Sarah Palin Speaks to a Full House in Calgary

by Stacy Drake

Around twelve hundred people gathered in Calgary, Canada Saturday night to hear Governor Palin give a speech at the BMO Centre. CTV Calgary reports:

“Palin talked about energy policy, the environment, climate change, and of course, politics. ” …

“Senator Pamela Wallin, a former journalist, moderated a short question and answer session. Wallin says if Palin wants to run for president, she’s going to have to take a stand.

“It’s hard to be the critic of your party and its voice and its persona, so I think her intention right now is to see her party, the Republican Party, get back on track,” commented Wallin.

Wallin says its clear Palin has learned a lot about big politics since the U.S. election.

Wallin says Palin also seems to know more about Canada than most American politicians.”

Also of note, Danielle Smith of the Wildrose Alliance party of Alberta was also in attendance. It appears as though the speech went over pretty well with her.


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