Congressional Democrats Living In Fear Of Sarah Palin

Looking at the prospect of losing both the House and the Senate this year and the White House in 2012, democrats are desperate. The American people have soundly rejected the entire Marxist agenda that Obama and his radical Congress has tried to foist upon them.

Knowing they have almost zero chance of remaining a viable political party after this Obama, Pelosi, and Reid fiasco, congressional democrats are bringing out their bete noire to try and motivate their rapidly shrinking base of supporters.

From the DCCC website:

Recently Sarah Palin declared that she will be getting involved in Republican primaries like she did in her losing effort in last fall’s special election in Upstate New York. At the tea party convention, Palin stated, “Contested primaries aren’t civil war; they’re democracy at work and that’s beautiful.” [Sarah Palin, 2/6/10].

To make her job easy, the DCCC is launching “Palin’s Primaries” a new site that will track the most divisive and messy House Republican primaries in the country.

Palin will have plenty to choose from: There are at least 55 competitive Republican primaries, many with Tea Party candidates, in Frontline races, open seats, targeted Republican districts, and other races House Republicans are trying to hype. The DCCC will regularly feature the messiest House Republican primary races out there.

Man, they got a nifty little map and all! Hilarious.

Obviously the democrats desperately hope the Tea Party movement will somehow field their own candidates, thus splitting the Conservative vote. I guess they haven’t been listening when Sarah has said third party is not the way to go, and that Tea Partiers need to “pick a party” and work from within to change. In most, if not all cases, that messages resonates with Tea Party members. They understand just how important the up coming elections are. They also understand that it’s easier to take a party over than to start a new one.

It worked for the Marxists in the democrat party!

I am forever tickled by democrats. They run around telling people that strong leaders like Sarah Palin are “inconsequential” or my favorite “dumb.” They claim to be our intellectual superiors, knowing “what’s best for us.” The funniest thing about our “intellectual betters” is how truly ignorant they are.

As always, democrats tell you who they live in abject fear of. There are no “stop Olympia Snowe before we all die” campaigns out there!

Say what they will, this private citizen, this mother of five from Wasilla, Alaska, has these people scared for their political lives. Frankly, they should be. Time and time again Sarah has proven she has the power to take these people on, and defeat them from her Facebook page! One can only imagine the destroyed democrat political careers that will dot the landscape once Sarah actually hit’s the campaign trail!

Next time you hear a democrat tell you just how “inconsequential” Sarah Palin is, remember what they are really saying is Sarah Palin is a strong and proven leader who scares the bejeezus out of them.


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11 responses to “Congressional Democrats Living In Fear Of Sarah Palin

  1. Just discovered your site and I think it’s execellent. I have you bookmarked so I can return and check out some more articles. Personally I hope things change for the better and soon.

  2. Loren I. Nelson

    Sarah is THE One! Why settle for less when we can have the BEST and that’s Sarah Palin, She has the background, She has the Experience (Look what she did in Alaska, and it took her only 2.5 years!). She fought corruption and Won, She forght “BIG OIL” twice & WON. She created the only State with a Negative income tax! i.e. that is a state where if you live there the State pays you Money every year the State shows a profit.!! Unbelieveable, but true! Read her book to find all the details.

  3. sara palin is the best thing to happen to america in many years like 65 or more

  4. Mark V. Basile

    “Taming the New Industrial State.” (here fighting big oil). This is the very best of the Teddy Roosevelt traditions. The government, as prescribed by the Constitution governs. NOT the economy. This is “Right” !?!! Methinks solely to “lunatic fringe.”

    “Lunatic fringe” again in hypocritical fashion has used a polemic that Sarah was running some sort of ‘welfare state’ because she would “rebate to taxpayers” when revenues exceeded expenditures. This kind on innanity would justify reprisal Conservative argument that Liberals are A)Big Government (which they are), and B) Runaway taxers ( which is the side to which they definitively lean). From the euphemistic ‘Alphabet Agencies,’ mass Big Government of FDR, which didn’t do squat to end the Great Depression — it was the mobilization for the war (WWII) to decision-making, to just go ahead and throw into the toilet the remaining funds from the Stimulas Bill of Big Taxation/Borrowing Government — where the primary and directly stated goal of the Stimulus was to halt unemployment from climbing if not reduce it. To wit, from +/-8% at George W. Bush (post mass reccessive impact) to 10% and on a State-by-State basis worse at midterm-Obama. Again, “lunatic fringe,” but on the economy, this time “in government.”

    Witness this week, today being January 15, FRENZY. Liberal/left “lunatic fringe” in hysterical mode. But indeed also, there are elements of calculation, and this is “the devil’s work.” Pure EVIL. “Anti-government” violence has come from extremes both Left and Right since the ‘counter-culture’ years of the 1960’s. And that is what our sober midwest core, WGN stated on its noon hour news, simply that the Arizona perp was “anti-government.” As regards the Liberal concensus FRENZY, I fear this particular act of “anti-government” violence was borne of Leftist thought, as we have had the chance to unwind the mind of the perp. As I said, this was known by some in the Democratic/Left circles, and they did not attampt to calm the hysteria and some even hyped it up. This sort of Leadership is EVIL. This incident of EVIL in power will be remembered.

    Mark V. Basile. Essayist and Playwright. 1/15/11.

  5. patricia cala

    I liked the article. I have just retired and had time to watch The View this morning. This must have been one of the few shows that Joy Behar did not put down Sarah Palin. Joy knows that this gets old, but she has a captive audience, packed with those that are receptive to the negative statements. She and those like her use the bully pulpit to take a shot at the conservatives at every opportunity. I wouldn’t teach my children to do that. She is not only intolerant she borders on slander.

  6. Mark V. Basile

    You are simply not accepting any pastes. I tried re-copying after writing and pasting onto the 83% backlog site, because that was logical on the subject matter, 2 recent publications, one in a major since May 30 of 2011. Who said “Independent,” you or I on the make up of Alaska. What’s my first entry, otherwise? I have 2 May 3 entries on the reduce backlog site, then you disappeared the post comment. How many people would think this was “straight.” You know what went up today — you plan on taking down the boss or “taking over?”

    Let’s get this straight, or go to your own sites, OK, big Sarah.

  7. Mark V. Basile

    I received a response or a mailer today. In it you contained an offer which would have seemed similar to the midterms effort. Since my computer does not allow for switching from site to site, all I can say is that I recall my last two entries to have been on the 83% reduction in backlog site. So there was confusion in the site entry. Sorry. The paste which I attempted was a publication by the Chicago Sun Times at the “pioneer” suburban locations. One is in Niles where I went to school. Interestingly, the Mayor just got out of jail, something about money from insurance companies doing business. It was remarkable, he had been elected to office around 50 years. Blase. But that would not paste, and that is what I attempted to put UP. So whose machinery, I simply do not know. But as I had noted that these dated sites were UP but not in every case functioning, perhaps my comments were misstated concerning your and John McCain’s comments essentially that you were as qualfied as anyone to be the VEEP.
    But one might see, having been on your friend’s John McCain’s campaign from before the end of the primary to the conclusion — and he did send a most nice thank you note which my mother kinda just loved — I gave Mitt temporary support with 6-8 attachment/essays at an Arizona Town Hall meeting announced on the McCain mailer, without a response from Governor Romney, and then upon the conclusion of the last contested aspect with Mr. Santorum, I received 10-15 e-mails from the Romney Campaign. One to go to a ballgame in Boston and two to have lunch with his wife. Reply was rejected on most, live links appeared not to function; only one message which I had put onto “word” an ‘pasted’ went through, but I received no direct response and in addition again the next mailer came back something like reply rejected. No problem in any case, at times go to another site. In the one letter which did get through, I asked Governor/Candidate Romney if and in what manner he would like to place me. Though Independent, occasionally we do more than simply vote, and Mitch McConnell who was not running for office, has about 30 e-mails from me from a while back in addition to 60 pages under a resume at the Louisville office. I did not receive a response. Meanwhile, a major Midwest “event” occured, which involved Chicago Old Guard with Barack Hussein’s right hand man against the minorities bloc. If there is any question concerning which one would choose, I might simply leave it at that. Hispanics or the African-Americans, I do not recall why I picked one or the other. Gery Chico had been a Daley Chief of Staff and he had ‘the numbers’ so I chose not to go that way. I was with Carol for Chicago. Chicago born, daughter of a Police Officer without the advantage the Sauganash crowd had to offer, University of Chicago Law being more than sufficient –especially locally, first Black US female Senator, swift-boated by the Republicans, but granted an entirely clear State Department double Ambassadorship at a former British Pacific location and American Samoa. Out of the Jessie Jackson-Martin Luther King Rainbow/Rainbow Push people. She runs a small company called ambassadororganics.
    Nevertheless, I iterate we were running “against” the home base right hand man of Barack Hussein, and I certainly would not modify this for the Nationals, though I have noted that the RNC’s come up at the end of August. It’s a little tight here in Chicagoland, with the Old Guard right in your ear. Sometimes it gets one a little jumpy. As you indicated this site, I found it and gave you some comments. Clearly I remember many exchanges in the mid-terms efforts, they are simply considerably down my g-mail. Sincerely. (This mechanism does not allow for looking to the above writings in order to proofread the entirety of a message, I have mentioned difficulties where one has materials prepared and proofed on word/”copy,” but this machinery does not accept that paste.)

  8. Mark V. Basile

    Just a little feedback, for the moment, pursuant to contact. I examined archives, quick glance over November as that was when we had the mid-terms and noticed your strong fund-raising efforts, in addition to however phrased: “vigorous advocacy.” Regarding ethics, as mentioned by Stace on 10/27, were you a lawyer, this would be mandatory. And as you were not running for any office, but for Party and John McCain as my notations show in my Book Review a compilitive on: Going Rogue, you achieved civilian style effective advocacy and indeed we did restore a semblance of Constitutional Checks and Balances. That is in gaining the House.

    Also Stacy Drake wrote in October archives of similar tactics of an unethical nature, and I believe also illegal as regards the manipulations of the Courts, concerning Joe Miller. ‘targetted informations … to the Court system … with media hyped assistance.’ Truly a shame. I see and recall better now thanks to Stace and your really good archiving system how perhaps more than a little bit extra is necessary when the competitors are not playing by the book. Weren’t all those lawsuits piled on you after elections 2008 which caused you to resign around July of 2009 eventually dismissed or effectively spit upon by our courts as “frivolous?” Stacy states that Joe Miller said that Republican-Republican was ‘on the issues.’ Fair and square either way. Take Barack Hussein’s Huffington for example the way they poured into your daughter’s Candies, have they ever even considered ‘playing fair’ or giving anything other than the most biased actions. I watched. I personally saw it. Therefore.
    Also, the misinformation regarding aspects of Joe Miller’s knee surgery borders on “inhumane.” Sickness is regarded by the civil to be entirely off bounds for comment except sympathy, perhaps reportage by doctors who know the the public need information on the health of their Public Servants where illness is present. Thanks, Stace.

  9. Mark V. Basile

    Just looking over a couple things here, and
    “Love and Peace,” back at ya, to the Lady who uses a REAL name. Mark V. Basile.
    Now on the issue of “name-calling,” do we not think that referring to EVERYONE UNDER THE SUN who does not vote your/our way as a “Marxist” is rude and dumb.
    Similarly with Tea. Why don’t we turn this into something which has any meaning IN THE WORLD other than whacking off a slice of plyable Republicans to form the base/or in-office voting base for a Palin Administration.
    The Boston Tea Party was in 1774. A phrase used was “no taxation without representation,” where the general calculus revolved around ‘the right to sit, vote and decide.’ Otherwise known as “the rights of English wo/men.” Some kind of raucus, a kinda Woodstock in Nevada, and a bunch of stuff seems to have been thrown into the harbor to the effect of Take this garbage back. As a side note by 1783, also the year of the conclusion of hostilities if I have that one right, “We” Americans upon decision and vote – THE RIGHT OF AMERICANS – decided upon Constitution, then known as the Articles of Confederation.
    Without discussion of specificities, I recall the Articles to need adjustment for sufficient National Powers. We made that adjustment, and renamed:
    the Constitution of the United States of America, 1789 — and thereto, Congress “sat,” — 1790.
    Please accept my apologies for using the assertive tone of voice. MVB. 11/28/12. 6:55am CST, Chicagoland. Place of birth, FYI -/Chicago.

  10. Pat Cala

    The presidential election is over, President Obama has won again. Came across the book titled, Ganster Government, David Freddoso. Michael Barone did the forward.
    How we ever lost the election, with the info action about Barack Obama that was known by many in the media is frightening. The worst is yet to come. Even religion is in danger of losing its rights, freedoms. And when you can recall that for 20 years heistened to, “God dam America”, from his pastor Rev. Wright. And shame on the Catholic Vice President.

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