Survey: 40% Of Tea Party Patriots Are Democrats And Independents

Our research shows that Tea Party activists’ top concern – economy and jobs — mirrors the majority of voters in the country
. -David Winston, president of The Winston Group

Bad news for Barack Obama and the Marxist-democrat party. Despite what the nonsense their media partners are trying to sell the American people, a significant number of Tea Party Patriots, nearly half, are not Republicans.

The Winston Group conducted three studies from December 2009 through February 2010 and fond that while 57% of the Tea Partiers are indeed Republicans, 28% consider themselves independent and 13% consider themselves democrats.

Their summary:

WASHINGTON DC (April 1, 2010) — Tea Party activists may be ardent supporters of economic conservatism but are similar to the overall electorate when it comes to economic priorities, according to the findings of a new report released by The Winston Group today on the political movement.

In one of the most extensive looks to date at just who Tea Party activists are, how they think, and the ideas that matter to them, the report found that 17% of the people polled considered themselves “part of the Tea Party movement” and more than four in ten Tea Party members said they were either Independents or Democrats.

In three national surveys, done for New Models from December 2009 through February 2010, 57% of Tea Party members called themselves Republicans, another 28% said they were Independents, and 13% were Democrats. Two-thirds of Tea Party members identify as conservatives but 26% say they are moderate and 8% described themselves as liberal

The study also found Tea Party members are more likely to be male by a 56-44% margin, slightly older than the electorate as a whole and middle income earners. When it comes to issues, the research found that Tea Party activists espouse a strong economic conservatism.

In the February 2010 New Models study, 36% of Tea Party members name the economy and jobs as their top issue with national deficit and spending close behind at 21% — over twice as high as the overall electorate. However, when given the choice in the January survey, Tea Party members favored “reducing unemployment to 5%” over balancing the budget 63-32%, which closely reflects the overall electorate (64-32%).

While Tea Party members prioritize job creation over deficit spending and tax issues, they value economically conservative policies because they view them as a means to reducing unemployment and improving the economy. Over 4 out of 5 Tea Party members (85%) say tax cuts for small business will create more jobs than increased government spending on infrastructure while the overall electorate prefers tax cuts by a more modest 61-31% margin.

For more in-depth analysis:

Topline results [PDF]

Full analysis [PDF]

You can also read the Tea Party Memo April 2010

Couple this with the fact a significant number of these Patriots are minorities, Blacks, Hispanics, and others, and one can see the Marxist-democrat party’s once reliable voters are deserting them en masse.

And the hits just keep on coming! Now there is this bit of bad news for Obama reported by C4P:

We Ask America finds that “[t]he Land of Lincoln may be home base for President Obama, but it joins other Midwestern states having slightly higher disapproval-over approval-ratings.” A majority of Illinois registered voters disapprove of their former junior Senator and former congregant of Trinity United Church of Christ.

The poll was conducted on March 10 but since Barack Obama’s national approval has not increased in the last month, it’s unlikely that he’s performing any better in his home state.

We Ask America also finds longtime Democrat Party hack David Obey’s re-election efforts possibly in jeopardy. Over 53% of the voters in Wisconsin’s 7th Congressional District are less likely to support Obey’s re-election because he voted in favor of Obamacare. Governor Palin endorsed his likely opponent Sean Duffy in mid-February and assisted him with a successful money bomb.

Exit Question(s):

We used to call folks like these “Reagan democrats” and they helped propel Ronald Reagan to two historic landslide election victories in 1980 and 1984. Do we now call them Palin democrats?

Ronald Reagan won 49 states in 1984 when he was re-elected, with his opponent, Walter Mondale, only wining his home state (by 2 points) and the District of Columbia. Will Obama even be able to carry Illinois against Sarah Palin in 2012?

Will Barack Obama start wishing there really were 57 states? (Or is it 58?… I can never keep up!)


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12 responses to “Survey: 40% Of Tea Party Patriots Are Democrats And Independents

  1. Joy

    We – and by “we,” I mean Conservatives, Republicans & the Right in general – have a BIG problem: Namely, the hierarchy of the GOP – the so-called “leadership” – will be our doom. They MUST go!! Personally, I just toss every GOP party solicitation in the trash; even handling the damn things make me mad, because the GOP’s top personnel (not just free-spending, “good-time Charley” Steele) have absolutely squandered their leadership roles. “We the People” of the TP Movement simply do not relate to those inside-the-beltway types. OK, we need their in-place party machinery & apparatus, but those empty suits make me puke – and I think I’d be joined by a very large majority of TP members in that assessment. I feel very much “of the people” – and NOT one whit of the Establishment! They do NOT represent me, nor do most of the GOP entrenched career politicians in Congress. If we’re hell-bent on cleaning house, MOST (but not all, of course) of that GOP deadwood will have to join their Democrat brethern and head for the hills! This is the first time I have ever felt so in sync with Independents and even relatively conservative Democrats (the ones NOT in Congress, of course!). I want our leadership to reflect that independence and NOT smack of the old-boys’network and same old, same old political hacks & shenanigans.

    I think Palin – so far – is our natural leader, but unfortunately, she’s not in the strong position nationally & vis-a-vis the general public that Reagan was in 1979-1980 against Carter. By then, Reagan had been through “the (political) wars:” As a Governor, then as a failed GOP Presidential candidate – and finally, as the successful GOP candidate. And it was 16 years between his keynote address at the Goldwater Convention in 1964 and his ultimate victory in 1980 – 16 years that he spent honing his political skills and building important GOP relationships across the country.

    True, Palin has hit the ground running since she stepped down as Governor, and although WE know she’s the “real deal,” she’s still in an uphill battle before a majority of the country is familiar enough with and confident enough in Palin the Leader before she can emerge as a hands-down winning candidate. In a way, she, too, is a victim of this country’s “buyer’s remorse” over electing a relative newcomer, one who no one really knew – and, as the saying goes, “Once thrown, twice shy!” Unfortunately, NONE of us can afford a second term of Obama – and he has all the earmarks of a one-termer IF the opposition – ANY opposition! – can mount a credible opposition candidate – one that people from all corners would be eager to embrace – if only to get rid of the current POTUS. Like praying that another guy – ANY guy – cuts in at the dance and saves you from the clutches of the dancer/date from Hell.

    • Gary P

      The GOP has been a mess for quite some time. I vote Republican only because the alternative is just too dire to contemplate. That and Republicans in Texas, for the most part, are actually Conservative. But I stopped being a dues paying party member a long time ago. Now I just support the individual. I don’t trust the GOP to back the right people. (See De De Scozzafava in NY-23!)

      Sarah Palin’s PAC is supporting the right people as is Jim DeMint’s.

      As for Sarah…I think she is in a lot better shape than Reagan was three years out from 1980 and Obama makes Carter look down right competent!

      Reagan was HATED by the left, of course, but he was HATED by the establishment GOP as well. We call them RINOs today. In fact, the idiot Republicans were so convinced Reagan was going to be a disaster, the establishment boys ran John Anderson as a 3rd party candidate!

      This is why despite winning 44 of 50 states, and a landslide electorally, Ronnie only got 50.9 percent of the popular vote in 1980.

      Reagan was ridiculed as stupid…(the standard democrat deal for EVERYBODY who disagrees with their nonsense) He was called a “washed up B-movie actor” and an “amiable dunce,” and that was by the Republicans!

      Sarah will have an easier time for several reasons. One, we learned a lot from Reagan’s campaign. Two, there has never been someone better vetted, or more strenuously attacked than Sarah Palin. There is literally nothing left for her detractors to find. If there were any scandals, they would have been found long ago. even better, so many lies have been told about her by Obama’s team and his media partners that no one would believe it if someone found something.

      The most important thing though is the technology, the new media, citizen journalists. When Reagan was running, talk radio didn’t even exist and Al Gore hadn’t made the interwebs available to all. Nowadays left wing lies are shot down almost before they leave the liar’s lips. Too many vigilant journalists out there who will refute the lies told by the left.

      I saw a poll the other day…it had Sarah running in 2012 as a 3rd party candidate. a “Tea Party candidate.” She beat both Obama and Mitt Romney in the Western states and the South. Now we know that unless the GOP implodes, and that’s a 50/50 proposition, Sarah will run as a Republican. We also know that in 2012, once we get past the “first state” nonsense, the primaries head out West. Sarah will sweep the West and Sweep the South. She will also do well in the Mid-West and will surprise people in the East.

      Obama isn’t like Bill Clinton who came in with a far left agenda, but after losing Congress for the first time in 40 plus years, moved right. There is no Dick Morris to grab Obama by the scruff of the neck and drag him back from the brink of disaster. All of Obama’s team are far left Marxist extremists just like him, so there is no safety net. Obama will stay the course even after the democrats are obliterated in November…and it will be brutal.

      In other words, who ever wins the Republican nomination will be the next President, and the nomination is Sarah’s if she wants it, and all signs say she does.

      Remember, unlike Obama, who had never run anything as complicated as a lemonade stand before being elected, Sarah has a solid 20 year record of service and most of it as a chief executive. She actually has more executive experience than George Bush had when he ran, and is about equal with Bill Clinton, who no one had ever heard of either.

      Right now we gotta worry about stopping Obama and defeating every democrat in every race, at every level this year. 2012 will take care of itself.

      Keep up the good fight!

      • Joy

        Gary, as usual, you go “to the head of the class!” What a great – and encouraging! – assessment of La Palin!! I’m cautiously optimistic (operative word here, of course, is “cautious…”), but know how too many people in the country feel about her (confession: sometimes, like a moth to the flame, I read some of HuffPo’s & Daily Beast’s bleatings – and both posts are run by ex-European harpies, BTW!!). However, your sane and even-handed analysis of Palin in a future (2012) primary season – as well, of course, as compared with Reagan in 1980!! – has cleared the cobwebs and helped me see more clearly. Finally, since I’m totally disgusted with that silly, emoting fool, Glenn Beck, I just have to ignore his ignorant remarks about how Palin “doesn’t want to be President” – like, sure, he knows what’s in her mind & heart – NOT!!

      • Gary P


        I frankly don’t see how Palin doesn’t run. Every signal, including that twinkle in her eye, when asked, says yes. She has put together a “kitchen cabinet” and receives daily briefings on current affairs. This is something usually reserved for folks who have already won their party’s primary and are making sure they have their bases covered for the general.

        Also, she is criss-crossing the nation, going to every one horse town, in every corner of the country. Yeah, she’s speaking, and getting paid handsomely, for most, but she’s also doing an incredible number of charity events. Now that’s who she is anyway, the woman has almost limitless energy, but she’s laying a solid foundation for 2012. And absolutely no one does retail politics better than Sarah. She will work tirelessly for every single vote and won’t leave any on the table.

        There may be a scenario that sees her not running, but I can’t see it right now.

        It will be a crowded primary, which will be very good for her. It will give her a good workout before she takes on the democrat party nominee. That is going to be the thing to watch. I expect the democrat party will primary Obama. He is as toxic as any human has ever been. There might be several challenges, in fact.

        2012 will be fun!

        As for Beck, I like him, a lot. He is doing good work, but he doesn’t have a clue about candidates. He knows history, and is incredible at researching things, and is fearless in reporting, but I’m not sure I want his advice on candidates.

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  4. Bill Whitfield

    A list of the things Barrack Hussein Obama is NOT:

    This is a Worthless Excuse of a Human Being!
    Flush the Demon Crap down the Washington Toilet in November!
    Let us make 2011 the Year of Obamass IMPEACHMENT!

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  6. Joy

    Again, thanks for your add’l remarks and great analyses re Palin and her plans for 2012. I tend to agree – why go to all this trouble just to support the right GOP candidates in 2010? No, I think “greater things” are definitely in store! And, with each passing month – and with each passing briefing from her group of advisers – she becomes an increasingly formidable force with which all comers will need to contend!

    My advice to the deranged Left and the old Establishment RINOS: Drop “unprepared” and “racist” from your pathetic vocabularies…

    • Gary P

      The only racists I find are on the left! Try being a black Conservative. They catch hell from the left. It’s vile.

      Life is good though, we are winning.

  7. patricia

    This is crap i would never vote Republican and neither would ANY Democrat i know! This is propaganda with a capital “P”! If you think for one minute that Democrats have forgotten that Republicans wanted to put the likes of Sarah a HEARTBEAT away of the oval office or that your party killed over five THOUSAND of our troops for nonexistent WMD’s or Yellow cake you are SADLY mistaken!

    • Gary P Jackson

      Just because you are stupid and full of hate, like most democrats, doesn’t mean ALL are. This isn’t anything groundbreaking BTW, we used to call these people “Reagan democrats.” Of course, the democrat party has purged itself of any and all who still loved America, and had common sense. That’s WHY so many former democrats and so many independents support the Tea Party, and the principles that made America the greatest nation on earth. The democrat party declare war on the human race long ago.

      As for Sarah Palin, besides being a wildly successful two term Mayor, an incredible, groundbreaking oil and gas regulator, and of course, America’s best, and most popular Governor, she has been proven right on everything she’s been saying since 2008.

      If Palin was President now, instead of the treasonous, rat eared, dog eating bastard we have now, America, and the world, would be in far better shape.

      Now go back and wallow in the sewer you crawled out of.

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