Houston To Get Motivated With Sarah Palin!

Sunday February 7 and Monday February 8 are going to be incredibly busy days for Sarah Palin, and highly motivating days for Houston, Texas.

First up, on Sunday Sarah will be campaigning with Texas Governor Rick Perry:

Gov. Rick Perry will be joined by former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin at a rally in support of his re-election campaign on Sunday, Feb. 7 in the Houston area.

I look forward to standing with Sarah to promote our shared conservative values of limited government, low taxes and individual freedom,” said Gov. Perry. “Gov. Palin is a true conservative leader whose priorities and message resonate with Texans, and I am honored to have her in Texas supporting my campaign.”

Gov. Palin will campaign with Gov. Perry to highlight the positive momentum Texas is experiencing through conservative leadership that has cut taxes, created jobs, strengthened education and secured our border.

Visit http://rickperry.org/sarah to sign up now!

Tickets to the event can be had by going to the website listed above and registering.

Governor Perry, who has played a major part in the success of Texas during these tough times is running against Washington insider and noted RINO….Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison, as well as upstart candidate Debra Medina.

Longtime friends, Governors Perry and Palin have both exhibited commonsense conservatism and a strong set of values that are the hallmarks of true leaders. This will be a must attend event.

Monday morning Sarah will be up bright and early to join other great motivational speakers at the aptly named mega-event: GET MOTIVATED!

GET MOTIVATED! is a business seminar series that features some of the most in demand speakers in the country. Joining the event with Sarah will be powerhouse speakers such as Rudy Giuliani, Lou Holtz, Zig Ziegler, and General Colin Powell, as well as Microsoft President Rick Belluzzo, and Tamara Lowe, author of Get Motivated!

Everyone in this group brings incredible insight and expertise in their fields and will address various topics. Sarah is scheduled to focus on these topics:

• How to Successfully Manage and Balance Your Personal and Professional Priorities

• How to Overcome Obstacles with Creative Solutions

• The Secrets to Effective Decision-Making

• How to Have Grace Under Fire

• How to Become a Person of Influence

You can get more information and purchase tickets by checking out their website here.

While GET MOTIVATED! doesn’t give out specific times for who speaks when, for security reasons, it appears that Sarah will speak early on, because the GET MOTIVATED! event is only the first of her busy day.

As soon as she’s done in Houston it’s off to Redding, California. As KHSL TV’s Kelli Saam reports:

Sarah Palin has added a second speech to her appearance in Redding in February. Tickets went on sale Monday morning. The former Republican vice presidential candidate will address the Sierra Cascade Logging Conference. Tickets for her first speech scheduled for February 8th at 7pm, sold out in days. Palin has now added a matinée speech for the same day at 3pm.

There are about a thousand tickets remaining, they run $54 and $74. You can purchase them at Northern Lights Energy, KLXR radio or the Redding Convention Center.

There’s a two hour time difference between Texas and California, so that helps with logistics, but needless to say, Sarah will be starting her week off on a very busy note. If you are in either the Houston area or Redding these will be must attend events for sure.

Many thanks to Texas For Sarah Palin’s Josh Painter for his hard work on this report.



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13 responses to “Houston To Get Motivated With Sarah Palin!

  1. Laurie

    Excellent news, and she’ll be in Houston just days before her birthday on Feb. 11. And I’ll have to drink a skinny white mocha latte on Feb. 11 in honor of her birthday, as I did last year!

  2. Gregory Tart

    I think we have to worry about how Obama will react. He does not take criticsm well; he is arrogant, and he believes his own press. His composure is starting to crack

  3. I am not sure how Perry and Palin line up long term. I am very much interested in going to see these speakers as long s this does not turn into a political event. I am always interested in learning from top leaders on how to carry the flag.

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