Sarah Palin’s Latest Mama Grizzly: CeCe Heil From Tennessee’s 5th

By Gary P Jackson

Sarah Palin has added a new Mama Grizzly to her growing list of warriors who are preparing to do battle with those who are destroying Liberty and Freedom, and seek to further oppress the people of our great nation.

From Facebook:

CeCe Heil for Tennessee’s 5th District

I’m pleased to lend my support to CeCe Heil’s campaign for Congress from Tennessee’s 5th District. CeCe is another tough “mama grizzly” with the experience, passion, and integrity to restore some common sense to Washington. As a small business owner, attorney, constitutional scholar, and proud mother of two, she will fight tirelessly to protect our freedoms and rein in the excesses of an out-of-control federal government that seems set on spending away our children’s future.

CeCe brings the business sense and the constitutional understanding that is so needed in DC right now.

(And those of you who follow the music scene in Nashville will recognize the name of CeCe’s husband, Rick Heil, from his band Sonicflood.)

Please join me in supporting CeCe Heil’s campaign by visiting her website at and following her on Facebook and Twitter.

– Sarah Palin

Defending the American Dream

by CeCe Heil

America was founded on the belief that freedom was the key to success, personally, corporately, and politically. Our founding fathers understood what it was like to live under tyrannical control and brilliantly drafted our founding documents, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, to place the power in the hands of the people.

By their actions, they unleashed the American Dream. Although our government is returning to that tyrannical control, we need to remind them that we live in a Constitutional Republic governed by a document of enumerated powers.

The people of the 5th District of Tennessee need a representative in Washington who is not only conservative, but also understands the Constitution and federal legislation, and is not afraid to take action to rein in the Federal Government.

As an attorney, a strict constructionist, and small business owner, I have the knowledge, experience and conviction to effect the change needed to reverse course and provide the people the power to rebuild the American Dream.

CeCe Heil is a solid addition to Sarah Palin’s sleuth of Mama Grizzlies. She has a compelling personal story and is the sort of Common Sense Conservative we need in Congress. Let’s all do everything we can to send her to D.C.


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3 responses to “Sarah Palin’s Latest Mama Grizzly: CeCe Heil From Tennessee’s 5th

  1. Bloodhound

    Isn’t it strange how Conservative women are beautiful and the Demon women are……well……Kagen, Boxer, Pelosi…..sorry, I get a bit sick at my stomach when I picture their looks in my mind! Not only are Conservative women much more beautiful, they are also more Intelligent and have a lot more Common Sense. Demon Days are coming to an End! Love It!

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