Incredible: Senate Democrats Vote Unanimously To Destroy American Farmers, America’s Food Supply, And Our National Security!

As we wrote several days ago, there is a battle going on between the American Farmer and the Obama regime. Barack Obama has turned the water off to the San Joaquin Valley of Central California, some of the most fertile farm land in the nation, and literally the nation’s food pantry.

Thanks to Barack Obama, unemployment in parts of the Valley is at 41 percent. Hard working American Farmers, Patriots, who have spent a lifetime growing our food, are now standing in lines for six and eight hours at a time to get canned goods from China just to survive!

This is a crime against humanity.

If you don’t know the story, here’s the deal. The Obama regime is using the excuse of a fish, a two inch bait fish, the Delta Smelt, which they claim is an “endangered species” to shut down all of the water to the San Joaquin Valley. They have created a modern day dust bowl out of some of the most beautiful farm land on earth. Some 400,000 acres have been destroyed with one million total acres in jeopardy.

This is not only a human tragedy, it’s a matter of national security.

A significant amount of America’s entire food supply has traditionally come from this Valley. According to the California Foundation For Agriculture In The Classroom, the percentage of our national food supply that comes from the San Joaquin Valley for the various crops are as follows:

Olives 100%

Almond 99%

Walnuts 99%

Figs 98%

Kiwi 97%

Pistachios 96%

Apricots 95%

Celery 94%

Tomatoes 94%

Broccoli 93%

Plums 93%

Nectarines 93%

Strawberries 90%

Carrots 89%

Lemons 89%

Grapes 88%

Garlic 86%

Avocados 84%

Dates 82%

Lettuce 78%

Peaches 76%

Honeydew 73%

Asparagus 55%

Cantaloupe 54%

Bell Peppers 47%

Onions 27%

Cabbage 22%

Milk and cream 21%

Artichokes 19%

Honey 18%

Spinach 18%

Looking at that list it seems fantastic that Obama and his democrat/communist party would even consider destroying this farmland and these Patriotic American Farmers. But as fantastic as it seems, every single democrat/communist in the United States Senate voted to table an amendment to the Department of the Interior, Environment, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2010 that was offered up by Republican Senator Jim DeMint of South Carolina.

You can see the results of this vote here.

Even more incredible, three Republicans joined the democrat/communist party in voting to destroy America. These absolute traitors to the nation are Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe from Maine, and Lamar Alexander of Tennessee.

And if you think calling these 61 members of the United States Senate traitors to the nation is harsh, then think again. Remember all of the food scares we have endured the last few years? Salmonella on fruits and vegetables has become a common occurrence. Why is this?

Well, it’s really pretty simple. We are having to import most of our fruits and vegetables from foreign countries. Why? Because the democrat/communist party has destroyed the American Farmer and his business. They have made it impossible for the Farmer to do his job, to grow our food for us.

That’s right, the democrat/communist party, the party that is constantly caterwauling about jobs going overseas has just turned the responsibility for growing our entire nation’s food supply over to a bunch of foreign countries who don’t have the same food safety standards that our Patriotic Farmers adhere to.

But why?

As I wrote my original story on this, it hit me like a ton of bricks, and it becomes even more clear each and every day. Anyone who has been paying even cursory attention to the so-called “green movement” knows it has been hijacked by communists, Marxists.

One of the leading groups is the Apollo Alliance.

You’ll note the Apollo Alliance’s logo is very similar to other Obama/ACORN affiliated groups.

We know of this group because of it’s very close ties to Barack Obama. Two of the closet people to Obama are the recently departed “Green Jobs Czar” Van Jones, a self described communist revolutionary, and racist. But the other man intimately involved with Obama is Jeff Jones. (No relation to Van Jones) Jeff Jones wrote most of the nearly one trillion dollar stimulus bill that Congress passed and Obama signed into law without ever reading a single word.

Jeff Jones, along with another longtime Obama adviser and mentor, unrepentant murdering terrorist William Ayers co-founded the ultra-violent Weather Underground, a Marxist organization. Once these two murderers realized they couldn’t destroy America by blowing it up, they cut their hair, took baths, put on business suits, and infiltrated “respected” fields of endeavor.

William Ayers went into teaching, along with his convicted felon ex-wife, Bernardine Dohrn. These two are considered “respected educators,” teaching teachers how to teach your kids. Infecting young minds with tails of Marx and Lenin. Reason number 8448 to home school!

Jeff Jones chose another path. Jones saw the “green movement” and realized that it was an effective way to slowly institute a communist agenda on America, and use fear and guilt to do it. The greens have been telling fairy tails about “climate change” for a generation, and so far none of it has been true. In the 1970’s the coming ice age was all the rage. All of the major newsers of the day screamed in fear of global cooling, a new ice age that was coming our way. When that didn’t work out, they came up with “global warming” another hoax to end all hoaxes. Looking stupid, because the earth is actually cooling, they finally changed the name to “climate change” when they saw that they couldn’t fool enough people or scare enough to go along with their plans.

Funny thing, we’ve had one of the coolest two years in decades, and now they are revving up the “global cooling” fears again.

So what the hell does this have to do with Patriotic American Farmers in Central California?


We talked about this before, but let’s break it all down again.

What do we always hear from Obama and all of his communist cohorts? “Social justice.” “Re-distributive change.” Obama has constantly talked about. Here is Obama in a 2001 Chicago radio interview where he called the Constitution “flawed” because it didn’t address the re-distribution of wealth.

From each according to his ability, to each according to his need

Karl Marx

Now when Conservatives heard this communist nonsense coming out of Obama’s mouth we instinctively knew this guy was trouble, but unfortunately, this isn’t just about re-distributing wealth here in America. If only.

No, these communists want to distribute America’s wealth to the world. You see communism isn’t about creating wealth. (except for a select few) Communism punishes success by forcibly taking the fruits of one’s success and giving it to someone else, whether they have earned it, or not. The communist calls this “economic justice.”

Of course, this is an insane and deeply flawed system. It punishes those who have the ability and skill to succeed. In fact, it so de-incentivizes a person from working hard, it so punishes success, that people just quit trying. There is no point. This is why communism has failed every time it has been tried. And of course, communism is not natural, so it must be forced upon a people. And by forced, I do mean forced. Some 100 million people worldwide have died of “forced communism.”

But again, what does this have to do with these California Farmers and for that matter, Barack Obama’s sinister plans?

Well, lets look at what has been going on for decades with “progressives” in charge of Congress. “Progressives” come in two flavors, both equally dangerous to the nation. Of course, there is the democrat/communist, but there is also the “moderate” Republican, the enabler, the ones who see no danger in Big Government and do absolutely nothing to stop the democrat/communist.

We have several issues that have our nation is severe peril right now.

First of all, money. Our debit is so high it may never be paid off. Our deficit is completely unsustainable. In the nine months that Barack Obama has been in office, our deficit has quadrupled. Obama has spent more money since January than all of our previous Presidents, from George Washington to George W. Bush have in 233 years. We are now a debtor nation. We are totally dependant on other nations to fund our government, including our national defense, our military. If I have to explain how dangerous this situation is…….

That’s just one mess we are in, and here is we start to see it all come together, communism and radical environmentalism.

Since the late 1960’s early 1970’s we have had issues with our energy supply. We’ve sat through two separate gasoline shortages and actually had gasoline and heating oil rationing. But why? It’s not like we don’t have more than enough oil, natural gas, and coal to fuel our nation for decades without a single drop of imported energy. We have more oil than Saudi Arabia, natural gas deposits that equal the entire world’s oil supply, and an estimated two hundred-fifty years worth of coal. And that doesn’t even take into consideration nuclear energy!

And yet, instead of going on a crash program, something akin to Kennedy’s quest to go to the moon, to develop our own energy, we actually use less of our own energy than we did forty years ago! But why?

Well, the greens would have you believe it’s to “save the planet.” How ridiculous. We still use oil and natural gas. But instead of using our oil and natural gas, we use imports. Imports from nations that don’t particularly like us. Nations that don’t have nearly the safety record with oil exploration that we do in the United States. Nations that have to transport this oil to us.

These oil rich nations are mostly totalitarian regimes that don’t share the wealth with their citizens. The oil money goes into the coffers of dictators, like anti-American communist Hugo Chavez of Venezuela. Now Chavez is using the great wealth he has gotten from America to buy military equipment from Russia, and forge friendships with Middle Eastern terror states like Iran. Chavez, a dangerous communist, is a threat to destabilize the entire South American continent!

Here’s the real story. America sends somewhere between $700 billion and $1 trillion dollars a year to other nations, communist nations, to buy their oil. That is some serious wealth re-distribution, wouldn’t you say!

Not only does this spending severely deplete our national pocketbook, it fuels communism, and even terrorism worldwide. It weakens the United States financially. It also jeopardizes our national security. Both of these are communist goals.

America has great reserves of oil off our coastlines and in ANWR. But we are continually told that we can’t drill off the coast because it would destroy the ocean, and yet, Barack Obama just sent $10 billion dollars to Brazil, so they could drill off THEIR coastline for oil!

Of course, there is a lot more to it than that, there always is. You see, we all know that Obama is basically a sock puppet for George Soros, who basically owns and funds the democrat party, as well as groups like, the Tides Foundation, ACORN, and dozens more little front groups. Anyhow, Soros, who made his money speculating on the British pound, almost destroying the currency, invested $811 million dollars in Petrobas, the Brazilian oil company, just a few days before Obama so generously sent them the care package.

Evidently it’s OK for some communists to make a lot of money, and “destroy the environment,” especially when they fund your phony-baloney corrupt political party!

Let’s recap a minute.

Thanks to “progressive” policies of the democrat/communist party, and the enablers in the Republican party, we are flat broke and must depend on credit from other nations to keep us going. This leaves our nation in peril, our economy on the brink of destruction, and is a national security disaster. All our creditors have do is turn off the faucet, stop loaning us money, and it’s all over.

Also thanks to the democrat/communists, in the guise of “saving the environment” (unless it’s George Soros) we are total exposed to the world on energy. Not only are we held hostage to world oil prices, but to rogue regimes, many who don’t like us, and even more dangerous, many who would have little problem with just not selling us any oil at all if there was an angle to it.

This of course is an extremely dangerous situation. This may be one of the most dangerous situations there is to national security there is, if it weren’t for this:

Our food supply!

The communists have failed to destroy America, so far, with just debt, and restricting energy, the lifeblood of any economy, the lifeblood of freedom. America is just too strong. The American people too resilient.

So here comes this deal, in the guise of saving an “endangered species.” Let me remind you, the Delta Smelt is plentiful. It is not native to the San Joaquin Valley waterways. It doesn’t do anything for the ecosystem. It’s not part of the food chain, and doesn’t benefit the waters, doesn’t perform a function that effects water quality in any way shape or form.

In other words, no one is gonna miss this thing!

But again, the communists are basically killing two birds with one stone. Like we have been doing with oil, we are now sending more and more of our treasure to other nations, mostly third world countries. In other words, we are re-distributing the wealth. This, is what Barack Obama and his communist friends call “economic justice!”

It’s bad enough that we are forced to buy food of questionable quality and safety, but these people aren’t just content with that. They also want to destroy our ability to go back and start feeding ourselves again.

Now you gotta ask why.

Well, anyone that has ever followed the left wing in this country for more than a few minutes knows the left wing in this country hates America. They blame America for the world’s problems. We’ve heard it our entire lives from these people. They used to be contained at the universities and on the San Francisco streets, but over the decades the Marxist professors, the communists, the severe anti-American traitors have mainstreamed themselves. Murdering domestic terrorists are now considered “respected” by a good portion of society. These people have completely co-opted the democrat party, and turned it into a party full of full blown anti-American, anti-capitalism, communists.

Here’s the thing. Barack Obama and all of those around him are dangerous communists who want to destroy the Republic. This is their stated goal. They want to “fundamental remake America through transformative change.”

Barack Obama wants to do away with the Constitution and institute a Marxist state. A communist regime. But to do this, he must destroy the country. And of course, with the debt, and our artificial energy issues, the groundwork for Obama’s communist revolution was already in place. Now we have an artificial drought in California that will further destroy our economy, and further contribute to our nation’s chaos.

And Obama needs major chaos as an excuse to bring us “transformative change.”

As a bonus, for Obama, we have over 40,000 Patriotic American Farmers who are now out of work, and totally dependant on the government to survive. Just what the communists want. The more that depend on government for their survival, the less to resist whatever government wants to do!

This cannot be allowed to stand. Obviously, our first consideration is these Patriotic American Farmers who have worked this blessed, fertile California land for generations. We must save these people. The solution is really easy too, just turn on the water!

But long term, we have serious issues in this nation. I mean serious issues. Our very Republic is in danger of extinction. Our very freedom and liberty.

Right now, against the wishes of the American people, Barack Obama and his communist stooges are plotting on a way to shove his socialist Obamacare down America’s throat. Never mind the fact that most of America is strongly opposed to this, and almost 90 percent of America is happy with their current health care plans.

The only reason for Obama to want to take over healthcare is it’s one sixth of the nation’s economy. The provisions’s in Obamacare completely and totally usurp our Constitution. They give the federal government unprecedented powers. They turn a republican form of government into a centrally planned, centrally controlled communist state. We will no longer be 50 separate states bound together by a common interest. We’ll be one big super-state forced to live under tyrannical rule.

We must stop this, and we must stop it now.

First, we must unite. This isn’t about being a Republican, or even a “normal” democrat. This is about being an American. This is about loving the America we all grew up in. The greatest nation the world has ever known. As Ronald Reagan would describe it, a shining city on a hill.

We need to unite behind other Americans. We need to join up with other Americans. Join the Tea Party movement. There are groups in almost every area of the country. If there is no group, start one. But get involved. Get your family involved. Get your neighbors involved.

You also need to contact your Senators and Congressmen. Let them know they work for you. Tell them you are no longer going to accept their poor job performance. That you will fire them and find someone else if they continue down this dangerous path. Tell them to turn on this water, now!

Also, contact the California Farm Water Coalition and help them any way you can. These Patriotic Farmers are the very fabric of our nation. What is being done to these Farmers, to America herself, is outrageous, and cannot be allowed to continue.

Barack Obama and the rest of the democrat/communists have not only destroyed the lives of these Patriotic Farmers, put nearly one million acres of America’s richest farm land in peril, they have put America’s national security in peril. This is very close to treasonous behavior.



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37 responses to “Incredible: Senate Democrats Vote Unanimously To Destroy American Farmers, America’s Food Supply, And Our National Security!

  1. This is the epitome of ignorance and the perfect examples of fools in Obama,the Democrats and the three Republican. Is this part of Obama’s agenda to bring America to its knees.

  2. john magee


  3. Barbara

    So, what do we do as Americans. I am in a wheelchair, but I would like to do something about this….

  4. ZACK

    Are you kidding me ? You haven’t seen this coming for years ? What IS wrong is that most people work, eat, sleep long hours each day and don’t take the time to keep up with current events . Obviously there are other reasons , the media, local news reporting which Hollywood star/starlet had which stars/starlets babies ! Can’t live without that info ! And mealy minded programs on the telly to make us laugh/cry/get mad -etc. ! No , it’s more to do with public/university education teaching ideals that inhibit capitalism . An easy target . Watch Glenn Beck, O’reilly @ FOX , for some facts that will curl, if needed , your hair , and pay attention ! The “SLIPPERY SLOPE” is upon us and “traction” may be impossible to regain ? Good Luck America ! Wash your fruit and veggies !

  5. Frank Cirminiello

    I’m so angry I can’t put into words enough to express it.To wreck the American farmer over a tiny fish..It seems the American Farmer is an endangered species.Who is going to protect them?

  6. Greg Helbig

    I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and especially DOMESTIC. I had the great fortune of being able to visit East Africa a half dozen years ago. There they have an old Swahili saying: “the destroyer of a country is a son of the country”, and they weren’t talking about Hank Williams.

  7. drsuds

    Truely amazing to me that all those who voted for Obama thought they were getting the next messiah or possibly even something greater. Those who voted for him let his reteric brain wash them and the fell to their knee chanting like those in Eurpore, “Obama, Obama”. Now, have someone say something bad in the same room, they get up and leave in a huff. I can’t believe the actually got elected over his “Change” platform. By nature, people will resist change, yet here we are, with a clueless president that is running the U.S. into the ground. We soon will go the way of the Roman Empire and many other great nations before us. What they have to gain is unclear unless it is a totalian regime and they will hold all the wealth, or at least what is left after the rest of the world buys up the USA. For six months now, I am a casualty of Obamanoics… no work, benefits running out. Where is my stimulus package, redistribution of wealth. It is all a myth and we will see the ruin of the USA before the end of Obama’s reign.

  8. thejlf

    You sir, are a ridiculous fascist. The article, on it’s face, is alarmist and sensational. Looking at the text, the object of the article has less to do with it’s subject than with forwarding the current republican agenda of fear and distrust among American citizens. You say the communists have usurped the Green Movement. The green movement was started by hippies and communists and hippies are the same people. The definition of both are the same.You scream protection for the wealthy and try to involve the middle class. But, the fact is, 2% of the nation control 90% of the wealth. This is because the same aristocracy has controlled this nation for 400 years. Redistribution of their wealth to the common man is crucial to any true reform. You scream fear to socialism and communism. I scream fear to fascism and oligarchy.

    • Gary P

      I normally don’t publish these sort of comments, as they are so fantastically insane on their face, but this so illustrates what is wrong with the LEFT wing in this country. The ignorance, the class warfare BS, and on and on.

      This so perfectly illustrates how dangerously stupid you people are, I just had to include it!

      You talk about “2% percent controlling 90% of the wealth.” That’s because 2% EARN almost 90% of the wealth. The top 2% of all wage earners pay 85% of all of the taxes! The bottom 50% pay around 2%.

      Name me one nation where communism hasn’t been an epic failure, just one! Anytime you forcibly steal money from one group, and give it to another, you take away any incentive for those who actually make society work, who actually produce, to do so. Eventually, society collapses on itself, and you have a third world country.

      Ask anyone who lived in the Soviet Union, for example.

      As Margaret Thatcher put it: “Socialism is fine, until you run out of other people’s money.”


  9. Kerry

    To make a difference on this issue, we REALLY need to get this in an ad during prime time on TV. Zack is right, most Americans work hard and the last thing they want to do when they get home from work is watch the news…or do anything that requires any kind of effort on their part. They WILL, however, flip that TV on.

  10. david deise /okla

    man oh man… sad when a friggin fish rates more than the american people… eat the fish give the farmers the water. oh and they also passed some legislation sayin no drill on either cost for gas and oil… thank you very much… geeze people we are so screwed unless we stand up to these socialist marxist commies..

  11. Lance

    I have never read a more inaccurate article as the one posted above. To begin, the author has forgotten what values Marxists hold most dear to them: WAITING! What are they waiting for? They are waiting for the economic system to GRADUALLY eliminate the class system. This doesn’t come through government intervention; it doesn’t come through a revolt; it simply comes through waiting; so, the author is completely wrong in suggesting that Marxists have anything to do with government or the alteration of our economic system. Secondly, by making the Democratic and Communist party synominous the author is throwing mud. Therby making his/her arguments loose all their credibility. You don’t find name calling in acedemic journals or newpapers; no, only with uninformed bloggers do you find such dispicable comments! Finally, this article has no credibility at all in the acedemic world because the author doesn’t even reveal his or her name. If the author is unwilling to take ownership of their own work, there must be something wrong about. This is the sad fact of America. Very few people are critical readers. Instead, they take what they read as fact, whether the author has the proper credentials or not. In this particular case, there isn’t even an author listed! No wonder rumors are so easily spread and turned into fact; no one checks their sources!

    • Gary P

      First see my remarks to “thejlf” above.

      Second, these people are self described communists. All of them are Marxists. (same thing) None of them run from this label. To call these criminals and Chicago street thugs “democrats” is an insult to all of the decent democrats that used to inhabit that once honorable party.

      Are you OK with a murdering domestic terrorist, a member of a group that bombed the Pentagon, the Capitol building, and NY City Police headquarters, a guy who murdered police officers, being a close adviser to the President of the United States?

      Well, if you like one, you are in luck, because you have TWO! William Ayers and Jeff Jones, the co-founders of the ultra-violent Weather Underground are Barack Obama’s BFFs!

      If that doesn’t bother you at least a little bit, then you sir, are not an American!

      As far as credentials, what credentials does one need to comment on world affairs? Sounds like you agree with the communists in this country, sounds like you agree with Obama thug Mark Lloyd his “diversity Czar” who was pissed off because America helped keep Venezuela’s free radio on the air the first time Hugo Chavez tried to stage a coup d’etat! Lloyd called the US the “enemy.” and Chavez a “great democratic leader.”

      This is one of Obama’s top people.

      And we check every source. When there is a link to a source, we also provide that.

      Seeing as you are horribly ignorant, and uneducated, I suggest you start at that point, and move forward.

      Case in point my name is right under the headline!

      Thanks for being a shining example of why America should not only have some sort of literacy test for voters, but also why we must never, ever vote for anyone to the left of center in this nation. You have all reach a high level of insanity.

  12. GoldStarDad

    This is a very informative article, & if it doesn’t open the eyes of the people of this group in power now, I’m afraid nothing will. I was raised in S. Cali, & remember the many times going through the San Joaquin Valley, what a plush beautiful valley it was. To see it now, getting worse by the day is truly a very dangerous threat to our National Security. The Obama Admin & all his cohorts in crime should be charged with Treason of the highest order. If there ever was a rally cry to wake up America, it is here & now…

  13. Sharlet

    As much as I do not like Obama, I looked up info on this little fish. The Delta Smelt is endangered according to the IUCN Red List since 1993. Also, it is from the San Joaquin Valley area. However, turning off the water is ridiculous. If they’re gonna freak out over this endangered species treat it like any other endangered species. If caught using it as a bait fish, which would most likely kill it, you get jail time. Just like if you were to kill a panda. If these species are so endangered, yet the females lay 1,400-1,800 eggs, why not put them in some sort of zoo so they can reproduce themselves in a more safe environment where there wont be any worry of becoming extinct. Of course, this is probably too much common sense for the government, which apparently there is much lack of.

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  16. Jason

    We are also a leader in All citrus production, especially oranges!

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  21. Eth


    You say he’s using the “excuse of a fish” to stop the water. If that’s his excuse, then what’s his real plan? Killing farmers?

  22. Andrew B

    To Comment 11. “Lance”

    You said: “Secondly, by making the Democratic and Communist party synominous the author is throwing mud. Therby making his/her arguments loose all their credibility. You don’t find name calling in acedemic journals or newpapers; no, only with uninformed bloggers do you find such dispicable comments!”

    1) Actions speak louder than words. Obama has shown by his actions that he IS a communist, and by his OWN WORDS declared a socialist. That is FACT, if you cannot see what is around you than you should OPEN YOUR EYES! (and not be allowed to vote)

    2) Considering point #1, the author is not “throwing mud” when he speaks the TRUTH!

    3) You DO find mud throwing and name calling EVERY DAY ON TV! YOU have just be fed the same propaganda for so long that you can’t even discern between what is truth and hidden agendas!

    4) The reason there are SO MANY outraged bloggers goes back to point #3. If the truth (or at least both sides of the story) was being told every day in the media and on our favorite sitcoms, bloggers wouldnt feel so obliged to post articles such as this one. (which I personally found both informative and well written)

    5) Back to propaganda. Considering the variety and volume of crops that come from this patch of land, I am SHOCKED to have not seen this on this news. Of course this is because most news networks cover up Obama’s many blunders, the same networks that got him elected in the first place. Try watching/reading some news articles (like this one) that have no money to gain from taking sides, this is the most likely source of the truth.

    6) Communism/Marxism is a joke. IT DOES NOT WORK, PERIOD!

    —– Enough about your ignorance —–

    I once drove through the San Joaquin Valley and was very impressed (as I always am with nature). Despite only seeing it once, I was quite shocked when I read this article, and I can only hope that someone can do something about it!

    God Bless America

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