Awesome! The “Teacher” Who Confronted Sarah Palin Is A Singer In A Drag Queen Band!

(HOMER TRIBUNE/Randi Somers) – Director Kathleen Gustafson (left) steps in to provide harmony as Hedwig (Atz Lee Kilcher) polishes up his performance at Pier One on Aug. 28.

By Gary P Jackson

Yowsa! This is proof positive that there is a God, and he has a wicked sense of humor.

We just finished publishing a story on Kathleen Gustafson, the so-called “teacher” who was protesting Sarah Palin this past weekend in Homer, Alaska.

As we reported here, the video shows a gracious Sarah Palin talking to Gustafson, and in the end, both agreed they had more in common than different.

Frankly, this was the non-story of non-stories, until Alaska Mafia © member Shannyn Moore got involved, and the rest of the corrupt nation media tried to do a number on Sarah.

Frankly, we cut Gustafson some slack, giving her the benefit doubt, and putting it all on Moore, who is, well, batshit crazy. After learning these new deliciously delicious details, we may have to reevaluate the whole thing.

It seems our dear “teacher” is a radical, and a communist.She may have been put up to this by Mafia members.

This really is just too good to be true, but if fits in nicely with the fact that all of the Sarah Palin haters are just a bunch of loons. This is even better than deranged stalker Joe McGinniss, who moved next door this summer, or serial ethics complaint filer, and “cleavage monitor” Andree McLeod. Don’t even get me started on the rest of the Alaska Mafia ©, they are certifiable.

Anyhow, this is what one calls karma. Not just for Gustafson, but the entire Obama Media Industrial Complex. Looks like they all backed the wrong horse again.

From Gateway Pundit:

THAT WAS NO TEACHER… Unhinged Leftist Who Confronted Palin Is a Singer in a Drag Queen Band

The poor little unhinged leftists had their panties in a bunch today after Sarah Palin confronted a far left loon for her rude and aggressive sign in Homer, Alaska.

The leftists were outraged that Sarah Palin had the nerve to confront this angry “teacher.” Teachers should be respected.

It’s just too bad she’s not a teacher.

Kathleen Gustafson is a singer in a drag queen band.

Kathleen Guftafson is not a teacher. She’s a theater tech.

You just can’t make this stuff up.

UPDATE: The Palin-haters now claim that “theater tech” is the name of some class they teach in Alaska.
Sure it is… Keep spinning libs.

Oh, it gets better. From the Clarion:

In Pier One Theatre’s red barn out on the Homer Spit, there’s the daily drama of bald eagles harassing sea gulls and fishermen trying to catch a slender run of king salmon. Motorhomes slowly cruise by, fishermen head to their boats and campers relax around flickering fires. It’s summertime on the Spit — time to fish, time to work and time to play.

Or, time to enjoy another season of homegrown, locally produced — sometimes even locally written — small town theater. From Youth Theatre productions to outrageous rock musicals, Pier One has something for everyone

[ …. ]

The most talked-about play this summer could be “Hedwig and the Angry Inch,” written by John Cameron Mitchell and Stephen Trask. Directed by Kathleen Gustafson, “Hedwig” opened last weekend at the Best Western Bidarka Inn in a benefit for Kachemak Bay Family Planning Clinic. It continues July 13-15 at the Down East Saloon, again with proceeds benefiting the clinic. “Hedwig” opens at Pier One Aug. 28 and plays through Sept. 6.

Atz Lee Kilcher amazed audiences last weekend with his performance in the title role of Hedwig, an East German man whose father is a U.S. Army solider and who undergoes a botched sex-change operation.

I was stunned by Atz Lee Kilcher’s emotional honesty in this role,” Petersen said.

Kilcher is more known in Alaska for his musical skills. He opened with Richard Randall for Greg Brown, and has played with his father, Atz Kilcher, and in his band, Yellow Cabin. Gustafson said Atz Lee rose to the dramatic challenge.

He was constantly innovating. He never dropped the ball,” she said. “He’s got all the tools he needs.”

Never dropped the ball.” “Got all the tools.” The jokes write themselves here folks.

It continues:

Originally developed in clubs in New York City, “Hedwig” is a cabaret style play, with monologues by Hedwig interspersed with songs that range from rockabilly to power rock ballads. “The Angry Inch” is Hedwig’s band: Jane Ferman on keyboard, Jake Stults on lead guitar, Ben Gerhard on bass, Matt Farnsworth on drums and Irene Saxton — also playing the role of Yitzack — on rhythm guitar.

It really hits on the history of American rock ‘n’ roll,” Gustafson said.

Video artists Kevin Co and Kathy Brennan developed the film and still projections that illustrate much of the story. Gustafson said she’s looked forward to doing rear projection of those images to the Pier One stage.

We want to bring that energy into the theater when we get there,” she said.

A play about the son of an American soldier undergoing a botched sex change. Well isn’t that just precious.

Remember, this woman works in public schools.

As if it had to, this even gets better.

Gustafson is also the Co-President of the Kachemak Bay Family Planning Center, a pretty far left outfit that definitely looks to radicalize the youths of Alaska. (I know, who’d a thunk it!) Check this bunch out here.

Our sweet Kathleen also directed this little jewel: “We Won’t Pay! We Can’t Pay!” which is described as Modern commedia dell’arte by Dario Fo.

So what is this “Italian comedy” about? Here’s the description:

What happens in the middle of a recession when a supermarket makes a huge increase in prices overnight and the shoppers decide they can’t pay, won’t pay?

Well, in Dario Fo’s script, they leave the supermarket, carrying all the food they came to purchase—and more—without paying for it. The cops show up, and then—then things escalate!

It’s seems to be a fantasy about anarchy and lawlessness. Actually, a celebration! One can only imagine there’s a heavy communist undertone to this deal as well. I’m sure the “moral” of the story is capitalism is evil, and communism is the only answer.

It seems that Gustafson, and her fellow travelers have completed numbers 17, 21, 22, 23, 25, 26, 32, and 41 of the 45 Communist Goals for the Takeover of America!

These people who come after Sarah really are little more than cartoon characters. Dangerous cartoon characters, but mere caricatures of humanity just the same.




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4 responses to “Awesome! The “Teacher” Who Confronted Sarah Palin Is A Singer In A Drag Queen Band!

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  2. Bloodhound

    Seems like the Demonrat party is only made up of weird, UnAmerican, Sick in the Head Perverts! November can’t get here soon enough! I was a Democrat once, but left when it started turning into the Looney Tunes. The most Sickening, Anti-American, Anti-Christian, Anti-Freedom group of Sickos on the Face of the Planet! Obambi and his Legion of Demonrats are America’s Greatest Enemy!

  3. Joy

    Talk about small town “community” theatre!! Yes, our “mannish” director, Gustafson (watch out for Austin Powers – what a hoot!!), is really into “alternative” theatre – theatre of the absurd and other monikers, etc. (including a pretty sorry-sounding cabaret performance). Her sense of “theatre,” however, was really exposed with that enormous sign dissing Palin – I’m sure she was VERY pleased with it – that, is until the TLC crew (or Palin pals?) tore it down. Big boo-hoo.

    I think the Kachemak Bay Family Planning Center sounds like a Planned Parenthood operation to me! If course, it all fits.

    What tickled some very distant – but amusing – memory was the name of that Italian communist playwright, Dario Fo. Back in the dark ages, when I was in college and hung around the Theatre Dept all the time, we did that play in a studio performance production; and although I recall almost nothing about it now (decades later!), I recall that it was, actually, very funny – but, of course, I saw NOTHING through seasoned political eyes in those days – just the thing itself. The social/political connotations of “We Won’t Pay!” were simply beyond my very immature grasp at the time. That’s why I thought Act One of Elmer Rice’s (anti-capitalist) hit of the 20s, “The Adding Machine,” was so hilarious. Social implications? Who cares? Just very clever – and pointed – dialogue.

    • Gary P

      Wow, it really is a small world!!

      I saw this deal yesterday and it was just too good to be true. Here this woman, and the idiot media go after Palin, and in the end THEY are the radical nut bags.


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