Death Of The Republic: Democrat/Communists Place Provision In Health Care Bill That Makes It Impossible To Repeal: Senator Jim DeMint Challenges

Our nation is no longer a Representative Republic, it has officially become a communist dictatorship. Our United States Constitution has been rendered null and void. After 233 years of being the shining city on a hill, the bright beacon of liberty and freedom to all of the world, the lights have been extinguished.

Great evil has gripped our nation in the form of the most corrupt President and the most corrupt Congress in our nation’s history. The democrat/communist party has succeeded where the British (twice) The French, Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan, and the Soviet Union failed. They have destroyed the United States.

This didn’t happen overnight. This has been over 100 years in the making. With the advent of the progressive movement, what many label as liberalism, there has been an incredible effort to fundamentally change our nation from a Representative Republic, a Constitutional form of government, to a centrally planned, command and control type of communist dictatorship.

President Franklin Delano Roosevelt did more to destroy the fabric of this society than any other President in history, that is until Barack Obama came along. Roosevelt, like Obama today, took office during an economic recession. And like Obama, Roosevelt used this opportunity as an excuse to greatly remake government.

Roosevelt, like Obama, bullied corporations, took over banks, business concerns, tried to dictate salaries, replace CEOs and many other unconstitutional activities. So rabid was the lust to change America from a free nation to his vison of a command and control form of government, that FDR even threatened the Supreme Court with the notion of adding to it’s size a number of justices so as to delude any attempt to overrule his authority. Something a President is allowed to do, with the advice and consent of Congress.

The major concern of the day, as it is now, was joblessness. We were in a deep recession, much worse than now. Roosevelt’s solution, predictably, was all sorts of government control, regulation, and over all heavy handed meddling. In other words, the free market system was all but abandoned. The result? A serious recession, one that could have been turned around, became what is now known as The Great Depression.

How do I know that recession could have been turned around? Well, it was no worse than the recession America faced in the 1970’s under both Ford and Carter. Ronald Reagan was able to come in and through common sense, and Conservative principles, turn it all around. It took some time, and most of Reagan’s first term still saw rough economic waters, but he ended up creating the greatest peace time economic growth in our nation’s history.

Now this not to say that all of Roosevelt’s programs were bad. We got things like government backing for our banking system: The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, FDIC, was born as a result of the economic collapse, for example. However, most of Roosevelt’s plans were rooted in the ideology of socialism and communism. (Basically the same thing)

Roosevelt instituted massive federal work programs, CCC camps for youth, and so on. Yes, it got people back to work, and many landmark buildings, bridges, dams, and other outstanding projects came about, but in the process, the free market system was all but abandoned. This ended up delaying economic recovery for a decade.

Economists will argue about this until the end of time, but many feel that it was only because of World War II that the American economy eventually recovered. It was most certainly afterward when things got back to where they should be.

One of the other things to come out of the Imperial Presidency of Franklin Roosevelt is the 22nd Amendment to the Constitution. Before Roosevelt, Presidents lived by the example set by our first President George Washington.

As you may, or may not know, after the Revolution, Congress, and the people, were quite ready to make Washington king. He refused. In fact, it is said that King George III, ruler of England asked American artist Benjamin West what would Washington do after Great Britain acknowledged the nation’s independence. Would he take his Army and create a government? West reportedly told King George no, that Washington would probably go back to his farm. The king scoffed, then went on to say that if he did that, he would be the greatest man alive.

Presidents ever since had respected that tradition, until Franklin Roosevelt. Roosevelt, who like Obama, controlled the media, the information, was elected to two terms, then an unprecedented third term, and an alarming fourth term. Only death ended what had become a defacto dictatorship.

Even though Roosevelt’s policies were dangerous to the Republic and many did far more harm than good, through manipulation of the media, and strong propaganda campaigns, voters willingly kept voting for him.

Ever since the ratification of the 22nd Amendment, democrat/communists have been scheming for ways to take control through other means. Since they can’t just install a dictator for life in the oval office, they have sought to make Americans so dependent on government, rather than themselves, that the would always vote for those who would pledge to create and maintain this type of arrangement.

One of the most horrific notions created by Roosevelt is something straight out of Karl Marx’s play book of communist ideology. Roosevelt proposed a “Second Bill Of Rights.” While I admit many of these things seem to be quite OK, on the surface, each and everyone requires you to totally and completely give away every single right and freedom that God gave you, and the Constitution guarantees you. They require you to submit every facet of your life to the command and control of the dictator.

Let’s take a listen to FDR’s propostion:

Now let’s take a look at some of these:

* The right to a useful and remunerative job in the industries or shops or farms or mines of the nation; The right to earn enough to provide adequate food and clothing and recreation.
OK, so the government is going to guarantee you a job. What if you want to work in one sort of field, but the government has a different idea for you? By the way, France “guarantees” jobs through legislation that makes it almost impossible to fire someone once you hire them. The results?

For one thing, unemployment is permanently in the double digits. It is incredibly high among the youth of the nation. Employers are incredibly reluctant to hire them. What if they turn out to be worthless? They’re stuck. Currently, President Sarkozy is struggling with new laws that allow for a probation period where younger workers can be hired, then fired, if things don’t work out. As expected, this is unpopular, and riots have been common.

Another issue is the fact that if you can’t fire someone, in keeping with human nature, those employees will tend to be less productive, less competent, because no matter what, they have a job for life. We see that in this country in union shops, and most especially in education, where teachers unions constructed a scheme where it is almost impossible to fire a lousy teacher.

The entire nation suffers under these type of systems.

Roosevelt mentions adequate food, clothes, and recreation. Who decides this? Who controls the “adequate” supply of food, clothes, and recreation?

I’m a bit of a gourmand eater. I like fine foods, right along side with my cheeseburgers, pizza, and burritos. There are many, especially in government, that bombard me, and 100’s of millions of other Americans, daily, with propaganda that tells me all of this is bad. Will I be forced to exist on a diet of tofu and sprouts? Or just watery soup and day old bread, when they have it?

Every communist nation that guarantees food, has massive shortages, and starving citizens.

And what about clothes? Americans are rather fashion conscious. We like our blue jeans as well as our Armani suits. For me, a pair of shorts and a comfortable tee shirt is the uniform of the day, 365 days a year, unless there is an occasion. For others, they simply “must” be dressed in the finest bespoke attire, as nothing else would be “adequate” to their needs, wants, and desires. How do you think that would work out?

And what about recreation? Is that a day off? Is it free ticket to the movies? The baseball game? Or is it a certain amount of allotted TV or computer time? All of these can be considered recreation. Who decides?

I grew up at the drag strip. Drag raced motorcycles, and was blessed to be able to race nationwide because of the fruits of my labor, and a bit of help from sponsors. This has been and always will be my favorite form of recreation. I would love nothing more than to own a professional drag racing team, but alas, the yearly budget for a top NHRA team is north of $3 million. To me, “adequate” recreation would be owning one of these teams. For the millions who participate in drag racing, from the sportsman level to professional ranks, to the fans, this is their “adequate” recreation. Will Uncle Sugar by me a Top Fuel dragster? And if not, why not?

One of the things that makes the United States of America the greatest nation the world has ever known is freedom. In this country anyone can be anything they wish to be. Our history is filled with stories of men and women who have beat all the odds against them, poor education, physical and mental handicaps, poverty, even horrible prejudices, to became successful beyond anyone’s wildest dreams. This is because of freedom and liberty, a concept that was only a dream, and virtually unknown to mankind before America was founded. It was certainly something no government had ever embraced.

Of course, along with the freedom to succeed beyond all dreams, comes the possibility to fail spectacularly, and that’s as it should be. In fact, it’s necessary. It’s obvious that we learn from failure, it’s the necessary process mankind has used to develop since the beginning of time.

Since the beginning, man has sought to improve his life. He has invented all sorts of gadgets, schemes, tools, and so forth. Some have been lucky and just had their ideas work the first time. But generally all great inventions are birthed through a painful process of failure, before the success. More profound is the fact that often, through the process of learning what doesn’t work, completely new things are discovered, and new inventions come into being.

This is the same in business. Some businesses fail, some succeed. Our history is filled with great businessmen, captains of industry, who failed spectacularly, many times on multiple occasions, before becoming household names and fabulously successful. This didn’t happen because they somehow blindly stumbled into success. No, this happened because through failure, for any number of reasons, these great men, and women, learned what worked, and most importantly, what didn’t work. This is vital.

Now under the communist system, and the current thinking of the democrat/communist party, certain businesses are deemed “too big to fail.” This sets our entire system on it’s ear. It causes failures to be put on life support, sometimes indefinitely.

Several things happen when something becomes “too big to fail.” The biggest change, when government comes along, is control. These once independent businesses now become micro-managed by government, usually by people who know absolutely nothing about business. These businesses are subject to the every whim of politicians. Sound and proven business practices go out the window.

With failure no longer an option, productivity, creativity, and profitability suffer, and ofttimes disappear. Worse, competitors who didn’t make the mistakes that caused the business to fail, are now at a disadvantage, because those propped up by government have the advantage.

As government has deemed something “too big to fail“, all sound business practices disappear.

Government will operate at incredible loses, into infinity, to keep their pet industry on life support. Look at AMTRAK or pretty much any other mass transit system. They are incredible money losers. But politicians have deemed them “too big to fail“. So billions annually are poured down that bottomless pit.

So what does this have to do with you? Well….under communism, government deems you “too big to fail.” That of course is quite alluring and comforting to many who don’t understand the ramifications of this. I mean gee, no matter what happens, Uncle Sugar is going to take care of you:

Of course, for Uncle Sugar to be able to take care of your every need, he must take from those that produce, and give to those that don’t. One could think of Uncle Sugar as “Robin Hood” or a thief in the night.

The end result though is a poorer quality of life for everyone. You hear the communists talk constantly about “economic justice.” It’s the same tired old class warfare the democrat/communist party has waged on success for a century. Their entire existence is based on making you hate people with money and success, rather than celebrate them. Their entire spiel is that somehow, by simply being successful, those “evil rich” have stolen YOUR future!

Of course, it doesn’t work that way, it’s not a zero-sum gain. There is no limit to economic growth. In other words, if I make a dollar, it doesn’t prevent someone else from also making a dollar. In fact, under capitalism, I must make a dollar, so I can spend it, for others to gain a dollar.

The communists infiltrated our schools decades ago, so the concept of all of this has been lost over time, only to be replaced with an inherent hatred for those more successful than others. We see it at every level.

We’ve seen a disturbing trend where games are played but no one keeps an official score, where there are no winners or losers, and everyone gets a trophy, just for showing up. This is counterintuitive to human nature, as man is instinctively competitive. But for the communist system to work, that must be dampened. It must be stifled.

Common sense tells us that competition is good. It breeds higher quality. Not only in business, with superior goods and services, but in life. It is that competitive spirit that founded this nation. It’s that competitive spirit that made man get off the couch and exercise so he could meet hot chicks!

Unfortunately, for the communist, the competitive spirit also thwarts their plans of domination over mankind. It’s that competitive spirit that will not allow man to have his freedom and liberty, once gained, to be stolen from him, without a fight.

This is why the communists seek to condition children to be less competitive. It just more of the charming evils they bring to the table with them.

Here are some more “rights” FDR proposed:

* The right of every farmer to raise and sell his products at a return which will give him and his family a decent living.

Who determines what a “decent living” is? And what is a “decent living?” This discussion alone could last into eternity. For some, “decent” would be “three hots and a cot” for others nothing short of the “rock star” lifestyle will do. Fortunately, in America, you have the opportunity to have either one. Not the right, but the opportunity.

*The right of every businessman, large and small, to trade in an atmosphere of freedom from unfair competition and domination by monopolies at home or abroad.
Sounds good, where do I sign up!

How do we stop nations abroad from unfair practices? I can hear the anti-war protesters now! Instead of shouting “no war for oil” it’ll be “no war for unfair business practices!” Just doesn’t have that same ring, does it?

But just as it IS our nation’s policy to go to war over oil, it would necessarily be policy to go to war against nations that trade or compete unfairly on the open market.

Let me know how that turns out, I’ll wait here.

*The right of every family to a decent home.

Who decides what a “decent” home is. And what is “decent?” Is it a shotgun shack, a FEMA trailer, forty acres and a mule, or one of the McMansions that are popular among new home buyers in Texas? What if they run out of mules?

*The right to adequate medical care and the opportunity to achieve and enjoy good health.
*The right to adequate protection from the economic fears of old age, sickness, accident, and unemployment.

That’s right, you too can become “too big to fail“, and even too big to get sick!

*The right to a good education.

This is already an epic failure. We had good schools, led the world. Then Jimmy Carter came up with a central command and control system through the creation of the Department of Education during his presidency. The march to mediocrity thus began!

The bottom line on all of this is simple. In order for this Utopian system to come to pass, you must surrender all of your rights to the state. You must give up every semblance of freedom and liberty. You submit your life to the will of nameless, faceless bureaucrats who answer to no one.

Capitalism seeks to bring everyone up, to allow everyone the potential to experience unlimited growth and success, so long as they work for it. Under capitalism, there are no guarantees whatsoever, except the right to either spectacularly succeed, or fail, based on your own talent, and ambition.

Under communism, “economic justice” is sought. Those that produce are actually punished, sometimes greatly, for personal achievement. In an effort to “spread the wealth,” those who have the drive, the spirit to excel are punished through confiscatory taxes, and other penalties for exceeding an artificial “limit to success” placed on them by government.

So unlike capitalism, where the goal is to allow success for all, in effect raising the standard of living for all people, communism, socialism, Marxism, whatever ism you want to call it, in effect, reduces the standard of living, the quality of life, for all.

Quite simply, where capitalism seeks to build up, communism seeks to tear down.

Communism is the ideology of destruction.

Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.

_____Winston Churchill

Just so you know, Roosevelt’s “Second Bill of Rights” the notion of them, have never went away. They are deeply rooted in communism, and all of the cool communists, like Barack Obama and his corrupt Congress, are embracing these ideas with gusto.

We are on the precipice of disaster in this nation. Our Constitution has been rendered null and void by the actions of this corrupt Congress. This isn’t the first America has faced destruction through communism. It’s just the first time it has seemingly succeeded.

In 1948 John Southerland, through his animated series Fun Facts About America, created a short film Make Mine Freedom. This film is just as prudent now, as it was then.

A bit of a side note, our friends over at use the name “Dr Utopia,” exclusively, when referring to Barack Obama. After watching the film, you’ll understand why!

So what the hell does this have to do with Jim DeMint?

Well……. it’s quite well known that the nation is solidly against the so-called “health care bill” that is on the eve of becoming the law of the land. Only one third of the nation supports this travesty. Obama and his corrupt democrat/communist Congress don’t care.

In fact, it looks like the 2010 elections are going to see the absolute destruction of the democrat/communist party at the ballot box. It’s going to be a disaster for them. They will lose both Houses of Congress, and their President may, if the right people are elected, face impeachment. They don’t care. This bill so destroys America as it is, so tears down the Republic, they feel it’s all worth it.

Oh, I know, some think that’s crazy talk. But what this health care legislation does is enslave the nation, and in their calculations will set up a system where they can gain permanent control.

Now I know that may not make sense. But look at programs like Social Security and Medicare Over time, they have become sacred. Democrat/communists have scared old people to death for decades by telling them “evil” Republicans were going to take away their goodies.

Ironically, this very legislation does just that! It cuts programs by a half trillion dollars. It will severely limit access to health care to those on Medicare.

The democrat/communists feel their way to permanent rule, and they want to rule, not govern, is by getting everyone used to depending on the government, not themselves, for their most basic needs.

So…in the short term, they are willing to lose it all, to gain their long term dream of total domination of America, their total domination of mankind.

Now, the Republicans, for their part, have done an incredibly poor job of stopping the destruction of the Republic, pretty much useless, in fact, but that’s a whole entire column unto itself.

Here’s the thing…. the communists know the jig is up come November 2010. They fully expect to lose it all. One of the litmus tests for anyone running to replace these evil men and women in Congress will be their promise to repeal this legislation. In fact, due to ineptness on their part, the GOP is basically reduced to using this as their only option. Not much of a strategy.

As you know, this entire process has taken place behind closed doors, with no Republicans allowed. The Senate bill is 2700 pages long. It took less than 20 to write the entire Constitution!

Knowing that Republicans are already promising to repeal this unconstitutional monstrosity once they take back Congress, Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, a certain casualty in 2010, has added wording that makes this virtually impossible to repeal. This, of course is unconstitutional, in and of itself, and violates Senate rules.

This provision seeks to illegally bind future Congresses to this incredibly bad legislation forever.

From Ed Morrissey at Hot Air:

At first, Senator Jim DeMint starts off with a few points of parliamentary inquiry which seem rather dull, but like any good prosecutor, DeMint is carefully building a case — and his target is a particularly noxious clause in Harry Reid’s ObamaCare bill. On page 1020 of the text, DeMint discovers that Reid has created a rule binding future sessions of Congress to a supermajority requirement to overrule the bill’s rationing board, the Independent Medical Advisory Board, whose purpose (stated on page 1001) is to “reduce the per capita rate of growth in Medicare spending.” DeMint demands an explanation of how the Majority Leader can allow legislation to alter the rules of the Senate, both on the floor and in committee. The Weekly Standard has the key portion of the transcript:

Here’s a partial transcript from the Weekly Standard:

There ’s one provision that I found particularly troubling and it’s under section C, titled “Limitations on changes to this subsection.”

And I quote — “It shall not be in order in the Senate or the House of Representatives to consider any bill, resolution, amendment, or conference report that would repeal or otherwise change this subsection.

This is not legislation. It’s not law. This is a rule change. It’s a pretty big deal. We will be passing a new law and at the same time creating a Senate rule that makes it out of order to amend or even repeal the law.

I’m not even sure that it’s constitutional, but if it is, it most certainly is a Senate rule. I don’t see why the majority party wouldn’t put this in every bill. If you like your law, you most certainly would want it to have force for future Senates.

I mean, we want to bind future Congresses. This goes to the fundamental purpose of Senate rules: to prevent a tyrannical majority from trampling the rights of the minority or of future Congresses.

Morrissey goes on to add:

As I recall, Congress is not allowed to pass rules that bind future Congresses. In the House, the rules have to be offered and approved at the beginning of each session. The Senate has standing rules, but they are not in the form of law that requires further legislation to alter — legislation that would be, under this bill, out of order even to introduce. It basically makes Harry Reid the dictator of the Senate, not just now, but in perpetuity.

Is it unconstitutional? The ability of each Congress to govern itself is certainly strongly implied in Article I, Section 5:

Each House may determine the Rules of its Proceedings, punish its Members for disorderly Behavior, and, with the Concurrence of two-thirds, expel a Member.

Clearly the founders did not intend that to mean that the first Congress could set the rules in perpetuity, and indeed as DeMint points out, rule changes have been made consistently without resorting to legislation to accomplish them because of the orders of a prior Congress. Put another way, the elected representatives of today should not have greater authority than those who will follow them. Any attempt to pass this into legislation aggrandizes the power of this Congress at the expense of those that follow.

And as DeMint points out, it sets a very dangerous precedent regardless of which party is in power. What will be next — a Republican Congress declaring any future bill that increases taxes out of order? Would Democrats sit still for that, too?

Erick Erickson has more.

Update: Gabriel Malor says the issue isn’t constitutionality, but the substance of what it protects. Be sure to read it all.

So this is where we are at. Communist thugs, disguised as legislators, have killed the United States of America. They have voided the Constitution. They have rendered the 222 years of precedence since the ratification of our Constitution, irrelevant.

The rule of law no longer exits in the United States of America.

We no longer live in a Representative Republic. We now reside in a communist dictatorship where the will of the people no longer matters and the will of the government will be forced upon the people with an iron fist.

Can this be stopped? Not by anyone in Washington, that’s for sure.

So what now?

Many are making their way to Washington as I write this. The chat rooms, twitter tweets, and Facebook posts are filled with those who are going and imploring others to “just show up” in DC on Christmas Eve, presumable to stage a large protest, and possibly some civil disobedience of some kind.

Here’s what I know for sure: The time for reasonable negotiation with the radicals in this nation is over. Conservatives outnumber the evil liberal/progressive/communist element in this country three to one. We can defeat them by sheer numbers alone. But we must be willing to fight. We must be willing to risk it all to save the nation.

We must all come together and stand up against the most tyrannical and corrupt government out people have ever known. The old Revolutionary cry of “Unite or die” has never been more poignant, more appropriate than now.

The price of doing this will be high, almost unbearable to some, but the price of doing nothing will be eternal slavery for us, our children, and their children. The price of doing nothing will be allowing the greatest nation mankind has ever known to vanish from the face of the earth. To see the beacon of liberty and freedom to go dark forever.

The price for either course of action is high. It’s up to the good people of America to decide if they want that price to be paid in the service of liberty and freedom, or of tyranny and evil.

It is indeed a time for choosing.



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  3. Caroline West

    I wish every conservative red-blooded American Patriot would read this. Then I wish they would
    plan their action against this democrat/communist takeover of our healthcare. We may have to sacrifice our convenience of lifestyle, be willing to go to jail, be willing to with hold our taxes (which will be spent to kill babies by abortion) but we must take a stand. We must make the enemy know our resolve and let them know we will not back down. The more who gather at the capitol, storm the halls and offices of the senate and MAKE THEIR WISHES HEARD at all costs must be done.



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