Sarah Palin: Oh Yeah, I Would Run For President If Everyone Else Sucks

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By Gary P Jackson

OK, I admit, I stole that headline idea from our friends over at The Right Scoop, but it sums it up so well!

Sarah talks with Greta about all things political. First they talk about Christine O’Donnell, and then Lisa “Daddy’s Girl” Murkowski’s sore loser write in bid up in Alaska against the Republican nominee, Joe Miller.

You can tell Sarah is feeling invigorated right now. Right off the bat she mentions that, thanks to the corrupt “lamestream media,” we now more about Christine O’Donnell’s past than we do Barack Hussein Obama’s!

Oh yeah, she went there.

As always, Greta asks Sarah whether or not she will run in 2012, and as always Sarah tells her that she is focusing on whipping the Marxist-democrats in November. That’s of course, how it should be.

Unlike the usual suspects, Romney, Gingrich, and the rest of the establishment elite, who lust after the presidency, spend all of their time angling for the presidency, wanting it so bad it hurts, one really gets the impression that when Sarah says she is fine doing what she is doing, she means it.

I still remember a couple of events last year that really left a lasting impression on me. One was in June, 2009. It was a dinner in Anchorage that featured Michael Reagan. Sarah introduced him. At the time she was fighting Obama’s Alaska Mafia © as well as the corrupt media hot and heavy. In her speech she rightly said the left wanted her to sit down and shut up. Sarah let it be known that she wasn’t about to sit down and shut up though, and she implored the audience, and Americans nationwide, to stand up with her.

Sarah told the audience: “Politically, if I die, I die, but I won’t sit down, and I won’t shut up.

That was powerful, but only a prelude to what was coming. Less than a month later, July 3, 2009 to be exact. Sarah Palin had her own “Declaration of Independence” speech, and handed over the reins of her government to her Lt Governor, Sean Parnell. This was Sarah Palin being the ultimate statesman, relinquishing power for the good of her people.

Contrast that to the way the defeated Republican elites are acting. We’ve seen Arlen Specter, Charlie Crist, Lisa Murkowski, and now possibly Mike Castle do anything to hold on to the power after being soundly defeated. It’s like they have chained themselves to their desks so they can’t be removed from office. It’s their birthright, you know.

When Sarah gave her Independence speech, she told the stunned audience that neither she, nor anyone else, needed to hold office, or have some sort of title to make a difference. Of course the media and the elites in both parties laughed and bloviated. They wrote her off. She was finished.

Since then Sarah has been putting on a clinic. She is schooling the whole world on how someone can be the leader of an entire movement, arguably the leader of the FREE world, with nothing more than a laptop and common sense. Oh, and a work ethic like no one else’s.

With all that said, and let me be clear, I totally believe what she says. I absolutely believe that Sarah would be happy to go home and just kick back with Trig and Tripp and enjoy her family. Sarah was more than happy to just go back to Alaska and be Governor after the 2008 election. She could have been contented to continue to be the most successful and popular Governor in America.

The problem is, the left, the insane haters, and Obama’s hand picked thugs wouldn’t let her. They couldn’t let well enough alone.

I think we will see the same dynamic take hold after these mid-term elections. Events will be such that Sarah Palin will be called upon to serve. We know the Tea Party has no appointed leaders, and that’s as it should be, but the nation as a whole is in dire need of true leadership.

Sarah makes it clear (and has been making it clear) that she would be open to a run of there was no one else filling the void. Well, let me help her out! Sarah, there is no one filling the void!

There are a ton of names out there, some well known, some totally unknown, but there are no leaders. There are a bunch of people who lust for power and glory, but there is no one with the proven abilities and proven record like Sarah Palin.

The comparisons are always there. It’s very easy to call Sarah this generation’s Ronald Reagan or this generation’s Maggie Thatcher. Frankly though, Sarah is of our time. While she possesses many qualities of both of those great leaders, and many more, the truth is Sarah is one of a kind. A unique leader with her own skills and abilities.

Like Washington, Lincoln, Reagan, and Thatcher were the leaders for their time, Sarah Palin is the leader for our time.

Video and headline inspiration courtesy of The Right Scoop.



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11 responses to “Sarah Palin: Oh Yeah, I Would Run For President If Everyone Else Sucks

  1. billwhit1357

    Well, we know that anything the Demons offer, whether it is Obambi or whoever, is going to suck big time! We will just have to see what the GOP has to offer now. I like Mitt and Sarah, Tom Tancredo, if he decides. I like Huckaby but I don’t think he is presidental material. Now, who else is there?

    • Gary P

      Lots of problems on our side. Mitt is useless. He’s one of those stick a finger in the air kinda guys. He’s flip flopped on every issue there is. Plus he was a crappy Governor. Everyone thinks he is some genius businessman, but he wasn’t showing at as Governor. The only one who was worse was Huckabee. Past that, RomneyCare killed any chance he had. Both he and Huckabee are part of the establishment. That’s also the kiss of death.

      I always thought Tom Tancrado was OK, but what he is doing in Colorado is just insane. No way he should be running a third party bid.

      John Bolton is seriously exploring a run. His deal though is he wants to bring back the focus to national security, and how much danger we are in. He doesn’t have much of a chance. But he is a serious guy. I would LOVE to see Sarah make him Secretary of State. That’s the job he was born for.

      • billwhit1357

        I agree on every point, Gary. I like Mitt, as a person, and I think his heart is in the right place, but I have heard that RomneyCare was pretty bad. I haven’t been keeping up with Tancrado, since I am an exPatriot, living in Europe, but I liked him when he was on the ticket. Now, Bolton as President would be pretty intense, I think, but I do agree with the SS job and Sarah being President! Man, to me, having Ms Palin as our leader is a dream that I would love to see come true. She would clean house and put America back on track. She would drive the Islamic countries Insane, by being peachy cream sweet to them, but having them by their manhood ready to whack it off! Her, maybe Allen West as VP, and Bolton as SS would be awesome!

      • Gary P

        Yeah, my problem with Mitt is two fold. One he has zero principles. When he challenged Teddy Kennedy for the Senate, he actually ran to the LEFT of the guy!! Then when he ran for President he tried to claim he was the second coming of Ronald Reagan. Not long after the election he and Jeb Bush went on a “Forget Ronald Reagan” tour (that bombed)

        The other thing is how he attacks opponents through surrogates. That’s how he keeps that “nice guy” image going. Behind the scenes he is quite devious.

        We don’t have to worry much about Mitt though, with RomneyCare and his horrific record as Governor, he’s a nonentity. And in this climate, an establishment guy like him doesn’t have a prayer.

        I like Bolton. He’s a really good guy. No nonsense. Heck, I’d vote for his Mustache by itself. I understand it can deflect bullets! 🙂 I see him as Secretary of State though, not POTUS.

        I believe a team of Sarah as President, Allen West as Veep, Bolton at State, and hold on to your hat, John McCain as Secretary of Defense would be unstoppable.

        I need to put this on paper (well, on my blog!)

  2. billwhit1357

    I forgot about Allen Keyes and Alan West! I hope at least one of them runs. I think Alan West would make a wonderful leader. He has plenty of military experience and common sense. If one of those was elected, then the Black population would have someone of color to be proud of! What they have now is a joke!

    • Gary P

      Allen West is awesome. He is an incredible leader. He doesn’t have any Chief Executive experience though, and that’s a must. Frankly, I think we need two governors. The Veep should have been a powerful Governor, like Rick Perry. I’ve been saying it will be Palin/Perry for some time. They are good friends,and Perry has been awesome here in Texas.

      With that said, Allan West is the one I’d break my own rule over. I think a Palin/West ticket would be totally unstoppable. Not only would you have 8 years of Palin, you would most certainly have 8 years of a President West.

      One of the greatest mistakes Ronald Reagan ever made was thinking he had to compromise and take George W Bush as his VP. Bush never believed in conservatism, and once Reagan was done, so was the Reagan Revolution.

      If Sarah picks the right Veep, we can have a durable Palin Revolution. Something that will last past her own presidency.

      Oh well. shoot. We gotta win this November first, then worry about 2012! That is going to be a war.

      If you think the loser GOP establishment is throwing a hissy fit now, wait ’till 2012!

  3. billwhit1357

    LOL! Too bad your a guy, Gary, I would marry you! We think along the same lines! Yes, we do have to win in November first and I am praying for a big win, but we got to just wait and see. I never thought about Perry. I really haven’t kept up with him, except what I read online. I’m an Okie exPatriot, and only read the news online and can only get CNN Europe, in English, so that speaks bundles for what kind of news I get in Liberal Europe! As in my other reply, yes, a Palin/West ticket would be outstanding! With Bolton as SS! America would do no more bowing and groveling before our adversaries, that is for sure!

  4. Joy

    Gary, you have SO nailed it (maybe I’m just saying that ’cause you echo my thoughts & opinion in this matter completely!) – Palin is definitely unique among ALL our politicians, both sides of the aisle, and has demonstrated absolutely unique and unequivocal leadership skills from the get-go. And your words – about her leading a workshop for the world! – are right on the money! That’s why the Left is mesmerized – like moths to a flame, I’d say… And, when you think about it – as you said, Obama, with his idiot “strategic” plan to “destroy” Palin with that bunch of mental midgets in Alaska, totally backfired and, in fact, virtually assured that Palin would be a force with which to reckon! (Although few outside her strong fan base probably were not altogether convinced that she would rise, phoenix-like, from the ashes to greater lustre than ever!)

    I haven’t heard anything more about the following (probably ’cause her book is due out in November), but once upon a time there was talk of her visiting the UK and meeting the Queen! If that’s still on the back burner, it might be tentatively scheduled for early 2011?

    Finally, I think it’s fun to play mind games with possible VP candidates on the Palin ticket, and I think you’re right in suggesting another very strong & successful governor – who would also be excellent POTUS material down the road. In addition (or preferable?) to Perry, I like Jindal – and his leadership during the horrible oil spill this year has been noted all around. He stood up to the Obama regime with honor and with passion.

    But I’m also a big fan of Allen West – and as Palin’s right hand during an 8-year Presidency (not so likely if only one term/4 years) – he would gain a great deal of experience by observation as well as direct participation. I really think that Bush 41 was an excellent VP for Reagan – and always supported him throughout his Presidency. Too bad, as you pointed out, he “reverted to type” when he became POTUS – with the not-unexpected result of being a one-term wonder (despite his overwhelming – if limited – success with the First Gulf War!). He just squandered that good will and the people’s trust.

    Go, Sarah!!

    • Gary P

      Thanks Joy!

      Not sure of what is going on with the Thatcher visit. I know one of Maggie’s ex-advisers, John O’Sullivan is a fan of Sarah’s. Maybe after November?

      I agree it’s all about who she will pick for VP now. That’s a fun game. I like Jindal. Maybe it’s because I’m a Texan, but I’ve had Rick Perry as the front runner for that deal for a long time. They are friends, and Rick is a solid Governor.

      I think I would be most excited about Allen West though. He is really someone I admire to no end. I think we need two solid conservative Governors, CEOs in the WH, but I would gladly root for LT Col West.

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