Romnesty? Looks Like Mitt Romney Wants The GOP To Help Push Amnesty Quickly So He Doesn’t have To Address It On The Campaign Trail

By Gary P Jackson

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, a front-runner for the nomination, has signaled quietly to Graham that Republicans must address immigration before the campaign heats up, according to several sources familiar with the conversation.

Looks like noted “Profile In Courage,” Mitt Romney has crawled out of the shadows to tell his fellow GOP elite that they need to get it in gear before 2012, so the issue of illegal immigration doesn’t hurt his already poor chances of a run for the presidency. Basically, he’s asking his fellow elites to help him vote “present” on this issue. Never mind that amnesty will destroy the very fabric of the nation, for Romney, everything is seen through the prism of how it benefits him and his naked lust for power. Everything else be damned.

POLITICO, that sanctuary for corrupt Journolisters, is doing it’s job in this piece, as they attempt to bring John McCain, who was once on the amnesty bandwagon, back into the fold. In doing so, they expose fellow traveler Mitt Romney and his actions.

Immigration advocates miss John McCain

His coming back to the table would be a very substantial move and something that could help break the logjam,” said Clarissa Martinez, director of immigration and national campaigns for the National Council of La Raza.

For those that don’t know, La Raza means “The Race.” In other words, this is a racist, supremest organization.

The conversation has to begin with John McCain and Lindsey Graham,” added Angela Kelley, vice president for immigration policy and advocacy at the Center for American Progress. “They are the top-tier Republicans.

Their hope now is that Republican presidential candidates and former operatives under Bush, a reform proponent, can convince GOP congressional leaders that the issue needs to be dealt with before 2012 — or that they could risk alienating the burgeoning Hispanic vote in the crucial swing states of New Mexico, Colorado, Nevada, Arizona and Florida.

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, a front-runner for the nomination, has signaled quietly to Graham that Republicans must address immigration before the campaign heats up, according to several sources familiar with the conversation.

Graham’s push against birthright citizenship prompted this response on POLITICO’s Arena from Cesar Conda, a former domestic policy adviser to Vice President Dick Cheney: “If the Republican Party embraces ending birthright citizenship, then it will be assured losing Latino and ethnic voters — and presidential elections for the foreseeable future.

Jason Rose, a Republican political consultant in Arizona, said there’s little chance of McCain backpedaling on immigration reform — even though such a major legislative accomplishment would cement his legacy.

For John McCain to re-engage as he did before on the immigration issue will create a new political vernacular: It would be flip-flop flipper,” said Rose, who resigned from Hayworth’s Senate campaign in March after a contract dispute. “His constituents want the damn fence and they want it now, and he gets it.”

Edmundo Hidalgo, president and chief executive of Phoenix nonprofit Chicanos por la Causa, said that in previous years, McCain demonstrated a willingness to understand and work through issues affecting the Hispanic community. But this month, when Hidalgo met with McCain staff members to push for the DREAM Act, he heard only one refrain: Secure the border first.

There is a disconnect with his priorities and our priorities,” said Hidalgo, whose group sued Arizona over its immigration law. “Although some of us may have a wishful sentiment to see the maverick, at this point, he is John McCain, the enforcer at the border. Those were fond memories.

With the way Hidalgo is talking up McCain’s stance on illegals, he’ll make sure he wins in a landslide, as most Americans are solidly behind Arizona’s new law, and want the border secured, yesterday! Read more of this disgusting mess here.

It amazes me how stupid the Republican elites are. For one thing, Hispanics are not a monolithic group. Most legal immigrants, as well as American born Hispanics are very much against amnesty. Those pushing for amnesty, and the illegals themselves, have little if any regard for America, as witnessed by all of the Mexican flags they carry, and their refusal to even attempt to assimilate, learn English, and so on. This only hurts their chances for success, and all but guarantees they will end up living off of taxpayers, rather than being productive members of society. There is a reason why becoming a United States citizen is hard work, it pays off for everyone in the end.

The radical left is pushing for amnesty for one reason, and one reason only, they see a potential 20 million new democrat votes come this fall.

It would figure that Mitt Romney would be all for amnesty though. Sixty-eight percent of all Americans approve of building a border fence, however Sixty-seven percent of the political class, the ruling class, oppose, as you can read here.

It’s hard not to be sympathetic with decent people who just want a better life, but the fact is, we are a nation of laws, and cannot survive if we pick and choose which laws we enforce. We must completely secure the border, and then we can work on reforming the system. Nothing can happen until we secure that border completely.

Lindsey Graham Can’t be trusted, he is a very reliable vote for total amnesty. Mitt Romney knows this, which is why he is bending his ear. Birds of a feather, and all.

BTW, while Romney is doing everything possible to not have any difficult issues to face, Sarah Palin has consistently stood up against the open borders crowd, and on Thursday took Obama to task again on his total failure to do his constitutionally required duty of securing the border.

Mitt Romney is a political opportunist, and a political coward. If the RomneyCare fiasco doesn’t prove he is unfit to hold office, this most certainly should.


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21 responses to “Romnesty? Looks Like Mitt Romney Wants The GOP To Help Push Amnesty Quickly So He Doesn’t have To Address It On The Campaign Trail

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  2. Cory

    I have to disagree. The POLITICO article says really next to nothing about Romney in this piece. They suggest “through several sources involved” that Romney “signaled quietly” to Graham.

    Why wouldn’t he want to deal with the issue in 2012? He dealt with it head on in 2007 and 2008 n the campaign trail enough to impress Tom Tancredo with his stance on illegal immigration enough to earn Tom’s endorsement.

    • Gary P

      Go back and look at Romney’s actual record. He’s been pro amnesty for a long time. Tom Tancrado is easily fooled, we are not.

      • Cory

        I have looked at his record. Tom Tancredo has made this the central issue to his political career. I don’t think he’s “easily” fooled. As we are seeing now with Arizona being challenged by the federal government, there is only so much a governor and state can do for illegal immigration so a certain amount of any governor’s record is going to be hear-say and promises.

      • Gary P

        Romney has supported amnesty for years, and is supporting it now. End of story.

        Hell, even an OBVIOUSLY pro Romney blog reports he’s for amnesty!

        BTW, I LIKE Tom Tancrado, kinda, but he is easily fooled. Also, he’s about to screw around and get a democrat elected in Colorado.

        I think Jan Brewer is proving you can change the world as governor, if you get off your butt and try!

        Past that, amnesty is the least of Romney’s problems. His entire record as Governor is one big train wreck. The very definition of FUBAR.

        He needs to go sit and the corner and stop wasting his kid’s inheritance on his fantasy of being president, because it ain’t gonna happen. Ever.

  3. Joy

    Oooh, Gary, you’re smokin’! and outta the ‘shute steaming hot! But I DO like the new moniker you’ve bestowed on Mitt – “Romnesty!” just like his pal, Grahamnesty, eh? What IS patently obvious about Romney this time around is his absolute inability to gain one whit of media attention! And he’s not much helping his cause, either, by sitting on the sidelines and/or remaining “discreetly” (as in, “cowardly?”) silent on all the hot-button issues. It must be getting VERY old and very annoying just seeing Palin’s rear end as she leads the pack going into the first turn… I think I read somewhere that Romney endorsed Nikki Haley some time before Palin did, but who knew? who heard? who paid any attention? But what really earned Palin her stripes in that race was when she went out of her way to loudly and without hesitation refudiate (hey, it’s workin’ for me!) all those nasty sexual lies & innuendos that the “big boys” at GOP HQ in SC leveled at her. Of course, Romney was totally silent – but, perhaps, given the lack of media attention/coverage to anything he says or does, it APPEARS that he was silent.

    Just too bad all those good “Presidential” looks aren’t enough – as I’ve often said, “Good-looking people have 10 minutes’ head-start on the rest of us…”

    But isn’t the one good major thing he did was head up the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, when they were threatened, close to opening, with all sorts of financial & other disasters (including not be able to open on time!!), and, in a very real sense, saved the day? Wasn’t that the issue and the experience that really catapulted him onto the national stage? If so, he does deserve credit for that particular achievement.

    • Gary P

      Thanks Joy! Cant take credit for “Romnesty” though. That one came from our very own Stacy Drake!

      The more I look at Romney, the less I like. He is truly an opportunist, and a coward, as a politician. Maybe at some point in history he would have made a somewhat tolerable President, but in this environment, now that the barbarians have crashed the gates and are sitting in the White House, we need a real warrior at the seat of power. That definitely ain’t Mitt Romney, or any of the other GOP elite.

  4. Cory

    Don’t know why I can’t reply to Gary again. Is there some kind of limit or is my pc just screwing up?

    Anyways, I’ve seen those sources, Gary. Do you know that Sarah Palin has said virtually the SAME thing about a pathway to citizenship? Btw, I defended her when someone brought this to my attention so I’m not anti-Palin by any stretch.

    Here is another link of Romney quotes on illegal immigration including some of his actions:

    Jan Brewer has been great, but because of her actions does that make every conservative or republican governor bad on immigration because they haven’t done the same? I hope Brewer wins, but because of judicial activism she doesn’t have a good chance in my view. Especially since similar California law in penal code 834b is unenforceable because of a federal district court. I hope she takes it to the Supreme Court or that the Court will review it.

    • Gary P

      Somehow your comment got caught in the spam filter.

      About the “Diggers Realm” website you quote. This guy has been totally discredited. Hell, we even got caught up in reporting one of his BS stories about Los Zetas. Not a credible website.

      Past that, Sarah was McCain’s VP candidate at the time, right or wrong, she had to, at least publicly, go with the party line.

      Since you probably weren’t paying attention, there was a LOT of friction behind the scenes of the campaign, and I’m pretty sure there were any number of issues McCain was for that she had other ideas on.

      The fact remains, on her own, she has always been against amnesty.

      Romney on the other hand has been an open borders/amnesty guy for a long time. Why else would he be talking to Lindsey Graham? Graham didn’t get the nickname “Gramnesty” for nothing. He is the GOP elite’s go to guy on this. He is itching to write an amnesty bill.

      It seems that Sarah talked some sense into McCain, because, at least so far, he’s off that idea. That’s why POLITICO wrote the story in the first place. They miss Johnny Mac and want him to come home to the dark side!

      Not sure why we are arguing about this anyway. The base of the Republican party dislikes Romney even more than they disliked McCain. Since 2008 the dislike for Romney has only grown. RomneyCare, which has destroyed health care in Massachusetts, and has the state headed towards insolvency, is Mitt’s Waterloo. He will never be president because of RomneyCare, which was the blueprint for ObamaCare.

      Romnesty is just the icing on the cake.

  5. Aaron

    These pro-Palin websites are out of control. The mid-terms aren’t even over and they’re already attacking other Republicans. First of all, Romney isn’t pro-amnesty – no matter how much you’d like to twist and distort a comment. Second of all, articles like this just make Palin supporters look petty and insecure about their own candidate.

    • Gary P

      This has nothing to do with Sarah Palin at all.

      It does have to do with the fact Mitt Romney is a political opportunist and a coward. Romney has been for amnesty for years. Oh, he might SAY something else, depending on whatever he thinks the people he is in front of at the moment want to hear, the guy flip-flops so much he makes John Kerry look like a principled politician.

      The guy’s positions on things are like the Texas weather, if you don’t like ’em, just wait a little bit, and he’ll change ’em.

      He is a pre-packaged, focus group tested, phony-baloney, plastic banana, good time rock and rolling, loser. The ultimate finger in the wind politician.

      Romney represents the very worst politics has to offer, a career elite politician who doesn’t care about anything but his own career.

      While Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, Allan West, and many more are focused like a laser on November 2010, Romney is spending all of his efforts looking to worm his way into the White House in 2012.

      He should give up, because it will never happen.

      While Palin and the rest are out there every single day putting it all on the line fighting the Obama regime, and the rest of the communists who have captured our government, Romney is AWOL.

      Palin and the other patriots are fighting for Liberty, Freedom, the Rule of Law, and the return to a Constitutional Republic. Romney is only concerned with his own failed career.


    • Stacy

      Excuse me but who’s operatives have been cowardly attacking Palin since even before the final votes were cast in 2008 under “anonymous sources?”

      Then there was that dehumanizing incident a few weeks ago. Real classy bunch you are. Don’t act all high and mighty when Willard’s camp was the first to jump in the gutter.

      If anyone was ever “insecure” it was Mitt. RomneyCare destroyed his chance of ever being POTUS. It’s up to Conservatives everywhere, be they Palin supporters or otherwise, to point out Mitt’s record on other issues as well.

  6. Amy

    I agree with Gary! Please do not forget Mitt Care in Mass. Broke the state and is not, nor has ever worked.

  7. There are two words that I think describe Romney and his presidential chances very clearly; 1. Romneycare and 2. Romnesty. He is doomed, mostly by Romneycare. I like Romney but I don’t like his reluctance to get out in front and do battle with the current liberal agenda. Every once in a while he says something, but it is too little and too late. We need a leader who doesn’t hide in the shadows and let others do the dirty work.

  8. Bardsmith

    For many years, the Democrats have been tugging America toward the left. Like a dog on a leash, Romney is one of those RINOs who have been trotting after the liberals while leaving behind our founding principles. He proved himself a proponent of big government when he signed Romneycare into law. What irks me is that he could have derailed Obamacare by pointing out the flaws in the Massachusetts system — it’s over-budget, insurance premiums are much higher than in other states, medical care is rationed, and the program doesn’t even cover all the uninsured.

    Where was Romney during the health care debate? Why didn’t we see him all over the media fighting Obamacare as Sarah Palin did? One can only conclude he’s a coward.

    We need a TRUE conservative in the White House, someone who isn’t afraid to repeal Obama’s socialist agenda and to make massive cuts in government spending. Palin trimmed the AK budget by nearly 10%. She’s exactly what this country needs.

  9. Joy

    Stacy (with hats off to your baby, acc. to Gary, “Romnesty!”), what was the “dehumanizing incident” to which you refer and who is “Willard?” Inquiring minds want to know…. I thought I kept up with all the political junkie factoids, but apparently I missed a few! Thanks…

    • Gary P

      Willard “Mitt” Romney.

      A few weeks ago a couple of Romney advisers told POLITICO that Sarah wasn’t a “serious human being.” We all ripped him for that. The coward sent out a half-assed tweet sort of reprimanding them, but never apologized to Sarah, or fired his people.

      Don’t know if you read the Boyz stuff over at but if not, they have a wealth of info about Willard’s henchmen in the Chicago area, including the latest, where the Romney hack, and state GOP chair called them a bunch of “fagots.”

      They are gay, and some of Sarah Palin strongest supporters, and all around wonderful people.

      Hillbuzz is a must read.

      The more one learns about Mitt Romney and his people, the less there is to like.

  10. Joy

    Thanks, Gary for the heads-up about I remember when this group started up (about the same time that Hillary’s bid fizzled); in fact, most of the founders of this site were strong Hillary backers and, in fact, were furious with Obama and really detested his racist tactics – even then. And that’s when they changed their focus to Palin (if not exactly GOP politics – after all, they were pretty middle-of-the-road Liberals), and, apparently (if what you say is true) are really putting the political rubber to the road! Having such a large, well-bespoke and passionate group of guys turn their smarts & their energies to Palin is great for her and The Cause (helping to put the lie of homophobia on Palin’s part to rest – please God!).

    Am looking forward to checking them ( out asap – sounds like one very lively website! Thanks again.

    • Gary P

      They are the real deal for sure. They have totally left the democrat party, and have publicly stated that even if Hillary runs, they aren’t interested. That was a tough one for them.

      They have become serious activists for conservatism. Funny ting, unlike the liberals, conservatives has welcomed them with open arms. They are good people.

      They wrote a really sweet article a while back when Sarah was in the Chicago area, and they got to meet with her and Todd. It was a pre-arranged deal. Very good stuff.

      If you are on twitter, they are as well. Good way to stay updated.

  11. Joy

    So glad, Gary, for the update re and the meeting in Chicago with the Palins and them. That is ALL good news! Of course, they could hardly be/stand with Palin and still be demonkraps, so their decision to throw their lot in with the rest of us Patriots may definitely have been a hard one, but consistent, in the end, with their admiration of Palin.

    We had a young candidate for City Council here last year (he lost) who was openly gay and Conservative Republican. Of course, he was totally pilloried by the local group of Stonewall mental midgets, but he stuck to his guns (but left town, apparently, after he lost the election!). Anyway, his last political activity was to attend one of Palin’s book signings and actually have his photo taken with La Palin. He stood/slept in line for hours beforehand, of course – but he emailed all of his supporters throughout the adventure.

    Again, thanks again for the more recent heads-up re the guys at!

    • Gary P

      This is one of the things a lot of people don’t get. Conservatives are a hell of a lot more tolerant of people who are “different” than Marxist-progressives.

      Shame the young man lost, and worse he felt he had to leave. The HillBuzz guys are awesome though. Really good people. Lots of fire in the belly.

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