California Lawmaker Targets Sarah Palin, Proves Why State is Such a Mess

by Stacy Drake

Governor Palin is scheduled to speak at the California State University Stanislaus’ 50th Anniversary Gala on June 25th. The CSU press release states:

This is a black-tie fundraising event, hosted by the CSU Stanislaus Foundation.

The evening will begin with a reception at 6 p.m. followed by a five-course dinner and then dancing… Proceeds from this black-tie event will benefit the University.

Needless to say, news of Governor Palin’s appearance didn’t go over too well with certain members of the not-so tolerant, left-wing California educational establishment. We all know what great proponents of free speech leftist college students are these days. An organized faction of CSU students has already set up a Facebook group in “protest” of her selection. I know, shocking isn’t it. Another group of radical leftists are angry that Governor Palin talks and wish that she would just “shut up.” Amateurs

(Left-Wing Radical Cornel West & Senator Leland Yee)

The second highest ranking Democrat of the California State Assembly, Senator Leland Yee (D-San Francisco) is also rather bothered by free speech and is stepping in to, at least make sure Governor Palin’s speaking fee is publicly disclosed. Yeah, because that’s not on ongoing political attack against Sarah Palin or anything, THANK YOU certain bloggers.

Yee said the CSU Stanislaus community is “still reeling from a wave of state budget cuts and student fee increases — deserves to know what the foundation is spending on speaker fees.”

Matt Swanson, president of the foundation’s board of directors points out the major problem with Yee’s premise. Swanson stated that all the money to fund the event would come from private donations, adding: “We don’t use university money or public money for anything, not just this event.” Not to mention the fact that the event is a FUND RAISER, intended to RAISE FUNDS. I’m sure the university will benefit greatly from the gala.

California State Legislature

My beautiful state is home to one of the most inept, corrupt, and ideologically stupid governments in the country. Watching the California State Legislature conduct it’s business is probably a lot like watching drunken teenagers with a stolen credit card and Dad’s car. The last letter I sent to my state representative was to voice my displeasure with her and the others for taking a group trip to Europe to “see how Europeans govern.” I kid you not… That was awhile back but I realize that speaking my mind to these people is akin to telling Nancy Pelosi that you don’t like Obamacare. They could care less about your opinion unless you are handing them large stacks of cash or big blocks of voters they can hook with some sort of entitlement. I am neither, so I rarely ‘contact my representative,’ it’s a waste of time, frankly.

Senator Yee didn’t make the trip to Europe. Instead he and another state senator headed off to Asia at that time, to… I’m not sure, the reporter from the LA Times didn’t ask. It matters not, the taxpayers picked up the tab and nothing was gained by the State of California, as far as I can tell.

I found it entertaining that the man known for his four year crusade to place the letter “M” on video game boxes, missed such a key, yet widely known detail of the foundations event before he went running to the press with his version of ‘Palin Gotcha.’

Perhaps Senator Yee has been spending too much time cruising for prostitutes in the Mission District of San Francisco to make sure his staff covered all of their bases. Maybe he was too busy figuring out new ways to mandate mind-reading for store clerks that not only did he accidentally shoplift a bottle of “Tropical Blend Tan Magnifier oil” but he also forgot to check the California State University Stanislaus’ foundation event policies.

I’m not sure… I do know that Senator Leland Yee is the wrong person to pick a baseless political fight with a giant like Sarah Palin. This state is in serious trouble and it’s jokers like this that got us to this point. Solutions to the financial crisis, the over-crowded prisons, the ridiculous environmental policies, the enormous taxes, the unemployment, all of the problems this states residents face daily are never addressed in the legislature. Instead, we have the second most powerful member of the assembly, who is not a good man by any stretch, addressing speaking fees at a university gala. Is there any wonder why California is such a mess?


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28 responses to “California Lawmaker Targets Sarah Palin, Proves Why State is Such a Mess

  1. Joy

    The CA Assembly is a total joke – well, actually, it’s almost a tragedy – certainly, a catastrophe. Anyone who serves in that definitely NON-august body is tainted – it would look bad on anyone’s resume, no matter whether Dem or Rep – everyone’s tainted by the inaction cum corruption.

    Anyway, let the leftist mental midgets wet their diapers – Palin, as you pointed out, is a giant. And no matter how noisy this crowd gets, I hope the entire Tea Party movement of California steps up and challenges the libturd notion of “freedom of speech and assembly!” That’s all it is, pure & simple.

  2. Lisa Brewster

    Sarah is right; we need to take back our country. Get the Left Wing Liberals out of Washington D.C. And out of any where else we can. To bad California is to stupid to see how bad they have destroyed their state.

    • James

      It is so sad to me to hear such uninformed remarks…. I know the CA legislature is a mess but it is not because of “liberals”. It is because of the money in politics….pure and simple. If you think the Dems are corrupt, try the Republican party…anywhere… Don’t any of you read? Would you prefer George W. Bush as governor of CA? How did the “governator” work out for you?
      Do you want a reasonable solution? Public financing of elections….separation of corporation and state.

      • Gary P

        You realize the “Governator” is a liberal, right? Actually “progressive” is the proper term. These losers stole the term “liberal” years ago because the people knew what “progressives” were. They are Marxist losers. Racists, elitists, eugenicists, just evil bastards.

        Liberals used to be considered learned principled people. In fact, they had more in common with libertarians and Conservatives. There are still classic liberals around. Most are really good people, and just as appalled by the “progressives,” the Marxists, as anyone.

        You my friend, make the mistake of thinking Republican = Conservative. Nothing could be far from the truth.

        In fact, that’s the real struggle right now. Conservatives are taking the Republican Party back and running the “progressives” the corrupt Big Government statists off. This is why Sarah Palin is so popular with the American people.

        Sarah took on the entire corrupt Republican Party leadership in Alaska. More than a few went to prison when she was done. You can bet she will do the same thing in D.C. Sarah has been going after corrupt politicians since her earliest days as a politician.

        We need more Reagan/Palin type leaders. People who love America and just want to do their very best, and help others do the same.

        As for George W Bush, hell yeah. He was Governor of Texas, where I live. One of the very best we ever had. Texas had been run by democrats for years. It was in serious economic trouble, which wasn’t helped by the Carter years. Bush got the state rolling, and when he became President, his Lt Governor, Rick Perry, took over, and is now the longest serving Governor in Texas history.

        Texas is creating more jobs than the other 49 states combined, and has been for years. All of our major offices are held by Conservatives.

        This isn’t about parties. BOTH parties have bad people in them. Of course, there are really no good democrat politicians, they are all Marxists. The Republican Party has a few of them as well. Maybe not full fledged, grade A communists, but pretty damned close.

        Vote for Conservatives, real Conservatives, people who believe in freedom, liberty, the Constitution, and the rule of law, and you’ll never go wrong. As Ronald Reagan and Sarah Palin have often said, the government that governs least, governs best.

        Get involved. There are principled and honest candidates out there. Support them in every way you can. Hell, if you can, run yourself! We support Sarah Palin here because we have watched her for years and have seen that she is a rare breed. Her word is her bond. She was simply amazing in Alaska. There are other men and women like her out there. People who actually want to serve and do the right thing.

        In California, we like Chuck DeVore for the Senate and Steve Poizner for Governor. Steve is a transplanted Texan, and a great leader. He’s the guy that can help turn California around. Of course, you got to clean house in the legislature and get rid of the Marxist-democrats, the Big Nanny State government types.

        And don’t fall into that typical Marxist-democrat trap. Don’t fall for that race or class warfare bullshit. Corporations are not bad. Not saying some aren’t mismanaged, and some are run by bad people, like General Electric, but overall, corporations just are.

        Remember, most corporations are publicly traded. They are owned by average every day people either directly, or through a 401K, IRA, or mutual funds. You hurt corporations, you hurt America!

        Considering Obama has the fewest amount of people with business experience in history in his administration (less than 10 percent, compared to most that have had 50 percent, or more) he could use a few corporate types running things.

      • darrelb

        Wrong, James. It is a mess because of liberals.

  3. Bill Whitfield

    You can always tell when a person will make a decent leader, such as Ms Palin, because all the Progressive Pukes go nuts! Liberalism is a Mental Disorder that apparently effects a large majority of Americans. I just pray that Ms Palin makes all the Left pee their pants! California should be given to Mexico, it is such a waste anyway, full of Leftists, Junkies, Homosexuals, Gangs, and Pelosi! Certainly would be no loss if it fell into the ocean!

    • Irv

      Most of the people in California-into the water-NOT the state itself. Many years ago California was a great state, now it almost lies in ruins, thanks in no small part to the people electing non-productive, self serving and just plain ‘can’t do’ types for public office. Pelosi, Waxman, pick most any name. Try voting for something better.
      In the mean time, better start brushing up on your spanish.

  4. You people are crazy. PALIN IS THE ANTICHRIST. 666.

  5. CommonSense

    Is anyone suprised at the 30 years of disaster democrats have done to this great state. This is what you get when democrats are in charge heck even just in power. Their the most corrupt criminals in the history of the world & should be locked away & now the Federal is becoming just as screwed as California only it took Chairman Oba Mao 15 months to do what democrats did to california in like 30 years starting with Jerry brown.

  6. Anntie Yee

    Cant agree more, Stacy Drake. You spokemy mind. It is such a fashion to be left-wing radical in CA, Yee, Polosi, from top to bottom! It is just plain sad! Thanks for the article. Should post it on Yee’s facebook page to shame him

  7. William

    We have to run all these crazies out of California or it’s doomed. These wack jobs come from?

  8. Ron R.

    Perhaps it’s finally time for all conservatives in the state of California to move there families to the Nevada boarder, give everyone a hammer hit on the boarder line and perhaps break the fault line that would cause CA to roll into the ocean. Before it’s done however publicize that Sean Penn is giving a free Anti-American love fest in the state to get millions of other left wing nuts around the nation to join them. This would also take care of about 90% of the left wing mainstream media that go out to cover the event.

  9. Things Don't Make Sense

    The house cleaning needs to start at the top. Start with Pelosi and then remove the entire political machine in Ca. But you’ll never get anything better as long as the liberals in LA like what they see in their state representatives.

    It’s time to change the thinking. It reminds me of a line from L’il Abner when Mammy Yokum says of their Senator “We don’t much care what your doin’ as long as you’re there and we’re here!”

  10. Rick

    I have zero sympathy for California residents who repeatedly elect Democrat idiots like Yee. They deserve all of their misery. You asked for it and you got it, right up the ying-yang. So sit on it and do a pirouette. Do you know the actual history behind the Democrat cartoon mascot being a jackass? Google it. There is a reason, and an accurate one.

  11. Brian Davis

    Y can’t get people in position that can compromise and see both sides of an issue…those that can’t shouldn’t lead, and with a population of 300 million there are probably lots more leaders out there than are being used…Also help our own before we help other nations!

  12. TAPJR

    Their afraid of Governor Palin and know she will knock ’em dead!

  13. For the party of “tolerance” the liberals are proving to be the least tolerant people in the United States, and perhaps should find some other country where unhampered theft of the people’s money and cruelty are acceptable attitudes and actions.

    The thing everyone likes about Palin is that she calls it like she sees it. Being honest and in government, is not a concept that Liberals are accustomed too and therefore, it’s bothers their very existence. It’s probably one of those chapters that Saul Alinsky should have covered with great detail so that these buggers would know how to handle it with class…I’m so sick of Liberals in our country, can’t we just buy them some island where they can carry out their hatred and malcontent?

  14. Gary

    Great article. Well said. I’m so sick and tired of getting form letters from our political leaders that simply blow off the issues. We need to prioritize what we focus on. These guys getting their panties in a bunch over a fund raiser just because Sarah Palin is speaking has to make every human being wonder. Our state is a wreck and this is what the legislature wants to focus on? Un-friggin-believable.

  15. david

    Does anyone know how many mortgages could be paid by just one peelousy G5 flight from DC to San Fran? That beeeotch by her supreme arrogance and incompetence – by the way quite a potent combination as well as ubiquitous in gov today-at best should be going greyhound. It is hard not to believe that California hasn’t already fallen in the ocean.

  16. oliver

    It is time for California to clean the slate, vote out all standing reps house and senate and start new.Get rid of the good old boy net work and let the new senate and house know they work for the people of California.


    It never ceases to amaze me that liberals will still defend their agenda in California when the state is in such deep economic trouble. How can you defend yourself for re-election when everything is so screwed up? You might want to listen up to folks like Sarah Palin. They just might have something to say that may help. Obviously what you have now . a legislature full of “progressives”, IS NOT WORKING. HELLO. How hard is that to understand? Yet the only input most in the progressive community in name calling. I like Sarah Palin but for the life of me I can’t understand the deep seated hatred for her by the liberal politicians, bloggers, ect. Does espousing old fashioned conservative views make her elgible for being branded ‘the anti-christ?’ Remember. Progressives and liberals have their fair share of corruption and failed economic and social legislation. When the Federal government passes legislation that is overwelmingly rejected by the American people with comments like ‘they will like it after we pass it’ then we are all in trouble. We pay them to pass laws that “we” the people want and need not ones “they” want because we may like them later. Don’t think thats what the founding fathers had in mind.

  18. John

    Hey, California is totally screwed up but that state has nothing on Delaware in terms of corruption and intolerance. It’s a one party state (dumbocrats of course) and theft by state officials is rampant. And they all protect one another. The worst is the totally stupid ignorant lying insurance commissioner (a big deal in DE) who is ripping off the state for millions and all anyone can say is “prove it.” No effort whatsoever to nail her when the evidence is right under their noses. An God help you if you’re a conservative. They’ll ambush you literally and figuratively.

    • Gary P

      John, that sucks. Sounds about right though. You know Delaware is one of those place one thinks romantically about when they think of New England, but democrats are destroyers of worlds, so….

      I’m a big 10th Amendment guy and believe very firmly in state’s rights, but one of the big things that wasn’t done in the so called “health care reform bill” was allowing all insurance companies to compete nationwide. This would be a federal usurpation of state sovereignty, but it would have created intense competition, which would lower insurance premiums significantly. It would have also stopped these states that only allow a handful of competitors to exist.

      This is one law we must pass.

      Keep fighting the good fight.

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