Gov. Palin Reminds Americans About Unpatriotic Comments from 2008… LSM Freaks Out

By Stacy Drake

The left-wing media was freaking out Friday over some comments Governor Palin made during a speech she gave at the Liberty and Freedom Foundation forum in San Jose on Thursday. She said:

“You know, when I hear people say, or had said during the campaign that they’ve never been proud of America, haven’t they met anybody in uniform yet?”

I am happy to report that the media is paying attention to Governor Palin’s speeches (pay close attention, LSM you may just learn something). However, I think it’s funny that the press came ferociously to Michelle Obama’s defense after Governor Palin’s comments. Although Andrea Mitchell cited, in her lunatic brand of reporting, which is nothing more than spouting off delusional left-wing sentiment, that Governor Palin was “taking a direct shot at the First Lady.” Actually, Governor Palin never mentioned Michelle Obama by name. Somebody has a complex.

In all honesty, everybody in America knows who Governor Palin was talking about. That’s because what FLOTUS let slip during the pre-FLOTUS campaign days was so disgraceful, she rightly caught lots of flak for it.

Andrea Mitchell, still doing the bidding of the Obama administration, said today that Governor Palin “was taking the First Lady’s comments completely out of context!” How so, Andrea? She said what she said. Here’s the video of Michelle’s remarks during the campaign in proper context:

She talks about being “proud for the first time” in her “adult lifetime” of her country. She said it wasn’t just because “Barack has done well,” but because people were “hungry for change.” Meaning, people were going to vote for “change” otherwise known as her husband. She then goes on to talk about not feeling so alone in her “disappointment” in the country. What a patriot! How could Governor Palin get that so wrong?

Alas, she didn’t get it wrong at all. I happen to have received my college degree in the Arts. I obtained said degree in Southern California, so believe me when I tell you that I have been around my fair share of radical left-wingers. I know how they think and I know the way they talk. Like Michelle Obama, they generally have little nice to say about the United States of America and they surely aren’t proud of their country.

Like Governor Palin, I carried the patriotism my parents instilled in me, into my adulthood. Anytime I see a service member, or tall metropolitan buildings, a vast farm, or even the beauty of our deserts, I have a sense of pride in this nation. I read the founding documents and look at the legacy of liberty in which America was built, and I cannot even fathom living in a different country. I, like Governor Palin, have always been extremely proud of my country.

After Andrea Mitchell spun the details of Michelle Obama’s words, she then snidely asked the question “was smart to take on the popular First Lady.” I understand Michelle Obama is popular at Spanish resorts, but I’m not exactly predicting a revolt against the Governor for reminding Americans about the First Lady’s heart. The media on the other hand… Well, once again they showed their true colors while “reporting” on this Friday. They have no trouble with the thought that Michelle Obama may not be someone who dearly loves this country, as a First Lady should. No, they just don’t want Americans to think that is the case.


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2 responses to “Gov. Palin Reminds Americans About Unpatriotic Comments from 2008… LSM Freaks Out

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  2. Joy

    We all remember those fateful words out of the mouth of one spoiled, nasty black radical – now First Lady – Michelle Antoinette; and, as the popular adage goes, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression!” That’s why Palin’s knockout speech both when McCain introduced her to the world in Ohio, then her acceptance speech at the GOP Convention, made such a stunning FIRST impression. In horserace parlance, Michelle stumbled out of the gate from the get-go – and she’s really only gained ground among the regressive progressives and too many “wanna feel good about her” Black Americans. But, in time, she’ll fade into the woodwork – UNLESS she, too, like Hillary, thinks of running for the Senate (from IL) after her 4 years (one term, please God!) in the WH.

    That woman has had a huge chip on her shoulder from her days at Princeton and the relatively early days of affirmative action in ALL the Ivies. In those days, Black American students often did feel out of the snooty Ivy mainstream. Those schools had not begun the careful grooming of students “of color” that they employ now – beginning well before actual Freshman enrollment. Now the preparation for taking their “rightful” places at these institutions is much more dedicated & effective, so new students from all backgrounds blend in well from the first days on campus and the feeling is, for the most part anyway, MUCH more comfortable. In other words, were Michelle to enter Princeton now (30 years later), she probably would NOT have developed such a big chip on her shoulder – would not have felt so much the outsider – and would have had much more self-confidence and, perhaps, a more pleasant/happier outlook on life.

    But that’s all in the area of “shoulda/woulda/ coulda!”

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