Sarah Palin Talks Scott Brown, Commonsense, Tide Ridin’, And Pick Up Trucks. Oh, And We Got Happy Feet!

What a historic night! We’ve all talked for months how the American people have awakened. How we have all decided that enough is quite enough. There is no more evidence that America has had it with the out of control corrupt government, and this President, than Scott Brown’s absolute blowout win is Massachusetts last night.

This is a state that is so blue, so seemingly solid democrat/communist, that the democrat/communist candidate, Martha Coakley, didn’t even really bother to run, at first, as it was assumed she would cruise to a win, as polling showed she had a comfortable 30 point lead.

Funny thing happened though: Someone forgot to tell all of this to Scott Brown! Brown ran a smart, positive campaign. Brown took it to the communists, took it too them hard, but in an upbeat, commonsense manner. It was simply inspiring.

Brown didn’t just beat Coakley, he beat her soundly. Now she was a gaffe machine that rivaled our current Vice President, for sure, but it was her record that tripped her up. It was also Barack Obama’s record that tripped the campaign up.

I love how Scott played this out. And it was a winning strategy. Unlike other races we’ve seen, like NY-23, which turned into a national race with absolutely every conservative in the country rushing to endorse and support Doug Hoffman, Brown played it low key.

Observers were all wondering why Sarah Palin wasn’t endorsing Brown, and openly angered why the GOP was no where to be found, especially after they had so spectacularly blown it in NY, having spent $1 million of DIABLO DeDe Scozzafava. (Democrat In All But Name Only)

What folks didn’t know, was the GOP was quietly sending the Brown campaign funds. This was smart strategy, and it was even smarter to not send in a bunch of out of state GOP operatives. This was the people of Massachusetts doing it on the ground. Taking back their country themselves.

Now Brown did get some high profile endorsements, for sure, and Sarah herself had weighed in, but in a more subtle manner. The only really high profile politician we saw was Mitt Romney, which made sense as he is the former Governor of the Bay State.

When doing the “post game” analysis last night on Greta’s show, Sarah was quick to point out that she really admired and respected Brown’s decision to keep all of the outsiders out, and not turn the race into a circus. (My word, not hers)

She did, according to her spokeswoman Meg Stapleton, call Brown and congratulate him on his monumental win.

Of course, anyone who actually followed this deal closely knows the internet was going crazy for Scott Brown. Conservative websites, Facebook, and Twitter was all about helping raise money for Brown. At the end, he was raising around a million dollars a day!

What does that mean? It means the nation understood just how vital this race was, and reacted as such. It also means that America still knows how to unite when threatened with disaster.

Now we could spend some time dissecting all of the ins and outs of the campaign, but so many are already doing that, and there’s not a lot more I can add, except this: This win, in the bluest state in the nation, is proof positive that America has totally rejected Obama and his Congress.

This is another massive failure by Obama to achieve something, anything. He’s lost the governorships in both Virginia and New Jersey…after personally campaigning for the democrat/communist candidates, both sitting Governors. That should have been a cake walk. He spectacularly failed in Copenhagen when he tried to secure the Olympics for his corrupt Chicago buddies, and he not only failed at the Copenhagen climate summit, he was openly mocked there. Now this.

Most folks would look at this and see it for the giant wake up call that it is, and change course. In fact many pundits still look for Obama to change course as Bill Clinton did after losing Congress to the Republicans for the first time in over 40 years.

This won’t happen with Obama, he is a committed Marxist, and all reports are that he is ready to “double down” and “punch back twice as hard.” Not surprising coming from a Chicago street thug and a Saul Alinsky disciple. It’s pretty much all he knows.

Everyone is talking about the implications for the democrat/communist party. That’s an easy one. They are finished. The current crop is radioactive and beyond redemption. There are no more clear thinking democrats in the party leadership. The party has been complete taken over by progressives, communists. For the democrat/communist party to survive, they are going to have to rid their party of progressives and communists.

What I want to talk about is what all of this means for the Republican Party. For the GOP, the implications are even more profound. Republicans have their own problem, as progressives exist in our party as well. We call ‘em names like “democrat-light” or RINOs (Republican In Name Only) or my new favorite name: LIARs (Liberals Impersonating A Republican)

Now to the average man on the street, Republican = Conservative, but nothing could be further from the truth. Progressives have had control of our party for sometime. That’s why we basically see democrat-light candidates, and explains why we so many “leaders” on our side are quick to boast of their ability to “reach across the aisle.” Something most, in the real word aren’t all that excited about!

Not that reaching across the aisle is all bad.

Governing is all about working together. In fact, when we about talk Sarah Palin her ability to work with everybody is something we greatly admire. The difference, of course, is the fact that Sarah doesn’t compromise her core principles to get the job done. She puts in the work to bring the opposition over to her side, or at least meet her in the middle, in order to get something done. That is a true skill.

Here is the real implication though, and this is not just for the Republican Party, but for the country as a whole. Conservatism sells, conservatism works. This is something myself and other conservatives have been preaching for years.

Now the “elites” in our party are quick to point out that “conservatism is dead,” that “the era of Reagan is over.” My friends, to quote a certain Senator, nothing could be further from the truth. The Era of Reagan will never be over, it will never die. The solid Conservative principles that Reagan stood for will always be the solid, time honored principles that our great nation was founded on.

The “elites,” the progressives in our party, continually tell us in order to have a “big tent party” we must “moderate” our message, we must move to the center. We’ve all pushed back saying that conservatism is the true “big tent” ideology. Conservatism works for everyone. Race, sex, or religious creed have absolutely no bearing on conservatism. It is a universal ideology of liberty and freedom.

This is why unabashed and unapologetic conservatives are so popular in America, and always have been. Look at who the stars of the Republican Party are. The biggest stars are people like Michelle Bachmann, Jim DeMint, Scott Brown, and of course, Sarah Palin. They are also the ones most of the country are now looking up to as leaders.

If there was any doubt that conservatism works, Scott Brown blew that out of the water last night! Brown’s win in Massachusetts the bluest of blue states, proves that when given a clear choice between candidates, the voters will chose the conservative every time.

The problem has never been conservatism with most of the voters, between 40 and 60 percent of them (depending on whose poll you want to cite) are conservatives. Nope, the problem is, in many elections, voters only have a choice between a democrat/communist and a democrat-light. Given that sort of choice, voters will usually go for the real thing.

Now this knowledge isn’t exactly new. Reagan won a 44 state landslide in 1980 and was re-elected in a 49 state blowout in 1984. This saw birth of a term that we still use today: “Reagan democrat.” Reagan did this by running on solid Conservative principles, and once elected, governing with solid Conservative principles. One simply does not win 44 and 49 state victories on unpopular concepts!

For the Republican Party this means that we will demanding the “elites” take a back seat, and relinquish control of the party. This means you will see more and more conservative candidates, and more and more resounding victories. More Conservative men and women will be emboldened to join the process and become candidates themselves.

For her part, Sarah has weighed in rapid fire, wasting no time to get things moving forward:

Mr. Brown Goes to Washington… In a Pick-up Truck, No Less!

Congratulations to the new Senator-elect from Massachusetts! Scott Brown’s victory proves that the desire for real solutions transcends notions of “blue state” and “red state”. Americans agree that we need to hold our politicians accountable and bring common sense to D.C.

Recent elections have taught us that when a party in power loses its way, the American people will hold them accountable at the ballot box. Today under the Democrats, government spending is up nearly 23 percent and unemployment is higher than it’s been in a quarter of a century. For the past year they’ve built a record of broken promises, fat cat bailouts, closed-door meetings with lobbyists, sweetheart deals for corporate cronies, and midnight votes on weekends for major legislation that wasn’t even read. The good citizens of Massachusetts reminded Democrats not to take them for granted.

Americans cheered for Scott Brown’s underdog campaign because they viewed his candidacy as a vote against the Democrats’ health care bill. You know that there’s something wrong with this legislation when opposition to it inspired a Republican victory in a state that currently has no Republicans in Congress and last sent a Republican to the Senate nearly 40 years ago.

Clearly this victory is a bellwether for the big election night ten months from now. In the spirit of bipartisanship, let me offer some advice to the Democrats on how to stem this populist tide. Scrap your current health care bill and start from scratch. We all want true reform, but government mandated insurance is not it. Scott Brown campaigned against this top-down bureaucratic mess. We need common sense solutions like reforming malpractice laws, allowing people to purchase insurance across state lines, giving individual purchasers the same tax benefits as those who get coverage through their employers, and letting small businesses pool together to provide insurance for their employees. Focus your efforts on jobs, not on job-killing legislation. Such a change in approach would show Americans that you’re listening.

My best wishes to Senator-Elect Brown. When you go to Washington, may you never forget the ordinary citizens you met while driving that truck through the great Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

– Sarah Palin

Sarah is spot on in her forward looking comments. We currently have the most corrupt President and the most corrupt Congress in our nation’s 233 history. Thankfully, this hasn’t gone unnoticed by the American people. Scott Brown’s win in Massachusetts is indeed a bellwether of things to come. It is also a call for all patriots to step up, to get involved, and help make it happen in November!

With that in mind, Sarah has written this:

Ride the Tide with Commonsense Candidates!

I want to again thank the good people of Massachusetts for propelling a commonsense, independent agenda forward! May the working man and woman feel empowered now more than ever to get involved in their government, and let’s put this great country on the right track.

The past year continues to offer the promise of commonsense government in so many areas. There are steps we can all take to get there, one of which is to support candidates who promise to fight for the people and against politics as usual. I’m excited to get out and help elect candidates who will bring those principles to our nation’s towns, state houses, and directly to Washington D.C. We are already making plans to support the candidates our nation needs to make a difference and speak for everyday Americans.

I look forward to helping Governors like Rick Perry in Texas, Representatives like Michele Bachmann in Minnesota, and heroes and statesmen like Senator John McCain. We will support these candidates and others so that they can continue to fight for our American values.

The special election yesterday in Massachusetts was truly amazing. It is a clear indication of things to come and a demonstration of the momentum we all share in the fight for the values and policies that will get our country back to work. The commonsense conservative principles of liberty and fiscal responsibility are on the rise, and that’s why I’m going out and campaigning as hard as I can to make a difference. I can’t wait to join all of you in supporting these great candidates and many more over the coming months.

In the meantime, visit the websites of Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann, and John McCain. And join us as we embark on America’s journey to November!

– Sarah Palin

Again a very forward looking statement of fact. Scott Brown’s victory is indeed a strong reminder that each and every one of us can and do make a difference, if we get engaged and involved.

BTW, if you follow the Rick Perry link she provides, you have a chance to score some tickets to the Houston, Texas event that Sarah will be at in support of Rick Perry.

Sarah’s message of commonsense conservatism is that breath of fresh air our nation has needed for quite some time. It’s a message of real hope and real change. It’s a message that Scott Brown picked up on and scored a historic victory with.

If you haven’t seen it, I am including the video of Scott Brown’s victory speech from last night. This is a truly remarkable guy, with a great sense of style and humor, as well as a beautiful family. More importantly, this is a man with fire in the belly, a man who is ready to jump in and get things done, a true leader.

Last night was a great victory for America. Scott Brown’s victory ensures at least some check on the democrat/communists radical agenda, and signals many more victories to come. It sends a strong message of hope to all.

Is it any wonder that we have Happy Feet!

Thanks to Rush for turning us on to Paolo Conte!


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3 responses to “Sarah Palin Talks Scott Brown, Commonsense, Tide Ridin’, And Pick Up Trucks. Oh, And We Got Happy Feet!

  1. Gregory Tart

    Very true Gary- the New York Times is already spinning the victory as the result of Tea bagger stealth, no doubt this odious spin is with the approval of the White House.The Times is for the middle class, only if the middle class votes the proper way – if not, they are portrayed as easily manipulated.

  2. Found this blog through google, great work man! Keeps me motivated to build mine!

  3. Saw your blog bookmarked on Delicious. I love your site and marketing strategy.

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