Exclusive: Top Secret Video: Obama’s New CoS, Pete Rouse Prepares To Battle Sarah Palin

By Gary P Jackson

Earlier there was a muffled knock at the door and when I went to investigate there was no one there, but as I looked down, there was an old Hellmann’s Mayonnaise jar with a note from an anonymous operative. Included in the note was a link to the video below.

The note read:

At great risk to life and limb I was able to obtain this top secret video footage of Barack Obama’s controversial new Chief of Staff, Pete Rouse. This shocking video is from security footage taken from cameras located in the secret bunker deep within the bowels of the White House.

In the video, Rouse is shown working out in anticipation of doing battle with his old nemesis, Sarah Palin. He appears to be working on some sort of Ninja/Jedi technique.

Oh, and never mind the title on the video: “Star Wars Kid.” I did that to throw off the scent from White House security.

~ Condor

Shocking indeed!

However, as myself, Stacy Drake, and Whitney Pitcher have pointed out, good old Pete may have more to worry about than just being Barack Obama’s dirty tricks master. This man is a walking scandal.

In a related matter, we can neither confirm …. nor deny …. that upon learning Pete Rouse was becoming Barack Obama’s new Chief of Staff, Sarah Palin sent Rouse this “congratulatory” note:


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7 responses to “Exclusive: Top Secret Video: Obama’s New CoS, Pete Rouse Prepares To Battle Sarah Palin

  1. Mr Whett

    Has anyone ever told you how clever you are ?

    I didn’t think so.

    Palin is a rube with a J degree from a Junior College, Rouse has two advanced degrees in Economics, I’ll put my money on Rouse, thank you.

    • Gary P

      Actually Sarah Palin has a Bachelors Degree in Communications from the University of Idaho.

      She was also a Mayor (two terms)

      Chairman and Chief energy and environmental regulator for the state of Alaska (Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission)

      Commander-in-Chief of Alaska National Guard
      Commander-in-Chief of the Alaska Defense Force
      Chairman of the Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission (a multi-state energy commission)
      Chairman of the National Governors Association’s Natural Resources Commission

      As AOGCC chair Palin took on corruption within the agency and the Republican Party, sending more than a few to federal prison, with the help of the FBI.

      As Governor she stood toe to to with the CEO of the largest corporation in the world and told him how it was gonna be, and made him like it.

      Palin also negotiated the largest construction project in North American history. This is something others had promised Alaskans for 50 years. It only took her two.

      Sarah Palin has been in a Chief Executive role of one sort or another for nearly 2 decades.

      Oh, and she has owned a successful commercial fishing operation for as long. She can fish as hard as any of the men. Shoot as well too.

      On the other hand, Rouse, like almost all of Obama’s people, has never held a job outside government in his life. In other words, he has no practical experience in real life whatsoever. He’s just another government drone, and a very corrupt one at that.

      Rouse has never met a payroll, and most certainly never had to manage a budget. (Palin balanced Alaska’s and left a surplus)

      Thanks for playing though.

      Your tears will be the lubricant of the Obama regime’s demise.

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  3. NormaJ

    lol! My money is on Sarah Palin.
    The bumbling idiots in the white house could not think their way out of a paper bag, I don’t care how many “degrees” they have. (Locked up transcripts and all) Common sense and experience is not something a college give you.

  4. Obama gathers his advisers in the oval office. They are looking over a map.

    Obama: Rahm will go here (points to Chicago). Rouse will take his place here. The enemy used to live here (points to Wasilla), but she is dead now.

    Advisers nervously looking at each other.

    One Advisor (nervously): Mr. President…

    Other Advisor (nervous): Mr. President, polls are suggesting that Sarah Palin is one of the front runners for the 2012 GOP nomination.

    Obama (lip quivering, face tensing, he removes his glasses and looks up): Nein! That cannot be true.
    (pounds the desk). Pete, you and Axe took her out in 2008! You guys even told me so. She quit her governorship. She was done, a laughing stock!

    (looking up at the small group) Anyone who actually thought Sarah Palin was intelligent enough to survive the smear campaign, leave the room.

    (most of the people leave the room – Rouse, Axelrod and Anita Dunn stay)

    Obama (quietly melancholy): Pete, I just hired you to replace Rahm because you know how I am about that pay for play stuff. I thought you drove her out of politics?

    Rouse: She turned out to be more formidable than we thought. The whole Republican base circled the wagons around her. She’s a heroine now.

    Obama (yelling): A heroine! A G*&ddam heroine? That woman is an idiot! She called my health care plan “death panels.” How stupid is that? Does the press know that you were in on the smear campaign?

    Rouse: Jake Tapper asked Robert about it.

    Obama looks up concerned but is quickly comforted.

    Rouse: Robert told him it was silly.

    Obama: Good. The press can point all they want at Axe. They know he’s the PR guy. But I need for you to keep your nose clean. In 2012, I’m going to need you to release a damning story about Sarah Palin. Call that Griffen guy you know and have him make up something good.

    Rouse: Yes sir. Your niece is very worried about you not running in 2012.

    Obama (yells): If you don’t get rid of Sarah Palin, I won’t be able to run in 2012!

    (niece standing outside the door crying is comforted by another woman) Woman: Don’t worry, we still have Evan Bayh and if he don’t run, Hillary will.

    Obama: Now get me her head on a silver platter! And Pete, keep your nose clean.

    (man knocks on door and walks in with a piece of paper, hands it to the president and leaves)

    (Rouse looks at the president who is extremely concerned.)

    Obama (yelling) Look at this! Look at this! (shaking the printout in front of Rouse). It’s all over Conservatives4Palin! They wrote two articles about how you’re complicit in the smear campaign. They say you formed the Alaska bloggers! DO YOU KNOW HOW DAMAGING THIS IS!? If it ever gets on the Daily Caller, we’re toast, Pete, TOAST!

    (sits down and goes back into melancholy, shaking his head)

    We should have just left her alone when she went back to Alaska.

    • Gary P

      “We should have just left her alone when she went back to Alaska.”

      You can bet your ass they are saying that to themselves every single day!

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