SOCK IT TO JOE: The Christine O’Donnell Money Bomb

By Gary P Jackson

Mike Castle is the King Daddy RINO, or as Remove RINOs calls him: the Ace of Spades of liberal Republicans. As a sitting “Republican” Congressman, Castle is voting almost 100 percent with Nancy Pelosi and her far left cabal.

Castle’s latest vote gives $26 billion to union thugs, while cutting food stamps for needy families. This is nothing more than a payback to the people who put Pelosi, and Obama in power. Castle went all in for his peeps on the left.

As we have written, Castle is now running for Vice President Joe Biden’s old seat in Delaware, and there is a real twist to this. It is being reported that Castle has made a deal with his far left buddies, and, upon winning the Senate seat, and being sworn in, will pull an Arlen Specter, and become a democrat. It’s also being reported he has made a deal to then resign, and allow Joe Biden’s son Beau to be appointed to the seat.

Thankfully, no one has to sit back and put up with this nonsense. There is a real Conservative in this race: Christine O’Donnell.

This is a special election, BTW, and has national implications, which we’ll get to in a minute.

Christine O’Donnell is a solid, principled candidate. She is a Common Sense Conservative who will help restore America as a Constitutional Republic, and stand up for the Rule of Law.

With that in mind, friends of Christine O’Donnell have a brand new website set up: SOCK IT TO JOE.

The goal of SOCK IT TO JOE is to put “Joe Biden’s Senate seat into Constitutional Republican hands.” The best way to do that is visit SOCK IT TO JOE and drop some green.

Also stop on by Christine O’Donnell’s website at

Please remember this is a special election. The winner will take office immediately, and be part of the lame duck session. That’s why this race has national implications. The winner of this election has the ability to stop anything the radical Obama regime and Congress has planned.

Christine O’Donnell can stop cap & tax, card check, and every other unpopular far left plan the Marxist-democrats have planned for their lame duck session.

Mike Castle will be a solid vote for it all, and more.

So, let’s SOCK IT TO JOE and send a Constitutional Republican to Washington.

Let’s send Christine O’Donnell!


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