Highlighting a Correction from JSOnline

By Stacy Drake

JS Online, the internet version of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, published the following on their “Corrections and clarifications” page (emphasis mine):

A headline Saturday incorrectly stated that Sarah Palin’s speaking fee at a California college dwarfed the income the school realized from the appearance. Net proceeds from the appearance actually were more than twice the fee Palin received.

Keep in mind that was a second priority for their daily corrections, just after:

Due to a misprint in USA Weekend’s July 16-18 issue in today’s Journal Sentinel, the Stickdoku puzzle solution is incomplete. The complete solution is reprinted in the Sunday, July 18, newspaper.

I wouldn’t classify that as a typo or a small mistake. That headline was a total distortion of reality. I know the left is having a hard time coming to terms with the fact that Governor Palin’s speech at Cal State Stanislaus “turned out the be the most successful fundraiser in the campus’ history,” but a deception like the one the headline writer for JSOnline tried to slip past the readers, was too much.

The other way the current-day activist media tries to distort the success of the event, is to highlight her fee, yet again, instead of talking about the money brought in. What other reason would the AP title their article on the subject, “Palin earned $75k to speak at Calif university?” Would they write an article covering the amount of money the Super Bowl brings in to the NFL, by highlighting the salary for the star quarterback of the winning team? I don’t think so.

At least JSOnline had the decency to note a correction about their distorted piece, even if it was hidden on their correction page. I can’t say so much for the the AP or other LSM publications that chose to obsess about Governor Palin’s well deserved salary, other than reporting the record funds for the university, or perhaps the destruction of the Gulf while the nation’s First Dog flew on his own personal jet to Maine.

This is the current state of the media. They are no longer press agencies tasked with gathering and distributing accurate information to the public for it’s own sake. They are now in the business of left-wing, Democratic Party public relations. They hide the president’s gaffes, play down the state of the economy, cover-up facts about ‘transformational‘ legislation, and they try to paint the narrative about all things Sarah Palin, in a negative light. The Governor brought in a lot of money and attention to Cal State Stanislaus. No matter what the media says or does, they cannot take that away from her or the university.



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4 responses to “Highlighting a Correction from JSOnline

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  2. Joy

    Good for you, Stacy, finding & printing that “correction” (of sorts) re Palin & Cal State/Stanislaus.

    What is particularly annoying about the whole thing is that just around the time of the speech itself (nearly a month ago), the LSM talked about this obsessively – and it came out in almost all the media that some major donors had underwritten about $50K for expenses, etc.; and that even though the terms of the contract were confidential – as per contractural agreement/arrangement with the Washington Speakers Bureau (SOP, by the way, for ALL their big-shot speakers!!) – it was “leaked” or suggested or guessed at (and later confirmed by WSB itself) that Palin’s fee was somewhere in the neighborhood of $75K. So, the fact that Palin the Headliner actually brought in more than (or just under?) $400K, that still left a net profit in excess of $200K for the scholarship fund. And given that virtually every endowment fund in the USA took a 20 – 40 percent hit in 2008 with the recession, $225K (I think that’s closer to the actual amount the Fund earned with this event) is a TERRIFIC gift that will go a long way to help replace the tens? hundreds? of $thousand$ that Stanislaus no doubt incurred during and after the current Obama recession.

    But, as you so wisely point out, that little factoid simply is beyond the LSM’s ability to comprehend – it’s “an inconvenient truth” and a reality that, like a cross in front of a vampire, simply cannot be tolerated.

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