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Dems Continue Extreme Rhetoric to Campaign in Ohio

By Stacy Drake

David Plouffe, Obama’s political adviser, and the winner of the 2009 “Marketer of the Year” award for his role in the 2008 Presidential campaign, was in Ohio on Tuesday to campaign for Governor Ted Strickland. He continued with the same tone that I wrote about a few weeks ago after he appeared on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” Plouffe, obviously the White House attack poodle, spoke to a union hall and a “subdued” group of students at the University of Akron. Peter Hamby from CNN interviewed Plouffe during the course of the campaign stops. He writes:

David Plouffe, one of President Obama’s top political advisers, said Tuesday that the Republican Party has been overwhelmed by a “Beck-Palin-Limbaugh wing” that will make it impossible for the GOP to nominate a viable general election candidate in 2012.

“If you are a moderate Republican thinking about running in a primary for any office in 2011 and 2012, you are going to have to think twice, because you are going to get the Mike Castle treatment,”

Any republican who takes David Plouffe’s advice should be forced to go work the phones for the Mukowski campaign. The man obviously doesn’t have the GOP’s best interest in mind, so it may be a good idea to do the opposite of whatever he suggests. Hamby continues:

Plouffe insisted that the White House is not preoccupied with Sarah Palin, despite frequent references to her by the president and other top administration officials.


“We don’t spend much time thinking about her,” he said. “I think that long term, the more sway and power she has in the Republican Party, the worse off the Republican Party will be.”

“If the Republican Party believes that Sarah Palin is their savoir, more power to them,” he added. “It will be a fascinating primary because no matter whether she runs or not, that Limbaugh-Palin-Beck wing of their party is going to be the most dominant factor in most primaries and caucuses. In Iowa, in South Carolina, in Nevada, so you are going to have to nominate someone that does well in that wing.”


When Plouffe said “we don’t spend much time thinking about her,” then couldn’t stop talking about her, he shows his hand and destroys any credibility he may have had with an intelligent listener.

That said, repeating his theme from earlier this month, he goes out of his way to try to marginalize Governor Palin and other prominent voices within the conservative movement. So once again, I’ll point out that the a majority of the American people actually agree with Governor Palin on the issues, while more often than not, Obama stands with a minority of Americans on things like health care and taxes.

Governor Strickland took part in some “extreme rhetoric” of his own along these stops. Hamby filed a separate report in which he wrote (emphasis mine):

Strickland deemed Ohio a “firewall” for President Obama’s re-election hopes, and in Akron, he couldn’t resist going on offense against several of the Republicans who might challenge the president in 2012.

“We are coming after you, Newt Gingrich and Sarah Palin and Tim Pawlenty and all of the right-wing extremists,” he said, somehow managing to energize a mostly empty room in the University of Akron student union. “We are coming after you in 2012, and we will re-elect Barack Obama to be a second-term president of the United States of America.

That was a pretty ironic thing to read having seen this clip earlier in the day of a Strickland supporter throwing hot coffee on a Republican staffer at a different event. The text posted with the video on Breitbart’s site says:

A Republican staffer (and Iraq War vet) has hot coffee poured down his back by a Strickland supporter while trying to videotape Gov. Strickland’s remarks at a campaign event. The assailant later returns to make an obscene gesture. Authorities are trying to identify the man in this video. If you can assist, contact the Scioto County Sheriff’s Office at 740-355-8245.

Ted Strickland would like the American to believe that Governor Palin and other republicans are the extremists. David Plouffe would like Americans to believe that Governor Palin is out of mainstream, when a review of her positions says the opposite. So, I gather ‘don’t believe your lying eyes‘ is the campaign strategy the democrats settled on. Perhaps that was the same meeting they came up with the concept for their new logo.


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Rockin’ It With Christine O’Donnell

Gary P Jackson

I’ll be honest with you, I don’t usually like these home brew kind of videos replete with original music and verse. This great video featuring music and lyrics written and recorded by Delaware’s own Rock Peters is the exception to that rule.

Positive and to the point, this video and catchy tune gets right to the heart of the campaign issues facing Delaware and the nation.

Let’s make this one go viral!

Oh, and get involved.

Remember, this is a special election for the remaining term of Joe Biden. The winner will be part of the current Congress, as well as the new one. Christine O’Donnell will be THE deciding vote against anything the lame duck Marxist-democrat Congress tries to shove down America’s throat.

Yeah, this is that important.

Stop by Christine’s website and learn how you can help her win against Harry Reid’s pet bearded Marxist

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Uh, Just So You Know, This Supposed “21 & Over Bar” Bristol Palin Ate Nachos In Has A Children’s Menu

By Gary P Jackson

There’s a reason why Sarah Palin calls the media in this country “lame, limp, and impotent.” This week the corrupt media has really lived up to it’s sad reputation.

First they tried to tell the nation that Sarah Palin was booed on Monday night when she visited Dancing With The Stars, never mind the fact the 20 million (plus) viewers who actually saw the show, understood the boos were for the judges because the audience thought Jennifer Grey and her partner Derek Hough got hosed. For the record, so did I.

The audience had been giving the judges hell all night over what they thought were less than gracious comments from some of the judges. It’s a competition, it’s sort of expected.

This didn’t stop our corrupt media from breathlessly reporting that Sarah was booed, even though the story was already debunked before the ink was dry on their written examples of Palin Derangement Syndrome.

So stupid was this, ABC, in a really classy move, went out of their way to prove their talent, not Sarah was being booed, as you can see here.

Proving that PDS pretty much includes every Palin, around the same time, someone was starting trouble up in Alaska, and the next thing you know here comes the story that Bristol had committed an egregious violation of natures law, or something, because she went to hear her dance partner, Mark Ballas, play a concert at Rum Runners, a “bar and grille” and eat some nachos.

Alaska has a serious problem with alcoholism, and as such, has some tough laws, which is a good thing. They are meant to keep the yutes from hanging out in bars. However, restaurants are a whole ‘nuther animal. But let’s not confuse anyone with facts.

Again, the corrupt media breathlessly reported that indeed, Bristol Palin was the worst human being on the planet, because she went to support her co-star, and ate some quasi-Mexican food.

I would love to report the media in this country is just supremely lazy, and thus just didn’t put forth any effort to get the truth. But the fact is, the media is lousy with far left characters who have an agenda. As the Journolist scandal proved, many of the so-called “top names” in the media are members of Marxist organizations, both Socialist and Communist. Hundreds of these so called “journalists” spend much of their time in the shadows crafting propaganda, coordinating lies, or helping each other make stuff up.

We have written a lot about the Journolist scandal, and the corrupt media as a whole, and one thing became abundantly clear, these tools of the Obama regime targeted Sarah Palin from day one. Her son Trig too.

The bottom line is, these people can’t be trusted on any level. You must approach everything they report as an out and out lie, until proven otherwise. Ronald Reagan used to say of our enemies: “Trust, but verify.” In this case, DISTRUST, then verify. You’ll be better off.

Now to this alleged crime against all that is holy.

First off, if the worthless media had been on the ball, they would have known that just before boarding the plane to Alaska, Bristol and Mark called into the Bob and Mark Show. Besides talking to Bristol about dancing, they spent a lot of time talking with Mark about his up coming show at Rum Runners. One of the things mentioned was Rum Runners was chosen SPECIFICALLY so Bristol could go and enjoy Mark’s performance and not break any laws.

The Bob and Mark Show, from what I understand is the most listened to show in the state. Bob and Mark are good guys and supporters of Sarah and all of the Palins. So trusted are these guys, Sarah lets Piper call in to the show every now and then. Sarah has said when she announces her run for the presidency, she will do it on their show!

Knowing this, do you REALLY think these guys would do something that would get Bristol in trouble?

I’ve never been to Rum Runners, which is in Anchorage, but it seems like a great place. It reminds me of a lot of places in Austin, Texas …. The Live Music Capitol of the World. In Austin, many eateries also have live music, at least a few nights a week. It’s just how things are done.

Anyhow, we took a look at their website here. It looks like a fun place, has a decent menu, and seems to be a favorite with the younger crowd. In other words, like every other “bar and grille” on the planet. As a side note, they have some very attractive patrons, but I digress.

While I was enjoying the artistic value of their website, I also took time to look over their fine cuisine, which if the reviews are to be believed, is quite good, and quite reasonable. While working up an apatite, I discovered, hiding in plain sight, a children’s menu.

The Lil Swash-Bucklers Menu is about what you’d expect. You can read the entire menu here.

Look, I’m no expert on Alaskan liquor laws, but somehow I don’t see a “21 and Over Only” bar taking the trouble to put some fish sticks and corn dogs out for the Lil Swash-Bucklers, do you?

So who are we to believe, Bob and Mark, trusted Palin friends, and the people who set the gig up, or the lying media with a proven agenda, an agenda that includes trying to destroy Sarah Palin and her family?

I detest this sort of thing. I have no problem playing hard ball with the enemies of Freedom and Liberty, but unless their kids are out there actively helping them destroy the world, leave them out of it. They can’t help who, and what, their parents are.

This sort of thing is nothing new. In fact, Harry Truman once threatened to punch a reporter in the nose after he insulted First Daughter Margaret Truman’s piano playing!

My how far we come.

Since Truman, democrat’s kids have been pretty much off limits, no matter what they pull. It’s a well known fact that when she was younger, Chelsea Clinton was a sloppy, fall down drunk, and there are photos out there to prove it. You never heard this reported by the American media. And you know what, that’s OK.

Of course, once George W Bush took the keys to the White House from Clinton, all bets were off. The media had no problem hounding the First Daughters, and reporting their ever foible.

Then came Sarah Palin and her family. I’ve never seen anything like this in my life. It’s insane. No insult is off limits, and flat making stuff up is totally acceptable if there’s a Palin involved. All of her children, including Trig, are fair game.

And yet, the media worked overtime to cover up reports that Vice President Joe Biden’s daughter, Ashley, may have been caught on tape snorting cocaine, a slightly bigger deal than going to eat nachos in a “bar,” wouldn’t you think?

Then there is the son of one Albert Gore Jr. Mr “The Earth Has A Temperature’s” son, Al III was caught screaming down the highway in his Toyota Prius, higher than a kite. Marijuana and other drugs were found in his car. This would be the second time Mini Al was charged with a DUI, drugs, and reckless driving.

Again, eating nachos in a “bar,” or driving, in a drug induced stupor, and putting everyone on the road with you in mortal danger? TWICE. You make the call.

Look, other than some questionable choice in men, of which she seems to be totally cured of, Bristol Palin seems to be a really nice, well grounded young woman. Judging how well she picked up the pieces after the Levi Johnston fiasco, and her obviously strong work ethic, evidenced in her performances on Dancing With The Stars, I would bet any normal parent would be proud to have her as a daughter.

The media in this country has become almost criminally biased. They have collectively spit on the Constitution, breaking the sacred trust owed to the people, in return for their guaranteed First Amendment rights. They are little more than propagandists whose only reason for existing is to advance the agenda of those who are destroying the nation.

To paraphrase the immortal words of our President: “Why can’t Bristol just eat her nachos?

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Sarah Palin: For The Tea Party, November 2nd Is Just The Beginning. This Is The Reawakening Of America

By Gary P Jackson

Tuesday night Greta aired the second part of a two part interview with Sarah Palin. You can view part one, if you missed it, here.

Sarah Palin has thrown down the gauntlet to the Republican elites as well as the radical left. Like the Tea Party itself, Sarah is telling the establishment, in BOTH parties that it’s over. Business as usual isn’t cutting it, and simply will not be allowed to continue.

Anyone who has been paying attention knows the Tea Party is about throwing the bums out. On the Republican side so-called “moderate” (code for far left) candidates are being unceremoniously shown the door by common sense conservatives backed by Tea Party Patriots.

The Tea Party is backing solid common sense candidates against the radical left Marxist-democrats in anticipation of what should be a bloodbath for the radicals come November. The thrashing the Marxist-democrat party is about to experience is like nothing seen before in the history of our Republic.

The next Congress will be decidedly more representative of the American people. That is when the real change begins. That’s when the restoration of America as a Constitutional, Representative Republic, based on the Rule of Law begins.

Sarah, like a lot of us see the Tea Party, not as a political party, a “third party” per se, but more of a watchdog. A permanent watchdog movement that will forever hold the politicians who work for us accountable. As Sarah herself says: “The Tea Party Is The Future Of American Politics

A whole lot of useless, corrupt, congresscritters, in both parties, are going to get fired in November. That is just the start. A lot of the elites think after November has come and gone, the Tea Party Patriots will just go home, and the elites will be able to go back doing what they have always done. They are in for a rude awakening.

In November we will hire a whole new Congress. We will expect them to live up to American values and follow the Constitution. If they can’t get this done, guess what, come 2012, we’ll fire them too, and find someone else to take THEIR place.

It really is that simple.

It’s become abundantly clear that Sarah Palin is going to run for President in 2012. You listen to her words. She, like most of us, is sick of the establishment, the elites, the Ruling Class. Sarah has no problem calling these people out, especially those in her own party.

The left and the media (OK, same thing, I know) have worked overtime to create a caricature of Sarah as some sort of far right ideologue, a hyper-partisan politician. This, of course, is wrong.

One of the things that made Sarah Palin one of the most successful Governors in the nation was her desire to do what was right, not what was good for the party. In fact, I think one could say Sarah has a healthy disdain for both parties. She certainly has no problem taking bad actors in either party to the woodshed when needed. She also had no problem working when anyone, so long as it was good for Alaska. The party affiliation of who she worked with meant little to her.

We all know why the left hates her. Sarah Palin is the most articulate spokesmen for American values and American exceptionalism since Ronald Reagan. Sarah loves this country and believes in this country. She believes in the greatness of the American people. Sarah represents everything the left hates.

Having Sarah Palin as the Republican nominee in 2012 would mean the American people will have a clear choice of good vs evil at the ballot box, not the “lesser of two evils” we are usually treated to. It most certainly won’t be Marxist-democrat vs Marxist-democrat light as is the norm.

This, BTW, is why elements in the Republican Party, the elites, work so hard behind the scenes to discredit Sarah. To dismiss her. The go along, get along “moderates” who are little more than enablers for the Communist left, have no place in Sarah Palin’s Republican Party, and they know it. Sarah Palin is a tough, strong woman. She has the ability and desire to finish what Ronald Reagan started.

Now, how do I know Sarah Palin is running for President? It’s as plain as the nose on your face. Sarah is doing exactly what she did in Alaska before she ran for Governor, and defeated the Republican incumbent, Frank Murkowski.

As you know, Sarah, as the top energy and environmental regulator in Alaska, uncovered massive corruption in and out of Government, with much of it tied to Murkowski. Unable to do anything, as Murkowski was protecting his people, Sarah resigned, and with the threat of prison coming from Alaska’s Attorney General if she blew the whistle, did just that. Sarah blew the whistle on all of these people, and helped some of them find their way to the federal prison system.

This is basically what Sarah is doing now, on a much grander scale. Taking down a bunch of rough and corrupt “good old boys” was just a dress rehearsal for what she is doing to the dysfunctional Republican Party all across the country, and about to do to the Marxist-democrat party.

With roughly 2 years to go, even the time line is about the same as it was up in Alaska.

Sarah has been building a network of solid common sense conservative men and women nationwide who will be there to help her govern this nation and restore our Republic.

Sarah is making sure that when she takes office in 2013 she will have a solid team and be able to hit the ground running.

Video courtesy of PalinTV

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ABC Television, A Class Act: Yet Another Media Lie About Sarah Palin Debunked

By Gary P Jackson

If you’ve been paying attention, the corrupt, left wing, lamestream media in this country hit a new low last night. As Both Stacy Drake and I wrote about here and here, after Jennifer Grey and her partner, Derek Hough, put on a thrilling performance Monday night, many in the audience were upset that the judges didn’t give them higher scores. As the last judge’s score was given, many erupted, booing quite loudly.

For the record, I thought she got hosed too, and as we now know, so did Sarah Palin, as she was booing as well!

As it happens, and you will see in the video above, while all of this was going on, and Brooke Burke was interviewing Jennifer and Derek, co-host Tom Bergeron was crossing the dance floor to get ready to introduce Sarah.

Now anyone who actually watched the show on Monday night, heard the crowd cheer loudly when Tom introduced Mama Grizzly. If there was gonna be boos, that would have been the time to make it happen.

In fact, every time Bristol and Mark were shown the crowd cheered loudly as well. Bristol and Mark are clearly favorites of both the fans, and the judges, and rightly so. They are doing a great job, as we wrote here.

This should put an end to this nonsense, but sadly, the crazies on the left are already analyzing this modern day Zapruder Film frame by frame. The conspiracy theories are being thought up as I type this. All we need now is a budding young Arlen Specter with a “magic boo” theory and we’ll be all set!

All I can say is ABC and Dancing With The Stars, and the people who produce these shows, are all class acts. They have gone out of their way to point out the lies coming from the corrupt lamestream media, and correct the record.

One thing about this little episode. Over 20 million people, normal, every day people, saw first hand just how far the corrupt media in this country will go to lie about Sarah Palin, even with the most insignificant of things.

That’s 20 million moms and dads and kids who may have never been exposed to the corrupt, limp, impotent losers that make up the lamestream media before. Or at least may have never realized they are lied to on a daily basis by these nimrods.

That’s 20 million people (plus) who will now think twice before believing the next smear against Sarah, or anyone else targeted by these useless “journalists.

That’s a good thing.

Video courtesy of our friends at PalinTV.


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The Greatest Story Ever?

By Gary P Jackson

I’m sitting here with a mile high stack of stuff I need to write about, and here comes this tasty little morsel from across the pond that is just too scrumptious not to share.

From the U.K. Telegraph:

Lesbian Martial Arts Expert Frees Under Age Lover In Indonesia

A lesbian martial arts expert has staged a jailbreak to free her under age female lover from protective custody where she was being “cured” of her attraction to women, according to reports.

If thats not delicious enough:

Police are investigating the escape of the 15-year-old girl, who allegedly admitted to having a sexual relationship with her 26-year-old taekwondo teacher in east Jakarta.

The girl, Tn, who comes from a community that only uses one name, left home to live with her teacher, Sj, for a month.

The girl’s father called in the National Commission for Child Protection (Komnas Anak) to “cure” his daughter’s sexual orientation and agreed to place her in protective custody.

Sj found out where Tn was being detained and was able to break her out on September 17, the first day of the Idul Fitri religious celebrations.

The security officers were negligent because they did not know that somebody was taking a child away,” Komnas Anak chairman Arist Merdeka Sirait explained.

Mr Arist said that Tn had admitted to a sexual relationship with Sj. Police are investigating, but it is not clear whether Sj can be charged with anything.

This story really does have it all, doesn’t it.

We have lesbian ninjas (or close enough) a town where everyone has only one name, evidently restricted to two letters, and folks trying to “cure” this girl’s homosexuality. You honestly can’t make this sort of thing up.

Oh, and to make it even more colorful, don’t forget that Indonesia, the nation with the largest Muslim population on earth, is where Stanley Ann Dunham ran off with her son Barry and married Lolo Soetoro, a Muslim, and Communist, just like Stanley Ann.

Lesbian ninjas, a town that restricts people to two letter names, cures for gayness, Muslims and Communists named Barack. Come on Hollywood, this is begging for one of those star studded extravaganzas.

Sure would beat the hell out of continually phoning it in, as you have lately.

As if this wasn’t all of the awesomeness you could stand at one sitting, we’ve also found the greatest website evah:

Lesbians Who Look Like Justin Bieber


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You Know … Bristol Palin Really Is A Great Dancer

By Gary P Jackson

You know, if someone told me a few months back I’d be watching a show about ballroom dancing, let alone writing about said show, I would have laughed in their face. My entertainment generally includes 8000 horsepower nitro burning engines going down the quarter mile, and I write about politics and the shape our nation is in, because I feel that is what matters.

One of the cool things about being a Sarah Palin supporter is you never really know what’s coming next. There is always so much excitement surrounding Sarah, and so many opportunities. Now we can add Bristol Palin to the mix.

Bristol, sans Ricky Hollywood, is quite an interesting person in her own right. We’ve all witnessed some of the hard times, the craziness caused by her unfortunate time spent with professional leech, Levi Johnston, but Bristol has gotten past all of that and really stepped up.

As a single mom, she’s worked like everyone else, earning a paycheck to support her son, but having such a high profile and well respected mother has opened up some other opportunities as well. Bristol has had the opportunity to advocate for causes she cares about, and has recently taken to the lecture circuit, like mom, and is giving speeches to groups and sharing her message.

Then came Dancing With The Stars.

I wasn’t sure what Bristol was capable of. I watched the first installment and frankly was quite impressed. For someone who had never danced, I thought she was more than acceptable. Doing this in front of a live audience is tough, but knowing over 20 million people are also watching, well, that’s intimidating. Her performance was quite good.

Of course, this is a team sport, and man, Bristol couldn’t have gotten a better partner in this deal. Mark Ballas is an incredibly talented guy. He’s a great dancer, and an even greater teacher. He is incredibly patient, and really takes care of Bristol.

I was struck by one thing watching this week’s show, as well as last week’s. With a lot of the couples, there is a tad bit of tension. This simply doesn’t seem to exist between Bristol and Mark. There is a serious chemistry there. Good chemistry is needed for a team to work well, no matter the sport.

It was simply a delight to watch Bristol and Mark dance this week. They are quite beautiful together. Technically they were perfect, but past that, they were exciting, even playful. You could tell both Bristol and Mark were really enjoying the dance, and the footwork was just incredible.

During the judging portion it was said that Bristol should learn a bit more about acting, for the performance. I totally disagree. Bristol and Mark do so well together that if one didn’t know better, you’d think they were an item. That’s how much chemistry they have together, and how much fun they are obviously having.

How well did they do? Well, last week they scored mid pack with an 18 out of a possible 30 points. To put that in perspective, the top score was Jennifer Grey’s 24. This week Bristol and Mark scored a 22. That’s a 4 point jump in the scoring, a HUGE improvement. Most dancers either stayed the same, or scored less than last week.

Their performance was exciting and beautiful.

There are several good teams in this deal. Jennifer Grey, for example, is simply marvelous. She really is spectacular. Mark Warner is doing well, mostly because his partner is so good, and so fun. However, no couple has that spark that Bristol and Mark do. They’ve made this hairy legged old boy a fan of ballroom dancing!

Of course, Monday night’s show wasn’t without controversy, ginned up by the corrupt lamestream media. If you were following out Twitter feed late, you know what I mean.

The audience booed the judges several times during the night, mostly for remarks they made to the dancers. The really loud booing came after Jennifer Grey danced. Jennifer again had the high score of the night, a 24, but everyone clearly thought she deserved more, including me. It was quite clear that Jennifer put every ounce of her soul into that dance. The boos were long and loud.

Enter the corrupt, lamestream media. Before the show was even over all of the radical lefties were reporting the crowd was booing Sarah Palin, an out and out lie.

Of course, this was the headline of the day today. The corrupt media choosing this, rather than the FBI probe of Barack Obama’s best buddy, SEIU union thug, Andy Stern, the person who has visited the White House more than anyone since Obama has been in office.

A huge scandal, with one of Barack Obama’s closest advisers, by clearly, lying about Sarah Palin was more important to these corrupt losers.

Stacy Drake covered this very well here.

Our friend Sheya at Palin TV put together a video of clips from DWTS as well as the Entertainment Tonight’s visit to Wasilla. As you watch the video above, you’ll see Sarah introduced to cheers, not jeers. One would thing if the malcontents that were supposedly booing Sarah, were going to do it, that would have been their day in the sunshine.

When Bristol and Mark were introduced for their dance, the audience cheered loudly, and cheered several times during the performance. Like the judges, the audience really likes these two …. a lot.

My take-aways?

1. At this point the corrupt media has become a joke. They are so partisan, so ridiculous, and frankly, so afraid, they can’t even control themselves long enough to report honestly on a friggin’ dance contest.

2. Bristol Palin really can dance. Like her mother she is a quick study. She and Mark are a delight to watch. Just plain good stuff. These two are serious contenders for the win. Jennifer Grey will be tough to beat, she’s a great dancer and there is a sentimental connection with a lot of folks, but if any team can beat her and her partner, it will be Bristol and Mark. They have really captured America’s imagination.

Thanks again to Sheya at PalinTV for putting the video together.


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Lamestream Media Falsely Attributes Boos from Crowd to Governor Palin (Updated)

By Stacy Drake

Left-wing reporters and so-called “mainstream” media publications, are falsely reporting that Governor Palin was “booed” by the audience Monday night when she attended the taping of Dancing With the Stars to watch her daughter Bristol again with her partner Mark Ballas. While the audience did boo, they actually booed at the low score given to Jennifer Grey and her partner after a very well performed routine. After the score was given to Grey and her partner, the show transitioned to Tom Bergeron giving a brief interview to Governor Palin as she sat in the audience. After Bergeron announced the governor, the audience applauded. You would think that an audience hostile to the her would pick up their heckling once her name was announced. However, the opposite happened as they all clapped their hands. According to some in the press, the audience was just getting controlled, or something.

It should be noted that the false reports written about this where all written by people who were not there. However, a reporter who was there told a much different story. Mikey O’Connell from Zap 2 News reported:

That was booing you heard after Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough got their scores, and though Internet conspiracy theorists would have you believe it was directed at Sarah Palin (Really, Internet? Really?), it was definitely aimed at the judges. We understand it’s too early to dole out the really high numbers, but a 24 for that incredible jive didn’t make sense to anyone in the studio.

I don’t know what a “jive” is supposed to look like, but apparently Jennifer Grey and her partner did a good job. The guy who covers this stuff ought to know.

Governor Palin wanted to attend the taping to lend support to her daughter during this important time in her life. The media couldn’t control themselves enough to just let the governor be a mom for once, and instead used a transition in the program (that could easily be twisted) to attack her instead. This is really low… Even for these people.

Update: Tom Bergeron appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel Show later Monday night and said that the boos were indeed directed at the judges for giving Grey a bad score. He said:

“They felt that Jennifer Grey got screwed,” Bergeron said. “They felt that she should have gotten 9s because [the judges] had just gushed about her – they felt that they had underscored her.”

(Update H/T, David)


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Glenn Beck Discusses The Latest Evil Plot The Obama Regime Has In Store For America

By Gary P Jackson

Glenn Beck’s afternoon show on Fox News is appointment TV. It’s one of those shows that simply should never be missed. Party history class, part latest news, Beck has found a winning formula.

Monday’s show was exceptionally informative as Beck once again showed the connections between the radical communists, the union thugs, the Obama regime, and the environmentalists.

It’s quite chilling to see how the unions and the communist radicals have conspired with Congress to get us in the economic despair we are in, so they’ll have the excuse to “fundamentally change America,” as the only answer to our problems.

Like most Americans, the only “fundamental change” I want to see in America is a total housecleaning of Congress come November, and a return to using the Constitution and the Rule of Law as our guide to governing the Republic.

After that we can work on ending the Obama’s regime’s reign of  corruption come 2012.

Video courtesy of The Right Scoop, where all of Glenn Beck’s Fox shows are archived daily, as are many of his radio broadcasts.

I encourage readers to check out their Beck archives, especially the Friday shows. Beck devotes Fridays to the teaching of history as you have never learned it before.

Riveting, must see TV.


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Sarah Palin Goes “On The Record”

Vodpod videos no longer available.

By Gary P Jackson

Monday night Sarah Palin appeared on Greta’s show to discuss her latest critique of Barack Obama’s failed ObamaCare gambit entitled “Lies, Damned Lies – ObamaCare 6 Months Later.

Sarah also talks about the Tea Party, gives Christine O’Donnell some solid advice on how to deal with the corrupt media, and of course her daughter Bristol’s fancy footwork on Dancing With The Stars.

The interview was taped before the live ABC dance-o-rama, where Sarah and Piper were in attendance to cheer Bristol and Mark on to a command performance.

Video Courtesy PalinTV


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