Sarah Palin vs. Snobbery

In order to acquire a growing and lasting respect in society, it is a good thing, if you possess great talent, to give, early in your youth, a very hard kick to the right shin of the society that you love. After that, be a snob.” –Salvador Dali

By Stacy Drake

Meet the snobs

( audio excerpt from 6/10/2010 Episode 20: The Year of the Spanking.)

Sarah Palin makes me nervous. I like her because I like her enemies. She’s got the right enemies… So ya know, I’m, I’m, I like that (nervous laugh)… I’m exactly that shallow. But I’m just not…. There’s something… I’m not sure, I mean, I just I, I hate borrowing the vocabulary of her detractors
Rob Long, online talkshow talker.

By all means, jerk. Go right ahead…

Since he can’t quite put his finger on what makes him “nervous” about Governor Palin. He may as well double-down upon what is actually cowardice, by just stealing left-wing talking points in an utterly lazy fashion. I know Governor Palin has given a hundred interviews since the 2008 Presidential election but hey, let’s talk about that Katie Couric hit-piece as though it wasn’t a highly edited, highly contentious “interview.” Give me a break.

One one hand, this podcast was composed of some talking heads from the establishment giving some minimal ‘props‘ to the most active political force on the Conservative side, Sarah Palin. They acknowledge a job well done, so far in the primary elections with her endorsements and her overall political ‘shrewdness.’ On the other hand, it was like listening to a parody of pseudo-intellectual, ‘elitist,’ wannabe political players (on the record, for Mitch Daniels) sipping overly expensive rotted fruit, talking about that “really off-putting” pleb.

Shortly after it was posted to their site, Claire Berlinski, one of the commentators from the podcast wrote up a quick, ironically titled blog called, “Palin and Snobbery.” It says:

During our podcast conversation about Sarah Palin, I noticed that everyone seemed to express some variant on the sentiment that they wished they liked her more because she so obviously infuriates the people they most loathe… It’s a curious kind of blackmail. Why should we pretend to love her just because pantywaist leftists are snobs about her? If the same snobs refuse to eat Velveeta, that still doesn’t mean it’s a great cheese.

It seems as though Claire doesn’t want to be labeled a “pantywaist” leftist-snob like Governor Palin’s most deplorable detractors. As well, she shouldn’t be. She’s not a leftist after all, just a pantywaist snob. By the way, if you melt Velvetta cheese with some good New Mexico salsa, green chili, and jalapenos, it makes for a great queso dip. But I digress…

After listening to that clip many times I never found one instance where these people differed with Governor Palin on policy or even on her endorsement picks. It’s painfully obvious that these people’s only issue is that of Governor Palin’s background. This becomes so blatant when the host, Mr. Long starts to sing the praises of the backgrounds shared by the female candidates from California. He said:

“Meg Whitman. Meg Whitman… Princeton and Harvard and building one of the biggest corporations in America. Carly Fiorina, Standford and MIT and one of the big-time business careers of the last twenty-five years. Nobody can look down his nose at Meg Whitman or Carly Fiorina.”

So tell me something Mr. and Mrs. Elite. What is so wrong with Governor Palin’s background? Growing up in an all-American, humble, hardworking family that instilled the values and ethics shared by the majority of Americans. Is that something to be ashamed of? Please enlighten us, the unwashed masses because logically speaking, I’m not getting where you’re coming from.

Sarah Palin was brought up to work hard, do the right thing, and stand up for what she believes in. On top of that, she had to work for everything she has gained in life. Nobody handed her a thing. She had to go to college where she did and how she did because of the hand she was dealt. She had to pay for it herself! I don’t know about you but I certainly look up more to those in our society who had to overcome obstacles in life to achieve success, versus those that where given success on a silver platter. I think it certainly says much more about one’s depth of character and ability to thrive.

When I first started following Governor Palin a few years ago, I had no idea what her background was. I didn’t think it was important to look it up immediately after I read about this fantastic, fiery public servant that was taking the fight for energy independence to Washington. To be honest, when I did find out about her background, it only made me like her more. I think the Ivy League educated in our country have failed to notice that they are the one’s that have gotten this country into the shape it’s in. American’s are not as oblivious however. A common theme on Main Street USA for years has been, no matter what political party one belongs to, that these professional elite politicians have no clue what they are doing. Give me someone who has had to live on the most minuscule of budgets, and you will see someone who is a problem solver. The working-class of America may not have attended elite Ivy League institutions, but I happen to think they have more common sense in their little fingers, than the entirety of the establishment in New York and Washington. I won’t quote George Will here, you’ve read it before.

I wonder if people like this, who are obviously trying to dissuade people from supporting Governor Palin by downplaying and distorting who she is, understand that the numbers aren’t on their side. By spewing out meaningless, snobbish diatribe like this clip, they only make her more appealing to more Americans. Something else I find funny is that by the establishment shunning Sarah Palin, that actually translates on Main St. to ‘not corrupt.’ Seeing that, then learning that no corrupt politician ever found an ally in Governor Palin and that she is their foe and the foe of their apologists, will actually go over well in this political environment.

People are sick of having to second guess the motives of their elected officials. Insiders aren’t much appreciated these days. In the “year of the spanking” people are looking for REAL change. That includes getting rid of the establishment hordes in Washington and in our own local communities. This also includes fighting along side those within the Conservative movement, like Governor Palin to get better representation and hold those that are trying their best to destroy this nation, accountable.

Governor Palin is facing attacks from all sides in her day to day struggle to help this nation. She represents the people and if the people have the power and the influence, they think this threatens their prominence. The do indeed look down their noses at Governor Palin, as they also look down their noses at us. May this be the “year of the spanking” indeed, and may these elitist jerks from the republican side of the aisle get spanked right along with their pantywaist, leftist golfing buddies.


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5 responses to “Sarah Palin vs. Snobbery

  1. Roland Farrar

    How can anyone ADD to that??? Go Stacy Drake!

  2. John Worden

    makes good reading. I agree with your assessment of our politicians-republican or democrat-who seem to have no concept of what their constituents think. Keep it coming!

  3. Joy

    You’re damn straight about that, Roland – but I just had to add my two cents’ worth to the kudos for an excellent analysis of the ridiculous & irrelevant snobbism that exists among the GOP (and, indeed, Liberal) Establishment in this country. How dare these total non-talents and wannabees criticize a person like Palin who is virtually a self-made political and business success?!?! There was a time in this country when pulling oneself up by one’s bootstraps was a badge of honor – not a source of snickering second-guessing!! We are fortunate, indeed, that this “diamond in the rough” is a Conservative Republican and NOT a Liberal/Progressive Democrat!! Heaven help us if she were!! For this, we must thank God every day! Sarah Palin is like the Prophets of old whom God chose to spread His word, but whose time on Earth was usually reviled and ridiculed, causing God much anguish….

    • Roland Farrar

      So you DID add something to that! Cuddo’s to you & keep it coming! Now if we could only get a few of the “Liberals” to read and understand some of this, it could make a difference!

  4. Joy

    Thanks for the kind words, Roland – I just can’t help myself, I guess…. Can’t resist responding to both good blogs (here, on this site) and insane rantings (on Libturd sites). Perhaps I should step away from the new “boob tube” (the computer/Internet) and smell the coffee…

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