Obama’s New Priority For NASA: Muslim Outreach

By Gary P Jackson

NASA administrator Charles Bolden Talks to Al Jazeera TV about Obama’s new vison for the National Aeronautics and SPACE Administration.

Of course, Obama’s not a Muslim. Uh uh, nope, no way.

Rather disgusting that one of the most innovative and inspirational agencies government ever created is now just another glorified community organizing outfit.

Byron York has more here.

Meanwhile ….

h/t: Stacy Drake for “Islam Trek


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7 responses to “Obama’s New Priority For NASA: Muslim Outreach

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  2. I liked that “Jews in Space”, a good answer to Charles Al Bolden. There is little doubt Obugger is pulling his strings, what lengths some will go to in order to keep their jobs and we all know the funds for NASA have been sharply reduced. He doesn’t want to join those millions who are out of work with little prospect of ever getting a good job again—heck they all gone overseas. Great looking blog! Came your way via link on Blogs4Palin. Have a great day.

    • Gary P

      Thanks Ron!

      The Obama regime has gotten so ridiculous with this mess, I felt we needed a little lighter approach!

      God Bless Mel Brooks!

      I’ve seen some wild stuff in my life, be what we are witnessing courtesy of the Obama regime is quite remarkable.

      Thanks for stopping in!

  3. Bloodhound

    This is truly sickening but not surprising since it is a directive straight from the Anti-American Muslim named Barry Hussein Obama! Obambi is America’s Greatest Enemy and those who have not figured that out yet, then I question their intelligence. Obambi has proved, over and over, he was never qualified to lead anything but maybe a protest or to clean toilets at a gas station, nothing else! Obama is the Most Worthless Excuse of a Leader the World has ever known! Most countries would take him out back of the wood shed and be done with him! Impeach this Kenyan Ba$tard ManChild before he truly destroys our great nation!

  4. Obama’s suggestion for NASA outreach in the Muslim world is nothing new for NASA. Ronald Reagan used NASA the same way when working with the Soviet Union.

    In fact it is interesting how people/Fox News seemed to forget the history of NASA and and the fact that Obama was simply following in the footsteps of prior U.S. Presidents, including Ronald Reagan. Reagan effectively used NASA to reach out to the Soviets during the Cold War to improve diplomatic relations.

    The Senate issued a formal call for renewal of U.S./Soviet space cooperation in 1984. Reagan signed the resolution saying, “We can find there are yet undiscovered avenues where American and Soviet citizens can cooperate fruitfully for the benefit of mankind in science and technology we can launch new joint space ventures.”

    When Reagan and Gorbachev met in 1985 to discuss arms control, they also signed an agreement on scientific cooperation. This cooperation was symbolic of the improving relations that helped end the Cold War.

    • Gary P

      This is very true, but at the same time we also had a robust space program. Obama, for all practical purposes has shut NASA down. In act, we will now be totally dependent on the Russians if we want to leave earth’s atmosphere.

      Past that, the “Muslim world” has no space program. There’s nothing to cooperate on. You can’t compare them and the situation with the Soviets, who also had a robust space program. It’s truly apples and oranges.

      The LAST thing we need to be doing is giving Muslims space technology, BTW. Doesn’t take a genius to figure out how that bit of expertise, mated to a nuclear weapon, would be used.

      Obama continually “reaches out” to the religion of his father, at a time he should be focused on defeating it.

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