Outrageous: Barack Obama “Not Interested In Victory” In War On Terror!

This is beyond contemptible. It’s dangerous and even un-American. This guy, our supposed “commander-in-chief,” is beyond description here. He’s Neville Chamberlain, wrapped up in Jimmy Carter, with a order of Code Pink on the side.

Not interested in victory?

The only real job a President has that is spelled out in the Constitution is protecting the Constitution, and protecting the nation, and this guy has blown it both times. Obama hasn’t followed the Constitution since day one with all of his communistic programs, like cap and tax, and the freedom and liberty destroying ObamaCare fiasco.

Oddly enough, when it comes to Obama himself, victory is cool. After he took office and the complaints were flying that he wouldn’t engage with the Republicans, that he didn’t care about the bipartisanship he ran on, the first of hundreds of lies he has told, Obama famously said “I won.”

Lest you think this is an isolated incident:

“I’m always worried about using the word victory.”

____Barack Obama

Are you kidding me?

This man is not fit to sit in the Oval Office. Period!

We have North Korea testing long range missiles, we have Russia flexing it’s muscles, and helping Venezuela start on the path towards nuclear weapons. We have a shaky Iraq, Afghanistan is in trouble, and this pathetic man cannot step up to the pump. Iran may possibly have a nuclear weapon this year, and Obama is at the U.N and the G20 talking rainbows, unicorns, and nuclear disarmament! (For us)

The world has become exponentially more dangerous since this inexperienced “community organizer” has taken office. Obama is totally asleep at the wheel on national security and foreign relations.

Actually, that’s only partially true. For the entire time George W Bush was President, he sent messages to the Iranian people that we were not their enemy, that our quarrel was with their leaders. The implication was if they decided to rebel against the mullahs, we’d be there. Well, after the last “election” in Iran, evidently run buy ACORN’S Islamic subsidiary, the Iranian people finally decided they had indeed had enough of their oppressive government, and took to the streets, en masse.

Where was Obama? It took him weeks to formulate a response, and it was weak, and basically a hands off deal, saying it wasn’t our problem. Meanwhile brave Iranians who, like all human beings, merely desired freedom and liberty, were being slaughtered in the streets.

Nice going Obama!

On the other hand, down in Honduras, we had a dictator wannabe legally and constitutionally removed from office. Honduran President Manuel Zelaya, who like our President, is term limited, was trying to manipulate the population into allowing him to remain “president for life” much like his communist pals Hugo Chavez and the Castro brothers. In fact, world wide, Hugo Chavez, the Castro Brothers, and Barack Obama, all communists, are the only ones rooting for Zelaya!

Obama went so far as to call this an illegal coup de’tat, which is ridiculous. The Honduran military, Congress, and most importantly, their Supreme Court, had all ruled against Zelaya’s attempt to usurp their Constitution, and removed him from office, by force. This was perfectly legal. It fact, it’s exactly how a functioning government should work.

Unfortunately, the checks and balances in our own country are no longer working as well.

It’s despicable that we have one nation that is a threat to the entire world, whose leadership could have been toppled, with a possible democracy replacing it, and yet our so-called “president” did nothing, while at the same time, another nation, a functioning democracy, is about to be toppled by a communist dictator, and he sides with the dictator, and is still actively trying to force this free nation into installing this obvious traitor to his nation back in power!

This would be as if the Germans had figured Hitler out before he went off the deep end, and ousted him, only to have Roosevelt demand the Germans put him back in office! It would have been outrageous then, and it’s just as outrageous now!

The point of all of this is simply one thing. It’s obvious that Obama is not fit for office. Obama has left the United States, and the entire free world, vulnerable to attack from any number of rouge nations. Obama has abdicated America’s role as the leader of the free world.

While we have brave men and women serving, and dying in Iraq and Afghanistan, Obama couldn’t care less. Obama is still in campaign mode trying to force his liberty destroying ObamaCare monstrosity down an angry America’s throat!

America has clearly spoken, they want no part of ObamaCare. None! But it seems Obama is very interested in a victory there, because it will usurp our Constitution, and fundamentally change America into a communist nation. Clearly THAT victory would be acceptable for Obama. But victory against nations that want to destroy all of mankind, not so much.

We have our theater commanders telling Obama, in no uncertain terms, that we need more troops in Afghanistan, or we will lose. General McChrystal is requesting 30,000-40,000 troops. What is Obama doing? Nothing.

Here’s a hint Obama, this isn’t like your Senate job where you can just vote “present” you are actually expected to make a decision!

Where is Congress?

The Republican party should be demanding this man’s resignation. Obama has clearly abdicated his constitutional duty to protect our Constitution and to protect our nation. Are there no patriotic democrats left? Are the members of both parties so interested in holding on to their phony-baloney jobs that whatever Obama wants to do is fine?

What happens when Iran sends a nuke into Israel and wipes them out? How about Iraq? Europe? How about when Hugo Chavez gets some nukes from Russia and decides to let them fly?

It’s time for the American people to demand Obama step down, resign. He is clearly not a leader and clearly does not have America’s best interests in mind. The world is too dangerous for an “on the job training” president.

Growing up, our greatest enemy was the Soviet Union. When Ronald Reagan became President, he had a very simple strategy: “We win, they lose!”

After we were attacked on 9/11 George W Bush stated “you are either with us, or against us.”

We need leaders in this nation, not “community organizers.”

Thanks to Ace and Weasel Zippers.



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36 responses to “Outrageous: Barack Obama “Not Interested In Victory” In War On Terror!

  1. Richard Glover


  2. bearheart

    jesus christ i was voting for mccain i knew obama was horriable from the get go but for him to say what he has i have a husband and cousins and friends serving in the military as we speak a cousin just went to afganastan and a few of my friends are in japan my husband goes on deployment next october and we just had our first child 6 months ago obama needs to step down and let someone who knows what the hell they are doing take his place if he refuses then he needs to be impeached, or fired, our sonstitution is the building blocks of our nation and for him to completely disreguard their meaning and crap our fore fathers are spinning in their graves right now at his antics every one of our presidents that have passed this eaher for eternal rest are spinning in their graves at the otrocity that this man is causing in our nation a president does not belong in schools nor does he belong anywere else except behind his desk making sure our constitutional rights are being upheld not trying to talk to middle schoolers or trying to rip away our nations rights that is blasphmey and also it is mutinious

    • Monet

      this man is committing treason, is there no one with the nerve to arest and imprison him, he is a traitor to this nation. are people that blind or is it that terrible complacency?

  3. In from the cold

    All I can say is, Let the last American grab the flag before the lights go out.

    • Cindy

      In from the cold… Boy you got that right what you posted !! I Hope we still have a American Flag to grab onto! God Bless America!

  4. Kub3

    If we could sucsessfully get Mr. Obama out of office then ite Biden OMG, or then Pelosi, no frickin way. I simply do not see a good solution.

  5. There is still much about this person yet to surface. How much of his inflamatory behavior & changes did he allow the public to know prior to his election. How much did ACORN contribute to his election?

  6. Norm Shepherd

    How did you get a headline on yahoo mail…great. Norm Shepherd

  7. Allen Jowers

    He supports terrorism, why would he be interested in the war on it? He’s against Israel, our troops and the American way. He’s the worst President this country has ever seen and is a disgrace to Real Americans everywhere. He has made this country a joke as far as diplomacy. GOD help us all!

  8. Greg K

    This doesn’t really surprise me at all. He has been this way since the beginning, well at least his disdain for anything American! What really scares me is the number of people in this country that supported & still support his socialist/communist ideas. What has happened to our once proud nation? Seems like we who still love our country & will defend her no matter what are quickly becoming the minority!

  9. The real catastrophe, in this nation, was the election of Barack Insane Obama. While the Iranians test their missiles and soldiers in Afghanistan wait for troops that won’t come to their aid until congress gets this monster health care bill passed, Obama takes his wife and Oprah, and heads to Copenhagen to talk to the Olympic commity about Chicago hosting the Olympics. You would think with the mess we have in the U S, Obama would have more pressing business at home. He’s an imbicillic narcicist that cares little for his country, and is on “1-Big” joyride until we do impeach him, or God forbid, some right-wing loon shoots him…or he flees to Venezuela to hideout with his good buddy, Chavez.

  10. Gcrant4

    This moron of a President needs to be removed and immmediately! This is absolutely a total outrage! I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s assassinated!

  11. Cindy

    Well this is why I call Obama ….OBAMAMOUSE! This man dose not care about America AT ALL. Obama just Care’s about turning America into a SOCIALIST COUNTRY! He cares less about us to be safe from the Enemy!!This is why he needs to be impeached!!!!!

  12. Nick

    The reason nobody will say those words is because to say them would be a violation of clauses of the Patriot Act, and could lead to warrantless detention based on one being a ‘domestic terrorist’.

    The first amendment no longer applies in this country when you are speaking critically of the government.

  13. MISSU3

    First he apologizes for America, then he bows to foreign leaders, then he says we’re not a Christian country and now he’s admitted that our guys are over there with their hands tied with targets on their backs. I am actually getting to the point where this president leaves me speechless. I can’t believe that a leader of our country could sell us out the way he has in 9 short months. Check out the story about the Marines that died because they were pinned down and repeatedly called for air support and artillery backup. The air support took an hour to get there and they were denied the artillery because “the big wigs didn’t want to endanger civilians!” If the last thought on those Marines minds before they were killed was Semper Fi (always faithful), I’m sure that thought ended with a ????

  14. J L Foreman

    I’m in favor of a change in leadership. It is pass time to remove Obama from office.

  15. Bulldog

    Over the last few months I have become uneasy with the direction of our country. I am unclear the intent of our President. We have serious matters at hand and it seems our Congress and President are way out of touch.

    The things I see and hear on the news are just frankly unbelieveable. As I read peoples comments on articles there is a growing sense of disbelief. It is as if our elected leaders no longer represent their constituents or are bought and paid for by lobbyists and they lost their purpose.

    I have this sense our national security is at risk. Our leaders waiver on important foreign policy matters.

    Since Bush’s last term through Obamas time today, our country has taken a bad turn. I do not know how we will get it back on track but the anger is brewing. People are not going to tolerate this very much longer.

    The President and Congress need to stop and reassess their priorities before they completely lose us. The things that matter need full attention right now, e.g. Jobs, Economy, National Security, National Defense, Energy Independence, and Foreign Policy to name a few.

    If every effort is not being made to address the economy then our elected leaders are failing. They should pull back the stimulus money and put it where it is most needed or not spend it at all. Since it is allocated, I would ask that the money go to cities and states to help them make budget and save jobs. At a minimum local and state services e.g. Police, Firemen, Teachers, and other critical roles need to remain funded.

    Until the priorities are straightned out, I think everything will continue to deterioriate and it will be hard to recover. I think we all feel it and know something is just not right.

  16. Cliff Britt

    “Not interested in victory….”? At least Obama told the truth for an even once.

  17. Did you watch the CBS 60-Minutes program Sunday night? If you did, I would bet you were as shocked as I was at the interview with our Military General in Afghanistan. He has been asking for more troops to win the war.

    General McChrystal was asked during the interview how often President Obama has talked with him during the first seventy days he has been in the Presidency. The General’s answer was “one time”. I couldn’t hardly believe my ears, and Obama claims to be trying to decide if he will send more troops. What a Commander-In-Chief! Unreal!

    Later, on a news show I learned that Iran was firing short and long range missiles out in the desert. Now that is really in our face – especially the face of our OJT President. Then I flip the TV channel and hear from the White House Press Secretary, Robert Gibbs announcing that Obama and the First Lady was planning a trip to Copenhagen to meet with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to take his adopted hometown’s bid for the 2016 summer Olympics. He seemed to be bragging that he was the First U. S. President to ever do such bidding in person.

    The economy is derailed. Iran is thumbing her nose at the President. He can’t get his HC plan to fly and his job approval rating is forty-one percent. What is he thinking?

    Hello Mr. President. You there? You decide now of all times to put the domestic agenda on hold, Pack up the First Lady and traipse off to Denmark to meet Oprah and present Chicago’s bid to the IOC? Sounds like somebody owes someone an awful lot of favors back in Chicago.

    Doesn’t pass the smell test.

    • Cindy

      I agree with you Michael….. Obama could care less about our troops and he seems more about himslef and to make this country of ours a Socialist State. Then he is off to International Olympic Committee (IOC) to take his adopted hometown’s bid for the 2016 summer. Hell he should be helping and caring for our men and women in service! I have so much SHAME that this man is our President. I saw the writing on the wall in 08 and wish to God a lot of other people would of seen that as well…but no to mamy were looking at him like he was some kind of star !

  18. Gary – Wonderful post brother! I couldn’t agree more. The election of this empty suit will be an infamous black-eye on our history.

    (Just realized I used the word “black” – I’ll probably be deemed a racist now).


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  20. Judy Newberry


  21. How to all you voters who voted for him feel now?

  22. When I think the word “Obama”, I think the synonym: Impeach. I think of him as little as possible because he & what he is about makes me physically ill. Oh right, this is because I’m a racist, I forgot! It’s certainly not because I believe in the Constitution, defending our soverinty, financially strengthning our military,Capitalism, truth & common sense, FAIR TAX, & despise Socialism/Communism!

  23. bigmike

    10/08/07 Dow hit 14,000, Unemployment rate lowest in 25 years, past due mortgages less than 1%, Foreclosures less than .0%, interest rate at near all time lows, percentage of Americans employed highest since World War II, gas under $2.00 per gallon. WHAT HAPPENED? Democrats won control of Congress in November, and a Socialist Liberal was elected President. We will be calling the Bush years the good old days soon….

  24. Tom Knott

    You wanted him, you got him.

    GO CHANGE!!!!!

    People were warned and yet they let this abomination happen. Now it is time to stand up and accept the consequences of our actions.

  25. FreedomGal

    AND this is EXACTLY why we cannot stop our fight against all his unAmerican agendas to allow these type of clueless and dangerous people like the current administration and congress to continue to destroy our country. Stay informed, continuing calling and writing your leaders and the White House until they are so sick of hearing from you that we bring them down and not them bringing us down. They think we will give up the fight. They think we will tire out before them. I promise you I will be the last one still standing up for freedom. MY senator is already tired of hearing from me and reading my thoughts on his help with Obama’s agenda and how dangerous a path they are on in the local papers. They will tire before I will. Too much is at stake here folks. Continue the good fight. It’s your life that will change for the worse not theirs.

  26. Milton Billingsley

    Our CIC is a chump. He has no clue as to what the military needs so he sets on his thumbs and gazes into the ever after.
    One of the bad things about impeachment is, all drugged up and no where to go, Biden which in itself offers too numerous problems of addictions, inactions and inactivity.
    What can we do? If this keeps up maybe we could forge Arnold’s birth certificate and claim him as a natural born citizen. If HObama can do it ……

    One thing for sure – This traitor needs to go. If not impeachment, then ……

  27. Cindy

    Also by the way OBAMA IS OUR OWN ENEMY!! HE IS ALSO A TRAITOR AND I CALL HIM OBAMAMOUSE!!! He is putting our Tropps at RISK! HE NEEDS TO BE IMPEACHED!! God save our Country!!! And God watch over our Troops!

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