Sarah Palin Predicts “Final Victory” For Joe Miller

By Gary P Jackson

National Review Online caught up with Sarah Palin after the Restoring Honor rally Saturday in Washington and asked for her thoughts on the Senate race and Joe Miller:

Sarah Palin tells National Review Online that she is “very excited” about Joe Miller’s strong showing in Alaska’s GOP Senate primary. Miller, she predicts, will soon have a “final victory” after the absentee votes are counted. “Joe Miller is the right one for Alaska and he’s the right one to help put our country back on the right track,” she says.

Miller, Palin adds, “knows that it is time for Alaska to start contributing more to the U.S. with development, with responsible development of our resources — instead of being a ‘taker state,’ being a contributor. We’re so vastly wealthy with our resources but the federal government has to allow us to tap into those resources so that we can become energy secure as a nation.

With all of the behind the scenes nonsense from the GOP’s NRSC and Murkowski, we certainly hope Sarah is right. Joe Miller is the man Alaska and America needs representing us all.

To keep up with the latest, and support Joe as he now takes on the NRSC, stop by his website:


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2 responses to “Sarah Palin Predicts “Final Victory” For Joe Miller

  1. Joy

    That the NRSC and the NRCC would even dare interfere – let alone do battle with one of their GOP candidates – in a primary election is disgusting and why I toss EVERY soliciatation for $$ into the trash without so much as bothering to open the damn envelope!! And I imagine that their donations have fallen off in proportion to their propping up RINOs. I hate those bastards and hope to see in my lifetime (almost 70 now) a GOP that is vibrant and CONSERVATIVE – and that RINOs will be an ugly aberration from the past – a warning to one & all to never, ever go there again!! How do you spell RINO? L-O-S-E-R!!!

    • Gary P

      Yeah, I am no longer a card carrying, dues paying Republican because of this nonsense. Just support individuals, or SarahPAC. We know the money is used well.

      Haley Barbour, the Governor of Mississippi ripped the NRSC today, telling them to butt out. John Cornyn, who runs that thing is back peddling big time.

      Just heard the Libertarian Party told Daddy’s Girl to drop dead as well.

      We need Joe. He is a really good man.

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