Ralph Samuels was one of VECO’s “Dirty Dozen”

by Stacy Drake

Continuing to look into Ralph Samuels record, the former Alaska legislator who is taking on Sean Parnell in the Alaska gubernatorial primary, I found something ugly. It turns out Ralph, who I wrote about a few days ago and suspect is a corrupt ‘good ol boy,’ is listed as one of “Veco’s Dirty Dozen.”

Back in May of 2007, a former legislator from Anchorage and government watchdog by the name of Ray Metcalfe wrote:

“Even though the FBI’s indictments of dirty politicians and those who bribe them has begun, (just the tip of the iceberg) House Majority Leader Ralph Samuels, Senate President Lyda Green, and about 20 other members of our Legislature who owe their elections to VECO are still stumping for the oilfield services company that is at the center of the ongoing FBI investigation.

Why would any legislator trust those who say the governor’s Alaska Gasline Inducement Act is bad for Alaska, when they know those detractors are directly or indirectly associated with those who bribed our legislators.

They are pushing an ethics bill that does nothing, and – for those who haven’t already figured it out – our state treasury is now funded by a tax scheme that brings in about half of what it should. It’s the same tax scheme referenced in the indictments that VECO bribed our legislators to pass.

If you read the rest of that piece you’ll realize why ACES exists today and also why I call the Palin-haters on the right, “Oil RINO’s.”

Mr. Metcalfe wrote another piece to follow up in October of that year called “Veco’s Dirty Dozen.” He states:

“The following twelve Alaska legislators all have four things in common:

1. Every one of them has taken more than $10,000 from Veco.

2. When Veco owner Bill Allen asked to be relieved of his requirement to register as a lobbyist, they crafted and passed legislation ending Bill Allen’s requirement to register.

3. When presented with hundreds of pages of evidence of Veco’s bribery, each of them refused to respond.

4. When asked to admit or deny under oath whether or not had taken advantage of the illegal polling, services that Veco’s Vice President Rick Smith admitted having provided to over 100 of their favored candidates, every one of the still seated legislators below refused comment.”

1. Mike Chenault, $32,000

2. Ralph Samuels, $10,250

3. Mike Hawker, $21,350

4. Lesil McGuire, $17,550

5. Lyda Green, $18,000

6. Kevin Meyer, $23,350

7. John Cowdery, $45,200

8. Con Bunde, $18,650

9. John Coghill Jr, $10,480

10. Richard Foster, $16,750

11. Fred Dyson, $21,700

12. Gary Stevens, $14,275

He then goes on to warn Alaskans “Watch closely as they go to bat for everything Veco fought for — and remember them next election. “

There turned out not to be another election for Ralph to represent Alaska’s 29th district. He started to run for re-election but withdrew his candidacy during the primary that year. I wonder why? Ralph appeared to go to bat for those he ‘owed his election to’ aside from his lone vote against AGIA. Ralph Samuels also opposed ACES and is a sort of mini-champ for those corrupt influences in Alaska. I’m still digging through his voting record and beyond the big headline votes, I’m curious how much VECO and other ‘bed partners’ influenced Ralph’s decisions.

Speaking of misguided Alaskan’s, I ran into Valerie Henning again while conducting my research. She said “Ralph Samuels for Governor!”

These people are shameless.

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