Sarah Palin On The Red Carpet At Time Magazine’s Most Influential Gala

Sarah Palin looked absolutely stunning as she, Todd, and daughter Piper walked the red carpet at Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People gala event.

Sarah was chosen one of the world’s most influential leaders. You can read more here.

Below Sarah is seen giving a shout out to the troops, something she does any time she makes remarks to a crowd.

We love Sarah Palin because she is a strong decisive leader, and just the person this nation needs if we are to turn things around, but as we say in Texas, she cleans up well too!

Sarah is a true world leader, destined for greatness, and she was simply radiating with poise and confidence. She is truly the brightest star, the North Star, wherever she appears.

Fox 5 New York has coverage of the event here.

Red carpet photos courtesy of Getty Images, you can view more here.


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2 responses to “Sarah Palin On The Red Carpet At Time Magazine’s Most Influential Gala

  1. We, TEA Party Folks, are doing all we can but it is harmful to the cause if there are folks like, Karl Rove, saying on, Fox News, that the Republicans won’t win back the House this fall . I believe all is lost if that does not happen . With him saying that folks will say why bother .

    • Gary P

      The more I see and hear from Rove, the less impressed I am with him. He’s a victim of the Beltway mentality. Stay up there too long and you get involved with group think. Very hazardous to common sense.

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