Former General Electric CEO Jack Welch: Alaska Elections Show Sarah Palin A Bigger Force Than Commentators Suggest

By Gary P Jackson

Tuesday night was wild to say the least. Your humble blogger is still trying to catch up. One quote that caught my eye, via Twitter is noteworthy though.

Jack Welch, the well respected former CEO of General Electric, took time away from talking baseball to weighed in on Sarah Palin and the phenomenal night she and Joe Miller had in Alaska:

Alaska elections show Palin a bigger force than commentators suggest…Tough being an incumbent so far

After wading through all of the media on Wednesday, suffice it to say that a whole lot of folks share Mr Welch’s opinion!


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4 responses to “Former General Electric CEO Jack Welch: Alaska Elections Show Sarah Palin A Bigger Force Than Commentators Suggest

  1. Jeanette Parker

    I agree that Sarah Palin is finally beginning to be recognized for the force that she is…..

    but……..I do not share the same opinion of Jack Welch. He represents the original Hollywood style CEO, a larger than life, overpaid by at least 100 fold, a “leader” who misrepresented GE’s earnings to “enhance shareholder value”……he wasn’t quite as blatant as Ken Lay of Enron infamy, but a close second….and his wannabe successor, Bob Nardelli, who almost ruined Home Depot but waltzed away with 120 million, is now on the receiving end of the Chrysler bailout.

    I cringed when I read this endorsement, as well as the earlier Rush Limbaugh one……with “friends” like these, you don’t need enemies.

    I pray Sarah Palin remains true to the people.

    • Gary P

      Interesting. We’ve always felt Jack Welch was a solid CEO, and quite savvy. One of the few you could trust.

      As for Rush Limbaugh, the man is THE gold standard of Conservatism. Much loved by most of America. (or at least Conservative America, which is over 60% of the country)

      As for Sarah Palin, and remaining true, in over two decades of public service, she always has.

      • Jeanette Parker

        Gary, I’m disappointed you feel that way..but in my opinion to say Limbaugh is the gold standard of conservatism is demeaning to conservatives. He is a loudmouthed, former (I think) drug abuser, a rude monger of half truths…… He is not a conservative in life style, nor in action, but merely in his words.

        Now Barry Goldwater was a true conservative; he could literally be held up as the “gold” standard. Another I voted for and still admire is Ross Perot. Lee Iaccoca, Sam Walton, are two more…….my father, a self-made businessman was another. Main Street America small businessmen and women are some of the last remaining conservatives in this country, disappearing as we speak.

        Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, and other talk show hosts are shouters of discord…..their goal being to outshout their opposing liberal counterparts with no real debate……ever. I do not include Glen Beck because he is evolving into a teacher of our American Civics history, and on a genuine mission to educate his listeners of all ages about this great country’s founding.

        We conservative voters are informed and intelligent enough to know that no party or no candidate is flawless. But we do want our country’s flawless principles, our precious freedoms, and our common laws to be protected by those we vote to represent us to do just that. We do not want to be entertained and we do not depend on sound bytes for our news, preferring to scour the internet and print venues to verify the hype we hear on TV.

        Now, about Jack Welch…. I’ll verify what I remember….that GE had to restate earnings after he left, etc., etc. He was the Golden Boy in his hey dey, but after he left…..not so much.

      • Gary P

        Something tells me you have never listened to Limbaugh in your life. Throwing out the drug thing is right out of the radical left’s playbook. Conservatives understand what happened to Rush. Like many, he was taking a legal drug, a highly addictive one. It caused him great suffering, including his loss of hearing. But like a true champion, he beat the addiction, and had his hearing fixed.

        Limbaugh is one of the good guys. Gives millions to charity (quietly) and is indeed one of the reasons Conservatism is on the rise.

        It’s quite the insult to even mention his name in the same breath as O’Reilly, who is no Conservative, or Savage, his is a loon. When you get a radio show, and have 20 million devoted listeners, then we can talk.

        Past that, all I am hearing is left wing talking points, that are not based in fact.

        As for Welch, I think you are mistaken there as well.

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