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Sarah Palin Slams Impotent And Anti-Semitic Barack Obama Over His Incoherent Iran Policy And Jihad Against Israel

Let’s cut to the chase here: Barack Obama, and most of the Marxist-democrat party have little or no use for Israel or the Jewish people. Since Jimmy Carter, another terrorist sympathizer, and well known anti-Semite, the democrat party has been hostile toward Israel and the Jewish people, but they tried to hide it from American Jews.

With the election of Barack Obama, who has marinated in hatred for America and Israel since childhood, the mask has come off the Marxist-democrat party. As anyone who was paying attention knows, Barack Obama attended the “church” of Reverend Jeremiah “God Damn America” Wright for over 20 years. Wright is a well known anti-Semite and supporter of the terrorist group Hamas.

Since taking office, Obama has been on a real crusade to alienate all of our friends worldwide, and coddle our enemies. Great Britain now says that they, and America, no longer have a “special relationship.” But no where is Obama’s ass-backwards foreign policy more apparent than with his policies towards both Iran and Israel.

Israel has been an ally and friend, of the United States since her founding. The one true friend in the Middle East. Obama has done everything in his power to alienate Israel and the Jewish people. This culminated last week when Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu was treated like an outcast at the White House, with Obama refusing to be photographed with him, and rudely ending their meeting to go have dinner with the First Lady. A major case of jackassery. . .

I guess we should all be thankful he wasn’t kicked out the back door and forced to walk past the garbage like the Dalai Lama!

On the other hand, Iran is our sworn enemy. To them, we are “The Great Satan.” They have “Death to America” and “Death to Israel” rallies on a pretty regular basis to keep their oppressed people occupied.

In a manner that would make Neville Chamberlain blush, Obama has sought has to appease this fanatical regime. Iran is the world’s leading sponsor of terror and has been supplying weapons that have killed American troops in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

Most would consider this casus belli for war, but Barack Obama can’t even bring himself to talk about meaningful sanctions against the terrorist nation.

Even more disturbing, when the Iranian people, most who are not fanatics, tried to rise up and overthrow the Iranian government, Obama was no where to be found. As Iranians were slaughtered in the streets and looked to America for support, Obama sat silent.

That told everyone who was watching all they needed to know about Obama and the kind of “man” he is.

Sarah Palin has been a consistent friend to Israel, and has been hitting Obama on his stance for some time, but it’s pretty easy to see that she has become impatient with his inability to lead our nation, protect us, or our allies. As Sarah put it earlier, this situation “needs a commander-in-chief, not a Harvard law professor. ”

With that said:

Peace Not Possible if Iran Escapes Real Sanctions

This is a meaningful week for so many of us. As millions of Christians and Jews celebrate this Holy Week, it’s appropriate to reflect on developments in the Holy Land. Israel faces a nuclear threat from Iran that grows every day. Today we learned that the CIA has concluded that Iran already has the capability and the know-how to build nuclear weapons. While President Obama once said a nuclear-armed Iran would be “unacceptable,” after more than a year in office it’s sobering to have to acknowledge that his administration has made no progress in implementing “crippling” sanctions on Iran, let alone halting Iran’s nuclear program.

Even the rhetoric moved in the wrong direction – recently the administration downgraded their call for “crippling” sanctions to sanctions that “bite.” Shockingly, as we learned last week, these “biting” sanctions will no longer include actions that could actually change Iran’s behavior, including limiting Iran’s access to international capital markets and banking services or closing air space and waters to Iran’s national air and shipping lines.

So the issue is not when the so-called sanctions will come (President Obama promised them in “weeks” today) but whether they will even “nibble.” And while the Obama administration was more than willing to use every parliamentary trick in the book to ram its government health care takeover through Congress, conversely, it has worked hard to stall bipartisan efforts to pass the Iran Sanctions Act.

Many, many Americans and our allies know that if Iran acquires nuclear weapons, the consequences will be catastrophic for our interests in the Middle East, and we want our government to do everything in its power to prevent Iran from acquiring nukes.

We foresee a regional nuclear arms race beginning as other countries seek their own nuclear weapons to protect themselves from Iran. Nuclear non-proliferation efforts would be over. The U.S. and our allies in the international community would be shown to be impotent – after long claiming that Iranian nuclear weapons could not and would not be tolerated. And Israel would face the gravest threat since its creation.

Iran’s leaders have repeatedly called for the destruction of Israel and with nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them, the mullahs would be in a position to launch a Second Holocaust.

Iran continues to develop long range missiles. Its missiles can reach Israel and Europe right now and in time they will be able to reach US territory.

This issue is the most serious security challenge facing the U.S. in the region. Yet just as the Obama administration inexplicably gives up on imposing crippling sanctions on Iran, it’s taken an uncompromising hard line against one country in the Middle East: Israel. On his recent visit to Washington, the Israeli Prime Minister was treated like an unwelcome guest, as shown by White House actions such as refusing to be photographed with Israel’s Prime Minister.

Public demands for concessions have been made of the Israelis while the Palestinians add ever more conditions to their participation in peace talks, and those in the administration that dare to argue for looking at these policies through the lens of Israel’s security needs are subject to slanderous attacks from “senior administration officials.” The Obama administration has their priorities exactly backwards; we should be working with our friend and democratic ally to stop Iran’s nuclear program, not throwing in the towel on sanctions while treating Israel like an enemy.

In a week when events in the Holy Land thousands of years ago are on the minds of millions, we would all do well to include Israel’s security in our prayers as we encourage our government to do all it can to ensure there is never a nuclear Iran able to threaten our interests or our allies.

– Sarah Palin

Jimmy Carter put the world in peril with his appeasement mentality. He is very much responsible for the fact there is a radical Iran. This Obama guy though is Carter on steroids, and 2010 is a lot more dangerous than the late 1970’s. Iran has sought to form alliances with other enemies of America such as Venezuela and Cuba.

We all remember the Cuban Missile Crisis, when the Soviets placed nuclear weapons on the island nation. That’s as close as the world ever came to total Armageddon. The only thing that saved the world was the fact that one nation was scared and the other was glad of it. While the Soviets wanted some bargaining leverage, they weren’t all that keen on actually touching off total worldwide destruction, which is basically what the doctrine of “mutually assured destruction” promised had they launched a nuclear weapon at the United States.

On the other hand, Ahmadinejad and other Iranian leaders, aren’t as squeamish about the prospects of touching off a world wide nuclear war and the total destruction of all mankind.

Many nations have nuclear weapons now, and one can most certainly debate whether that is good or bad. The thing is though, these nations are not looking to use them as much as they are looking to send the message “mess with us, and we’ll mess back.” It’s definitely a deterrent for sober nations.

There has been much written about Obama’s jihad on Israel, and ludicrous foreign policy. Pamela Geller (Atlas Shrugs) has written some of the best.

These are must reads:

Obama blocks delivery of bunker to Israel, embargos weapons for Jewish defense.

The United States has diverted a shipment of bunker-busters designated for Israel.

Officials said the U.S. military was ordered to divert a shipment of smart bunker-buster bombs from Israel to a military base in Diego Garcia. They said the shipment of 387 smart munitions had been slated to join pre-positioned U.S. military equipment in Israel Air Force bases.

This was a political decision,” an official said.

In 2008, the United States approved an Israeli request for bunker-busters capable of destroying underground facilities, including Iranian nuclear weapons sites. Officials said delivery of the weapons was held up by the administration of President Barack Obama.

Since taking office, Obama has refused to approve any major Israeli requests for U.S. weapons platforms or advanced systems. Officials said this included proposed Israeli procurement of AH-64D Apache attack helicopters, refueling systems, advanced munitions and data on a stealth variant of the F-15E.

All signs indicate that this will continue in 2010,” a congressional source familiar with the Israeli military requests said. “This is really an embargo, but nobody talks about it publicly.”

Pamela goes into greater detail and you can read much more here.

In Switching Sides, commentary she wrote for the American Thinker, Pamela gives us a bit of a history lesson to go with thoughts on Obama’s betrayals of the Jewish people:

In a stunning and historic reversal of American foreign policy, the United States is now backing one of the same horses it fought during World War II. Instead of fighting against Nazism and racism, Obama has effectively joined the jihad waged during World War II by the Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini.

Hamas has called for a new intifada against the Jewish people. This is the fruit of Obama’s pro-jihad policies. The American-Israeli relationship has suffered its deepest rift in decades: a dispute over new Jewish homes that are being built in northern Jerusalem, just north of the Sanhedria neighborhood. This is not Arab “East Jerusalem,” as the mainstream media keeps saying. And as Palestinians threw stones at Israeli soldiers at checkpoints and Muslims rioted throughout Jerusalem, an increasingly pathetic Hillary Clinton said that Israel “must prove it is committed to peace ‘with actions.'”

In response, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu issued a statement saying, “With regard to commitments to peace, the government of Israel has proven over the last year that it is committed to peace, both in words and actions.” According to Haaretz, “The statement cited as examples Netanyahu’s inaugural foreign policy speech made at Bar Ilan University, the removal of hundreds of roadblocks across the West Bank, and its decision to freeze temporarily construction in West Bank settlements. The latter, said the statement, was even called by Clinton an ‘unprecedented’ move.”

The Muslims are free to live in Israel, but Jews cannot live among Muslims or in Muslim lands. This is what America is standing up for?

Read much more of Pamela’s sobering commentary here.

Pamela wrote Barack Hussein Obama II’s War Against Israel for Andrew Breitbart’s Big Journalism, stunningly blunt words that are a must read:

Obama is not a passive, weak or naive player in the Muslim/Jewish conflict. He was wet-nursed on Jew-hatred. He grew up in a Muslim country and studied the Koran. He knows what is prescribed for the Jews in Islam. He knows that the Koran says that the Jews are the Muslims’ worst enemies (5:82) and that “ignominy shall be their portion wheresoever they are found” (3:112).

He knows that Islamic tradition records Muhammad saying:

The last hour would not come unless the Muslims will fight against the Jews and the Muslims would kill them until the Jews would hide themselves behind a stone or a tree and a stone or a tree would say: Muslim, or the servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me; come and kill him; but the tree Gharqad would not say, for it is the tree of the Jews.

He must know all this, and yet has never renounced it. On the contrary, he embraces it, calling upon us to “respect” Islam.

I am staggered by the speed with which Obama has sought to undermine the Jewish people. But knowing what I know of him after my three years of investigation for the book I wrote with Robert Spencer, The Post-American Presidency: The Obama Administration’s War on America, I expected nothing different. In the summer of 2008, I trekked to Florida to warn the alter cockers who were seduced by the idea of Obama, but to no avail: my voice and the voices of those like me are kept neatly tucked away in the blog box.

But now here we are. Jews may then have tried to avoid Obama’s anti-Semitism, but they cannot now avoid the consequences of avoiding Obama’s anti-Semitism. He has unleashed an evil in this world the extent of which we are only now beginning to see. He has made the world safe for haters and killers. The post-World War II peace was no accident; it was a direct result of American hegemony. But now he is following the European lead and unraveling it.

Europe learned the wrong lessons from the war and the Holocaust. The lesson that Europe decided to take from Auschwitz was that everything was caused by nationalism. European leaders decided that therefore what they really needed was a European Union that would obviate their need for nationalism and prevent another Auschwitz.

One simply must take time to read the rest here.

The frightening part of this all is, while Jimmy Carter showed massive weakness in the face of danger, Obama is showing both weakness, and complicity, an incredibly dangerous combination. On has to wonder what sort of psychosis this mad man suffers.

Not only is he putting the world in peril with his foreign policy and his reluctance, and inability to lead, (along with his hatred for Israel) domestically, he is dividing and destroying the United States, with his war on capitalism, the Constitution, the rule of law, and the American people..

All things considered, Barack Obama may be the most dangerous man in the world.



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Hey Democrats: See You In November!

Thomas Lifson over at American Thinker posted this great video and commentary that says it all:

Democrats and their media allies are counting on voters forgetting the intensity of their opposition to ObamaCare and other elements of the state takeover of parts of American life formerly safely in private hands. “Six months is an eternity in politics,” goes the mantra they chant to reassure themselves that retribution at the polls will not be so terribly bad for them, because, after all, the common folk are pretty stupid and unable to carry an idea for very long.

Dr. Chris Link disagrees. Laughter is a potent remedy to forgetfulness. He has produced, with his family, a charming video based on the pop song “See you in September,” foreseeing the November elections, when America has the opportunity to fire those who have so badly bungled their responsibilities as federal legislators. It is two and a half minutes that will cheer you up:

Nice and light, and a catchy tune us old guys will remember! The best way to save the nation is to vote out every democrat at every level in every contest. None can be trusted. They all proved that with the unconstitutional vote for ObamaCare. They forever killed the myth of the “conservative” or even “moderate” democrat. They are all Marxists devils and must all be removed from office.

November is coming!

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California Lawmaker Targets Sarah Palin, Proves Why State is Such a Mess

by Stacy Drake

Governor Palin is scheduled to speak at the California State University Stanislaus’ 50th Anniversary Gala on June 25th. The CSU press release states:

This is a black-tie fundraising event, hosted by the CSU Stanislaus Foundation.

The evening will begin with a reception at 6 p.m. followed by a five-course dinner and then dancing… Proceeds from this black-tie event will benefit the University.

Needless to say, news of Governor Palin’s appearance didn’t go over too well with certain members of the not-so tolerant, left-wing California educational establishment. We all know what great proponents of free speech leftist college students are these days. An organized faction of CSU students has already set up a Facebook group in “protest” of her selection. I know, shocking isn’t it. Another group of radical leftists are angry that Governor Palin talks and wish that she would just “shut up.” Amateurs

(Left-Wing Radical Cornel West & Senator Leland Yee)

The second highest ranking Democrat of the California State Assembly, Senator Leland Yee (D-San Francisco) is also rather bothered by free speech and is stepping in to, at least make sure Governor Palin’s speaking fee is publicly disclosed. Yeah, because that’s not on ongoing political attack against Sarah Palin or anything, THANK YOU certain bloggers.

Yee said the CSU Stanislaus community is “still reeling from a wave of state budget cuts and student fee increases — deserves to know what the foundation is spending on speaker fees.”

Matt Swanson, president of the foundation’s board of directors points out the major problem with Yee’s premise. Swanson stated that all the money to fund the event would come from private donations, adding: “We don’t use university money or public money for anything, not just this event.” Not to mention the fact that the event is a FUND RAISER, intended to RAISE FUNDS. I’m sure the university will benefit greatly from the gala.

California State Legislature

My beautiful state is home to one of the most inept, corrupt, and ideologically stupid governments in the country. Watching the California State Legislature conduct it’s business is probably a lot like watching drunken teenagers with a stolen credit card and Dad’s car. The last letter I sent to my state representative was to voice my displeasure with her and the others for taking a group trip to Europe to “see how Europeans govern.” I kid you not… That was awhile back but I realize that speaking my mind to these people is akin to telling Nancy Pelosi that you don’t like Obamacare. They could care less about your opinion unless you are handing them large stacks of cash or big blocks of voters they can hook with some sort of entitlement. I am neither, so I rarely ‘contact my representative,’ it’s a waste of time, frankly.

Senator Yee didn’t make the trip to Europe. Instead he and another state senator headed off to Asia at that time, to… I’m not sure, the reporter from the LA Times didn’t ask. It matters not, the taxpayers picked up the tab and nothing was gained by the State of California, as far as I can tell.

I found it entertaining that the man known for his four year crusade to place the letter “M” on video game boxes, missed such a key, yet widely known detail of the foundations event before he went running to the press with his version of ‘Palin Gotcha.’

Perhaps Senator Yee has been spending too much time cruising for prostitutes in the Mission District of San Francisco to make sure his staff covered all of their bases. Maybe he was too busy figuring out new ways to mandate mind-reading for store clerks that not only did he accidentally shoplift a bottle of “Tropical Blend Tan Magnifier oil” but he also forgot to check the California State University Stanislaus’ foundation event policies.

I’m not sure… I do know that Senator Leland Yee is the wrong person to pick a baseless political fight with a giant like Sarah Palin. This state is in serious trouble and it’s jokers like this that got us to this point. Solutions to the financial crisis, the over-crowded prisons, the ridiculous environmental policies, the enormous taxes, the unemployment, all of the problems this states residents face daily are never addressed in the legislature. Instead, we have the second most powerful member of the assembly, who is not a good man by any stretch, addressing speaking fees at a university gala. Is there any wonder why California is such a mess?


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Sarah Palin Endorses Lt Col Allen West And American Heroes Running For Congress Nationwide

In one of the more anticipated moves of this early mid-term election season, Sarah Palin endorsed Florida’s Lt Col Allen West for Congress. Sarah also took the time to highlight all of the heroic Americans who have left military life and now wish to serve our great nation in the capacity of lawmaker.

Along with Lt.Col West, one of the most popular candidates for office this season, Sarah also highlighted the campaigns of Major Vaughn Ward and Captain Adam Kinzinger:

American Heroes Ready and Willing to Serve in Congress

America, if you love your freedom, thank a vet! And if you’re looking for leaders who believe in integrity, service, and country first, look to our veterans.

Last week I campaigned for a true American hero, John McCain, and this week I’d ask you to join me in supporting a new generation of heroes who are heeding their country’s call for leadership in Washington.

There are a number of great veteran candidates running for office this year, and there are some excellent organizations dedicated to helping them, including: Iraq Vets for Congress and Combat Veterans for Congress (please click on the links to visit their websites).

There are three veterans in particular I’ll be supporting this week.

The first is Major Vaughn Ward, a fourth-generation Idaho native who grew up on his family’s farm in Shoshone and is running in Idaho’s 1st Congressional District. Coming from a family with a proud military tradition, Vaughn joined the Marine Corps after college and was finishing up his service when the September 11th attacks occurred.

He put his life on hold and heeded his country’s call – serving first as a CIA Operations Officer and later volunteering with the Marine Corps for a combat tour in Iraq, during which he was awarded the Bronze Star with Combat V. After returning from Iraq, Vaughn went to work for the McCain/Palin campaign. I was grateful for his support then, and I’m happy to support him now because I know that he believes in the same commonsense conservative ideals that we cherish. Vaughn knows that real job growth comes from the private sector, not government.

He believes in free market reforms, tax relief for families and small businesses, and a return to a constitutionally limited government that lives within its means. He’ll carry the conservative banner to Washington and will rein in the reckless growth of government to get it back on our side. And remember, a vote for Vaughn is a vote to remove the gavel from Nancy Pelosi’s grip. Please visit Vaughn’s website here to make a donation to his campaign, and follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

The second veteran is Captain Adam Kinzinger, a decorated special-operations pilot who flew combat missions in Iraq and Afghanistan. Adam is running for Illinois’ 11th Congressional District against a freshman incumbent congresswoman who seemed to pull a bait and switch on voters to get elected.

She sounded like a blue dog on the campaign trail, but didn’t vote like one in Washington. Instead, she voted in lockstep with the Pelosi agenda – on Obamacare, the stimulus, cap-and-tax – and the list goes on. She’s part of the reason for Congress’ 11% approval rating.

Adam is a strong fiscal conservative with a proven track record as a reformer from his years serving on his local county board. Adam started out in local office, and, like many of us, believes in making government more accountable to the people. When you serve in local office, your constituents truly are your neighbors. Adam understands this, and I know that he will listen to his constituents and work for us, not against us, in Washington. Please visit Adam’s website here to make a donation to his campaign, and follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

The third veteran is Lieutenant Colonel Allen West, a decorated war hero who’s served with distinction in combat zones in Iraq and Afghanistan. Many of you may have heard of Allen from a speech he gave last year that became a viral video on YouTube with over 2 million viewers.

Allen’s personal story is a testament to the commonsense conservative belief that our nation’s greatness is rooted in freedom, because with freedom comes equal opportunity, and that, coupled with hard work, leads to success. Allen is a small government fiscal conservative running against a leftwing ideologue who’s marched to the beat of Nancy Pelosi on every issue from cap-and-tax to the stimulus, TARP, and, of course, Obamacare. It’s time to send Allen to Washington in his place. Please visit Allen’s website here to donate to his campaign, and follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

I believe that these great veterans will fight for us in D.C. to uphold and defend our constitution as courageously in the halls of Congress as they did on the field of battle. I’m so honored to offer my support to these American heroes, and I hope you’ll join me in helping them so that they can serve us all in Washington.

– Sarah Palin

Here is the awesome video of Lt Col West speaking that Sarah was talking about. This man is a true patriot and a real leader. He will be a welcome voice of sanity in D.C.

All throughout our nation’s history, in times of peril, real American heroes have stepped forth to serve. We salute all of the brave men and women who sacrifice ever single day so we can be safe and free. These brave heroes that Sarah highlights are a special breed. They answered the call to defend the nation against foreign enemies, and now that great enemies have emerged from within, enemies of freedom, liberty, and the American way, they have once again answered the call of duty.

These are strong leaders who seek to protect the greatest nation on earth, a nation men like them have fought and died for since her founding. They deserve our appreciation, our admiration, and most importantly, our support.

Artwork by the lovely and talented Karen Allen.


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Lloyd Marcus: A Black Man, The Progressive’s Perfect Trojan Horse

Lloyd Marcus is one of the strongest voices in the Tea Party movement. Those in the know understand that the Tea Party is made up of Patriotic Americans from all walks of life. Race, gender, and even political party affiliation, place no barriers on those who love their country and want to stop this out of control, drunk with power President, and Congress.

As Stacy Drake pointed out recently, the radical left, the Marxist-democrats, not only use race as a weapon, they make up stories of racial tension, like those coming from the recent Tea Party protest in Washington, D.C.

By The way, as absolutely zero evidence of racial slurs being hurled at black Congressmen has surfaced, media mogul Andrew Breitbart has raised his reward to $100,000 for the first person who can produce evidence of said incident. The $100,000 reward will go to the Negro College Fund.

You can read Stacy’s report here.

With that in mind, Lloyd Marcus has penned a powerful commentary on the way Barack Obama, and race, has been used to divide and destroy this once united nation.

A Black Man, The Progressive’s Perfect Trojan Horse

As millions of my fellow Americans, I am outraged, devastated and extremely angry by the democrat’s unbelievable arrogance and disdain for We The People. Despite our screaming “no” from the rooftops, they forced Obamacare down our throats. Please forgive me for using the following crude saying, but it is very appropriate to describe what has happened. “Don’t urinate on me and tell me it’s raining.” Democrats say their mission is to give all Americans health care. The democrats are lying. Signing Obamacare into law against our will and the Constitution is tyranny and step one of their hideous goal of having as many Americans as possible dependent on government, thus controlling our lives and fulfilling Obama’s promise to fundamentally transform America.

I keep asking myself. How did our government move so far from the normal procedures of getting things done? Could a white president have so successfully pulled off shredding the Constitution to further his agenda? I think not.

Ironically, proving America is completely the opposite of the evil racist country they relentlessly accuse her of being, progressives used America’s goodness, guilt and sense of fair play against her. In their quest to destroy America as we know it, progressives borrowed a brilliant scheme from Greek mythology. They offered America a modern day Trojan Horse, a beautifully crafted golden shiny new black man as a presidential candidate. Democrat Joe Biden lorded Obama as the first clean and articulate African American candidate. Democrat Harry Reid said Obama only uses a black dialect when he wants.

White America relished the opportunity to vote for a black man naively believing they would never suffer the pain of being called racist again. Black Americans viewed casting their vote for Obama as the ultimate Affirmative Action for America’s sins of the past.

Then there were the entitlement loser voters who said, “I’m votin’ for the black dude who promises to take from those rich SOBs and give to me”.

Just as the deceived Trojans dragged the beautifully crafted Trojan Horse into Troy as a symbol of their victory, deceived Americans embraced the progressive’s young, handsome, articulate and so called moderate black presidential candidate as a symbol of their liberation from accusation of being a racist nation. Also like the Trojan Horse, Obama was filled with the enemy hiding inside.

Sunday, March 21, 2010, a secret door opened in Obama, the shiny golden black man. A raging army of democrats charged out. Without mercy, they began their vicious bloody slaughter of every value, freedom and institution we Americans hold dear; launching the end of America as we know it.

Wielding swords of votes reeking with the putrid odor of back door deals, the democrats landed a severe death blow to America and individual rights by passing Obamacare.

The mainstream liberal media has been relentlessly badgering the Tea Party movement with accusations of racism. Because I am a black tea party patriot, I am bombarded with interviewers asking me the same veiled question.”Why are you siding with these white racists against America’s first African American president?” I defend my fellow patriots who are white stating, “These patriots do not give a hoot about Obama’s skin color. They simply love their country and oppose his radical agenda. Obama’s race is not an issue“.

Recently, I have come to believe that perhaps I am wrong about Obama’s race not being an issue. In reality, Obama’s presidency has everything to do with racism, but not from the Tea Party movement. Progressives and Obama have exploited his race from the rookie senator’s virtually unchallenged presidential campaign to his unprecedented bullying of America into Obamacare. Obama’s race trumped all normal media scrutiny of him as a presidential candidate and most recently even the Constitution of the United States. Obamacare forces all Americans to purchase health care which is clearly unconstitutional.

No white president could get away with boldly and arrogantly thwarting the will of the American people and ignoring laws. President Clinton tried universal health care. Bush tried social security reform. The American people said “no” to both president’s proposals and it was the end of it. So how can Obama get away with giving the American people the finger? The answer. He is black.

The mainstream liberal media continues to portray all who oppose Obama in any way as racist. Despite a list of failed policies, overreaches into the private sector, violations of the Constitution and planned destructive legislation too numerous to mention in this article, many Americans are still fearful of criticizing our first black president. Incredible.

My fellow Americans, you must not continue to allow yourselves to be “played” and intimidated by Obama’s race or the historical context of his presidency. If we are to save America, the greatest nation on the planet, Obama’s progressive agenda must be stopped.

Lloyd Marcus, (black) Unhyphenated American, singer/songwriter, entertainer, author, artist, and Tea Party patriot

Race is a powerful weapon, and the Marxist-democrats, “progressives,” as Marcus calls them, have consistently beat the American people over the head with it for generations. Never mind the fact that it was the American “progressives” who founded the KKK, fought desegregation, and cooked up groups like Planned Parenthood to abort black babies and other “human weeds” as founder Margaret Sanger described blacks and others thought to be “inferior” in her eyes and the eyes of the other “progressives.”

Writers like Karl Marx, the father of communism, and Saul Alinsky, whose Rules for Radicals is the modern day bible for the left, implore disciples of their perverted ideology to use race as a weapon.

This method of oppression is beyond evil.

What the Marxist-democrat party has done to America, by using race as a weapon, and blacks as human shields, is no less as despicable and disgusting than al Qaeda terrorists who hide among civilian populations to avoid being captured or killed. Or Hamas terrorists who hold innocent civilians hostages, while they use their homes as bases to launch missiles into Israel, knowing no one will shoot back, in fear of harming the innocent.

These vile Marxist-democrats, “progressives,” if you will, have divided the American people in ways they would never be naturally. They have divided all of us, because a divided people are an easier people to conquer. These Marxists know if the American people were allowed to just be themselves, without being constantly being assaulted and distracted with race, gender, and class warfare, we would never, ever allow these people to remain in power. In fact, without this evil war on the nation, these Marxist devils would have never gotten their foot in the door in the first place.

In order to succeed, the Marxists must turn the American people against one another, for if we are all separated, and fighting each other, we won’t be able to fight them. It is the work of the devil himself. We must no longer fall into these traps set for us by these anti-American elements. We must unite in the common cause of ridding this nation of this ideology.

The worst purveyors of this disgusting practice are the Marxist-democrats’ media partners in general, and MSNBC in particular. Their hosts and commentators go out of their way to stir up racial tensions where there are none. They never miss an opportunity to proclaim that Tea Party patriots, and Sarah Palin supporters are all “white.” When they aren’t calling patriotic Americans “teabaggers” that is. Obviously, this is an incredible lie.

Again, anyone who is involved with the Tea Party movement knows the only requirement to join is a love for this great country, the Constitution, and the rule of law.

With that in mind, the Dallas Tea Party recently invited one of MSNBC’s leading race baiters, Keith Olbermann, to attend their one year anniversary:

Randy Haddock was so incensed he put together his own video in protest of MSNBC’s vile, divisive agenda along with some great commentary, which you can read here.

If you want to see real racism, make sure you check out the comments from “progressives” on these two videos. You’ll find out really quick who the real racists are!

It’s time to say “to hell” with these race baiting Marxist-democrat “progressives” and their vile and distasteful attempts to divide and destroy the nation. No longer should we allow the threat of being called a racist to control us and make us timid about speaking out against the great injustices that have been done to us, the American people, by the Marxist-democrat “progressive” movement.

I don’t know what everyone else sees, but when I see Barack Obama, I don’t see black, I see red. Red, as in the universal color of communism, world wide.

BTW, if you have never had the pleasure of hearing Lloyd Marcus sing..enjoy his American Tea Party Anthem:

Here Lloyd Marcus sings the beautiful and inspiring 2010:

To hear more of these patriotic songs, check out Lloyd’s You Tube channel LloydMarcusUSA.

You can also check out Lloyd Marcus’ website as well as his new book Confessions of a Black Conservative: How the Left has shattered the dreams of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Black America here.


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Ted Nugent: Vote The Pigs Out, Stop The Communist Take Over Of America

We like Ted Nugent. Besides being an incredible guitarist, entertainer, sportsman, and conservationist, he is a true patriot. Like most Americans, Ted loves this country and is deeply angered by what is going on, and he ain’t pulling any punches!

Appearing on Your World With Neil Cavuto, Ted discusses the communists who have wrested power from the people and usurped the Constitution as part of their ongoing coup d’état against the American people and the Republic.

Listen while Ted describes the Marxist-democrats’ actions in Washington, DC as an “orgy of waste and abuse of power.”

What Obama, and his out of control thug Congress, have done to America is unforgivable. These people are not fit for office. We must take back Congress and in my opinion start prosecuting the Senators and Congressmen who have taken illegal back room deals, crafted unconstitutional legislation, against the will of the American people, and voted to pass this tyrannical legislation without even reading it.

These vile men and women are traitors and should be dealt with accordingly. And, as Barack Obama is at the forefront of these treasonous acts, he must be impeached. Obama has violated his oath to the Constitution and the American people. He has violated the sacred trust we, as Americans, place in our President.

These acts a far too egregious to simply allow these criminals to slink away, under the cover of darkness, after their electoral defeat.

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The Wonderful Defiance of Sarah Palin

by Stacy Drake

Politico reported yesterday that last week was a bad week for the Tea Party movement. I think considering the passage of the Obamacare bill, the dirty tricks and warped journalism conducted by the media to demonize regular American citizens for speaking their minds, and the other horrifying news about our economic troubles, that it was actually a bad week for the country.

Then there was Saturday…

Ten thousand patriotic American’s gathered in the Nevada desert to take a stand for the Constitution and to tell Washington that they are not going to sit back quietly while the federal government continues it’s power grab, it’s wrong-headed economic plans, and it’s backwards foreign policy. It was an act of pure defiance in the face of the media that just conducted an all-out campaign to marginalize the grassroots movement.

Governor Palin was the keynote speaker at the event in Searchlight. Her words rang true and hit a chord given the fact that she had been in the same line of fire by the media smear machine. The press used a Facebook statement she released highlighting congressional seats that her PAC is targeting in the November election. Horror of horrors, she used cross-hairs to mark places on the map. Last I checked, cross-hairs were used to mark a spot not entirely for shooting purposes. She also posted on Twitter an “insidious” metaphor, “Don’t Retreat, Instead – RELOAD!”

Watching the media and certain lawmakers twist Governor Palin’s message would be comical if it didn’t so clearly display the troubling relationship between the media and the current government. A relationship that needs to be called out for what it is and watched closely.

It’s very troubling considering the media was repeating the ridiculous notion that Governor Palin had incited something (nothing documented) and that it was actually the media who were inciting their own left-wing base! Reported only in the right-of-center blogoshpere, were REAL death threats against Governor Palin and her family posted on Twitter by some lefty maniac. CNN’s silence on these threats was expected considering their new role of being watchdogs OF the citizenry FOR the government.

Governor Palin’s message to the media and to the left that she delivered at the Tea Party rally in Nevada was clear.

‘We’re not going to sit down and shut up!’

Which is clearly the goal of the media and the left. They are trying to salvage the reputation of this administration in the eyes of the independents that helped put them in power. They obviously feel the best way to do that is to keep independent eyes and ears away from our message. Demonizing and marginalizing any messenger of that message. I do believe they are seriously undermining the intelligence of independent American’s.
Fool me once…

I had originally planned to write a piece today about the wonderful defiance of the Tea Party and of Sarah Palin. Before I could complete the write-up, proving to be on the same page with her base, Governor Palin posted yet another act of defiance to her Facebook page. A brilliant note regarding “March Madness” basketball, laced with metaphors sure to make the left’s skin crawl.
Titled, “Warning: Subject to New Politically Correct Language Police Censorship”
She wrote:

March Madness battles rage! My family and I join millions of Americans enjoying college basketball’s finest through March Madness. Underdogs always get my vote as we watch intense competition bring out the best in these accomplished teams.

The Final Four is an intense, contested series (kind of like a heated, competitive primary election), so best of luck to all teams, and watch for this principle lived out: the team that wins is the team that wants it more.

To the teams that desire making it this far next year: Gear up! In the battle, set your sights on next season’s targets! From the shot across the bow – the first second’s tip-off – your leaders will be in the enemy’s crosshairs, so you must execute strong defensive tactics. You won’t win only playing defense, so get on offense! The crossfire is intense, so penetrate through enemy territory by bombing through the press, and use your strong weapons – your Big Guns – to drive to the hole. Shoot with accuracy; aim high and remember it takes blood, sweat and tears to win.

Focus on the goal and fight for it. If the gate is closed, go over the fence. If the fence is too high, pole vault in. If that doesn’t work, parachute in. If the other side tries to push back, your attitude should be “go for it.” Get in their faces and argue with them. (Sound familiar?!) Every possession is a battle; you’ll only win the war if you’ve picked your battles wisely. No matter how tough it gets, never retreat, instead RELOAD!

Right there is one of the key reasons I support Sarah Palin. Her complete unwillingness to back down in the face of the attacks and smears put out by the press and their masters in the Democrat party. She takes their attacks, turns them on their heads, and aims it directly back at her attackers. That’s why it is usually the media and the left that end up looking bad at the end of the day.

Watching the massive distortion campaign by the media last week honestly gave me feelings of frustration on a level I had never felt before. It was such an apparent coordinated effort to demonize people for simply exercising their rights of free speech and an ability to think for themselves. The message back to the media attack machine from patriotic American’s and from Sarah Palin is a loud resounding, NO! ‘We are not going to sit down and shut up’ and by the way, we are ‘RELOADING’ too!


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Silly Democrats (And Media): “Sarah Palin Is Going To Shoot Us”…Or Something

If you haven’t noticed, and how could you not, this week the Marxist-democrat party has given it’s partners in the media the job of scaring the American people with tales of “violence” against them. Doing what they do best, they are playing the victim.

It all started last week when the race baiters in the Marxist-democrat party claimed members of the Tea Party called them “ni**gers.” Funny thing, Stacy Drake, and everyone else, have poured over video from every angle and locations of the claimed insults, and as expected, you can’t hear the “N” word at any time. Just peaceful protesters yelling “Kill the bill!” Read Stacy’s take here.

Last night, on the Sean Hannity Show, S.E. Cupp announced that Andrew Breitbart and others have offered a $10,000 reward, which will go to the Negro College Fund, for anyone who can bring actual evidence the “N” word was ever uttered.

Funny thing, the media, and even members of Congress have absolutely no problems calling patriotic members of the Tea Party movement “teabaggers.” For the more gentle readers, “teabagging” is slang for a rather vulgar sex act. Again, tune into any of the Marxist-democrat’s media partners, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, the print partners, left wing blogs, and so on, and you will always see patriotic Americans referred to as “teabaggers.”

Basically, the Marixist-democrats effort to smear the peaceful Tea Party protesters have failed.

Once again, they and their media partners have been caught lying to the American people. Note to the media, especially CNN and MSNBC. There’s a reason why the Cartoon Channel is pulling in more viewers than your two networks combined!

Lying is standard practice for Marxists, communists, and socialists. So is staging false “attacks” to blame others. All of the operators manuals from Karl Marx’s books to Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” teach their disciples to go out and be agents provocateur.

The Nazis used these techniques very effectively, so did the communists in Russia. On a larger scale, both Hitler and the Japanese staged sabotage incidents in order to fabricate a reason to invade other nations.

How many times have we seen stories of nooses hung on some black Marxist’s door knob at an indoctrination center (university) or some other conspicuous place, only to find out later that it was the Marxists themselves that placed it there? This sort of thing happens all of the time.

Now let’s look at the latest jackassery from the lying Marxist-democrats and their media partners in their coordinated effort to scare the American people.

This started a few days ago when Lawrence O’Donnell went into an insane rant that is standard practice over at MSNBC. Jeff Hedgpeth at News Real Blog brings us this:

Lawrence O’Donnell is as Scared as a Little Girl of Guns and Mean Old Sarah Palin

Correct me if I’m wrong, because I’m not, but didn’t David Plouffe say that Democrats needed to avoid “bed-wetting” in 2010? Perhaps someone failed to get the message to MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell. Substituting for the equally large-headed Keith Olbermann, O’Donnell said on Tuesday in an over-the-top dramatic fashion,

Sarah Palin’s rhetoric gets even more incendiary…She announces her list of Democrats to target and she uses cross hairs, gun cross hairs to target them

O’Donnell, last seen losing all semblance of journalistic integrity (not to mention his mind), on Morning Joe while interviewing Marc A. Thiessen, read the above words as though Sarah Palin was going to pull out a rifle, climb in a helicopter, and start shooting Democrats from the skies.

It is amazing that even when the far-Left wins it still wets itself in fear over imagined threats. Mr. O’Donnell, beyond recommending decaf, I would suggest you make an occasional visit to the real world where people use analogies and don’t mean them literally. And Lawrence, I know guns scare beltway Liberals but the rest of us know how to use them and aren’t scared by them.

By the way, if someone shoots a response to you, you don’t need to duck – or wet the bed.

Although Barack Obama has broken every single promise of making his government transparent, the Marxists are incredibly transparent. They always overreach. If they had left O’Donnell’s cartoonish rant stand on it’s on, they might have had something, but these people can’t help themselves. So we are seeing silliness like this that was published in the Anchorage Daily News:

Palin’s firearms-themed rhetoric called dangerous

RELOAD!” Sarah Palin shouted at right-wing supporters via Twitter on Tuesday after President Obama signed the House health care bill. On her Facebook page, she posted a U.S. map with crosshair targets in states where she’s planning to campaign against moderate Democrats who voted in favor of the health insurance overhaul. “We’ll aim for these races,” she wrote, in the “first salvo” leading up to the midterm elections. A few liberal commentators don’t find that kind of rhetoric amusing.

Rob Kezelis, Capitol Hill Blue: Honestly, where in any decent, civilized society is there room for Sarah’s latest tweet, “Don’t retreat, RELOAD!“? While some may dismiss that as silly rhetoric, or even humor, it is anything but. One only has to recall some of the weirder moments during the last presidential campaign, especially the Sarah Palin rallies. Some of those people were not only whacked-out, conspiracy nuts, they were more than willing to take “justice” as they define it, and use whatever means necessary to achieve it, including violence. And they are armed.

Margo Howard, The Women on the Web: I would not find it surprising if someone from the Department of Justice rang [Palin] up to advise her that what she is doing is inciting violence – which is a federal offense. As if it weren’t bad enough that people were spitting on legislators, yelling epithets and wearing sidearms into Starbucks, here comes Sarah Palin using the language of guns … and this in a country that has seen political assassinations in our lifetime. Hate speech, anyone? I would suggest to McCain’s Mistake that she, well, think before she speaks. Or better yet, just stop talking.

Rep. Steve Israel (D-NY), on Twitter: Reload? @SarahPalinUSA Is your choice of words inciteful or ignorant?

Joan Walsh, Most (but probably not all) Palin supporters may insist the tuckered-out former Alaska governor meant “reload” metaphorically. But in a country where angry right-wingers carry guns to see the president speak, and spit on African-American congressmen, I thought it was a chilling statement. Will any Republican denounce Palin’s language?

Rachel Maddow, MSNBC: The armed and dangerous theme isn‘t just in the streets and at the protests. It‘s now the vernacular by which supposedly mainstream conservative politicians address their followers.

Jeffrey Feldman, Huffington Post: Palin’s rifle scope map is the kind of image one might expect to see in an ad for a violent, first-person shooter video game. Again, neither the language nor the imagery Palin uses are neutral. For Palin, the concepts of political “organizing” and “volunteering” are recast as the functions of a rifle. “Campaigning” is re-imagined as a counterassault on a war battlefield. Even more disturbing, Palin re-imagines the traditional U.S. map as a military kill list. Engaging in election politics is framed as violent assault.

When seen in the context of this violent rhetoric by the highest-profile figures in the Republican Party, recent calls for gun violence seen at Tea Party rallies on Capital Hill take on new meaning.

Jed Lewison, Daily Kos: Of all the images to convey about her movement, it is revealing that Sarah Palin chose one associated with violence. Palin’s rhetoric comes amidst a surge in right-wing extremism, a time during which she should be urging cooler heads to prevail instead of fueling the most radical elements of her base. … I don’t care how much money Sarah Palin might want to make off her political celebrity, if she were the patriot she claims to be, she’d be doing everything in her power to rein in the rising tide of right-wing extremism.

Holy over-the-top crazy Batman! These moonbats are beyond pathetic! And could they BE more obvious with this? We know the White House sends out talking points to their media partners daily. You think they’d try and mix it up, rather than everyone saying the same thing at the same time. Marxists are evil, but they aren’t all that smart.

As you notice, they quote the biggest left wing hacks out there including those from vile hate sites like the Huffington Post and Daily Kos. These are two hate filled websites that publish attacks on women, children, whoever they disagree with. Kos is particularly vile and throws regular celebrations when a Conservative gets sick or dies.

I will never forget the celebration they held when well respected, and much loved, journalist and White House Press Secretary Tony Snow was battling cancer, and ultimately lost that battle. Tony was one of the classiest, most decent guys around, and the left wing thought it an occasion to dance on his grave. Pure evil.

Anyhow, Back to Sarah. The sane among us know that it was Sarah’s dad, Chuck who first said, after Sarah stepped down, that she wasn’t retreating, she was reloading. Normal Americans knew what Chuck was saying, and when Sarah started saying it, we got it then, too. Sarah was stepping back, regrouping, resetting. Getting ready for the big battle ahead.

This is for the odd Obama supporter who might wander in and read this:

Chuck, Sarah, and well… pretty much every Alaskan, owns a gun.

Most own a lot of guns. People in Alaska hunt for their food, and are taught weaponology at an early age. With that, comes a certain vernacular.

Every sport has it’s own language and those that follow it take up the language of it. For example fans of baseball may describe a job well done as a “home run.” Football fans may talk about “tackling a problem at work.” Hmmm, that brings up all sorts of “violent” images doesn’t it? I’m a racer, we talk about “hammering the throttle.” That could be violent. In fact, in drag racing we describe launches by their degree of “violence.” Oh my.

OK, enough of that, back to our regular readers:

Reloading is a fairly benign and generic term. In fact, Hollywood uses it, or variations of it all of the time. I went over to the Internet Movie Database, the absolute authority on all things movie and television. I plugged “reloaded” into the search and found some interesting titles including The Matrix Reloaded, The Osbournes Reloaded, MTV Reloaded, Dominatrix Reloaded, and my favorite, Barney Cam II: Barney Reloaded.

This is one scary dog!

Then we found an even scarier movie: Herbie Fully Loaded!

See, I told you. Isn’t this called “shooting paint“?

Talk about fully loaded! Those are dangerous. You could put out an eye or something!

Look, these people, the Marxist-democrats and their media partners, are idiots. They are also incredibly disingenuous. Not only was nothing done when a couple of losers in North Hollywood hung Sarah Palin in effigy, at Halloween 2008, the media picked it up and Marxist-democrats cheered them on!

When decent people complained, nothing was done, and they were told the homeowners were just “exercising their free speech rights.” Try hanging Obama in effigy and see how far that gets you!

Google “Kill George Bush” and you will find all sorts of violent images. There were even movies made, and hailed as great pieces of work, where Bush was assassinated. Try that with Obama!

Truth is…all of the real violence comes from the left. Remember, one of Barack Obama’s close friends, mentors, and the ghostwriter of his first book, is the ultra-violent Bill Ayers, an unrepentant domestic terrorist who set off fire bombs nationwide in police stations, at Army recruiting centers, The US Capitol Building, the Pentagon, and even the private home of a judge! All in an effort to overthrow the government.

Ayers of course, is married to Bernardine Dohrn, a former member of the FBI’s Most Wanted. She was once called the “most dangerous woman in America” by the agency. She was tried and convicted for her part in a failed Brinks robbery that left security guards and police dead.

These two used to babysit the Obama’s kids!

Dohrn was helping another violent group at the time of the slaughter, the Black Panthers. And yes, this is the same Black Panthers whose members were convicted of voter intimidation after the 2008 presidential election when they showed up at a polling place armed to the teeth and sporting paramilitary uniforms. And yeah, this is the same Black Panthers whose convictions were overturned by Obama’s Attorney General, Eric Holder.

Violence and Marxism go hand and had. We’ve seen plenty of protests by left wing groups turn violent. We’ve watched the Code Pink anti-war protesters violently attack Condi Rice and others. Hell, the democrats actually slipped a couple of the Code Pink crazies into a Senate hearing just so they could attack Rice, who just happened to be black, BTW. These loons got within inches of Dr Rice, screaming and covered in fake blood!

There are more examples though. During the 2008 campaign Obama repeatedly told his supporters to “get in their faces” as a tactic to argue that he was “The One.”

That sort of thing followed the Chicago street thug into office. Last summer, at the height of the town hall protests Obama gathered his minions and implored them to “punch back twice as hard.”

In response, Obama’s purple shirted union thugs from the SEIU promptly showed up at a town hall meeting in St Louis. There these thugs found a black man, Kenneth Gladney, outside selling Gadesen Flags and other patriotic goodies. These union thugs pounced on Gladney, and beat him unconscious, all the while shouting “ni**er” and other obscenities.

Look we can go on forever with this deal, but the American people know the truth. All of the violence you see at protests all of the heated rhetoric comes from the leftists, the Marxists. It’s in their blood, it’s how they operate.

There are a couple of things at work here. First, the Marxist-democrats, lead by Obama, just passed the most unpopular law in American history. Three out of every four Americans are against it. Those are big numbers. While not violent, the American people are angry. They are as angry as they have ever been, and don’t kid yourself, this includes pre-1776 anger!

The democrats need a distraction, and they need it bad. They need something their media partners can make some headlines with. Anything to try and take America’s mind off the fact they just had their freedom and liberty destroyed. Anything to distract from the usurpation of the Constitution. Anything to distract from the ongoing coup d’état that is being attempted by Obama and his thugs.

As Tammy Bruce pointed out yesterday, the Marxist-democrats are also using this nonsense to gin up donations. Seventy-five percent of the nation is strongly against these people and their plans. They have lost the nation. They have also lost millions of donors and their much needed dollars. This phoney-baloney cooked up controversy is a pathetic attempt at raising funds from the mind-numbed zombies that make up the base of their party. Read more here.

And of course, they are focusing on Sarah, she is the left’s bete noire, she is the one person who can and will take these people down, and they know it.

Look, this isn’t to diminish the efforts of anyone else. There have emerged a good number of real leaders among the Republicans in Washington, but it was Sarah Palin’s gutsy performances, her never give up stance, that has embolden others. Sarah Palin is the leader of the FREE world, and the Marxist-democrats all know it, from Obama on down.

The Marxists fear Sarah. In case you forgot, many of Obama’s top advisors, including Pete Rouse and Anita Dunn come from Alaska. They have seen Sarah in action, firsthand. They know for a fact that she is a capable leader and a true reformer. They know she was fearless when she took on corruption at all levels, including corruption in her own party. They know she was fearless when she stood toe to toe with executives from Big Oil and told them how it was going to be!

They also know That Sarah is completely and totally unimpressed with Barack Obama. Unlike many, she isn’t going to handle him with kid gloves. Sarah doesn’t feel the need to be gentle or “diplomatic.”

Something else. Sarah Palin lives in a bi-racial marriage. Her children are bi-racial. She doesn’t feel that timidity others feel when it comes to getting tough with our bi-racial President. And sadly, for the Marxists, it’s pretty hard to call someone in Sarah Palin’s position racist and make it stick. That age old Alinsky tactic won’t work with her.

The day John McCain introduced Sarah Palin to the world, is the day the Obama campaign ceased running against John McCain. If you go back and look at all over the coverage, and all of the efforts by the Obama team, and their media partners, you’ll see from that day forward, the bulk of the effort was aimed at Sarah Palin.

Obama’s own campaign team immediately elevated Sarah to Obama’s level of importance and stature. Of course, most of us know that in the grand scheme of things, Sarah is far more important and has way more stature than this little “community organizer” from Chicago.

Always has, always will.

We all know, that should she wish, the 2012 Republican nomination is Sarah Palin’s for the asking. She is the one true leader of the American people. The Marxist-democrats know this as well.

They also know Obama is done. He has made himself completely and totally unelectable with the passage of ObamaCare. So have most, if not all of the Marxist-democrats currently occupying offices in Congress. They are finished. Their only hope, only chance of seeing their outrageous programs continue is for the GOP to elect their usual “squishy” type of presidential candidate, who would not be bold enough to really tinker with their mess.

Sarah Palin, on the other hand, will come in and clean house. They know it. They know, first hand, what she did in Alaska and how many corrupt politicians ended up in prison. They know Sarah will serve the people, not their buddies in the labor unions or the trial lawyers.

They know she will trim the fat and run a tight ship. She will rebuild our relationships with our allies that Obama has destroyed, and will be hard core with our enemies, that Obama has coddled.

In short, Sarah has already strengthened the Republican brand. Not only is she the real deal, but her passion and, her strength has emboldened other strong Republicans, who are also reenforcing the once sagging brand. That’s is the real danger Sarah represents to the Marxist-democrats. Sarah inspires. Sarah emboldens. With Sarah Palin as President the entire nation will be inspired to get back to our roots, to get back on the solid path our Founders put us on.

Much like Ronald Reagan defeated the Soviets, the “evil empire,” Sarah will defeat the Marxists in this country and stop our march toward communism. Generations worth of destruction caused by these people will be reversed.

Obama and his crew know this. They also know that their defeat is eminent. They are all dead men walking, politically. Their only hope for their un-American policies to survive is to defeat Sarah Palin and hope the GOP nominates it’s usual establishment candidate, who will embrace Big Government.

You know, as I finish this, there are a lot of endings I could throw out there, but I ran across a couple of photos that say it all when it comes to the differences between Sarah Palin and Barack Obama:

Our next President:

Our current model:


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Top Democrat: It’s Taken A Long Time To Control The People

Marxist democrats say the darndest things, and I’m not talking about Mr Gaffetastic, Joe “Big F****ing Deal” Biden who is liable to say anything, at anytime. Two words: Impeachment insurance!

No…this time I’m talking about a working Marxist communist, Congressman John Dingell, who is absolute proof we need term limits and we need them yesterday. This guy has been a member of the House of Representatives since 1955 and his dad held the seat before that.

Peter Barry Chowka from the American Thinker brings us this:

Rep. Dingell: It’s taken a long time to ‘control the people’

Rep. John Dingell (D-MI), the Dean of the House of Representatives for being the longest serving member of the body (he was first elected in 1955, succeeding his father, Rep. John Dingell, Sr.), made an amazing admission during a live telephone interview with Detroit WJR News/Talk 760 radio talk show host Paul W. Smith on Smith’s show Monday morning, March 22, 2010. The night before, Dingell had been a featured speaker at the Democrat Congressional leadership victory press conference after Obamacare passed the House.

In response to a question posed by Smith, Dingell said:

Let me remind you this [Americans allegedly dying because of lack of universal health care] has been going on for years. We are bringing it to a halt. The harsh fact of the matter is when you’re going to pass legislation that will cover 300 [million] American people in different ways it takes a long time to do the necessary administrative steps that have to be taken to put the legislation together to control the people.

The comment by Dingell begins 6 minutes 23 seconds into the twelve minute-long podcast of his interview on Smith’s radio show. The podcast is titled “Congressman John Dingell tells Paul W. Smith he is thrilled with the passage of the health care bill.” It can be streamed or downloaded as an mp3 audio file from this page at WJR’s Web site.

In his defense, Congressman Dingell has said he was “tired” when he said this. Yeah, too tired to censor himself! Marxist-democrats will always tell you the truth if you listen long enough, even though they don’t mean to.

Anyhow, this poster child for term limits is just another in a long line of democrats to admit their real goal in life is to control every minute detail of your existence, because, you know, there are like smart and stuff!

These sociopaths have a disorder that makes them think that only they know what is right, and only they should have a say.

There’s a problem with this, of course, because Americans are freedom loving people.We were born into liberty, freedom, and the American way. We are the most unique people on earth, and blessed to be born in the only truly free civil society in human history. That’s a bad deal if you are a Marxist, because you can’t just impose your will on people. You must force them to conform to you misguided fantasies of how things should be.

Anyway we are glad that Congressman Dingell finally admits what we have been saying since Obama started us on this odyssey. ObamaCare isn’t about “health care reform” it’s about usurping the Constitution and establishing a different form of government. A centrally located command and control style of government, ran by a handful of “elites” without the consent of the people.

What has happened with ObamaCare is nothing less than a coup d’état. This was passed without the consent of the governed. Never before has a bill this unpopular been attempted, let alone forced on the American public.

Obviously, this isn’t over, and we shall prevail.

Thankfully, there is someone running against Dingell, this crusty old Marxist from the Eisenhower era. There is a solid Conservative, Dr. Rob Steele, who has thrown his hat in the ring.

Steele is among a growing list of physicians who are joining the fight. Of course, the Republican Party has a number of physicians among it’s ranks that serve in the House and the Senate, unlike the Marxist-democrat party, which is dominated by trial lawyers.

Anyhow, Dr Steele is a cardiologist from Superior Township. Michigan Capitol Confidential had this to say:

Like Conservative Party candidate Douglas Hoffman in New York’s 23rd Congressional District and Republican Scott Brown in Massachusetts, Steele hopes his campaign can garner national support.

Our general intention is to turn this into a national race with him (Dingell) being the poster child for everything that is wrong with Congress,” Steele said.

With no prior political experience, Steele says that is to his advantage.

We can’t expect a career politician who caused all the problems to fix them,” Steele said. “I’m not looking at this as some long-term thing. I’m not going to be there 20 years from now.”

Steele was a founding shareholder of Michigan Heart, P.C. and serves as the chair of the finance committee and benefits committee.

He has been a vocal critic of President Barack Obama’s health care reform proposals and has spoke at forums as an expert. Steele said he considers himself an independent. He said he held a 1994 GOP fundraiser and hadn’t given to the Republican Party since then until the fall of 2009. Steele said he was more interested “in ideas than party.”

Steele starts out behind Dingell in funding. According to the Federal Election Commission, Dingell has $622,587 in his campaign as of Dec. 31.

District 15 includes Washtenaw, Monroe and Wayne counties, as well as Ypsilanti, Ann Arbor, Dearborn Heights and Romulus.

Steele is married. His wife, Phyllis Boniface, is a psychiatrist. They have four children.

Ideas before party…this sounds like someone Sarahcuda would be very interested in. I know the American people will be. If there was ever a cat that needed our support, this is our man. As I wrote yesterday we need to defeat each and every democrat, at each and every level, but some democrats, like Dingell deserve our special attention. These old Marxists have been growing moss in Congress for too long.

Congress, especially the House, but the Senate as well, was supposed to be inhabited by citizen legislators who came to serve, did their service, and went home. They were also supposed to live under the rules they imposed on us. This has been an epic fail on both accounts. Not only are these people coming to D.C. and staying until they are carried out feet first, they are writing laws, like ObamaCare, and exempting themselves and their cronies (labor unions, trial lawyers, etc.) from the ramifications. It is completely and totally corrupt.

Since it doesn’t look like we’ll have a constitutional amendment any time soon to fix this big problem, it looks like we will just have to work hard a defeat these relics, these hold overs from the glory days when Saul Alinsky and his kind still wandered the streets of Chicago.

Send Dr Steele some love and some cold hard cash. Much better than having Obama’s new IRS stooges take it from you! You can check out Dr Steele and his campaign here.

While we are at it, let’s not forget Dr Dan Benisheck, also from Michigan, who is running against Bart Stupak, the man who betrayed the nation, and God knows how many unborn babies, for an airport. Stop by Dr. Dan’s Facebook page here and check him out. Dr. Dan has rapidly become an internet sensation!

Of course, this episode of “Marxist-Democrats Say The Darndest Things” wouldn’t be complete without a stroll through some greatest hits.

Sunday night, in all of his glee the Reverend Al Sharpton popped up for his usual appearance on the Geraldo Rivera show on Fox. Sharpton, couldn’t contain himself and admitted that, yeah, Obama is a socialist and “the people voted for socialism.”

Of course, who could forget the wonderful Newsweek cover we were treated to after Obama was elected:

Or the inevitable “revised for accuracy” photoshopped model:

Another old favorite is Marxist Maxine Waters. Here she is seen giving the “evil” oil executives hell. Marxist-democrats have never been, nor will ever be, accused of being smart. Waters is wearing out the oil executives when oil prices were at an all time high. The oil companies were wanting to open up more areas for exploration, you know, because of the age old supply and demand thing. Of course, that sort of complicated thinking is well beyond the capability for Waters, or any other Marxist.

True to form, not hearing what she wanted to hear, Waters throws a hissy-fit and exclaims she will just “socialize” the oil business, because, you know, that has worked out so well every time it’s been tried. The hilarity starts though when Maxine realizes, for the first time in her life, she has told the truth, and spilled the beans about the Marxists’ true intentions. The stuttering alone is worth the time to view the video:


More and more of these come out all of the time, and frankly, since Obama has become President, and these old Marxist revolutionary types feel emboldened, look for many more of these folks to finally let the mask fall.

Take this guy for example: When Obama caught heat for his anti-American, anti-Semitic, preacher, the Reverend Jeremiah “God Damn America” Wright, he threw his preacher, and mentor, of over 20 years squarely under the bus.

Well, Obama needed a new “spiritual advisor” so he picked this guy:

Wallis is a long time Marxist. The old revolutionary type. He of course, like many, perverts the Word of God to peddle his nonsense. BTW, isn’t it odd that all of the people who scream “separation of church and state” at the top of their lungs are silent when it comes to Marist loons like Reverend Wright and Reverend Wallis?

Andrew Breitbart and Naked Emperor News have uncovered some video of The Reverend Wallis extolling the virtue of the communist lifestyle. Check it out here.

Naked Emperor News has hours upon hours of this sort of thing on video, which you can check out here.

When I was growing up, communism was considered the most evil thing ever to infect society, and with good reason. Never mind the fact that as an ideology, it has failed every time it has been tried. Like Margaret Thatcher once noted: “Socialism is fine, until you run out of other people’s money.”

Since Obama has become President he has spent more money than all of the previous 43 Presidents were able to do in 233 years combined, and most of his spending has been on the nation’s credit card. In other words, deficit spending. As a nation, we were already about to run out of other people’s money, before Obamacare became a reality.

Marxism, communism, always results in the enslavement of the people who live under this type of government, and as the system fails, people’s lives collapse around them.

What saddens me, as we approach the 100th birthday of the Great Ronald Reagan, the man who defeated the “evil empire,” we now have this evil squarely entrenched in power here in America.

We can beat these people though. Just as Reagan, with the help of Maggie Thatcher and Pope John Paul, defeated the Soviets, the “evil empire,” Americans can band together and beat the evil that has infected our nation.

Again, we need to defeat each and every democrat in each and every election, and with that said, let’s kick that off by helping Dr. Rob Steele defeat John Dingell and Dr. Dan Benisheck defeat Bart Stupak. We can also help Sarah Palin defeat the 20 she has targeted as well.

In 1948 John Southerland, creator of the “Fun Facts About America” series of films, produced a film called “Make Mine Freedom” that illustrates the American way of life, and warns of the evils of communism. You will no doubt see a character who reminds you of a certain someone selling “hope and change.”

We present it now for your viewing pleasure:


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Sarah Palin is NOT Getting a “Reality Show!”

by Stacy Drake

Mainstream media types are falling all over themselves mischaracterizing a project Governor Palin is working on with Mark Burnett to produce a documentary. Reuters reported Monday, along with the typical inaccurate headline of “Sarah Palin near deal for reality show

Sources say Discovery Communications has edged out rival A&E Networks in the bidding for the project, “Sarah Palin’s Alaska.” An agreement could be announced in the next few days.

Although travelogues are on-brand for the Discovery flagship, having Palin as a centerpiece also makes the show a fit for mom-friendly TLC. Clearly nature docs are still viable for the company — Discovery’s latest effort in the genre, the miniseries “Life,” just debuted to 11.8 million viewers on Sunday night.

The high-definition program will be shot in a style similar to “Life” and “Planet Earth” and will feature the 2008 Republican vice presidential candidate acting as a guide to the Alaskan outdoors. When it was commissioned by the BBC at a cost of $25 million, the 11-part “Planet Earth” was considered the most expensive documentary the network had ever made. Discovery Communications had no comment.

That is not exactly a “reality show” now is it? A” travelogue” in the style of the Discovery Channel’s “Life” or “Planet Earth” is a little different than watching problem ridden B actors, on their last leg of stardom, self-destruct before a voyeuristic audience.

I don’t watch much television but I did catch part of the new “Life” documentary on Discovery the other night. It was interesting and very well produced. Anyone that knows me will tell you that I wouldn’t waste my time watching reality t.v. or tabloid gossip shows. Documentaries are a much different variety of entertainment that usually include some sort of educational attributes.

So why do I have no trouble making the distinction between two very different forms of programing while story after story keeps coming from the press that repeats the meme that Governor Palin is getting some “reality show?”… Because I am not a leftist disguised as a journalist pushing an agenda to prospective voters. Unfortunately many in the public still believe an objective press exists but the journalists that can still claim that mantle honestly, are few and far between.

I am not some conspiracy theorist nor am I just some media hater. If you glance at my bio you’ll see that I have been in the industry myself (not as a journalist) for a decade. I know these people. They are leftists, they are biased, and they use their positions to push an agenda. They do so with impunity within their own ranks, and they do so daily.

James Carville said in regards to Governor Palin after the presidential election in 2008, that they, the democrats “liked her” and that they wanted to “tabloid her up.” So the media being the water carriers that they are for the Democrat Party, repeats the message anyway they can to try to make it ‘stick’ within the public’s conscience. It’s dirty, it’s deceptive, it’s dishonest, and it’s not going to work anymore.

Everyday more and more people wise up to the media’s tricks. There is too much access to alternate forms of information to let these people go on with their agenda driven reporting without paying a price. Whether they are paying the price in their markets or they are generally seen as having little or no credibility with the people of this nation. I hate to break it to them but the backlash hasn’t even begun to hit them yet. I’m in the odd position of working for an industry that, if it ever did collapse, I know it would be just. Personally I would rather see them just change their ways but I’m not holding my breath on that one.

Governor Palin is a savvy business woman. She absolutely loves Alaska and quite obviously wants to share it with those of us down here in the lower 48 and around the world for that matter. Combine that with the talent of Mark Burnett and you have the ingredients to make a great documentary. Nothing trashy, nothing trite, nothing like the image the media is trying to portray. Sarah Palin is much classier, more talented, and a far better person than those in the press could ever hope to be. She is a strong leader, a true patriot, and someone the media cannot tear down no matter how badly they try.


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