Sarah Palin Spanks Obama For His Idiotic Statement On America’s Status As A Super Power

In case you missed it, the Apologizer-in-Chief, Barack Obama, is at it again, and the leader of the Free World, Sarah Palin is having to set him straight, once again.

To refresh your memory: The rookie President, who has zero foreign policy experience, and absolutely no negotiating skills, proved it earlier when he announced his suicidal policy on the use of nuclear weapons. Something Sarah noted was akin to telling the school yard bully to come on over and give you a beat down, because you aren’t going to do anything about it afterwards.

Obama tried to be cute with his media buddies and dismiss Sarah, to which she replied she was sure Obama must have gained all sorts of foreign policy and nuclear proliferation experience as a “community organizer” from Chicago.

As is always the case, after a public flogging by Sarah, Obama sent out his minions to “clarify” his position. Sarah said “jump” Obama asked “how high?

While this is all quite entertaining, watching Sarah play with this fool, the fact remains Obama is a dangerous anti-American appeaser who is going to get us all killed.

We’ve seen Obama bow to pretty much everyone, and his ability to apologize for American greatness and American exceptionalism is legendary, but this latest stupidity just beats all:

Whether we like it or not? Are you freakin’ kidding me? Really?

This remark was made during his closing remarks at his “nuclear summit” where absolutely nothing was accomplished and the world’s most dangerous nations, Iran and North Korea, were never formally discussed, even though one has a nuclear program and the other is working overtime to develop one. Another Epic Fail for Obama.

Didn’t take long for Sarah to express her disgust at the boy wonder, via Twitter:

Unbelievable, Outrageous “Whether we like it or not,we remain a dominant military superpower“-Obama YES, Mr.Pres, we LIKE knowing we r strong

I really wish this nonsense was only limited to Obama, but unfortunately this sort of thinking is mainstream in the Marxist-democrat party. When Bill Clinton was President, his Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright, was constantly saying that America had no right to be the world’s only Superpower. This stuff is genetic with these people.

I’m not sure if Obama and his Marxist-democrat party are this way because of their deep seated hatred for all things American or they’re just angry because they can’t take the money we absolutely must spend on national defense and spend it on some more of their nonsensical, utopian, unicorns and rainbows, job stealing, economy crushing programs, designed to steal Liberty and Freedom, as well as “spread the wealth.”

In the end, it doesn’t matter. Obama is obviously someone who hates America and Americans. He hates everything that has made America the greatest nation civilization has ever known, and the envy of the world.

We can talk all day about why, and blame it on his communist upbringing, all of the anti-Americanism the poor kid has marinated in since birth, but in the end, it doesn’t matter. It is what it is: Obama is a danger to the nation and the world. A weak United States means an entire world that is less safe.

Let’s hope we can put him in check come November, and then remove this embarrassment come 2012.


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7 responses to “Sarah Palin Spanks Obama For His Idiotic Statement On America’s Status As A Super Power

  1. Susan

    You’re kidding right? This President did a fine job of negotiating with Russia, and gosh, we haven’t attacked Iran, which is a good thing. For people who cling to your Bibles, I wish you’d actually open one up. Just where did Jesus tell you to kill anyone with drone planes? Or drop a bomb on a country? Or invade a sovereign state who was no threat to us? Obama is far more qualified to be President than motormouth Sarah, and he is actually doing positive things for the US, instead of standing at a microphone every day bringing America down.
    The fact that you show a picture of Palin’s high heels tells me all I need to know about why you hold her in such high esteem. If she were 65, gray and matronly, you wouldn’t pay any attention to her drivel.

    • Gary P

      Don’t make me laugh!

      Obama is a fool. He’s going to get the whole world killed with his idiotic thinking. Go back and study some history. I suggest you look at Nevile Chamberlain as a start.

      Obama has done absolutely nothing positive for America. His entire agenda is to destroy the country. It’s Cloward-Piven on steroids. Obama is anti-American and anti-Freedom and Liberty. He’s a typical Marxist tyrant. Maybe you should go learn something about his family, his upbringing. Who his parents and grandparents were and how they hated America.

      We don’t have to attack Iran, if we had a leader instead of a punk community organizer from the south side of Chicago, we could stop Iran without firing a shot.

      Obama has pissed off every single ally we have, and bowed to every enemy. He is weak and powerless and the whole world knows it. Hell, Nicholas Sarkozy, the President of France just said he though Obama was clinically insane!

      Obama’s weakness is what is going to get us all killed.

      As for Sarah Palin she is well versed in foreign policy. She gets daily briefings. Her positions on foreign relations, as well as nuclear policy are what convinced John McCain to choose her over the 25 other potential running mates he vetted.

      Oh, and the artwork, including “Rouge’s Gym” which represents Sarah Palin (who is an avid kick-boxer) as well as her “Commander-in-Chief” quote were designed by a woman, and a strong supporter of Sarah’s.

      Is Sarah attractive, you bet’ch! And? Conservatives are just better looking than hateful progressives…deal with it. We couldn’t care less if she was a man or a woman, black, white , or green, Sarah Palin is a strong, powerful leader who loves our nation and cares about America and works tirelessly advancing Liberty and Freedom.

      That’s what we are in love with. Only hateful progressives get caught up on Sarah’s looks. Sounds more like jealousy than anything else!!

  2. Ray

    Gary, sounds as if you pushed someone’s buttons with this article. I love it 🙂

  3. Bill Whitfield

    We have to rid ourselves of this Idiot come 2012, or preferably, before, thru Impeachment. Obama is the most Worthless Excuse of a Leader the world has ever seen. Obama is the most Anti-American, Anti-Capitalist, Anti-Military president America has ever had. Obama is America’s Greatest Enemy and we need rid of this Weak, Worthless Person! November is time to Flush the Washington Toilet of Demon Crap. Then, lets make 2011 the Year of Obambi’s Impeachment!

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  6. Joy

    I find it fascinating that an Obama troll (Susan) actually found and made it on to this site – almost a first! Unfortunately, she sites a couple of recent Obama failings as successes – namely, his negotiating with the Russians (for which nothing of substance was gained in return for our unilateral dismantling of a high percentage of our nuclear arsenal). Then, she actually castigates the Obama regime (Earth to Susan: The Bush Administration has been retired now for 2+ years!) for the military policies that include using drones in various attacks, questioning, in essence, “What would Jesus do?” Then flips back again to our decision to invade Iraq (an almost “innocent” country that did “nothing” to provoke us – like Hell, they did nothing!!!) – past tense: It was Bush policy and was based on a belief that we would find WMD.

    Finally, “Susan” claims that “motormouth” Palin just stands at a microphone everyday and complains that all she does is “bring America down!” Hellooooooo?!? Isn’t she describing our Narcissist-in-Chief, he who is always on TV, lecturing or speaking or pontificating on something – ad infinitum – everyday? And if ANYONE is “bringing America down,” who is the prime example of that? Why, little Barry Soetero, that’s who!

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