Get Your Grrrr On And Organize4Palin

By Gary P Jackson

There is a lot of energy out here in America. The number of people who are wanting to get involved in the political process is breath taking. Never in our country’s history has there been such a grass roots awakening. People who have never done one single thing in politics, except vote, are now attending Tea Party events across the nation, writing letters to the editors, and volunteering for candidates.

Sarah Palin has been a driving force in 2010 and has chosen some top flight candidates to support nationwide. Her talent for seeking out the best of the best, and helping these leaders win their primaries is unprecedented in modern politics.

Born of that energy is a new group formed by Karen Allen, PalinTV and the folks at Conservatives4Palin, one of the top Conservative blogs on the internet.

Organize4Palin is a true grassroots effort. It brings together some of the best and brightest among the “ordinary barbarians” and “Mama Grizzlies” in an effort to help Conservative candidates nationwide.

Organize4Palin is a place to meet like minded activists, and network. In the months and years to come it will serve as a clearing house for information on candidates nationwide.

If you want to make a difference, and help elect solid common sense conservatives nationwide, check out. Organize4Palin, register (it’s free) and get your Grrrr on!



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4 responses to “Get Your Grrrr On And Organize4Palin

  1. Thanks, Gary! I really appreciate your spreading the word. I hope I can squeeze a few candidate blogs out of you to post at O4P. 🙂

  2. Joy

    GREAT idea!! I’m going to forward this to a wonderful first-time Constitutional Conservative GOP candidate who put up a great show (on very limited resources), but ultimately lost that race to entrenched-turning-RINO Mary Bono Mack. Clay Thibideau is the man’s name (he’s in the construction business, but has degrees in history and education and indicated a future desire to teach HS history!), and we want to see him challenge her or someone else in 2012. This could be the engine for vetting & introducing the Conservative candidates who will truly represent We The People from here on out!

    • Gary P

      It’s a growing movement. Hopefully by 2012 it will be big enough to support every conservative candidate in the country. I always like sonny Bono, but his widow is really not a good Congresswoman. One of only 8 “Republicans” to vote for cap and tax. She’s not as big of a lefty as Mike Castle, but man she is getting there!

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