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Writer, Stalker Joe McGinniss Moves in Next Door to Sarah Palin

By Stacy Drake

This is just unbelievable…

Governor Palin posted a rather disturbing Facebook note late Monday evening.

(A photo she posted of the stalker himself with the words “Hi, Neighbor! May I Call You “Joe”?)

Spring has sprung in Alaska, and with this beautiful season comes the news today that the Palins have a new neighbor! Welcome, Joe McGinniss!

Yes, that Joe McGinniss. Here he is – about 15 feet away on the neighbor’s rented deck overlooking my children’s play area and my kitchen window. Maybe we’ll welcome him with a homemade blueberry pie tomorrow so he’ll know how friendly Alaskans are.

We found out the good news today. Upon my family’s return this morning from endorsement rallies and speeches in the Lower 48 states, I finally got the chance to tackle my garden and lawn this evening! So, putting on the shorts and tank top to catch that too-brief northern summer sun and placing a giddy Trig in his toddler backpack for a lawn-mowing adventure, I looked up in surprise to see a “new neighbor” overlooking my property just a stone’s throw away. Needless to say, our outdoor adventure ended quickly after Todd went to introduce himself to the stranger who was peering in…

Joe announced to Todd that he’s moved in right next door to us. He’s rented the place for the next five months or so. He moved up all the way from Massachusetts to live right next to us – while he writes a book about me. Knowing of his many other scathing pieces of “journalism” (including the bizarre anti-Palin administration oil development pieces that resulted in my Department of Natural Resources announcing that his work is the most twisted energy-related yellow journalism they’d ever encountered), we’re sure to have a doozey to look forward to with this treasure he’s penning. Wonder what kind of material he’ll gather while overlooking Piper’s bedroom, my little garden, and the family’s swimming hole?

Welcome, Joe! It’ll be a great summer – come borrow a cup of sugar if ever you need some sweetener. And you know what they say about “fences make for good neighbors”? Well, we’ll get started on that tall fence tomorrow, and I’ll try to keep Trig’s squeals down to a quiet giggle so we don’t disturb your peaceful summer. Enjoy!

– Sarah Palin

I can’t imagine how utterly frustrating it must be to have your home sanctuary, the place you and your family reside in peace, totally violated in this manner. Exactly how far does the left (mostly media types) plan on going in their quest to destroy Sarah Palin? They still haven’t figured out that they CAN’T destroy her!

Even now with this, she is mocking this vile bastard with typical Palin humor and some rather lovely comments about the changing seasons. She’s handling this much better than I would be but it has still got to be a horrid thought to know that a man that wishes you and yours nothing but harm is so close to your children and home.

In the coming days I want to find out more about this book he is writing. What kind of publisher would pay a known plagiarist the kind of money that it would take to make the move up to Wasilla? Who does he know? I have all kinds of questions. Like, what will the media say about their fellow traveler making such a sadistic move to write his garbage? Probably nothing. As low as the left has sunk and as far as the media has gone left, they will excuse it if they cover it at all.

So I say, rock on, Palin family. Haters will be haters, keep doing your thing no matter how creepy the hate gets. I will say an extra prayer tonight for that family. I will pray for their safety and strength to cope with this horrible creature they find in their midst.

As far as Joe McGinniss is concerned… Just know that when you pull a stunt like this, it’s all down hill from there.


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Carly Fiorina Surges To Commanding Lead In California Senate Race Polling

Carly Fiorina has surged to a commanding lead in the latest polling from SurveyUSA that was released May 24.

Support for former Hewlett Packard CEO Carly Fiorina is up sharply in the past 2 weeks, from 24% on 05/10/10 to 46% today 05/24/10. Fiorina’s support has more than doubled among women, seniors, Hispanics, and in the Inland Empire. During these 2 weeks, Former Congressman Tom Campbell’s support dropped 12 points, from 35% on 05/10/10 to 23% today 05/24/10.

Carly has basically seen support for her almost double in the past two weeks from 24% to 46% while the bottom has fallen out for Tom Campbell. Chuck DeVore, despite the whining and the mud slinging languishes in last place. Unchanged and uncompetitive.

There are likely many reasons for this incredible turn around. Obviously, Californians are learning more about Tom Campbell and realizing he is not their guy. The leftist views and ties to radical Islam have got to be of grave concern to voters.

Also, while DeVore has been out there smearing Fiorina, and crying foul that Sarah Palin passed him over for the endorsement, Carly has been out there running positive ads and giving speeches extolling the virtues of real, common sense conservatism.

Of course, one can’t discount Sarah Palin herself. It’s a wild phenomenon, something I have never seen before. Anytime Sarah endorses someone, those who didn’t get her gold-plated nod lose their mind and start attacking not only Sarah, but the candidate that receives the much desired endorsement.It’s incredibly childish and unprofessional.

For her part, Sarah has been solidly behind Carly, and talks about her unwavering conservative stances at every opportunity. Sarah knew she made the right choice backing Carly, and is not shy in telling people so!

With early voting underway, we certainly anticipate a huge win for Carly Fiorina, California, and the Nation. We look forward to being able to say Senator Fiorina come November. 


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Sarah Palin Wonders If BP Cash Has Influenced Obama’s Response To The Gulf Oil Spill

In case you missed it, while appearing on Fox News Sunday, with Chris Wallace, Sarah Palin brought up the fact that Barack Obama was the largest recipient of campaign dollars from British Petroleum in 20 years

This is actually rather old news, as JammieWearingFool pointed this out on May 3rd:

Surprise! Obama Was Top Recipient of BP Donations in 2008

No wonder it took him nearly two weeks before getting on the ball with the Gulf oil spill. He’s the top recipient of British Petroleum donations in the last election cycle. Now watch him demonize them every chance he gets. If he wants to lead by example, he should return their money.

During the 2008 election cycle, individuals and political action committees associated with BP — a Center for Responsive Politics‘ “heavy hitter” — contributed half a million dollars to federal candidates. About 40 percent of these donations went to Democrats. The top recipient of BP-related donations during the 2008 cycle was President Barack Obama himself, who collected $71,000.

BP regularly lobbies on Capitol Hill, as well. In 2009, the company spent a massive $16 million to influence legislation. During the first quarter of 2010, it spent $3.53 million on federal lobbying efforts, ranking it second (behind ConocoPhillips) among all oil and gas industry interests.

Its registered lobbyists include a number of former federal government and high-ranking political campaign officials, including longtime political operative Tony Podesta, former congressional chief of staff Bob Brooks, former congressional legislative director David Pore and vice presidential aide Michael S. Berman, the Center’s research shows.

Tony Podesta, of course, is the brother of former Clinton White House Chief of Staff John Podesta, who also helped launch the far-left smear merchant outfit Media Matters.

Of course the $71,000 Obama received from BP is chump change compared to what he got from Goldman Sachs, so don’t expect him to be returning any of it. Nor should you expect any of his media lapdogs to mention his BP connection.

You suppose if something this disastrous happened under Bush’s watch the media would be reticent to mention the company’s donations to the “oil man” Bush? Fuhgeddaboutit. It would be a 24/7 talking point until your ears bled.

Funny how Podesta’s boys at Media Matters haven’t noticed any of this, huh?

It should be noted that Obama received almost $1 million from Goldman Sachs, and we know how much effort Obama has put into making sure all of the new legislation aimed at “banking reform” is designed to help, not hurt Goldman Sachs, who is also partners with Obama in Crime Inc. , the massive attempt to defraud the world out of tens of trillions of dollars through the carbon credit scheme he [Obama] helped create. You can read more about Crime Inc. here and here.

As one can imagine, Sarah caused a stir with all of this, with The Obama regime’s Minister of Propaganda, Robert Gibbs chirping: “My suggestion to Sarah Palin would be to get slightly more informed as to what’s going on in and around oil drilling in this country

Now this is rich! As someone on Twitter pointed out Sunday, Piper Palin, Sarah’s youngest daughter, knows more about the oil business than Gibbs does, and probably more than Obama as well. Sarah Palin has forgot more about the oil business than the clowns in the Obama regime will ever know.

For her part, Sarah shot back with a couple of quick tweets that read:

Mr. Gibbs, BP gave over $3.5mill to federal candidates over the past 20 years, with the largest amount going to Obama

Mr. Gibbs, Obama is the top recipient of BP PAC & individual money over the past 20 years. Dispute these facts.

It’s interesting to note that rather than address the issue, either dispute the facts, or own up to them, the Obama regime tries to paint Sarah is a dummy. This is a typical tactic of the left. They can’t compete in the marketplace of ideas, so they revert to the tried and true debate method, used by kindergartners world wide, and shout: “Oh yeah…well…you’re stupid!” Sadly, for their zombie followers, this is sufficient for them to all claim “victory!

No wonder our nation is in such sad shape. It’s being run by children.

Anyone who knows anything about Sarah knows that she was Alaska’s chief energy and environmental regulator, as Chairman of the Alaska Oil And Gas Conservation Commission, and as Governor was also Chairman of the nation’s Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission. Sarah was also Natural Resources chair for the National Governor’s Association.

In fact, as Chris Wallace stated, Sarah Palin has a long and successful record of taking on Big Oil, British Petroleum included, and holding them accountable. Sarah’s efforts to clean up the oil business in Alaska, to fight corruption, and force the companies to act responsibly were so epic, Kay Cashman, from Petroleum News, wrote the book: Sarah Takes On Big Oil, which is available from

Once again the Obama regime beclowns itself and “acts stupidly” when it comes to Sarah Palin. But frankly, this is a distraction designed to keep the zombies who support the regime occupied. The real story here is why has Obama failed to lead, and get this oil mess cleaned up? Why did it take weeks for him to react to it at all? Was it the BP cash, or just plain incompetence?

This oil spill is but one of three Katrina sized disasters on his watch that Obama has not been able to handle. You had the massive flooding in the Mid-West last year, Obama was MIA. You have the Gulf oil spill, which is a total mess, and of course, there is the massive flooding in Tennessee, which may be worse than Katrina in every single way. Not only is Obama MIA, but so is the media.

The real story is the fact that “hope” and “change” really means incompetence and neglect.

You can throw in corruption for good measure.


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DeVore Didn’t Deserve a Palin Endorsement – Part One

By Stacy Drake
Conservative supporters of Chuck DeVore seem outraged that Sarah Palin didn’t endorse their candidate for the California GOP Senate Primary race to take on Barbara Boxer in the November election. To them, it seemed like the likely thing for her to do and I know DeVore himself had asked for the nod. DeVore’s supporters are operating, to this day on the notion that their guy is the “one true Conservative in the race.” They run off of emotion and perception but they are omitting many facts about the Senate race and about Chuck DeVore himself with their analysis.

I’m going to go through a series of things I feel (this is all my opinion and speculation) as to why Chuck DeVore did not deserve a Sarah Palin endorsement. I’ll be writing a short series of posts on the matter, starting with this one.

An article came out on Friday in the Los Angeles Times titled “Chuck DeVore has a staunch conservative record.”On the surface, the headline and the picture that accompanied it, made the article look like some sort of Chuck DeVore fluff piece. However, once you read the content of the article, it is very clear that this is no fluff piece at all. In fact, the article is reminiscent of Chuck DeVore himself. “Strong,” “Conservative,” and “patriotic” on the outside…. Somewhat shallow, untruthful, and slightly corrupt on the inside.

There are many telling revelations cited within the article. DeVore’s supporters get over-heated at the assertion that Chuck had used a misleading title on the voter ballot and ‘fudged’ his military record a bit. But the article states:

During a radio debate with them in early March, DeVore talked of being the sole candidate in the Senate race with military experience. “I’m a lieutenant colonel of military intelligence within the U.S. Army,” he said. His campaign material shows he’s a lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Army retired reserves.

His actual title is “Retired Reserve” and nowhere in his title on the ballot or listed in the description on the Primary Voter Guide does the word “retired” exist. Not to say he went as far as Richard Blumenthal in ‘fudging’ his record, but it’s clear to me that Chuck DeVore tried to create a certain perception about his biography. After all, his own supporters have told me that Chuck has “served in Afghanistan.” I doubt they will use that as a debate talking point again in the future.

I’m not going to harp on that issue though because I fail to see what good it does. I’m also not going to rip Chuck DeVore over another claim made in the L.A. Times piece about whether or not he was shot at in Lebanon. DeVore uploaded an audio clip of that incident and the file clearly sounds like the group he was with had been shot at and returned fire. Read the piece and then listen to the file here for yourself to make your own determination. This is, I think another distraction.

There are yet more accusations disclosed in the L.A. Times article that have not been dealt with by the DeVore campaign at all. These are the items I chose to discuss because they haven’t been talked about in the media or the blogoshere. There are serious charges made that would easily negate an endorsement from an anti-corruption hawk and proponent of honest government like Sarah Palin.

For starters, the fact that Chuck DeVore attempted to take credit for the The Arrow “anti­tactical ballistic missile” program, a system designed to defend Israel. In 1986 DeVore worked for Margo Carlisle in the Reagan Administration. Records show he was hired because

“officials were impressed with DeVore’s service as an Army Reserve officer; the officials also noted his GOP campaign experience and the fact that DeVore’s mother chaired the Fullerton Republican Women’s Club.

DeVore’s references included Chief White House Science Advisor William Graham, a family friend from Mammoth Lakes, where DeVore went to high school and where his father owned an auto parts store.”

DeVore worked at the Pentagon for Carlisle, who was the assistant secretary of Defense for legislative affairs. While there he managed to boost his own role in the creation of a vital weapons system for Israel and diminish Duncan Hunter’s work in the process. The article says:

While working at the Pentagon, DeVore says in his campaign literature, his “initiative helped develop the Arrow Anti-Ballistic Missile program.” The Arrow was proposed in 1986 as a way for Israel to defend itself from potential missile attacks from Iraq, Iran, Syria and other hostile nations.

DeVore, who was 25 at the time, said he approached U.S. Rep. Duncan Hunter, a San Diego County Republican, with an idea on how to skirt the congressional opposition to Reagan’s Strategic Defense Initiative — popularly known as “Star Wars.” Democrats had attacked the program as costly, ineffective and in violation of the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty with the Soviet Union.

If the U.S. funded an Israeli-built missile defense system, the U.S. would be able to study that country’s test data without violating any prohibitions on missile-defense testing in the U.S., DeVore said. He said he told Hunter that with the support of pro-SDI Republicans and pro-Israel Democrats, the proposal was sure to win congressional approval, which it eventually did.

‘Dear Colleague’

“So in his office, I dictated to him a “Dear Colleague” letter that he personally typed up on his Selectric typewriter,” DeVore said. “Within a week, Duncan Hunter had 40-plus signatures — House and Senate, Republican and Democrats, that went to Reagan and [then-Defense Secretary Caspar] Weinberger … the idea was born.”

Hunter was then a Republican on the House Armed Services Committee. In a recent interview, he recalled DeVore as a staunch advocate of the Arrow program on behalf of the Reagan administration — but Hunter said he wrote the letter, and pursued the idea, on his own.

“I drafted the letter that was signed by members of the Armed Services Committee, recommending that Israel embark on the missile defense program,” said Hunter, whose son now represents that congressional district.

Hunter said that he and members of the Reagan administration were working on ways to develop defenses to medium-range missiles at that time, so it would be difficult to credit any one person for the successful funding of the Arrow missile.

“No one in the administration said, ‘It was my idea’ — DeVore included,” Hunter said.

Duncan Hunter honorably served California’s 52nd, 45th and 42nd House districts from 1981 to 2009. His district elected his son to replace him after his retirement. Hunter was easily my favorite Congressman while he was in office, and he served this community well. I have a tremendous respect for the man and if this issue comes down to believing him or believing Chuck DeVore I can safely say, ‘no contest.’ It sort of angers me that DeVore would use Duncan Hunter’s hard work as resume padding.

This is an example of dishonesty from Chuck DeVore. We all make mistakes but to take credit for something that massive… Well, that could only come from someone with an ego on the same scale.

I know DeVore supporters will attack me for writing these pieces. They are convinced he is their California Conservative savior and I am just some sort of hater out to promote Sarah Palin’s agenda at any cost. They have it backwards. I know Sarah Palin’s record and I believe she and her staff take a thorough look at candidates before they give a stamp of approval. I also don’t believe that Chuck DeVore is the person his supporters think he is. I am frankly astonished that some in the Tea Party can stand so strongly behind a guy that merely tells them what they want to hear. Yes, Chuck DeVore is a very good salesman in my estimation. He knows how to sell a certain product to a certain crowd.

I realize California Conservatives are starved for a leader that actually shows signs of being a real Conservative. I am one, I live here, I get it. But before you throw the ONE TRUE CONSERVATIVE in the country that is taking the lead in the fight against the Obama agenda, under the bus, you better be sure you know who you are propping up in the process.

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Sarah Palin’s Inspirational Denver Speech

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I don’t think it would be an overstatement to say this is one of Sarah Palin’s finest speeches. She was certainly fired up. She took an interesting turn in this speech, rather creative. Sarah was interviewed last week by Greta Van Susteren, and though not part of the televised interview, Greta posted a web exclusive, which can be seen here. In that candid moment, Greta asked Sarah what she would say to Barack Obama if she had the chance. Her answer was quite compelling.

In Denver, Sarah expanded on this idea, and gave the speech as if she was delivering it to Obama. As one would expect she hits every major issue of the day. Sarah also spends a good amount of time talking about Ronald Reagan, a real tribute.

Hard for me to add much to such a rousing effort, so sit back end enjoy this video courtesy of PalinTV.

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Mexican Pirates Terrorize Boaters on Texas Lake

This would be bad enough on it’s own, and enough of an outrage that heads should roll, but seeing this, after that clown from Mexico, Calderon, comes to our country, insults us, and our laws, while our joke of a President cheers him on, and the Marxist-democrats in Congress give him a standing ovation….Well it’s just about more than one can bear.

In case you missed it, here is Calderon addressing a joint session in the House chamber. The people’s House.

Doug Powers writes for Michelle descibing this disgusting video:

If Jan Brewer had been the territorial governor of Hawaii in 1941 and these same Democrats were in charge, they would have applauded the Pearl Harbor attack, had a State Dinner for Hirohito, and the memorable quote from Obama’s post-attack speech would have been, “The only thing we have to fear is that the Hawaiian authorities will start profiling Japanese.”

Think about it — a foreign leader comes to the U.S., bashes a state within the U.S. for doing something that it’s well within their constitutional rights to do, and Democrats stand and cheer. This isn’t surprising but it never ceases to be amazing.

Also look for Attorney General Eric Holder at about the 23-second mark, who slowly stands up to applaud the President of Mexico for bashing an American law he hasn’t even read.

You can read more here.

Now that you are sufficiently worked up, take a look at this from the National Terror Alert website:

Pirates Terrorize Boaters on Texas Lake

KVUE News reports with machine-guns in hand, Mexico’s deadliest cartel is patrolling the waters of a Texas border lake. These pirates have already ambushed three, possibly four boats, operating with virtual impunity as they make off with cash and electronics. It’s happening on Falcon Lake in Zapata, 200 yards from the Mexican border.

Source – KVUE News – KENS TV.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Investor’s Business Daily has more on this:

Fairly Warned Be Ye: The Pirates Of Zapata County

In Zapata County, Texas, there is a lake that overlaps the U.S.-Mexico border. Buoys in Falcon Lake mark the border — and you’d better not cross it:

With machine guns in hand, Mexico’s deadliest cartel is patrolling the waters of a Texas border lake.

These pirates already have hit several boats on Falcon Lake near Zapata, which is about an hour south of Laredo.

If you go too far across the lake and past the international boundary buoy, you are in Mexican territory and subject to attacks by pirates toting assault weapons.

Known as the Zeta cartel pirates, they have robbed at least three boats so far. Once an American boat passes the border, there is nothing the U.S. authorities can do about it and there is no Mexican law enforcement on the other side.

There are five bass-fishing tournaments between now and July on the lake that help the local economy. So the Zapata County Chamber of Commerce has issued a press release saying that boaters are safe — as long as they stay on the American side.

That’s understandable but perhaps unwise. After all, pirates that have no compunction about laws against armed robbery probably don’t have much concern about border laws either.

One has to ask,… just where is Rick Perry on this deal? In times past the Texas Rangers would have made fast work of these pirates and that would have been that. Nowadays, with these terrorists, and make no mistake, that’s what they are, we need serious firepower down there.

Perry has been a rather vocal opponent of the tough measures that Arizona’s Governor Jan Brewer signed into law, and Sarah Palin has gotten behind, with the Secure the Border campaign that you can visit here.

Look, we know that Obama is not going to protect America and the treasonous scoundrels in Congress are most likely drafting an invite for these pirates to come speak to them and tell us how wrong our laws are!

This is serious business. For all intents and purposes, we are at war with Mexico. The Mexican government actively promotes and aids illegal immigration into the United States. Illegals sending money back to relatives in Mexico is vital to the Mexican economy. It would collapse without it.

Since the Obama regime is on the side of the Mexican government, and the terrorists, rather than

with the American people, this is left to states to handle. That means Governor Perry needs to take swift action. Put the Texas National Guard on the border with the authority to do what needs to done.

The longer we put off decisive action, the fewer options we will have. At some point, if not nipped in the bud, we will be in a shooting war with Mexico. So…how about it Governor Perry…are you paying attention?

OK….now that your blood pressure is at “stroke” level, how about a nice palette cleanser courtesy of Congressman Tom McClintock, of California. After watching the spectacle of the Marxist-democrats kissing Calderon’s butt, this is a welcome sight and the right way to address Calderon, as well as the Obama regime:

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Lt Col. Allen West On Barack Obama: “I can’t stand the guy. I absolutely can’t stand him.”

Lt . Col. Allen West is one of our favorite Conservatives, bar none. This guy tells it like it is, and pulls no punches. It’s no wonder he was one of the American Heroes that Sarah Palin has endorsed for Congress.

In the video below, courtesy of The Right Scoop, West discusses illegal immigration. Some quotes:

My compassion starts with the American people, cause I believe one thing. There are 3 types of people that should be here in this country: Americans, those people that want to be Americans, and those people we invite here as our guests. Other than that, you don’t deserve to be here


See our government wants to castigate us as the enemy. Our President went down and said that the problem is here in the United States of America. Well, you know, let’s face it. Wherever he goes he’s going to apologize for this country. I can’t stand the guy. I absolutely can’t stand him.

Allen West gets it. No better illustration of this is his quote from Teddy Roosevelt on Americans. We should never have hyphenated Americans. You are either an American, or not. We really do not have room for divided loyalties. Frankly, this is Barack Obama’s problem. He is not loyal to the United States. In fact, he is anything but. His hatred for the Nation, and it’s people, is on display daily.

 Lt. Col. West is a true leader, and an American Hero. This is exactly the kind of people we need in Congress if we are going to save this nation.

Much like Sarah Palin, Lt. Col. West speaks his mind and is not afraid to take anyone on.

The video below is West is giving a rousing speech at the opening of his campaign headquarters. While the entire speech is just awesome, the payoff comes at the end when he says once elected he is going to walk up to Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, and tell her: “Give me that damned gavel!

We need to support this man. He is the sort we need in Congress. Please visit Allen’s website here to donate to his campaign, and follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

You should also check the speech he gave last year at a Tea Party that became a viral video on YouTube with over 2 million viewers.


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Sarah Palin Talks Illegal Immigration, Socialism, BP, Oil Spills, And Putting America Back On The Right Track

When the President went on to speak about immigration, some people are going to listen to his sound bites and ask: “Is this another ‘you lie’ moment?

~Sarah Palin

On Wednesday, Sarah Palin gave a lengthy interview with Fox Business News’ David Asman on his popular America’s Nightly Scoreboard show. In this interview, Sarah talks about a wide range of topics: The power of her political endorsements, Obama’s march towards socialism, British Petroleum, the oil spill, corruption, and of course, the hot topic of illegal immigration.

No words minced here. This is Sarah Palin callin’ it like she sees it.

Palin on Putting America Back on Track

Palin: Every Border State Should Have Arizonas Law

Palin: We Cannot Continue on Road Toward Socialism

Palin on BP Oil Spill, Terrorism

This is serious red meat Sarah is dishing out. Solid answers to the most pressing questions of our time. Here is Sarah Palin showing not only her toughness, but her belief in American Exceptionalism.

Sarah also talks about her own career as she dealt with corruption, especially within the Alaska Republican Party, as well as her hard core stance on the oil companies and environmental responsibility.

Why aren’t we hearing this sort of candor and enthusiasm, and these sort of solutions from the GOP show ponies who think it’s “their turn” in 2012?

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Obama Regime Asking Students For “Citizen Status” Before Commencement Address

Wait a minute,… hold the phone! I thought you were a Nazi (or something worse) if you asked people to “show their papers.” And yet….here we are.

This from Kalamazoo, Michigan’s Kalamazoo News:

 Kalamazoo Central seniors aren’t the only ones asked the ‘Citizen status’ question

The White House appears to be laying the groundwork for President Barack Obama to shake the hand of each senior at Kalamazoo Central High School’s commencement ceremony next month.

Seniors are being asked to provide their birthdates, Social Security numbers and citizen status to the Secret Service so background checks could be performed. Such a check is required for anyone who gets within an arm’s length of the president, students were told at their senior breakfast Friday.

Of the fact that the White House is requesting information on all the graduating seniors, K-Central Principal Von Washingon Jr. told the students, “I’ll let you figure out what that means,” said senior Simon Boehme, who was at the breakfast.

Look, in all fairness, it’s the Secret Service’s job to protect the President, and no one wants any harm to come to a President….any President. But it’s quite interesting that while Obama and his minions have been on an apology tour, with the latest disgrace being over Arizona’s tough immigration policies, that mirror the federal standards, this comes out.

As we have written here and here, the Obama regime has trashed Arizona while apologizing to China. Just today, Obama dumped on Arizona, from the White House lawn, and stood there, like the impotent fool he is, while Mexico’s President Calderon trashed Arizona. This was a truly disgusting display of hatred toward America, not only from Calderon but from our own Barack Obama.

I guess it’s “protection from dangerous illegals for me, but not for thee.”

This truly a sad time in American history. Never have we had such a hypocritical, ant-American government in place.

As an American, I stand with Arizona, and the Rule of Law, in all of this. We must stop illegal immigration. We must secure our borders. Barack Obama is not the only one who deserves to be protected from dangerous illegal aliens!


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NRA Backs Carly Fiorina

By Stacy Drake

The National Rifle Association sent California Republican members a mailer endorsing Carly Fiorina for the GOP nomination in the California Senate race. To be fair they also gave Chuck DeVore a ‘thumbs up’ for his defense of the Second Amendment. However, as Ben Smith from Politico states it, they made their “preference” of Fiorina clear. He writes:

The National Rifle Association sent this postcard to its California Republican members, making it the latest conservative force, along with Sarah Palin and much of the organized pro-life movement, to swing behind Carly Fiorina.

The card describes Fiorina and Chuck Devote as strong pro-gun candidates, but makes its preference clear, writing effusively of Fiorina, “a gun owner, proud NRA Member, and strong Second Amendment Supporter.”

The mailer attacks the third candidate, Tom Campbell, at length as having cast “anti-gun votes.”

The NRA issues ratings for candidates like a school grading system. They handed out an “A” to both Carly Fiorina and Chuck DeVore. Based on Tom Campbell’s voting record and current positions on Second Amendment issues, he received the rating of “F.”

During the last debate between these three candidates, Tom Campbell had another episode that should make any Second Amendment advocate cringe.

Like Carly Fiorina, I too know somebody that is currently on the federal government “no-fly” list. That person is about the last person I would expect to be a danger to any flight. Whatever criteria they are using is bogus, considering Faisal Shahzad, the Time Square wannabe bomber actually made it on to a flight after his attempted terrorist attack. For Tom Campbell to put his faith into this broken bureaucracy and be so willing to take away a person’s Constitutional rights, is frightening. But there are a lot of things about Tom Campbell that are frightening.

Both Fiorina and DeVore deserve accolades from the NRA for their Second Amendment record, membership, and political stance. By displaying a preference to Fiorina, it’s clear that the NRA sees the writing on the wall. To them, Tom Campbell is unacceptable and they are making their opposition to him known.

DeVore supporters have been trotting out poll numbers that show him gaining on Barbara Boxer. Everyone is gaining on Babara Boxer. The trouble for Chuck DeVore and his supporters is that he cannot beat Tom Campbell. On the other hand, Carly Fiorina can. So it’s pretty clear why the NRA is displaying a preference for Fiorina.

The National Rifle Association endorsement is a high mark for any Conservative candidate. Being a member myself, I trust this group to watch out for our Constitutional right to bear arms. A right that I believe, fundamentally keep us a free people. The NRA understands what is going on in the GOP Primary as well. They know what the score is, so to speak.

It should also be obvious to anyone paying attention that Sarah Palin would never endorse a candidate that is squishy on Second Amendment rights. She, herself being a strong advocate and taking her fair share of lumps from the anti-gun, ultra-left for doing so.

Carly Fiorina scores an “A” with gun owners and Second Amendment activists. She will do a great job as Senator and give California dramatically different representation than what we are currently getting from the ultra-left’s own, Barbara Boxer.

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