Restoring Honor

I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.

~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

By Gary P Jackson

Saturday August 28, 2010 will go down in history as the start of a great awakening. America is a great country, the greatest civilization has ever known. The only country where man has been truly free. The problem is, we have lost our way.

Our Founding Fathers based this nation, and it’s Constitution on the fact we all have certain unalienable rights granted to us by our creator. Unlike other nations before, or since, our Constitution was designed to restrain government and protect our God given rights, in order to maintain Liberty and Freedom.

Over the last 100 years, as the Marxist-progressive movement gained more and more control over government, we have seen our rights eroded, and our First Principles ignored. In order for the Marxist-progressives to be successful, they had to work at eroding the morals of the American people. They also had to get God, and any mention of God, out of the public square. To the Statist, Government replaces God. Man replaces God.

Sadly, the left has been most successful at this. As such, we have lost our way.

People who regularly watch Glenn Beck know that he is a man on a mission. Besides his regular weekly show, where he has been doing an amazing job of exposing the corruption that IS the Obama regime, Glenn devotes his Friday show towards educating Americans of their real history.

Glenn has re-introduced America to our leaders. He’s also setting the record straight, correcting the lies Marxist-progressives, who control much of education, thus what is taught as historical fact have been teaching. Glenn has introduced a whole new generation to our real history.

Glenn has had several Black history days, as well as Black leadership forums, including ones our friends Adrienne Ross and Clifton B have participated in. He’s had Hispanic forums as well.

The point is, America needs to not only learn the truth about it’s roots, but get back to them. This Restoring Honor rally is yet another step toward this. Though official numbers aren’t out yet, knowing that the area around the reflecting pool at the Lincoln Memorial holds 250,000 people, and the field beside it holds 350,000, both were full, and people overflowed all around, gives us some idea. So far estimates are from a low of 500,000 to a high of 1 million.

We weren’t able to attend, but did watch the event live courtesy of C-Span. It was the most moving event I have witnessed in quite some time. Beck promised the event would be non-political, and kept his word. He also request that attendees bring no signs, but bring their children. That’s exactly what they did.

Glenn had some amazing guests, including Sarah Palin, who was there not as our leader, but as the mother of a soldier. She told the story of three remarkable heroes and introduced them to the crowd. Dr Alveda King, Dr Martin Luther King’s niece was also there, and gave her own “I have a dream” speech that was amazing.

If you missed the event, we have video, courtesy of The Right Scoop. This truly is must see TV

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Restoring Honor, posted with vodpod

For a higher quality version, you can check out C-span here.

Of course, none of this was without controversy. In fact, the left and the media (same thing) lost it’s mind. The same people who are begging for tolerance for the radical Muslims who want to build the 9/11 Victory Mosque at Ground Zero, were outraged that the Restoring Honor rally was allowed to happen.

As this was the anniversary of Dr King’s “I have a dream” speech, a date Beck insists was a coincidence, the radical left was uniquely indignant. How dare all of these Americans talk about Faith, Hope, and Charity, as well as the content of character on the date of a speech that called for all men to be judged by the content of their character, rather than the color of their skin!

Race hustler Al Sharpton threw a counter event, but almost no one showed up. It was nothing more than a hate fest declaring the Restoring Honor rally was “stealing King’s legacy.” If that sounds familiar, it’s basically the same argument the radical feminists trot out against Sarah Palin, claiming she’s trying to hijack feminism. The left only has one very small playbook.

Below is a video from Reason TV with host Nick Gillespie. It’s exactly what you expect it to be, but a little more fair than most reporting. I only include it because at one point Gillespie encounters a Black woman and acts stupidly. The best part is when he refers to her as an “African-American.” It’s truly worth watching just for her response. She is an AMERICAN and makes that point quite clear! 

I made the mistake of flipping over to CNN, as Fox wasn’t carrying the rally live, and I was quite curious at how the far left would cover this thing. (MSNBC was AWOL) I tuned in as Sarah Palin was speaking, but since all she was talking about was honor and heroism, that wasn’t working for the network.

Hilariously, a little later on, as Reverend C.L. Jackson from Houston, Texas was giving an amazing speech, instead of showing it, the CNN anchorette chose instead to go to their on ground “reporter” who spent the whole time talking about how there were nothing but a lot of white folks there!

The “whole lot of white folks” was a theme for all of the coverage, just as it is a staple for any coverage of Tea Party events, including those headlined by Black conservatives. It’s quite shameful. But par for the course.

Jim Treacher over at the Daily Caller complied a sampling of the biased coverage from the usual suspects that you can see here.

For a photo slideshow of the event go here.

Oh, and remember CNN? Not only are the biased hacks over there, their graphics department ain’t too hot either, as the folks at SondraK point out.

In closing, Beck’s Restoring Honor rally is yet another sign that America is in the middle of a great awakening. More Americans than ever before are engaged in what is going on around them. They are paying attention.They are taking action.

Folks understand now where the wheels started coming off the wagon. Now they are actively working to set things right again. Glenn is playing a big roll in this. His “Founders Fridays” are a must see if you want to learn some real history, and understand how the left has perverted that history for their own gain.

Our Friends over at The Right Scoop archive Beck’s show daily, so a little hunting though their website and you can catch up on any “Founders Friday” you have missed. It is worth the effort to do so.



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5 responses to “Restoring Honor

  1. Bloodhound

    We do have to restore America’s Honor, something that Obama certainly cares nothing about. He is more concerned about groveling before our Adversaries and making them feel good about themselves, he could care less about America!

    Once we are rid of this illegal Kenyan, we will start restoring our Honor, it will begin in November, when we get to Flush that Washington Toilet of the Feces that are trying to Ruin our Great Nation, mostly Demon Feces!

  2. julieborowski

    Wow, excellent post!

  3. Joy

    Great post, Gary – and thanks for being so generous in your coverage. Don’t have time now to click on all your important links, but will do so later tonight or tomorrow. Thanks again – it was, indeed, an awesome event that attracted widespread attention and many kudos!

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