What Is Mike Castle REALLY Up To In Delaware?

By Gary P Jackson

If you are not familiar with the special election being held in the state of Delaware, for the vacant U.S. Senate seat, let me clue you in. There are two Republicans running: Congressman Mike Castle, and Christine O’Donnell. They will eventually face off with the Marxist-democrat in the race.

Being as this is a special election, the November winner will be seated immediately, and will be able to stop Congress’ attempt to ram some incredibly destructive legislation down America’s throat as a finalFlying Fickle Finger of Fate to the voters who will have thrown them out of office.

With that in mind, sending the right person to Washington is essential. Mike Castle is what most would classify as a RINO. (Republican In Name Only) Looking at his record, I’d have to say he is the enemy of Freedom and Liberty. He is most certainly the enemy of the Constitution, as well as the American people.

Remove RINOs calls him the Ace of Spades of liberal Republicans.

Castle is an establishment Republican and has been in elected office for over 40 years. After serving in state government, he was elected to Congress in 1993, and since that time he has managed to compile one of the most liberal voting records in the GOP.

A few highlights of his liberal record include:

* Mike Castle voted FOR Cap-and-Trade.

* Mike Castle voted FOR the $700 billion TARP bill.

* Mike Castle voted AGAINST the surge in Iraq.

* After ObamaCare was passed into law, Mike Castle refused to support the Repeal movement.

* Voted to ban incandescent light bulbs.

* Voted to investigate George W Bush for impeachment for “lying” about Iraq.

Mike Castle has an alarmingly “progressive” voting record that would make the most radical of leftists quite proud. Read more at RemoveRINOs here.

As crazy as this all sounds, Eric Erickson over at Red State uncovered an even more diabolical plot:

If Mike Castle becomes the next United States Senator from Delaware he is going to get sworn in, serve a bit, then become a Democrat, resign, and let Beau Biden get an appointment.

It’s a done deal. The deal has been made already. I’m hearing this not just from Christine O’Donnell people, but party regulars in Delaware, some of whom support Castle. It is insane.

Maybe that is why Mike Castle is running from Christine O’Donnell. He is afraid to have to answer questions about this. The man will not debate her to save his life.

[ …. }

And here’s another dirty little secret Mike Castle would prefer you not know. This election? It’s a special election. Whoever wins it gets sworn in immediately. Immediately as in prior to any lame duck session of Congress.

In a lame duck session of Congress, would you rather have Christine O’Donnell or Mike Castle? One of the two will defend freedom. The other will become a Democrat.

In case you didn’t know, Beau Biden is the son of Vice President Joe Biden, who also hails from Delaware.

This is pretty fantastic, but with Arlen Specter switching parties, in an effort to win, as well as the other long time RINO Charlie Crist in Florida going independent, and likely to caucus with the Marxists-democrats should he win, this sounds about right.

There is no room in the Republican Party for far left radicals posing as “moderates” or whatever. Guys like Mike Castle are traitors to the people and traitors to the Constitution. Their naked lust for power consumes them. It’s all that matters.

So …. what is one to do?

Support Christine O’Donnell, of course. Christine is a real deal, Common Sense Conservative.

Check out her website: http://christine2010.com/ and follow her on Twitter. Christine is endorsed by the Tea Party Express, and has a compelling life story. She is the kind of leader we need serving in the United States Senate.

Get involved. Send her a buck or two, and donate some time. Make phone calls, go door to door, whatever you can.

Mike Castle would be a disaster for the nation if elected. He’s already done plenty of damage during his career. Times are just too perilous to allow him to continue.

Let’s all do all we can to send Christine O’Donnell to Washington to help turn this nation around.


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7 responses to “What Is Mike Castle REALLY Up To In Delaware?

  1. Joy

    Gary, thanks for bringing this important race – with all its implications – to the forefront! Frankly, I hadn’t given it ANY attention ’til now! I’m assuming that this is one race that Palin is NOT endorsing teh GOP candidate – or am I incorrect in that assumption? Perhaps, of course, given that Delaware is bluer than Monica Lewinsky’s dress, a Palin endorsement at this moment in (Palin’s) time might not be the most propitious for O’Donnell.

    That having been said, I had not realized that when Castle was in the House, he was more of a RINO than the Maine sisters have been in the Senate!! And “voting to investigate Bush for ‘lying’ about the war in Iraq?” Well, that would do it for me!! It’s amazing, frankly, that he hsan’t been seriously challenged before this!!

    As for the so-called insider “scuttlebutt” about his pulling an Arlen Spector or Charlie Crist, bring the puke bucket – I feel a need to HURL Big Time!! And yes, I knew about Beau Biden, but didn’t he pull out of the Senate race earlier this year? Some people think that they are simply entitled to public office!! Just ’cause “Daddy” Biden has been at the public trough his entire adult/professional life doesn’t mean that his kid is entitled, too (although my hat’s off to him – Beau – for serving in the military in Iraq!).

    Just wish this non-resident could vote for O’Donnell – I’m particularly p.o.’d with ALL RINOs and would like nothing better than to see ALL of them O-U-T within as few election cycles as possible. At least you know where you stand with a “Progressive” Marxist Demonrat (not that it makeshim/her any more attractive!); but with RINOs, it’s almost as if you’re looking at Benedict Arnold every time they vote with the opposition!

    • Gary P

      Yeah, Castle is bad news. Knew about him for a bit, but honestly, there are more things to write about than I have time! Christine has been fighting hard. Not sure if she ever asked for an endorsement from Sarah, but it couldn’t hurt. She already has the Tea Party nod.

      Castle is about as far left as one can be. He’d fit right in with the dems.

      The best we can do from outside the state is send a buck or two her way, and possibly do some phone bank volunteering.

      It’s sad that while we are having to fight the left for the very existence of the Republic, we also have to fight the RINOs among us. If we don’t get them out we will be no better off.

      Keeps it interesting though!!

  2. It is really a misconception to say Delaware is that blue a state. Bill Roth was reelected to the US Senate for years and he was as conservative as they come. Delawareans just seems to like incumbents and follow the national trends. There is no local TV media in Delaware, so the average voter doesn’t know what their Congressman or Senators are doing once they go to Washington.

    That being said, this election is different. People are waking up. The key to this election is to inform voters that Castle is a rubber stamp for the Obama agenda. If Christine’s campaign can do that, then she can not only win the primary, but the general election, as well.

  3. Christine is fighting hard and gaining ground. I know that the campaign has reached out to the Palins but it seems like Levi is working for Castle. Everytime things get good he does something STUPID…*sigh*

    For you out of staters, please donate to Christine, ask your friends to donate to Christine. $20 per person is enough to sustain a campaign in Delaware for U.S. Senate (more is always better). Consider coming to Delaware between now and Sept. 14th if possible to help canvas for Christine. Donate to Common Sense Communities Society which is the local T.E.A. Party group that endorsed Christine. (www.CSCS.org) or the T.E.A. Party Express. PAC’s listed on her website are other options as well.

    I believe as a semi outsider that the campaign will recieve endorsements from Palin, DeMint and others in the coming days. I also can tell you that inside the state polling suggests she and Castle are within 5 points of one another and that she is polling well with the Democrat Chris Coons.

    Castle has trouble coming as well. I’ve seen some indications that a story will be breaking in the next week or so about Castle’s connections to Goldman Sachs, George Soros and a Delaware law firm that may not be exactly on the up and up. The smart money and support goes to Christine. Not perfect but then the last perfect person died over 2000 years ago right? She is however, a very good choice.

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