As Many As Two Million 9/12 Project and Tea Party Protesters In D.C. But The Obama/State Controlled Media Says “Tens Of Thousands”

You know, journalism died a long time ago, so I guess this shouldn’t even surprise anyone that the liberal state controlled media, who are basically stenographers for the Obama administration, would under report this event by oh, almost two million!

What grew out of a simple love for our nation, and inspiration from Fox News’ Glenn Beck, has turned into a serious movement that has been gaining steam since the concept was first announced by Glenn on his Fox News show in March of this year.

As Beck put it, he remembered how united America was on September 12, 2001, the day after the worst attacks on American soil. How we put aside all of our differences and came together as one nation, with one purpose.

Sadly, that feeling is gone. Battle lines have been drawn, and America has become more divided than at anytime any of us have ever seen. Of course, what has once divided us, thanks to the communist ideals of Barack Obama and the democrat/communist party, is now bringing us back together. I guess you could say Barack Obama is the “Great Uniter” just not in the way he had hoped!

With the feeling of those first days after 9/11, Glenn launched the 9/12 Project, along with a set of common sense principles that we need to follow for the nation to survive. Saturday was the culmination of that idea, and those ideals. And by any account, the 9/12 rallies were a rousing success. Not only were there as many as two million in D.C., but numerous cities in every state also held 9/12 and Tea Party protests.

Of course, since this makes Obama look just as bad as he truly is, the media is working overtime to cover the truth up. The state controlled media worked overtime to elect Obama, and sold their credibility forevermore down the road to get their man in office. They went all in on Obama, the worst bet in history.

Now full disclosure, I was not in D.C. but having looked at the various reports, tweets from rally goers, and photos, it is definitely my opinion that while the two million number may be a tad high, it’s certainly not a wild guess.

I also base this on a lifetime of attending large events as a drag racer, and enthusiast. I’ve been to many events with one day crowds in the tens of thousands, the size the Obama media is reporting, including a track attendance record setting event at Houston Raceway Park a few years back, when over 53,000 poured into a track with seating for 40,000. That was nothing compared to D.C. crowds.

Same goes for Texas Motor Speedway, in Ft Worth, Texas. The track seats roughly 200,000 people. That’s a lot of folks, but not as large as the D.C. Crowds. Take a look at this photo taken by Mary Katharine Ham:

Actually the first hint of a huge crowd didn’t come from the protesters, or the media, but from a memo written by a panic stricken top House democrat/communist aide to other aides, as well as liberal/communist activists, as reported by Gary Sargent on his Plum Line blog:

A top House Dem leadership aide has emailed a memo to Dem aides on the Hill and outside liberal groups warning they should brace for a turnout of up to two million people, suggesting Dems worry that if enough conservatives descend on the Mall it will amount to a major PR victory for the right.

The aide, Doug Thornell, warned in the memo that the dust-up over Joe Wilson has been invigorating conservatives. “It looks like Saturday’s event is going to be a huge gathering, estimates ranging from hundreds of thousands to 2 million people,” Thornell wrote in the memo, which was forwarded by a source.

In another sign of concern, the memo painstakingly detailed a range of turnout predictions from the event’s organizers, such as this one from tea party leaders promising a crowd of up to 1,000,000.

Adding to Dem concern is the fact that Beck recently claimed a major victory in the ouster of former green jobs adviser Van Jones.

The House leadership memo predicting huge turnout could have been written in hopes that it would leak and inflate expectations for turnout, anticipating that it will fall far short. But Dems on the Hill insist they’re genuinely worried about what tomorrow will bring.

Early in the day Michelle Malkin reported ABC News was saying 2 million, which ABC later backtracked from and came out with the totally laughable 60-70.000.

Michelle also reported that the park police estimated the crowd at 1.2 million. Which I believe is what the protest coordinators had permitted space for.

You can see video as well as more photos and the schematic that was used to estimate the crowd at Barack Obama’s inauguration by visiting Michelle

You check it out, you decide!

The UK Daily Mail, not exactly a conservative newspaper, also reports that up to two million protesters were in D.C.

This video is time lapse from 8:00 am until 11:30 am and shows the crowds gathering:

Again, you decide.

None of this, of course, takes into account all of the Americans who couldn’t come to D.C. but attended other events all across the nation.

Video of protesters at the start of the event:

“I came here because I thought you might want to hear a black man speak 15 minutes without a teleprompter” _____Mason Weaver

Video of Mason Weaver speaking without a teleprompter!

Of course, there were lighthearted moments too, such as when a CNN reporter, doing a stand up for the in studio host, who was attempting to do a hit piece on Congressman Joe Wilson, got shouted down! First you’ll hear the crowd chanting “tell the truth, tell the truth” then they go into a refrain of “Glenn Beck! Glenn Beck!” Sharp eyes will notice a large photo of Sarah Palin being held up behind the report’s head!

When asked how they felt about Joe Wilson, the crowd goes wild! Oh, in case you were wondering, Joe Wilson has raised over $1 million is 48 hours!

Let that be a lesson to other conservative politicians. If you stand up for what is right, we’ll pay you!

In case you forgot, CNN reporters are not exactly welcome at conservative events.

Hmmm…I wonder why?

“Ask Santa Anna how it went the LAST TIME a President tried to take away Texan’s rights!”

Sign spotted at 9/12 protest in Ft Worth, Texas

No matter the final number count, it’s easy to see that the first annual 9/12 celebration was a complete success. The movement that Glenn Beck created all those months ago has started to unite patriotic Americans nationwide. People from every walk of life, every race, sex, and religious creed have learned they are not alone. They have learned their voices count.

People who have never been involved in politics in their life are excited and hopeful. Hopeful that we take control of our nation. Take the power away from corrupt, power mad politicians, and give it back to the people, as our founders intended.

To view a large collection of photos from the D.C. protest please click here.

Here’s a couple that I liked:

Here are some more crowd shots:

So where was Barack Obama during all of the festivities? Well, as they say, if you can’t stand the heat………

Actually, Obama is still trying to shove his communist Obamacare fiasco down America’s throat. Already the most overexposed President in our nation’s history, Obama took to the road yet again!

I got a hint for you Mr. President, you won the election. The time for the cheesy campaigning and ACORN style “community organizing” is over! How about you stay in the White House and do your job!

Obama chose to cut and run away from the D.C. protests to hold another Amway sales meeting, this time in Minneapolis!

A small crowd of around 15,000 showed up to hear the Community Organizer-In-Chief chant “fired up!” Ah, those were the days, eh Mr President? Back when things were carefree and easy.

This being President is hard and junk, huh?

Just as indignant towards the American people as he was during his joint address to Congress, Obama bellowed: “I will not accept the status quo. Not this time. Not now,”

What our President fails to grasp is the fact that all of us would love a little health care reform, but want nothing to do with anything that even resembles this insane boondoggle he is trying to force feed the American people!

Mr President, give us some tort reform, make insurance policies portable, deregulate so people can buy insurance nationwide instead of only within their state, and then get out of the way!

One could write a great health care reform bill in ten pages or less! It is beyond ridiculous that we have a health care monstrosity, that really does little for health care, or reform, and takes 1017 pages to do it!

Mr President, maybe you should listen to the advice of Sgt Joe Friday and Officer Bill Gannon:


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25 responses to “As Many As Two Million 9/12 Project and Tea Party Protesters In D.C. But The Obama/State Controlled Media Says “Tens Of Thousands”

  1. It does amaze me how happy a party we have, yet being ticked off. When we have a party, we really do have a party. That is the big difference, we have a party to celebrate America, they have a protest to denounce America.
    That is what the news media can’t figure out.
    Love Joe Friday, great video.

  2. Jennifer_MI

    I was there and there were at least 200,000 people there and I would guess much more than that. Being at ground level, it was impossible to get a perspective, but there were people as far as the eye could see! It was tremendous and not a single person was paid to be there. WAKE UP AMERICA – the MSM does not report the truth–not even Fox News!

  3. Glenda

    It does my heart good to know that Americans are still alive and kicking and will fight for our country. America has woken up against Obama, it is best that Obama wakes up to America.

  4. UH OH , sounds like a revolutionary war might happen, this is not good,! but if it brings our nation back to the basics I’m all for it.

  5. Mary Ann

    NBC evening news Saturday reported that while park police were estimating tens of thousands, the reporter and his film crew were seeing 100s of thousands. I don’t remember who he was but either he is honest or didn’t get the word to undercount the crowd.

    Loved the hand made signs and slogans. When the story lept to Obama addressing a crowd in Minneapolis about health care, their signs were slick professionally printed jobs as usual at Obama kool-aid events.

  6. Paul Fenton

    I am sure Dems will down play our participation. We need to do it again until they get the message.
    We need to change the way Congress ignores its constituents and favor special interest groups and their power over the people.

    Congrats to all Americans who spend their money and time and patriotism to show the world we are determined to take back our country.

  7. Maja

    W.H. says they didn’t even know it was happening. Knew nothing about it. Made me wonder if they are that lost, think we are that stupid, or think we buy everything they say.

  8. Maja

    You all made me proud to be an American. We need to get back to our roots, where Christmas isn’t a bad thing, people work for a living, the elderly are cared for, and the govt works for the people, and not for themselves and the special interest groups. We are a caring group, but we are being run over by the ACLU and others who want to take away our heritage. We need English as a national language and to stop being so politically correct. Look at Fox News special report on our textbooks. I was outraged. The march will have to start again next year when the dems try to give 13 million lawbreaking illegals citizenship.

  9. Tony THompson

    When will these clowns in washington wake up!!!!!!!!!!!!
    We do not want our rights to be treaded on. For many years if you had a quite protest you would be locked up for disturbing the peace. 9 Trillion dallors going to rich people to political firms. No More!!!!!!!!!!!!!! On the Senate floor during the stimulas debate one senator purposed to give money to small bussiness or the hard working tax payers. The response from the floor was they would only use the money to buy Alchol and cigaretts. So you are saying the American people are stupid? If it wasn’t for the Americans who died for this country you would be speaking German and Jappinese, The country would be run by a drug addict. Mr. President If you don’t like our country you have the right to leave and move to Europe where they love you there. Oh by the way If you can bring up the CIA on charges after they have been a quitted of charges for waterboarding, to keep us safe. We can do you the same way to you after you get out of the office, this time for treason!!!!
    Trying to destroy the Constitution of the United States. How are the media trying to cover up the numbers of people in washington. Two Million showed up that means twenty million stayed home, You will push them to far then only God can help you. Mr. President People are not stupid, Oh by the way the King of France thought the same way. Please Listen you the cries of the people. I Love my country and everything about it. I don’t like to see my country torn apart. We are Americans, We was raised on the foundation you work for the fruits of your labor, not handed it down. I would die for this country today If I had to. No matter Black or White, Asian, Spanish or Native American . I would die for any Americans Freedom. I think that I am not alone.

  10. frank cates

    Watching this is like watching a lunatic lighting up a cigarette in a room full of dynamite. There is a dummy hand to worry about and you don’t know what card will turn up. If you think you’re gonna change my government in a less than constitutional way ,think again. This ain’t Dallas and you ain’t Sue Ellen.

  11. Will

    The Revolution has begun. Welcome all.

  12. stills_stinks

    Thanks to all that showed up both in the den of the devils, be it DC or in your home towns USA! I finally can believe and be proud of my America again. I say this as I had lost most of my pride in the people of America doing what should be done and what was right! I have seen for years self wants win over morel judgments. I have seen power win over people’s rights. I have seen corruption become the norm and honesty the evil. Politicians lie, split hairs, twist words only for self power or reelection with no care how it affects the American people. I have seen people vote with and on sound bites, talking points and not with knowledge or based on what was best for the country. I have seen us change from a people that were a part of a family, town, city and country to now only a selfish what’s in it for me and that’s all that matters. Now in only a few short months things are showing a great change a change as great as the west word expansion of the 1800’s as great as the collective joining of the colonies into a country standing up to the largest power in the world at the time and winning because they were on the side of right not wrong and selfish wants but wants for all not just a few!
    Yes thanks to all of you who showed up even when you know the media and the politicans would lie about you, your numbers and why you were there! You are the patriot’s of to day but in the same mold of the one of old and I stand in great awe in your shadow1 thank you!

  13. deano/FL


  14. LARRY

    America is waking up you jerks better look out we are coming for you.we are going to srink government lets clean them out special interest out loons out small goverenment in forget DEMS and REPB that is a tool that they have used to divide us we are not black,white.yellow red,or any other color these jurks have used to divide us.we are ALL Americans EXCEPT THOSE WHO ARE WORKING OVERTIME TO STEEL OUR COUNTRY TO LINE THERE OWN POCKETS

  15. Maja

    America was built on the blood of those that wanted to break the ties with England. England was making their living by taxing everyone, to make money for their use. The idea of the Congress and President was that they would serve the people. All these years later, the Congress and the President serves themselves. We have gone full circle. I am a person that can be a member of The Daughter’s of the American Revolution. I actually have a family member who died to create a better country. It pains me that this country has become what it is. In the time since the Iraq war has started, I have had no less than 2 family members in harms way. We are a military family. I want this great country to go back to it’s roots. I want our elected officials to use common sense. If my father were alive, he would have joined this march. He served in WWII. He would be outraged. We need to take our country back. We need to rid ourselves of illegals. We need to tell those who come to us, to be able to care for themselves, but mostly assimilate. If you don’t like how we run our country, go back to yours. Don’t dare change ours.Political correctness has gone too far. When a Christian nation has to defend our ways, the elected politicians and Supreme Court has gone to far. Christmas is not a bad thing. Texas recently removed Christmas from the social studies curriculum and replaced it with a Hindu religious holiday. We are Americans, we are Christian(mostly), we should be united. I saw a Fox news special on what is in our textbooks, and I was outraged. Have you looked at your kids books. The “bias” committees are rewriting American history so that outsiders are not offended. Ever wanted to know why Leno can find so many who can’t answer history questions. Our children aren’t taught. In Texas and California where there is a large illegal Mexican pop. , they are taught about two Thanksgivings. Ours is on pg 137, the Mexican one is in the first pages and has much more coverage. I ask that American demand the publishers drop the crap and teach American history. I know I sound distressed, but that is because I am. Do you know in a town in Calif, they remove the liberty bell replica because the hispanics wanted a statue of Mexican revolutionary. In this country, we are afraid to call a spade a spade because we are afraid to be called racist. The dems are still doing it. Anything against Obama is automatically racist, or Van Jones for that matter. The race card is thrown so much, it is now just ignored. My point is, I think this country has gone beyond this. The military has. Who wants our elected leader to lead, to do what is best for the people? I am really ticked at Axelrod saying the Tea party is not the voice of the majority. Must every working American descend on DC for them to believe? How about they put their bills(every one) in writing, up to the people and let us decide. It is done everyday. But then we would see all the underhanded politics they play. We would see how they sell us out. Where is the Obama transparency?

  16. frank cates

    You speak as if it were all one sides fault. I think you forget that we’re all in the same boat. conservatives & liberals and we have to make room for each other. Beck is a divider. We haven’t been in such bad shape in a century or more. I don’t think you understand what is brewing up here. Every day I hear people talk about taking over the government, killing the president, really radical ideas. This is what you are pouring gas on and I don’t think you understand that a mob is forming and Its basically a result of the instability of the Cheney Bush years that is the cause. Obama hasn’t really had enough time to be at fault. Don’t tell me that there isn’t a lot of racism connected to this either. I hear the word nigger several times a day. I thought we had put that behind us

    • Tickedoff2

      Looks to me as though you are trying to stir things up here, frank cates.

      Why is Beck a divider? What has he done except TELL THE TRUTH? If that divides us, then that is as it should be.

      Where is the “up here” you refer to when you say you really radical ideas? What mob is forming? President Bush was in office for 8 wonderful glorious years. Why would a mob be forming as a result of what he did? Where was this mob while he was in office?

      Of course there is a lot of racism involved — OBAMA AND HIS MINIONS are constantly claiming racism no matter what is said or done. If I don’t like the tie the usurper is wearing one day…I’m a racist. ENOUGH already!

      If you are hearing the “n” word several times a day are not doing anything about it, then YOU are part of the problem!

  17. Brian Erland

    I believe that the majority of Americans do not harbor radical veiws, but do know they are fed up with all parties and their greed for our money and more power. They could care less about the people that put them in office and what they want. Their driven by special interest, and if thats not bad enough, they are now driving this country into socialism because they want more power. It makes no difference if the people who are involved in this take over are black, white, yellow, green or purple…We don’t want it!

  18. The reason for the slick signs at Dem function is because of the printers unions. I worked in Chi town some time ago for a non union print shop. When we printed anything for anyone (especially a Dem) running for office, we had to make up “the bug” that made it look on the sign that it was printed in a union shop.
    I wonder if the union printers are going in after hours to print up those signs. Sounds like something they would do.

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  21. frank cates

    Ticked off – Thats your opinion and you know what they say about opinion. I personally think history will judge the Cheney Bush presidency as the worst in our history. I can’t for the life of me understand what you liked about it. Rove? the man has no limits. He’d sell his mother for a vote. Gonzalez? Don’t even go there. What did you see.

    • Tickedoff2

      Yes frank, I am aware of what they say about opinions.
      You have yours, I have mine and I’ll leave it at that.

      I see your game and choose not to play. G’day.

  22. Carol Friesen

    They finally reported that the metro had 325,000 more riders that weekend than the previous weekend. It wasn’t the locals trying to get out of town, maybe the congressmen and their aides?

  23. Paul Strand

    I was a proud member of the march. I was so ashamed to learn, afterwards, that oour nations media chose to missinform the people of this country about what had taken place. Many of you probably never heard about the highways into DC being closed and people headed for the march having to walk as far as 6 miles on foot to get into DC so as to attend. The true numbers will never be known but I’m told that it’s 1.3 miles from the Capital steps to the Washington monument, and the entire mall from the Capital steps to the Washington monument was solid patriotic citizens who came to demand our government be returned to the control of the people. I have never been so proud to be a citizen of this country as I was that Saturday and even though I spent my lifes savings to attend from Washington state, I drove my 2o year old motor home 5400 miles round trip to get there, I’d beg, borrow, or steal to do it again and I probably will, since I’m still meeting people who never heard a word about it. The next march is already being planned and this time there will probably be at least twice the number of people showing up, though GOD only knows where they will all be able to gather, but I’ll be one of them again.

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