The Left Attacks Sarah Palin to Distract Their Base

by Stacy Drake
Earlier this week the left went into full attack mode against Governor Palin after she revealed in a speech that her family had been given medical treatment in Canada when she was a young child. Neglecting all the facts of her story, left-wing blogs, media types, and even congressmen put out a barrage of hit pieces dedicated to painting Governor Palin as some sort of “hypocrite.” The hits were well defended in the Palin blogosphere along with other rational sites. Even a writer from Esquire felt the need to defend the governor after witnessing the lack of any damning evidence coupled with the knowledge of the geographical area in which she grew up.

Just to clarify, in case there is still any question about the story Governor Palin shared to her audience in Canada, NO she in not a hypocrite. Aaron Goldstein wrote a great piece laying out the facts of the Canadian health care system, the time frame, and also pointing out once again that Sarah Palin was five years old at that time. Aaron writes:

“Canadian Medicare was in its infancy in the mid-1960s. It was in 1966 when Canada’s Parliament passed the Medical Care Act to provide coverage for doctors’ services. Although the federal government set the standards it was left up to the provincial and territorial governments to administer the program. Not all jurisdictions joined the program right away. The last hold out would not join until 1972. That holdout was none other than the Yukon Territory.”

“Simply put, at the time Sarah Palin’s parents sought medical treatment in Canada, the Yukon Territory was not part of the Medicare program. But even if the Yukon had been integrated into Canada’s health care system, since the Heaths were U.S. residents they presumably would have been required to pay a fee for any medical services obtained in Canada. Indeed, the U.S. Embassy’s Consular Services advises Americans planning to travel to Canada, “Tourists and temporary visitors do not qualify for this health care plan and should have their own insurance to cover medical expenses.”

The fact that that so many on the right who don’t usually weigh in on all things Palin, felt the need to say something, says something about this attack. It was so over the top and devoid of historical facts and common sense. It really made those pushing it look foolish and uneducated but they persisted nonetheless.

Baseless attacks on Governor Palin and/or her family are nothing new. There was something a little different about this one however. On Monday morning I noticed that the Huffington Post version of this non-story was on the Yahoo “Most Emailed” list. By the end of the day it had worked it’s way on to the Top Story page under “Most Popular.” That made me a bit suspicious recognizing that a large scale email campaign had been pushing the story all day. When I saw DNC representatives tweeting about it and then later a congressman post an OP-ED on the subject, I knew the left-wing establishment was running with the meme at full speed.

If you look at the major headlines this week and understand the political position the democrats find themselves in, it’s easy to see why the left’s establishment would unleash this ‘weapon of mass distraction’ upon their own base. For starters, Barack Obama’s polls numbers are in the toilet. He matched his low of a 43% approval rating in a Rasmussen poll taken on Wednesday and he hit a new low for his Gallup numbers at 46% on Thursday. His signature issue, the health care bill polls even lower with the American people.

This was supposed to be the week he got his base “fired up!” Making trips to friendly districts, giving campaign style speeches. The DNC sent out numerous emails to supporters directing them to “call their representatives in support of Health Care Reform.”

Obama tried to give congress a deadline in order to expedite the process and frankly get it out of his hair… What he has left of it anyway. As of this moment, it looks like the week did not go as planned. The Democrat Congress has already burned through one of their options to move forward on the bill. Obama had lack-luster rallies, with small turn-out considering the event was free. To top it off, local democrats up for election avoided Obama’s visits like a virus.

Ace summed up the last 24 hours in regards to the health care push this way:

“The Congressional Hispanic Caucus makes a demand that already derailed healthcare reform once. The Congressional Black Caucus complains that Obama isn’t listening to them. The co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus announces that the President’s stumping across the country isn’t doing a lick of good. The Stupak Twelve announce that there will be no deal. And now the Parliamentarian makes it that much harder to get wavering Congressmen on board.

Stick a fork in it.”

I find it ironic that the left began their week trying to rally its base by attacking their most feared boogey-hockey mom on the subject of health care. Just a few short days later, the bill the president has put all of his presidential stock in, is on life support. While the left-wing base seems always in the mood to post dirty, hateful, and often untrue comments about Sarah Palin on internet forums, they have to realize that Dr. Hopenchange isn’t delivering their Utopian goods. His presidency is in serious trouble and the base he needs to get back on his feet isn’t “fired up!” They’re just easily distracted.


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2 responses to “The Left Attacks Sarah Palin to Distract Their Base

  1. Sarah cops it SO hard -it’s obvious that women are only allowed to suceed in certain ways. i.e. leftist ways. The vitriolic character-assassination of this high achiever is disgusting. And I’m a liberal centrist!

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