Welcome Stacy Drake!

It is my great pleasure to announce to the readers of our award winning blog the addition of Stacy Drake.

Stacy is a conservative activist and the editor and publisher of her own blog: The Mighty Serf. She is a graphic artist and animator whose work has been seen world wide. Stacy has worked with the national media for over ten years.

I know readers will enjoy Stacy’s work. She brings a sharp wit and strong opinions to the table, backed up with a keen investigative eye and the ability to cut through the BS. Well written and well researched articles are her hallmark.

Stacy has proven investigative skills that will insure our readers will be well informed and ahead of the pack.

Stacy, who calls San Diego, California home will serve as West Coast editor and feature writer for A Time for Choosing.

Hang on dear readers, the “hardest hitting blog” just got a stronger punch!



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5 responses to “Welcome Stacy Drake!

  1. Gregory Tart

    A talented and intelligent voice!

  2. We knew all that already. Is that really your picture Stacy?

    We are with you all the way. Whoooo Hoooo!

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  4. Laurie

    Been reading your stuff already, glad Stacy has been brought on board. She does cut thru the b.s. and presents the well-researched facts.

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