After Public Smackdown By Sarah Palin Rahm Emanuel Apologizes For “Retarded” Remark

Barack Obama’s chief-of-staff, Rahm “dead fish” Emanuel was compelled to apologize after remarks he made at a private gathering of democrat/communist groups leaked out. At this meeting he called so of the far left progressives “retarded” because of their stances.

News of this angered many people including those who work with special needs children. After Rahm failed to even acknowledge the anger, the ‘Cuda fired up the old LOTUS (Laptop of the United States) and went after him.

Tail between his legs Rahmbo placed a call to Tim Shriver, who heads the Special Olympics, and apologized. Who knew Shriver, whose family founded the Special Olympics, was the official apology accepter for all of those with disabilities.

Deliciously, Megyn Kelly and Monica Crowley tear into Emanuel here:

Man, it’s good to have Kelly back at work! We missed her no holds barred style. We are also glad to see that motherhood has mellowed her out when it comes to interviewing silly people, as can be seen in the interview below, where she takes on Gloria Allred over the anti-abortion ad that football star Tim Tebow and his mom appear in that will be played at this Sunday’s Superbowl:

Sarah, for her part, stands solidly behind the Tebows, and called out the National Organization of Women for their opposition to the ad, as you can read here.

Back to Sarah’s smackdown of Emanuel. This once again shows that Sarah is using her position of power and influence for good. It also shows that Sarah is making those on the left play by their own rules!

Those who read Sarah’s book, Going Rogue, An American Life, know that she is well aware of who Saul Alinsky is, and has read his book, Rules for Radicals, as well as The Thumpin’, a book written about Rahm Emanuel and his caustic style of doing business.

Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules. You can kill them with this, for they can no more obey their own rules than the Christian church can live up to Christianity.”

—Rule number 4 Saul Alynsky’s Rules for Radicals

The left has shoved political correctness down the world’s throat for decades. It’s good to see they are finally being forced to live up to their own standards. All it took was someone with the cojones to make it happen.

Thank you Sarah, thank you for being fearless.



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2 responses to “After Public Smackdown By Sarah Palin Rahm Emanuel Apologizes For “Retarded” Remark

  1. bridgetteb

    Your article made me smile! I love it that Sarah put the filthy mouthed Rahm in his place! It is great he had to apologize… a few more of those and he might change his ways. I doubt it though because the way they play the game is to belittle, ridicule, and make fun to the point of being offensive.

    Obama’s demeaning attitude and use of the “Rules” showed when he publicly humiliated the Justices. How caddish. His civility and lack of manners is so apparent. They are all disrespectful to others.

  2. rod stanton

    The GOP has had a death wish for 8 years. their wish was granted the last 2 elections. If they get over it and decide to thrive again there is only 1 choice for ’12 … Sarah!
    But given the lefties who are at the top of the GOP my guess is they will again give us another collectivist and again die.
    I pray I am wrong but see the same guys claiming to run the show as I saw in 02.
    Cerritos, Cal

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