Barack Obama: Once In A Lifetime

By Gary P Jackson

Same as it ever was.


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5 responses to “Barack Obama: Once In A Lifetime

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  5. Bloodhound

    After America is finally rid of this Worthless Excuse of a Leader, it will probably be another century before Americans chance voting another Black into our top office. I hate to think that Decent People, like Col Adam West, and many other good Conservative Blacks will be passed up simply because Obambi has turned out to be such a Failure. I just pray that “ALL” candidates must prove their citizenship and birth by showing a “Real” long form birth certificate and all of their records! Only someone who is DisHonest, has No Honor and No Integrity would seal their records if they wanted to occupy the highest office in the land. Obama has proved, over and over, he has no HONOR and no Integrity and is America’s Greatest Enemy!

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