started fighting corruption, and stupid laws. And came out on top.

      She became Mayor, won two landslide elections, and not only grew and modernized the city, but was also the President of the Alaska Council of Mayors. More leadership.

      When Palin was term limited out, she ran for Lt Governor, and though she lost, the Governor, Frank Murkowski, thought she was a star, and appointed her to the very powerful Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, as Chairman. The AOGCC regulates oil, natural gas, coal, and other energy in Alaska. About 70 percent of Alaska’s economy revolves around this.

      Palin took on big oil and started bringing them in line.

      But more importantly, Palin saw massive corruption in her agency. There was all sorts of conflicts of interest, dirty dealings, and generally unethical behavior.

      People have described Frank Murkowski’s Alaska as every bit as corrupt as Barack Obama’s Chicago.

      But unlike Obama, who is a product of the Daley machine, and swimming in Chicago thug behavior, and corruption to the nth degree, Sarah Palin took a different route.

      Instead of just going along to get along, being one of the “good old boys” a move that would have made her life cushy and protected, Sarah did just the opposite.

      When Murkowski wouldn’t let her clean house, Palin “quit” And there is one hell of a lesson the morons who are calling Palin a quitter now need to learn, and learn well:

      Palin resigned because her boss, the Governor wanted to protect his good old boy crooks at all cost. This was tough for Palin. Her job was incredibly powerful, and paid almost what she made as Governor. Most said she committed political suicide by quitting.

      Well, this “airhead” took a position as the Chairman of a PAC that trains and promotes women candidates to keep her sort of busy, but her real job was going after the Murkowski people.

      Remember, Barack Obama is a product of one of the most corrupt places on earth, Chicago. He is one of the most corrupt of the corrupt. He went along and got along.

      Palin, on the other hand, did not. Now all of these people at the AOGCC who were corrupt were REPUBLICANS.

      Sarah Palin went after the members of her own party with a vengeance!

      In the end, the GOP chair, Randy Ruedrich was forced to resign for doing party business on company time, as well as some conflicts of interest. He paid the largest fine in Alaska history. The former attorney general, Gregg Renkes was done as well. He had some very “questionable” dealings in the coal industry. Others were fired, paid fines, and some still sit in prison.

      In the end, Palin then ran for Governor and won by a landslide, both in the primary against Murkowski, and in the general against popular democrat former Governor Tony Knowles.

      Not too bad for an “airhead” huh?

      As Governor, Palin was one of the most successful in the nation. She accomplished more in 2 1/2 years than most politicians do in a lifetime.

      One of crowning achievements was the natural gas pipeline. Alaskans have tried to get this done for 30 years. It took her two!

      Even better, while all of the special interests, the good old boys were lining up to “get paid” Palin did an end run around all of these people. In fact, up until the contract was done, they were proposing different routes and different plans. Lots of corruption. The democrat fighting Palin the strongest had actually bought a bunch of Connoco-Phillips stock, hoping to cash in on an alternative deal with Connoco-Phillips for a pipeline.

      Well, that “airhead” Palin outsmarted them all. The pipeline that will be built is the largest construction project in our nation’s history. It’s a deal that she negotiated between Canada, Trans-Canada construction (the world’s best pipeline builder) and Exxon-Mobil, the world’s biggest oil company.

      And, when the “airhead” was done, she worked a deal where the $60 billion project will be paid for mostly with private money, in fact, almost entirely.

      The bottom line is this. Palin is a REAL conservative. A budget hawk that cut wasteful spending and created a nice surplus when most states are bankrupt.

      Palin tackled the very tough and entrenched oil industry, and turned the tables in favor of Alaska. Made the companies produce, or else.

      And unlike any other state, the Alaska people OWN the oil and other resources under the ground. That’s in the Alaska constitution. It’s why Alaska has no income or state sales taxes. It’s also why each and every Alaskan gets a dividend check each year. They are “stock holders.”

      Well, Palin saw the stock holders were getting hosed, and fixed that as well.

      Also, while this “airhead” was Governor, she was also the Chairman of the Interstate Oil and gas Compact Commission, a multi-state coalition that oversees oil and gas production and environmental concerns. She was also the Chair of the National Governors Association’s Natural Resource Committee.

      Probably the smartest thing Sarah did as Governor though, was “quit”

      Thanks to the 20 some odd bogus ethics complaints, a story we’ve been on since day one, she couldn’t govern. These Obama minions were stealing millions of dollars from the state in time wasted and money spend having to deal with these idiots. They were on track to cost Alaska as much as $10 million had Sarah stayed in office.

      Now, Sarah was able to put two hand picked successors in place. The new Governor, Sean Parnell, will continue with Palin’s work. He is well liked, but won’t be the next President, so the Chicago thugacracy will leave him alone, more or less.

      And Palin, who has a strong military and foreign policy portfolio, despite what the “experts” say, chose as her Lt Governor Lt General Craig E. Campbell. Campbell was the commander of the Alaska National Guard, and a strong supporter of hers in every way.

      So Sarah left Alaska’s government a hell of a lot better than she found it, and at the same time totally outsmarted Obama and his thugs. Other than call her names, which is about all the democrat/communists can do any more anyway, as they have no plans or abilities, they can’t touch her.

      At the same time, Palin can now go after Obama with full force, and she will.

      Palin has more practical experience than most Presidents have when they come into office. She has more foreign policy and trade experience than Clinton did, who basically had none.

      And really, not since Ronald Reagan, has a Governor, become President with such a record of actual accomplishment. And I firmly believe if Palin WANTS to be President, she will BE President.

      “Airhead” indeed!

  15. Joe

    Remarkable!!!!!! It is amazing that people actually voted for this so called president. Jon you are right!!!!!! The democrats have had control of washington since 2006. I believe that the stock market was well above 14000, until the democrat socialists took charge. All of it being overshadowed by the Iraq war.

    Okay Obama – let’s talk about what is happening in afghanastan, how many more of our soldiers will die there? How long will you blame our economy on PRESIDENT Bush? Why am I getting phone calls asking if I support the Health care and when I say “I support any health care bill as long as the people in washington are on the health care plan and pay the same as everyone else”, they hang up on me?

    Sarah Palin is REAL and people in Washington are afraid of her. She did not and does not deserve the kind of treatment that she has recieved from the Obama Mafia. Time will tell, People of America, it is only the breaking of the ice of the true colors of Obama.

    Last question – Who voted for him? I have not met anyone yet that has!!!!!! Or they are to ashamed to admit it!!!!!

  16. Patsy Harden

    I have read so many oppositions about the Obama administration. Why, can’t the people in Washington see
    what everyone else sees. They are the ones we put in
    office to prevent this very thing. But, they act like puppets.
    It is very freightening to see things develope as they have the last few months. May God help us all.

  17. Izzy

    I haven’t seen a hatchet job this brutal since hockey-mask Jason was doing the swinging. I guess psychopaths on all levels think alike and one thing in common… destruction of opposition. They know nothing of compromise.

  18. “Leadership involves conduct. Conduct is determined by values. Values are what makes us who we are.”
    – General H. Norman Schwarzkopf-

    Real surprising that our liberal media hasn’t followed through with this story. Scary Barry.

  19. Shamrock

    The wood work sure emptied out when that bunch ofslugs crawled out! a group of Bolshevicks if i ever heard any, and i’ve heard a hell //////////////////////////////////////////

    \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\of a lot of them.

    Nuff said!


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  22. Brenda

    I also want to say, I know you won’t post this. You obviously are only posting comments from people who are as seriously deranged as yourself. Thank God there seems to be very few.

    • Still Crazy after all these Bailouts

      Brenda, I also want to say, your serious derangement is to opine that everyone who doesn’t agree with you is seriously deranged. Hmmmm

  23. Wally

    Great video, pass it on, expose these people for the frauds and evil that they are.

  24. Gem

    Regardless of the actions Sarah Palin has takin on the local level, she still COMES ACROSS as an airhead. Or maybe a bimbo is more like it.. kinda the female version if GW Bush.. whatever you wanna call that.. Whether she truely is an airhead or not.. what matters is what the voters see, the aura if you will..

    Being the female swing voter that I am, and a fan of John McCain, (not so much anymore.. but at the time) I was excited to see him choose a “Maverick” woman to run with him in the 08 election…. and then she spoke.

    The interviews, the debate, and the comments she made, totally blew it for the Republican Party in 08. Im sure shes a terrific PTA member, mayor and maybe even govenor, but on the national level, she doesn’t stand a chance.

    As far as her record of exposing corruption and doing the right thing… thats terrific! Its about time politicians behaved like normal, good and fair citizens. But how far does doing the right thing take a person? In my opinion, good behavior should not be rewarded… good behavior should be the standard not the exception. I do however, understand that in government (of all places) “good people” are harder to come by.

    Anyhow, my point is, unless Sarah Palin can prove to the American people that she is:
    1. Smart- Smarter than average, not just witty or well spoken. And by the way, the fact that she “worked her way through college” is not that big of a plus. Because, so did I and most people I know… that doesnt make us ready to rule the free world.

    2. Not the “average mom”- as the media attempted to make her out to be.. us “regular moms” do not want to see that. We want to see extraordinary!

    3. Unafraid- Since she is a woman, she has more to prove than a man.. sad, but true. And the vague, circular comments she made following her resignation made her seem either afraid to say the truth (not in keeping with her “down with corruption” portrayal) or being deceptive. Either of which is bad in the midst of an abrupt resignation amid scandal allegations.

    4. Serious- Its my opinion that she smiled way too much.. That may sound nit-picky, but I have a problem with people smiling while talking about serious and sometimes dire topics.. you gotta admit she was always grinning. Which believe it or not is inappropriate in some instances.

    If she can prove those 4 things, learn more about the global issues she so painfully fumbled through discussions about, she might have a shot… but I doubt it. I hate to be Debbie Downer but I just can’t imagine Sarah Palin’s image to be repaired in 3 years… but who knows, anything’s possible I guess… If a black guy from a corupt town can make it why can’t Mrs. Palin? (However I must say that Chicago is a far cry from bing the “MOST corupt city in the WORLD” c’mon now.. I might believe the US.. but the WORLD, lets not be so melodramatic…

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