Why I Am Now Using Bing Instead Of Google

We are all creatures of habit, and certainly known to take the path of least resistance when it comes to such mundane things as searching the vast internet for information. Most folks use Google, because it’s big, and well, we know it.

There are other search engines out there, but most are rather limited, so the old habit remained.

There are a lot of reasons why many of us get frustrated with Google. They have been known to play games with information, and of course, push their agenda by what one sees first when they search information, images, or video. This is especially frustrating if you are a conservative looking for information.

As aggravating as the Marxist-progressive bias of Google is, the real slap in the face is how they showcase their site on holidays. Google might do something special for May Day, May 1st, the celebration of communism, or maybe Cinco de Mayo, the May 5th celebration, cooked up by a Mexican beer company as a promotion, but other more important and significant events are downplayed, or ignored.

Personally, I was one of those cats who just griped about it all, and went on, because it was just easier to do that. I figured it wasn’t a war worth fighting, then I found this article on June 6th, the anniversary of the D-Day invasion, on the website Jessica’s Well:

Check out their respective pages on June 6. Bing’s home page (above) shows an aerial photograph of the American Cemetery located in Normandy.

Google? Nothing. Move along. Nothing to see here. Nothing of note ever happened on June 6th.

Actually this is just one of the reasons. The main reason is that I just don’t trust Google. Google makes money for one reason and one reason only: They know a bunch of stuff about you and the more they know the more they get paid. If you could break the old Stasi into two separate operating entities, one that ran the informants and the other that did the interrogations and disappearances, Google could run the former.

But not the latter….because their corporate motto is “Don’t be evil“, you see.

This was all it took to get me off high center about Google.

BTW, Google has been running a World Cup Soccer theme, because soccer players have done so much for your Freedom and Liberty, or something.

I have to report that I starting using Bing on that day, June 6th, and have not regretted it one bit. Bing is easier to use, especially if you’d like a preview of the text. Searching videos is the absolute best experience ever.

So far I haven’t found myself wanting for information in any way, though I will admit Bing is a tad light on images. I would think that will change in time, as more people start using the service.

Anyhow, this is why I have switched to Bing, and suggest others give it a try as well. I think you’ll be happy you did.



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3 responses to “Why I Am Now Using Bing Instead Of Google

  1. Marv

    I know how to download bing if that is what I wanted

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