Sarah Palin, The World’s Greatest: A Tribute

Sarah Palin scored a great victory for the American people this past week, while putting Barack Obama and the entire democrat/communist party on the defensive. Obama was even forced to postpone his vacation and attempt to save his liberty and freedom stealing Obamacare fiasco!

While Palin eloquently issued simple, but powerful, statements on the evils of Obamacare, Obama himself held townhall meetings where he had to have planted guests posing as regular Americans to throw him softball questions that he couldn’t even answer correctly.

Obama, who sounded confused, disjointed, and rambling not only failed to counter Sarah Palin’s strong charges, but dug himself a bigger hole with the American people, further destroying the little credibility he has with America’s citizenry.

It was an incredible victory for America, and for Sarah Palin.

Note to the GOP, this is how you defeat Barack Obama’s swift march to communism! You take Obama head on, and you never stop!

The Wall Street Journal’s James Taranto, wrote simply: Palin Wins.

Others singing Sarah’s praises , include Robert A George from NBC”s San Fransisco’s affiliate who cautions the non-believers to take heed, as Sarah Palin is still the GOP’s superstar.

On the heels of all of this, Seth Adam Smith, one of our friends at Conservatives4Palin brings us this great video as a tribute to an amazing woman, Sarah Palin.



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15 responses to “Sarah Palin, The World’s Greatest: A Tribute

  1. MARIE

    This is precisely why the undeserving and willful hate against Sarah Palin is directed at her; the liberals, Dems and media are fearful of her because she is the heart of America and people who follow their hearts for America follow and support her. They fear she will take their chance away to ‘change’ America to their liberal way of thinking.

  2. Debbie

    I am so sad to see that end of life counseling has been described as a “death panel”. I really hurts because our family just had to make that awful decision to allow our mother to die in dignity rather than go through further treatment that was only causing more pain.

    I know you all really like Palin, but she has done more harm and heart ache with this statement than you can imagine. It is not about politics, it is about the people we love.

    • Gary P

      Debbie, first, let me say that I am incredibly sorry for your loss.

      But, the “end of life counseling” provisions in the various bills are not the “death panels.”

      They are very troubling because of the way they were written, but they weren’t the real issues Sarah was talking about. We all laugh at the state run media, and even some of the idiot Republicans that don’t get it.

      It’s hilarious, actually, and as a mater of fact, Sarah, when Governor championed making sure that seniors were aware of living wills, and other end of life provisions. She just didn’t have such an evil way of doing it.

      The real death panels are the bean counters, and the panels who will set the bar on who gets treatment and who doesn’t. Every nation that has a communist health care system, like Canada, Great Britain, Cuba, France, and so on, rations health care to it’s citizens.

      In Canada, you may not even be able to have a family doctor. They hold lotteries to see who can “win” one!

      That is the metaphoric “death panels.”

      The end of life stuff was merely troubling, the rest of the bill, to quote Palin, is “evil!”

  3. Ms. Palin: Fight the good fight! Now and always! You are NEVER alone – STAND IN THE DOOR!
    Death to tyrants!

    Your standards are my standards and I am inspired once again by someone who is honest and doing the right thing.
    I had just plain given up since it doesn’t look like Newt is serious and y’know – I don’t see the moxey in him I see in YOU! You are like Newt on Steroids!

    Semper Fi!

    Kent M. Yates
    1989310 USMC
    62 – 68 Sgt R’td

  4. Barb

    Great !!!! Hey, Obama started a few ahead of time,,,,Sarah is a very wise woman! She is only going to get stronger and wiser!

  5. Andy LeMay

    The O’Reilly panel discussion with Matthew Littman clearly showed the elitist attitudes exhibited by the majority of those affiliated with the Democratic party.
    If you are losing a debate interrupt the other speaker raise your voice talk faster. Refuse to listen, repeat yourself incessantly, attack the person using innuendo.
    If that fails use obtuse false accusations or subtitle innuendos inferring your opponent has a childish or sinister intent. Always appear to be respectful but remember that little smirk and to chuckle when responding to your opponent’s most serious point… this shows how trivial it really is since you are obviously the expert.
    Finally to relate to the common man “Joe lunchbox” whenever you are speaking of taxes follow the President’s lead and make sure to remind everyone that you are very rich and make more than $250,000 per year, this is truly endearing and will make everyone know you must be right.
    Finally always tell the voters you understand and the only solution to their problem is more government and more taxes so you and your administration can take care of everyone….
    Sarah Palin is a private citizen who posted something on the web, Apparently the only free speech Democrats believe in is their own….

  6. God bless Sarah Palin! And the GOP needs to take heed and listen to Sarah Palin and not take the moderate road. The reason the Democrats are in office now!

  7. Linda Webber

    Sarah “The Shark” is nipping at Obama’s heels and he can’t take the pressure. Apparently he’s never had anyone confront him and his agenda and he’s reeling with shock!
    We need more Sarah’s to stand up and fight for America without letting up. The far-left communist can’t handle the truth and their lies are being revealed for the first time. The town hall meetings have backfired and thank God for people finally demanding to be heard and letting Obama and his Congress know we’re fed up with all of them. Nancy Pelosi and her little sheep jet-set all over the world at taxpayers expense and act like they’re “all powerful” enough to dictate their communist rule on everyone. If the GOP men are afraid to stand up and be heard they can sit down and listen. Both sides need to be removed and new blood elected to Congress that know they’re there to represent Americans and not themselves. Can Sarah lead us out of this communist/marxist mess? You betcha!!!

  8. I voted for Sarah Palin from the beginning, but to no avail, and now people are finding out..There is alot of people right here in the little community of Waynesburg, Pa. who do not have Insurance, because they simply can’t afford it.
    And here we have this CEO of AIG making an income according to Yahoo, a cool $7,000,000 a year raised income, and the poor keep suffering, because the rich keep holding us down lower whale manuer on the bottom of the ocean.
    I know a lady right now who is fighting for her life with cancer, and the hospitols here keep sending her home because she can’t afford insurance–TO Die…She can’t pay a bill so they may as well tell her_”GO HOME, AND DIE.”
    I read a passage from someone not long ago that said it very clearly: “The Old Can’t afford The United States if they aren’t rich before they get old”…

    Keep gettin’ up Sarah Palin..This country need your spirit to keep us going…May God keep you in his sight, and you keep the United States in your, But Of Course,God comes first…

  9. Sarah:

    I am writing to her for you help on a related issue.

    I was not a supporter of yours. I vote Democratic; but as a manager of my wife’s sole Alternative Medicine practice I would like to give you some information about what is happening with EHR (Electronic Health Records) that is VERY BAD.

    The stimulus package stated that unless all physicians adopted EHR there would be a 4% cut in their Medicare reimbursement, beginning in 2014. EHR sounds great and Obama said that it would cut costs and reduce errors. As a physician, this is a LIE.

    EHR would be a MASSIVE burden for most small physician practices and for most physicians. They want us to buy equipment costing $44,000 to start (they put $19 billion in the stimulus to give grants for this purpose). EHR forces doctors to SCAN every bit of information to a computer system. Convenient Physician Paper Charts would be eliminated. Doctors would have to dictate everything into a machine, that would produce a machine translation, full of errors. Unless the physician or a high level person was able to check for errors, the result would be way more errors than on the personal but sometimes hard to read paper charts.

    It would be a massive burden for many physicians to maintain accurate EHR records. I am not against using computers more, or giving physicians the opportunity to choose what ever method works for them. However, Mandates creates a problem. What happens if there was a Public Option? The government would be able to demand the doctor’s entire file on each patient. They will be able to do this for Medicare too!! Everything that a doctor says to their patient could be Emailed or sent by Disk to the Government for review. I don’t know anyone who would want to become a family physician under these circumstances. I assume this invasion of privacy runs against your core principles

    The fact is that most small medical practices are run very efficiently. It is mostly the Government run State Medicaid facilities and VA Hospitals that are run the least inefficiently, with the most errors. The government should first improve their own facilities before trying to drastically alter every healthcare practice by taking away patient charts.

    Instead of changing the whole country, why not focus on using EHR where it is needed – for Radiology facilities, where most tests are performed. They are already equipped for EHR. Radiology facilities could be required to give patients copies of their written reports.
    Patients should be taught to keep their own medical files, so that they could present it to their doctors. This alone would save billions of dollars in wasted time and tests.

    It may be too late to save the $19 billion wasted on EHR, but there could be amendments in the healthcare legislation to eliminate any mandates on EHR.

    EHR is also bad because it requires that small doctor’s offices become hi-tech facilities. If the data is lost or a Virus infects the system, the medical practice is destroyed. Basically, the insurance companies are the ones pushing EHR. They want the doctors to spend the extra time in order to make it easier for them – eg. so as not to have to scan doctor’s billing or medical records, when needed. The savings in cost is at the expense of the doctor’s time and costs.

    Doctor’s would have to carry portable computers with them at all times in order to access the patients records. It would be much slower than having a convenient paper chart and they would have to hire staff to scan documents continuously, correct dictations and maintain all the computer equipment.

    I can tell you much more on why mandated EHR is very bad. Feel free to contact me for more information. I am in Harrisburg, PA.

  10. Steve W

    Sarah Palin is a breath of fresh air. Just when it looked like there were no conservatives left she comes in with honor and decency like the great Ronald Reagan.Go Sarah.

  11. Robert

    The solution to healthcare has been staring Americans in the face for a very long time. You all have been digging your own graves with your knives and forks, and have failed to live up to your God-given responsibilities.

    Close down all those fast-food companies that are destroying the health of the nation with their cheap disease-causing and msg-infested diets.

    The American nation is living a lie. Why not teach the nation the truth about preventative medicine rather than support medical faculties that produce so-called doctors that only cheat the people of their hard-earned monies, and have failed to live out the hyppocratic oath.

    Americans stop blaming each other and begin to live the life that counts. Stop wasting your monies on gadgets, and save it for harder times.

    Republicans you all need to wake up from that pipe dream of yours, and start devising a plan for the next set of elections, because right now it doesn’t seem as if there is a plan.

  12. Brent

    what more needs to be said “Palin 2010 she is what we need running this country not what we have

  13. Who’s ever responsible for this link! Thank you! We may win back this country after all!

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