Alan Colmes Needs Some “Divine Intervention” Himself

By Stacy Drake

Alan Colmes (yes he’s still around) decided that he found himself a ‘gotcha‘ moment after Governor Palin sent the following message on Twitter Sunday:

He posted the following on his blog, “Liberaland” titled “Sarah Palin’s Gulf Solution: “Divine Intervention”:

When President Obama invoked God during his prime time speech, he was criticized for going in that direction. But will the critics be as ardent in response to Sarah Palin’s statement that what is needed is “divine intervention”? Bill O’Reilly pointedly asked Palin, “What would you do?” At the time there was no answer, but now we know.

[He posted screen-capture of the governor’s tweet here]

And Louisiana state senators have designated Sunday a day of prayer, believing that may be the only way to solve the crisis.

The governor’s tweet was in reference to Louisiana state senators call for a day of prayer. She did not offer this up as her “solution” to the current problem at hand. As a Christian, she understands that prayer plays an instrumental role but is not the end of the road when dealing with a crisis. You need to take charge, set your priorities, and manage the proper people to get solutions. While your at it, it’s a good idea to ask for God’s help and guidance. This “solution” must be far more complicated than Alan Colmes mind can comprehend.

Colmes says that the president was criticized “for going in that direction,” during the horrendous speech he gave last week from the Oval Office. But the link he provides to back up that statement says the president was criticized from “both right and left” and was done so for different reasons.

The first critic in that article is Rachel Maddow, who “questioned whether “prayer” was really the appropriate request given the enormous complexity and magnitude of the problem.” Not to read too much into what Maddow was saying (impossible, as I am her direct opposite) but I think she was just looking for more, ‘taking charge, setting priorities, and managing the proper people‘ to deal with this situation. Prayer obviously not being enough action from the Commander in Chief.

The second critic the article lists is Newt Gingrich, who simply stated, “I hope he means it.” If he did mean it, it wouldn’t hurt the situation, that’s for sure.

It’s actually the one part of his speech that didn’t make me cringe. I see nothing wrong with the President of the United States of America asking for God’s help in a time of need. There is nothing wrong with that, what so ever. So, the insinuation Colmes piece is trying to convey to his left-wing audience, that won’t click on that link to read more, is that someone on the right attacked Obama for invoking God, so they should feel free to attack Palin for doing the same.. It’s nonsense, and should be an argument below a professional commentator like Colmes, but he does work on the left where the standards are much lower.

He also adds to this post, “Bill O’Reilly pointedly asked Palin, “What would you do?” At the time there was no answer, but now we know.” I assume he thought that was a fun, snarky way to tie the piece together. However, it’s not true at all.

O’Reilly asked what her main point would be if she were the one giving the speech. He said, “What would you do? Tell the nation tonight, what you would have said, your main point in that speech. Go.”

She replied, “Stopping the gusher. That’s the number one priority of the nation.” She then goes on to say that Obama’s priorities have been off since the beginning of this disaster. How terrible it is that his priorities are still so messed up that he spent that speech talking about getting a Cap-n-Tax bill passed.

One thing is clear, is that had it been President Palin in the Oval Office the day this all began, the administration’s priorities would have been focused in the right direction from the jump. Allowing for the ability to get the right people put in the right places to ensure all avenues are explored and that the number one job, the “number one priority” for this nation IS “stopping the gusher,” not paying off cronies with phony carbon credit rackets. Besides, Governor Palin has offered a lot of advice to the current president in dealing with this crisis. She’s given him names of experts, suggested that he should wave the Jones Act, and even offered to give him advice over the telephone. None of that advice has been taken, and the oil continues to flow into the Gulf.


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2 responses to “Alan Colmes Needs Some “Divine Intervention” Himself

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  2. Joy

    Now that Alan Colmes has been “unhitched” from Hannity (who SORT of kept him sensible & definitely civil), he’s flying off the handle in all directions (mainly starboard) and sounds pathetically loonier than ever. I saw that interview on O’Reilly; and because there is that ever-so-slight time gap between the question asked to Alaska and the respondent’s (Palin’s) hearing the question & being able to answer, for a moment it looked/sounded like she was a bit stymied for the answer. But, in actuality, she wasn’t; she was responding in real time, but the voice didn’t catch up to the video. Anyway, she responded with confidence and without hestitation. Colmes is barking up the wrong tree trying to capture a “gotcha” moment with Palin. In this case, as in others, he’s a day late and a dollar short!

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