Rebecca Mansour Talks With Tammy Bruce About The Vile Vanity Fair Hit Piece On Sarah Palin

By Gary P Jackson

If you haven’t seen it yet, you will. Vanity Fair, a cesspool of filth, has written yet another hit piece on Sarah Palin. I mean this is a full blown festival of lies. I sat down last night and tried to read this eight page pile of crap. I got to page three and needed a shower.

Of course, this comes off of an incredible few weeks for Sarah, where all of the people she has endorsed have won and won big, including Joe Miller in Alaska, who with Sarah’s help ended a 30 family dynasty.

So … like clockwork, the radical left had this hit piece ready to roll. Thing is, even JournoListers like POLITICO’s Ben Smith and lefty Kirstin Powers, no fan of Sarah’s are calling BS on this pile of poo.

Rebecca Mansour, founder emeritus of Conservatives4Palin, and now communications director for SarahPAC sits down and talks with Tammy Bruce about the craziness of all of these left wing losers.


Rebecca Mansour is the founder of and now works for SarahPAC. She joins me to discuss the Vanity Fair hit piece on Sarah Palin which also goes after Rebecca and C4P. In addition to being a part of the regular show and podcast, the interview will be segmented out and available here as a public stand-alone podcast for everyone. You can follow Rebecca on Twitter @RAMansour.

This is a great interview that gives you a solid behind the scenes look with Tammy and Rebecca. The podcast, which is 28:35 minutes long, can be heard here.

You can (and should) follow Tammy Bruce on Twitter @HeyTammyBruce


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5 responses to “Rebecca Mansour Talks With Tammy Bruce About The Vile Vanity Fair Hit Piece On Sarah Palin

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  2. Joy

    Thanks for linking to that interview with Tammy Bruce (she’s the best!) talking with Rebecca Mansour – and it’s the PERFECT antidote to that wretched pile of lies that Mr. Very Gross had the temerity to write (virtually quotes and reportage WITHOUT attribution!!) and Vanity Fair had the temerity to publish. Well, already many on the Left have sought to distance even themselves from that POS that passed for JOURNOlism…

    And Rebecca states easily and with equivocation that, contrary to VF’s stupid & mendacious allegations, Palin is NOT the horrible diva the article tries to make her out to be – and just as we all knew!!

    The smear merchants on the Left will have to come up with something more credible that this crapola if they think they can manufacture “an October surprise!”

  3. musikpro

    “pill of crap” ??? Don’t you mean “pile”?

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