Forget POTUS and TOTUS The Real Power In America is LOTUS!

If you are even partially politically aware in this country, or saw the pilot episode of The West Wing, you know that POTUS stands for President of the United States. Kind of insider speak, if you will.

Now with our current President, we have been introduced to TOTUS, the Teleprompter of the United States. Anyone who has seen President Barack Obama speak both with the aid of TOTUS, and without his trusted friend by his side, knows that the tails TOTUS weaves on his blog, which you can read here, are true! Without TOTUS, Barack Obama is mostly a rambling, barely intelligible speaker, as shown here and here.

There is a lot of pressure on TOTUS, as well. Twice this year TOTUS has attempted to end it all as can be seen here and here. Though Allahpundit over at Hot Air thinks it might be something more nefarious.

But as we have found out, the real power in America lies not in POTUS or TOTUS, but in LOTUS, the Laptop of the United States!

Now unlike TOTUS, LOTUS does not take credit for being her owner’s actual brain.

No way!

You see The Laptop of the United States belongs to Sarah Palin!

LOTUS fully realizes she is a mere tool for Sarah Palin to rule the world with!

Sarah Palin recently used LOTUS to completely set the health care debate on it’s ear!

As we talked about here, here, and here, Sarah and used her straight shooting style to put Barack Obama on the complete defensive over his incredibly sinister plan to destroy the American health care system and have the government take control of a huge segment of our economy.

As Ronald Reagan spoke of way back in 1961, socializing the health care in a nation is the first step to becoming a full on communist state. We know Barack Obama was born and raised a Saul Alinsky style communist, someone who thinks America is an evil country and must be changed. So trying to destroy the American health care system with a communist plan of “socialized medicine” is just par for the course for this guy.

As Sarah Palin has already said, Obamacare is pure evil!

Obamacare must be stopped.

Thankfully, armed with her powerful Laptop of the United States, Sarah Palin will keep a close watch on Barack Obama and continue to call him out every time he tries to destroy the greatest nation the world has ever know with one of his insane schemes!

Her latest effort was to employ LOTUS to talk about Obama’s plan to send billions of taxpayer dollars to Brazil so they can drill for oil offshore. Of course, Obama, his Chicago thugs, and the eviro-nuts, go insane if you talk about drilling for oil in our country.

You can read Sarah’s latest comments here.

We have also found that Barack Obama’s best buddy, and puppet master, George Soros has invested over $800 million dollars in the very company that Obama is sending billions of our tax dollars to!

We’ll have more on this in the days to come.

But if you would like to follow LOTUS, the Laptop of the United States, you can get the inside story by reading her blog here.



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4 responses to “Forget POTUS and TOTUS The Real Power In America is LOTUS!

  1. Glenda

    I love this article. Sarah is a God-send to the USA. As long as the majority of the American still believe this is a nation under God, He will be there.

  2. jan

    Dear Sarah,
    Thanks for all you have done to awaken America to the attack on the elderly, handicapped, and young children. Tonight I read that Obama thinks he is “god’s partner in matters of life and death.” Scary, isn’t it! Because of you and other conservative good people, I am going to Washington D.C. on Sept. 12 and marching my heart out. I’ve been to many demonstrations here in California. And I blog and blog and blog. I am 61 and I am sorry. We did this in America by ignoring what we knew was going on around us. We were getting along, just as our children are today. But now I talk and I march and I can tell you people are beginning to listen and maybe soon they will join us. PLEASE ADVERTISE THE SEPTEMBER 12 MARCH IN WASHINGTON on your web. We need all the help we can get and a lot of people don’t seem to know about the march. Thanks again Janobx

    • crackpipe

      where exactly did you read that obammer said he thinks he’s “god’s partner”? I would love to read it. It would just be another one of his backsteps, might as well be smokin and not inhalin!

  3. We The People are standing with Sarah Palin.

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