Just A Reminder Of Who We Are Up Against

By Gary P Jacson

Communists, Socialists, Revolutionaries …. Oh my!

Just a reminder of the sort we are fighting against. This video was taken at the “One Nation” rally, that took place at the Washington Mall, in response to Glenn Beck’s wildly successful Restoring Honor rally that was held on August 28.

The “One Nation” rally was sponsored Barack Obama’s permanent campaign Organizing For America, as well as SEIU, the AFL-CIO, and all of the Soros funded groups, which run into the hundreds.

Notice all of the Socialist and Communist paraphernalia, and it’s violent imagery. Hard to miss all the Che Guevara imagery are well. It’s quite telling that one of the worst mass murders in history has become the symbol for the democrat party, and Obama.

It’s not like America wasn’t warned of this either. If you remember, in Houston, Texas, one of Barack Obama’s campaign headquarters offices prominently featured a Cuba flag with Che’s picture on it. World Net Daily reported at the time it was disturbing that Obama attracts “people who think mass murderers are romantic revolutionaries.

Americans were warned in 2008 who these people are, but most laughed it off. Well, who’s laughing now?

This is why your vote next Tuesday is so important.

Americans have a clear choice: You can vote for Freedom, Liberty, and the Rule of Law, or you can vote for radical Communists who want to take all of your freedom away. Radicals who worship mass murders like Mao, Stalin, and Che Guevara.


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3 responses to “Just A Reminder Of Who We Are Up Against

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  3. N. Torrap

    Obama IS a self-professed marxist-leninist. His agenda is all about taking this country to that end. Anyone who does not understand this is guilty of relying only on the opinions of others: the reason that the election will be so one-sided is that a lot of Americans have been inspired to find out more about this man that is the President. The more they find out; the more alarmed they become. The fastest way to start reversing his agenda is to vote out ALL of his accomplices. What is happening here is the pushing of the panic button by an increasingly informed public; despite the hindrance of main-stream media.

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