Media Reaction to Palin’s Tea Party Speech Downright Comical

by Stacy Drake

Governor Palin delivered the first keynote address to the Tea Party Convention held in Nashville, Saturday night. I watched it live and I have to say that she absolutely knocked that speech out of the park. She spent a lot of time talking about national security, unlike President Obama during his recent State of the Union address. She unified the “loyal opposition” while really laying into the Obama administration and Congress for the current state of the economy and the unemployment numbers. She spoke about the Constitution, freedom, and Ronald Reagan. All without a teleprompter, by the way.

I knew the speech was great and effective while watching it. I really understood how effective it was after seeing this post on Newsbusters. The title, “Palin’s Speech a ‘Masterful Exercise in Paranoid Politics’ from a ‘Merchant of Hate’.”  It features a clip from a panel discussion on MSNBC following the speech. During which, democratic operative Bob Shrum says “she came across to me as a merchant of hate with an oh gosh smile.” Whoa! I guess the key words in his quote are “to me” because this man is clearly blinded by something. Perhaps a little projection on his part?

That sort of thing is actually the norm these days at MSNBC. They were the only network to cover that ridiculous email story that was so transparent in it’s attempt to paint a false picture of Governor Palin’s husband Todd’s role as an adviser. Did they expect her not to talk to her husband during her term? Did they expect Todd to ignore Alaskans concerns that they felt comfortable enough to take them up with him? Just where was the “scandal” there again? You can read a complete take-down of that pathetic, curiously timed media attack here, here, and here.

Then a funny thing happened as I went to check my email. Yahoo displays AP top stories on a splash page below the email workspace. The top story was “Palin tells ‘tea party’: It’s revolution time” I immediately let out a big laugh when I saw the photo they attached to the story.

Look at that mean revolutionary…. Grrrr
You can read the entire snarky article here

News imagery happens to be one thing I know a lot about. It’s my business. I understand what considerations are taken into account for any given story. Unlike the AP, the place I work for has standards. To try and depict Governor Palin as angry, or mean is called being “editorial.” It’s giving the media outlet’s opinion and not just stating the facts. An objective photo would have displayed a plain look or a smile. That goes for everyone across the board no matter the opinion of the news director. AP had appropriate photos to chose from like this, this, or this. But they chose the other one for obvious reasons… It fit their biased reporting.

What is really the comical aspect of it to me is that they were trying to sell an angry look with the word “revolution” next to it. For one, everyone knows she was talking about political revolution. I think most people these days, regardless of party agree with that sentiment. Then there is the fact that Governor Palin doesn’t take many pictures looking angry or mean. In fact, I think her persistent smile is just another thing that drives the miserable left, crazy. All in all, she still doesn’t come off as very threatening in that shot. It was the best one they had to chose from to fit their agenda. They are however, very threatened by her.

To editorialize the photo choice for a straight news, top story just shows once again, how far the media have fallen away from any sort of journalistic ethics. I see it get worse and worse everyday. Granted these examples are mild compared to some I have seen, and I actually find them quite humorous due to their absurdity. It still bothers me that Americans have to decode their news information anytime they tune in to it.

There are many people out there that work their tails off everyday to put food on the table. They don’t have time to be news hounds, scan the Internet, and research every story that they find interest in. So they tune in for a brief moment for a broadcast here, look over their Yahoo splash page, there. Take in what is around them. What the media is selling the busier portion of our society is their own distorted views.

It’s been said before and I’ll go ahead and say it again. Governor Palin drives the left absolutely nuts. They are quick to throw every piece of garbage they can manufacture at her without even considering the consequences to their own credibility. It’s almost as if they have lived in that tin can for so long that they can’t image that Americans would question their word. I’ve got news for them. Everyday those same overworked Americans are waking up to this. More and more people realize in the wake of the Obama charade, what a bunch of liars the press really are.

One day they will be out of business for it too. That is, if we can stop Obama from bailing out a “too big to fail” lackey press corps. Just a side-note, I wonder if Obama calls them the press corpse? Anyway, the bottom line is that Governor Palin’s speech was amazing and the media reacted the way I expected them to… Insanely biased.


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One response to “Media Reaction to Palin’s Tea Party Speech Downright Comical

  1. rod stanton

    I watched it on PJTV Sat and on CBS sun. The lefties in the GOP and the MSN are frightened to death.
    The last 2 days they have attacked the speech many different ways before settling on one main attack point – palm notes.
    We mus tall bear in mind that the collectivist “leaders” of the GOP and the MSM all told us from 01 – 07 the best man to be President was McCain. Then in 08 the MSM changed course 180 degrees saying he was too old and too dumb. They did what they did from 01 to 07 because they knew he would *NOT* win.

    Now the GOP left and the MSM are telling us how childish Sarah is to write notes to herself on her palm. They do this because they know if she gets the nomination in 12 she will win.
    The liberal “leaders” of the GOP have proved consistently since 02 that they would rather see a Dem win than a conservative. They still would rather see a Dem win as I type remember NY23 and Charlie in Fla.!
    If the collectivists in the GOP{ do not bushwack Sarah she will be President in 13!

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