Flash: Mitt Romney Endorses Sarah Palin For President

By Gary P Jackson

A couple of days ago noted “Profile in Courage” Mitt Romney came out of hiding, basically copied the last couple of Sarah Palin’s Facebook posts on Obama, leadership, and the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, then submitted them to USA Today in the form of an op-ed.

In this stellar piece of writing Romney reveals to a shocked nation that Barack Obama is not a leader.

I know! I for one, was like totally and completely blown away by this monumental revelation.

Romney also proclaimed that America needed a leader, not a politician. Mitt you are so right about that, and I am sure that Sarah Palin will proudly accept your endorsement for President of these United States.

Mitt doesn’t go away empty handed though, as he’s been awarded the prestigious Captain Louis Renault Award for those who are shocked …. shocked at the obvious.

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14 responses to “Flash: Mitt Romney Endorses Sarah Palin For President

  1. 2thePoint

    Mitt Romney doesn’t copy material from Sarah Palin. And, he doesn’t copy material on the palm of his hands, either.

    Romney and Palin are on the same team fighting against the Obama machine.

    • Gary P

      Oh noooo, of course not. Mitt just hides out, lets everyone else do the heavy lifting, and then trots out to try and take the spotlight.

      He’s trying the same thing by attempting to take credit for his endorsements that achieved nothing.

      Mitt’s nothing more than an opportunist. He’s not fighting a damned thing.

      He’s nothing more than the GOP establishment’s show pony, who thinks it’s “his turn.”

      He’s wrong.

    • What does Sarah Palin writing notes on her hand have anything to do with the real point? Millions of Americans write notes on their hands, I do for goodness sake! There’s nothing wrong with that.

      At least she doesn’t have to buy her way through the country. All she has to do is stand up to the Socialist Administration and Congress, as well as endorse REAL conservative candidates.

      Sarah Palin’s endorsements matter. Mitt Romney is a flip-flopping, no-conservative vote-buyer. He will never get my vote.

      Sarah Palin for America.

      • Joel Luther

        I totaly agree with you.. Mit Romney is just a groundhog hiding in a dark hole expecting to come crawling out and getting the endorsement handed to him!!.. It ain’t going to work.. I’m voting for Sarah Palin in 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sarah Palin 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Joy

    Boy, Gary, do you have THAT one nailed!! People need to look past the chiseled good looks (my theory: “Good-looking people only have ten minutes’ head start on the rest of us…”) and ask themselves, WHY hasn’t Romney EVER connected viscerally (sp?) to We the People? Why does he seem only to be a political bobblehead? And why does his absolutely “perfect” family STILL not get the immediate attention and interest – both good/admiring and bad/bashing – that Palin’s very “real” (i.e., warts & all) family does in a heartbeat?

    Romney is a legend in his own mind; and although the political & professional highlight of his career was his chairing/saving of the Utah Winter Olympics many years ago, his stint as Governmor of MA – especially signing what has turned out to be a failed mini-version of Obamacare – was not, on balance, that successful.

    He basically has only had to clip coupons most of his adult life (just like John Kerry), but we shouldn’t hold that against him. And even though I have no doubt that he would be competent at anything he set his mind to, that leadership “j’ne sais pas” seems to be missing or, more accurately, lacking. As for his endorsements, no one is staying up nights or biting fingernails to get his endorsement in the current GOP Primary season.

    I would say this, however, and that is, if he does manage to make it through the nomination process and become the GOP candidate in 2012, I wouldn’t hesitate to vote for him. But right now, it’s still a very wide open field – and others we don’t even know about yet might very well jump in.

    One thing that really struck me about your assessment – and it does have me worried a bit: He has now become the GOP Establishment’s “front runner,” and, in true, political-suicide fashion, the GOP tends to reward one of its own if it appears that it’s now “his turn.” Flash to GOP/RINO Establishment: In politics, there is no room for granting the sympathy vote that would seem to accrue to someone who’s one outstanding characteristic is “It’s my turn now!” – On the contrary, political office is attained by winning over the support & confidence of one’s constitutents – NOT the party “bosses!!”

    • Gary P

      Thanks Joy.

      You know, I imagine Mitt’s an OK guy to hang out with, but he doesn’t have a leadership bone in his body. In 2008, it was hard for me to get excited, because we just didn’t have much in the way of a field to choose from. I actually liked Rudy early on, even though he’s not a conservative. I like his leadership ability though.

      Not that it mattered, because by the time the primaries got to Texas, McCain was our boy, but I briefly thought about Mitt over John McCain. Of course, once McCain was the nominee, and did probably the only smart thing in his life, and chose Sarah Palin, it was all good!

      Since then, I’ve learned a lot more about Mitt, and do not like what I see. The guy is an unprincipled opportunist who blows with the wind. He has no real core political stance. He seems to be more about getting elected, because it’s “his turn” than actually wanting to get in there solve problems.

      I started following Sarah years ago, because she’s a real leader who has a lifelong record as a rainmaker. She makes things happen, shakes things up, and gets things done.

      Romney is always a day late and a dollar short.

  3. Joy

    Thanks for the response, Gary – always appreciate your words of wisdom!

    I think it says something about Romney when I, a total political junkie and one who in recent years, in particular, has followed all the GOP shenanigans & jockeying, cannot seem to muster any sort of “oomph” for the Marlborough Man! What is it about him that just does NOT seem to connect? Anyway, we’ll see it he gets a lobotomy over the next year and winds up with a whiz-bang personality…

    Meantime, I’m with you re Rudy G!! After 911, of course, he was star material and I couldn’t get enough of his tough talk about all the bad guys whenever he appeared on FOX! And, yes, his innate leadership skills were on view for the whole world to see not only on 911 and in the immediate aftermath, but for as long as he was Mayor. And, like millions of other GOPers across the political spectrum, I was a BIG booster in 2007 as his campaign got underway – and then, after one or two primaries, just faded.

    Actually, I was very active in a local phone bank for several weeks; so I was there the day that he decided to quit the race – and the local staffer, visibly upset, told us that it was over and that he had to pack up the office asap and head back to NYC. I sort of felt this coming (my only surprise was the lacklustre response from the hundreds of registered GOP voters we had called), but it was still SUCH a huge disappointment that so much hope had been invested, but for naught. Politics can be rough – and definitely unforgiving!!

    • Gary P

      Thanks. Yeah, politics is hard ball. Tough business.

      Rudy just had a flawed strategy. If you are running for POTUS, you gotta hustle. You gotta get out and talk to people. Fred Thompson had this problem as well. I thought he would have made a decent POTUS. Guy has a lot of common sense. Just didn’t have the fire in the belly. Good people though, so is Jeri.

      Romney is just clueless though. He’s a so-so administrator, with mixed results, but he’s not CEO material, not even close. He will always be a distant second to Sarah Palin.

      Think about it. In 2008 the GOP fielded the worst group of presidential hopefuls ever. It boiled down to the worst of the worst, McCain, Huckabee, and Romney. Despite outspending both McCain and Huckabee, combined, the best the guy could do is come in 3rd place. That’s kinda sad.

    • Seattle

      This post was written last summer so let’s take things up to year 2011:-

      Rick Perry and Rudy Giuliani are reportedly “friends”. Rick Perry endorsed Rudy Giuliani in the 2008 election. Rick Perry had a breakfast meeting with Rudy in June 2011, I think the same day he had a separate, lunch meeting with Chris Christie. There is all sorts of buzz about Rudy Giuliani potentially helping Perry somehow with his Prez run in 2012. Google their two names together.
      (I think I kinda stopped the guy over at BNI in his tracks when I brought this up –he was feeling positive for Giuliani & was stating so– …

      Just sayin’ …..

      • Gary P

        Lots of issues surrounding Perry and Islam. Perry is a king panderer, so.

      • Joy

        That’s a good one, Seattle – your putting Perry & Giuliani in the same sentence, wherein the latter might be working with or helping the former in any bid toward POTUS!! BNI (a woman, BTW – her husband, referred to as Mr. BNI, is a former Marine!) can’t stand anyone (as you well know) that has any sort of “friendly” ties with Islam in general, and locally-based muzzies in particular! And although she’s a very strong Conservative now, as a NYer, she was also impressed with Giuliani and, in fact, still wouldn’t mind seeing him in the this forthcoming race!! (Old loyalties tie hard, I guess…)

  4. Romney’s articulation of conservative opinions that we can agree with (even if he is a day late and a dollar short) raises two questions: 1. What happened to the moderate who was governor of Massachusetts and 2. Is Romney just trying to play to the base?

    I voted for Romney in the 2008 primaries because I thought he was the best of candidates who individually each had certain strengths and certain weaknesses. There was no Reagan in the field. At that point, it was just pick the guy who says the right thing.

    However, this changed when Sarah Palin hit the scene. In hindsight, if I knew such a thing was going to happen I certainly would have voted for McCain in the primary. But that of course is the same reason why I voted for McCain in the general (I really voted for Palin).

    With the emergence of the hard working, butt busting, right on the money, walk the walk and talk the talk Sarah Palin, any idea of backing Romney again is out the window.

    It’s not that Romney is a bad guy. I’m not big on going after our rivals – yet. There’s plenty of time for that after November 2010. However, juxtaposed to Sarah Palin, much of Romney’s appeal evaporates for me.

    And, unlike 2008, all of the characteristics necessary to garner my support are embodied in one candidate.

  5. Joy

    Wonderful posting, ReaganTMan – you really articulated what a lot of us had been thinking back in 2008 (and even today) re Romney and others in that pack of wannabees. They’ve all been over-shadowed – at least up ’til this point in time.

  6. Joel Luther

    I love Sarah Palin!!!!! Mitt Romney is just hiding in his hole as if he were a groundhog.. On groundhog day, Mitt will come crawling out and expect us to hand him the nomination.. Well i got NEWS for you Mitt Romney.. YOU AIN”T GETTING MY VOTE!!!!!!!!!! SARAH PALIN 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sarah Palin is the only one out there standing up to the CORRUPT Obama/Washington D.C. agenda….. Romney isn’t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sarah Palin already has my vote LOCKED IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And im volunteering and working my butty off for “HER”.. Not Mitt Romney!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mitt Romney?, GET LOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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