Sarah Palin’s Energy Tax Warning

By Stacy Drake

Sunday, Governor Palin posted the following message on her Twitter page:

So..because BP, subcontractors & govt screwed up WE get punished w/energy tax that jacks prices & kills jobs & opportunity?Nope,wrong answer”

Roger Ebert, being the brain of the left, had no idea what she meant. I doubt he ever will but if he does ever connect the dots, he’ll never admit it. Moving right along…

Most of us are familiar with the energy legislation that has been a primary goal for the Obama Administration since day one. It was known in the beginning as “Cap and Trade,” or as Governor Palin liked to call it, the “Cap and Tax” bill. The title got a bad rap (thanks in part to Governor Palin) so they have repackaged it, like they always do, and now it is called the “Clean Energy Jobs and American Power Act.” Failed presidential candidate and current Senator for Massachusetts, John Kerry is sponsoring the new effort. The premise remains the same however, this is nothing more than an attempt to tax the air we breath.

Governor Palin is very savvy. She knows the left’s playbook like the back of her hand. She understands that they actually do adhere to the words of Rahm Emmanuel, to “never let a serious crisis go to waste.” With the ongoing Gulf oil leak, this could mean very bads things on the horizon for Americans. Which translates to very good things in the eyes of the administration when it suits their agenda.

Last week, I was stunned (shouldn’t have been) when I saw this ad play on CNN. In fact it made me so angry, I posted a tweet about it at that time.

Ah, very deceptive isn’t it?

The group calls itself “VoteVets” and has connections to many big players on the left. It is a Soros backed group that was originally started to attack President George W. Bush in 2006 and in my opinion, undermine the war effort in Iraq. Jon Soltz, the Co-Founder and Chairman actually worked for the Kerry Campaign back in 2004, so this group that tries to portray itself as some sort of honest player on any matter, is anything but. In short, ‘don’t believe the hype.’

There is a game being played right now by the Obama Administration, and they are using this crisis and their cronies to play it. We all need to be very watchful and cognizant of the methods they will use to gain their end goal. Look out for the spin that comes from their offices and the offices of their friends in the media.

I’m concerned that the Obama administration in all their socialistic glory, may also consider nationalizing much of the energy sector because ‘BP failed so badly, you see.’ His complete ‘hands-off’ approach to dealing with this crisis may just be a way to highlight a private sector failure. A private industry that is “too big to fail.” I don’t know, it’s just a theory but it does worry me. For now, perhaps Obama could forget about his golf, his parties, and his politics and give Tony Hayward a call. The Deepwater Horizon rig exploded on April 20th and Obama has yet to even talk directly with the CEO of BP about it.

The writing is on the proverbial wall. Sarah Palin is trying to warn Americans what the left’s plans are. The health care bill was an indicator of how this government will ignore any public dissent on the matter too. That does not matter, we must press on anyway. We still have to get the word out, educate people, make a stink by contacting our representatives, and just do anything we can to stop this “energy” bill from passing.

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