Governor Jan Brewer To Obama: No One In Arizona Is Laughing Pal!

Governor Jan Brewer has released a scathing video attacking Obama for his absolutely stupidity on the immigration issue. Arizona is under attack by an invading foreign force, as well as Marxist elements in this country, and… well… Obama himself. The federal government has failed to fulfill it’s constitutional requirement, and protect the nation, and Obama has failed to fulfill the Oath of Office he took to protect America and the Constitution.

He did find the time, however, to make a joke about Arizona at the recent White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

Arizona is not amused.


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2 responses to “Governor Jan Brewer To Obama: No One In Arizona Is Laughing Pal!

  1. billwhit

    When they say Marxist factions in America, that does include Obama because he is a Marxist! Obama is the most corrupt, ignorant, inexperienced, anti-Christian, anti-American leader that America has ever had. Arizona should not back down in it’s endeavors. The majority of Americans now know that Obama is not for America, but against it! I just pray that in November, when that Washington Toilet is Flushed of Demon Feces, that we have a GOP majority with testicles and start Impeachment procedings against America’s Greatest Enemy, Hussein Obamass!

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