Israel National News Poll: Sarah Palin Best For Israel In 2012

By Gary P Jackson

Due in no small part to her strong support of Israel, at a time when Barack Obama is actively working against them, readers, voting in an online poll sponsored by Arutz Sheva, the Israel National News, overwhelmingly chose Sarah Palin as their preferred Republican candidate in 2012.

This squares with a report that Peter Beinart filed earlier in his magazine, where he intimated that an Obama regime official told him that the Netanyahu administration was “waiting for President Palin.

In this unscientific polling, Sarah receives 56.3 % of the vote, with Mike Huckabee coming in a distant second with 35.6% and Mitt Romney in third with 7.9%.

Out of the three, Sarah Palin has been the only one consistently standing up for Israel, and consistently calling Obama out for his many betrayals of our Middle East ally.

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One response to “Israel National News Poll: Sarah Palin Best For Israel In 2012

  1. Bloodhound

    No matter who runs against the Kenyan Bastard Child, they will win and I hope it is Sarah who is running! Obambi is a muslim and as all muslims, he dispises Israel and supports the Islamic agenda. Obama is a Traitor to America and needs to be removed by any means available! Anyone who says they are a Christian but does not support Israel, is a LIAR!

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